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Graco Rental Pro 230

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Graco PC 230 Paint Sprayer

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Jun 3, 2024 @ 8:15 am

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Graco 230 Review Summary:

Designed to be user-friendly in almost every way but still delivering professional-grade finishing, the Graco PC 230 Paint Sprayer is an industrious unit for everyday use — perfect for rental yards, experts or hardcore DIY Enthusiasts.

The basis of the PC 230 is to be straightforward but hard-working, delivering flawless finishes but with a streamlined operation. Featuring a 50-foot hose, 7/8 horsepower DC Motor producing 3300 PSI, plus an FTx gun head and 515 tip — it has the paint spraying arsenal to cope with residential and lighter commercial projects.

A patented hour meter instantly monitors the usage — so you can track the productivity of the machine and keep on top of maintenance needs.

Keeping with the maintenance theme. Should you need to change the Endurance pump, it can be accomplished in three easy steps — thanks to the ProConnect DIY replacement system. Plus, the Easy Out filter and QuikAccess valve also make light work of servicing.

Furthermore, the requirement for thorough but rapid cleaning hasn’t been overlooked. The Power Flush allows you to attach a garden hose to the PC 230 and swiftly clean the unit.

Graco is a market leader in fluid-handling solutions, and with decades of experience, the brand is renowned for delivering innovative and state-of-the-art technology. Graco states that it is the professional contractor’s number one choice for spray equipment.


Hardwearing, robust design — able to withstand knocks.
Rapid and easy cleaning.
Straightforward three-step pump change.
Track usage with the hour meter.
Reliable and consistent for daily usage.


Hi-Boy frame makes it quite bulky for transportation.
Not suitable for heavier density materials.

Features and Benefits of the Graco PC 230 Paint Sprayer

Graco has a vast catalog of sprayers and a wealth of choices — so, why go for the PC 230, as opposed to one of the other brands or models available?

Let’s take a look at what this sprayer provides.

SmartControl 1.0

The smart control allows you to manage the air pressure to your precise needs — letting you achieve the desired flow rate and finish for your chosen medium.

The digital display also indicates various types of data, such as gallons used per hour, the working air pressure, operation running time and error codes for troubleshooting. With this kind of information, you can track maintenance needs as well as productivity.

FTx Gun

Part of the contractor series of Graco spray guns, the lightweight FTx is made with efficiency and ergonomics in mind. Incorporating a contoured handle and four-finger trigger — it sits comfortably in your hand and reduces fatigue, so you can remain trigger happy and spray for longer.

The bespoke flex-needle seal minimizes exposure to fluid and elongates the life of your gun by 70 percent — according to the manufacturer. This eliminates the need for the frequent purchase of replacements — saving you time and money.

RAC X 515 SwitchTip and Guard

With a fan width of 10-12 inches and an 0.015-inch orifice, the RAC X 515 SwitchTip is ideal for lighter applications — working well with varnishes, latex, acrylics, oil-based paints, exterior stain, and primers.

It features Graco’s trademark Reverse-A-Clean function — simplifying the cleaning process for clearing clogs and a quick turnaround when changing materials.

Endurance Pump

Built with an emphasis on durability, the Endurance pump combines a Chromex rod and proprietary V-Max packings — all enclosed in a stainless steel sleeve. These components protect and keep your pump working at its optimum, plus they also prolong its life. As a result, money-draining downtime is kept to a minimum.

DC Motor

The heart of the unit is the 7/8 horsepower DC motor with the capacity to deliver 0.54 GPM (gallons per minute) — perfect for both interior and exterior residential and lighter commercial tasks.

This diligent and industrious motor is able to convert the power needed even when you have to work from long extension cords. This means, your workspace isn’t restricted by the power source or cables.

Power Plus Light

Electricity supplies on construction sites can be limited, as well as erratic. Hence, to help you quickly isolate problems on-site or maintain consistent power sources, the PC230 features a power light integrated into the plug.


While the manufacturer boasts to include one of the longest-lasting pumps on the market — you never know when issues may occur. Graco has taken on board this potential eventuality and created ProConnect.

This patented pump replacement system enables you to switch out the pump in three easy steps, without leaving the job site — a technician isn’t required, it can all be handled by the user. This negates the need to waste time on unnecessary maintenance or call-outs — maximizing your spraying time and productivity.

QuikAccess Valve and Power Flush

The obligatory end-of-task cleanup, the job we all love to hate, but as the saying goes — ‘it’s a dirty job, but someones gotta do it.’

The Power Flush connector enables you to attach a hose directly to the suction tube — allowing you to flush out the lines quickly, in a hassle-free manner. Furthermore, the supply and drain lines are transparent — which takes the guesswork out of knowing when all the waste material has been rinsed out.

And, to remove any build-up of debris and detritus, the QuikAccess intake valve grants straightforward entry — further streamlining the post-task cleanup.

Easy Out Filter

Picture this.

You’re on the final coat, and the finish is looking pretty darn satisfactory (even if you do say so yourself). Then, wham! The biggest, ugliest splodge appears in the center of your masterpiece.

The inclusion of a filter prevents disasters like this from occurring — collecting any debris before it hits the surface and giving you the superior finish you’re pursuing.

What’s more, this bespoke filter will also decrease the frequency of clogging and maintenance needs — so you can spend more time spraying — allowing you to work more efficiently.

Hour Meter

Routine maintenance is essential to preserve and protect your machine. However, if your sprayer is part of a rental fleet, keeping tabs on its ‘mileage’ can prove to be tricky.

