Best Industrial Paint Sprayers — Buyer’s Guide, Reviews, and Comparisons

As an industrial paint sprayer is a significant investment, it’s a good idea to do your homework thoroughly before making a purchase. You need a machine that boasts a high gallons per minute output, fluid tips that can handle an array of coatings, and a long hose for reach. When you combine these factors, you get a tool that provides fast and flawless results on a diverse range of tasks.

Our Top Pick
Fuji Spray Mini Mite 4
The Fuji Spray Mini Mite 4 is a major workhorse among industrial paint sprayers. A professional-grade machine, you can switch between small and large fan patterns in three orientations, whether you’re spraying thick or thin mediums. A forceful four-stage turbine pushes out up to 8.5 psi and the ergonomic T-70 spray gun fits comfortably in your grip allowing you to spray for longer.
  • One-quart paint container.
  • 25-foot flexible hose.
  • 1.3 mm air cap.
  • Tool Nerds’ best industrial spray paint machine.
Product Rating: 4.9/5

Industrial Paint Sprayers Comparison Table

Fuji Spray Mini Mite 4
  • Hose Length: 25 feet
  • Included Nozzle: 0.05 inches
  • Sprayer Type: HVLP
  • Weight: 28.8 pounds


  • 8 psi output.
  • Four-stage turbine.
  • T-70 non-bleed spray gun.

Product Rating: 4.9/5

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Apollo Power 5 VS
  • Hose Length: 32 feet
  • Included Nozzle: 0.039 inches
  • Sprayer Type: HVLP
  • Weight: 30 pounds


  • Apollo 7700 bottom-feed spray gun.
  • 130 cubic feet per minute (cfm) output.
  • Numerous accessories including spare parts kit, viscosity meter, and storage case.

Product Rating: 4.8/5

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Graco 17G180 Magnum Prox19
  • Hose Length: 50 feet
  • Included Nozzle: 515 TrueAirless
  • Sprayer Type: Airless
  • Weight: 42 pounds


  • 0.875 horsepower motor.
  • 3000 psi max operating pressure.
  • 0.38 gallons per minute (gpm).

Product Rating: 4.8/5

Check Price at Amazon Graco Magnum Prox19 Review Graco Magnum Prox19 Review
Titan 440 Impact
  • Hose Length: 50 feet.
  • Included Nozzle: 517
  • Sprayer Type: Airless
  • Weight: 35.4 pounds


  • Sureflo pusher valve for easy priming.
  • LX 80 spray gun.
  • 0.54 gpm.

Product Rating: 4.8/5

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Graco 695 Paint Sprayer
  • Hose Length: 50 feet.
  • Included Nozzle: 517 SwitchTip
  • Sprayer Type: Airless
  • Weight: 94 pounds


  • Brushless 2.0 horsepower DC motor.
  • Output of 200 gallons per week.
  • Ergonomic Contractor spray gun.

Product Rating: 4.7/5

Check Price at Amazon Check Price at PSE Graco 695 Review Graco 695 Review
Graco Ultra Max II 490 Paint Sprayer
  • Hose Length: 50 feet.
  • Included Nozzle: RAC 517
  • Sprayer Type: Airless
  • Weight: 34 pounds


  • FastFlush for straightforward cleaning.
  • BlueLink and SmartControl 3.0 management systems.
  • Contractor PC spray gun with a light trigger pull.

Product Rating: 4.5/5

Check Price at Amazon Check Price at PSE Graco Ultra Max II 490 Review Graco Ultra Max II 490 Review
DeVilbiss FinishLine 4 FLG-670
  • Hose Length: N/A
  • Included Nozzles: 0.05, 0.06, and 0.07 inches
  • Sprayer Type: HVLP
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds


  • Requires a compressor capable of 13 to 23 cfm.
  • 0.95-quart paint container.
  • Stainless steel internal components.

Product Rating: 4.4/5

Check Price at Amazon DeVilbiss FinishLine Review DeVilbiss FinishLine Review
TCP Global Pressure Tank Paint Spray Gun
  • Hose Length: 10 feet.
  • Included Nozzle: 0.06 inches
  • Sprayer Type: Pressure tank
  • Weight: 25.2 pounds


  • 2.5-gallon tank.
  • Handles a diverse range of coatings.
  • 50 psi output.

Product Rating: 4.0/5