The PC 230 is ideal for rental yards. With multiple users, the hour meter tracks the length of time your unit has been operating. This feature lets you check customer usage and also plan routine maintenance — avoiding the chance of unexpected breakdowns.

Hi-Boy Cart Design

The Hi-Boy frame is the ideal companion for the PC 230. It’s steel structure with chrome coating, alongside the semi-pneumatic wheels, make this super-tough — protecting your paint sprayer and making it maneuverable in most workspaces.

Furthermore, its retractable handle also serves as a place to hang the 50-foot hose — keeping your spraying kit stored together.

What Users Say About The Graco 230

After looking at this machine, I consider it to be a productive and reliable airless paint sprayer for residential to light commercial projects — delivering consistent results with time-efficiency features.

However, as my experience with this unit is somewhat limited, I wanted to check if my opinion is validated by other users and owners.

Thankfully, my research is backed by others — I found that the comments and reviews echoed my beliefs.

Users valued the quiet performance of the DC motor, appreciated the portability factor of the Hi-Boy cart design and thought highly of the maintenance-friendly features such as the DIY pump replacement, Easy Out filter and QuikAccess valve.

That said, some guys did mention it was a shame this model lacks the ability to tackle mediums with a higher viscosity, but this wasn’t a deal-breaker.

On the whole, whether its main purpose is for rental or direct use, users felt the PC230 is a solid unit that’s high in productivity for both interior and exterior projects.

If you want to delve deeper, why not take a look at the PC 230 paint sprayer reviews below.

Alternatives to Graco PC 230 Paint Sprayer

The Graco PC 230 Paint Sprayer, in my opinion, appears to be a versatile workhorse, and as the manufacturer states it is simple to operate, reliable and delivers high-quality finishing.

However, if it’s not rocking your paint spraying world, let’s take a look at some possible alternatives.

Graco Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco Ultra max II 490

If the PC 230 doesn’t quite make the grade in terms of the finer details for you, the Graco Ultra Max PC 490 could appeal.

With a PSI of 3300 and a GPM of 0.54, both units are level pegging in terms of operating pressure and delivery. However, it’s 1.0 horsepower MaxPower motor has the edge over the PC230.

At the front end, this machine features the ergonomic Contractor PC gun — geared for control, comfort and time-lengthy tasks. And, as for end-of-the-day jobs, it’s FastFlush cleanup system is a step up — claiming to clean four times faster.

  • Lower price point than the PC230.
  • Both carry the Easy Out filter, Endurance pump and a cart design.
  • Includes the BlueLink management system, instead of an hour meter — like the PC230.

Graco Ultra Max II 595 PC

Graco Ultra Max II 595

Should you feel that the PC230 may not have the grunt behind it to handle your workload — perhaps the Graco PC 595 would be better suited.

While operating pressure is equal at 3300 PSI, this Lo-Boy cart style unit carries a mightier 1.6 horsepower motor and produces a greater flow rate of 0.70 GPM.

It also incorporates features that improve output and reliability, such as the proprietary SmartControl 3.0 digital display, FastFlush cleaning function and the quiet operation Advantage gears.

  • More expensive than the PC 230.
  • Includes SmartControl 3.0, as opposed to the PC 230’s SmartControl 1.0.
  • Both include an Endurance pump, Easy Out filter and ProConnect.

Titan Impact 440 Paint Sprayer

Does the spec of the PC230 meet your criteria, but you’re still curious to know what else is out there? If you want to try out a different manufacturer, plus a machine that’s better on the bank balance — consider the Titan Impact 440.

This unit features a 50-foot hose, like the Graco. Plus, it includes Titan’s RX-80 gun and a slightly larger 517 tip — coping with mediums such as enamels, stains, latex and lacquers.

Furthermore, matching on power with the PC230, the 440 has its own Rapid Clean function, carries a full-size filter and a Sureflo pusher valve for first-time priming.

  • Unlike the PC230, the Titan 440 is available in cart-mounted as well as floor-standing models.
  • Maximum operating power of 3300 PSI — same as the PC 230.
  • Both the PC230 and 440 include a 7/8 horsepower motor and spray 0.54 GPM.


The PC 230 is a sturdy mechanical design, streamlined and simplified — it’s a powerful workhorse that’s ideal for regular daily usage.

The high-grade bespoke design has been built with longevity and maximum usage in mind. With the added value of simplified on-site replacement pump procedures where needed — it substantially reduces the downtime for your sprayer.

The consistent pressure control and the ability to instantly track usage — make it both reliable but also allow you to keep a check on maintenance needs.

Mobility has also been considered in the hardwearing design of the Hi-Boy frame — giving you the freedom of movement on site.

Geared for use on interior or exterior projects with a variety of applications, in my view, the Graco PC 230 is a valuable addition to any rental yard or a useful companion for the paint spraying contractor.

Graco 230 FAQs

Can I Use Any Brand Tips or Parts With the PC 230?
No, if you replace any of the parts or tips with non-Graco products, this may invalidate your warranty.
Does the Graco PC 230 Come With a Replacement Pump?
No, it doesn’t, but these are readily available to purchase. The Graco part number is #17C721 (Endurance pump).
Can the PC 230 Be Used With Drywall Mud Applications?
The PC 230 is designed for use with materials at the lighter end of the scale for interior and exterior applications. These include:

  • Varnish.
  • Primers.
  • Acrylics.
  • Lacquer.
  • Sealer.
  • Exterior stain.
  • Oil-based paints.
  • Latex.
  • Enamels
Is There a User Manual Available for the Graco PC 230?

Yes, there is! Clear instructions on how to use this paint sprayer can be found in the manual. For rapid access to the Graco 230 manual.

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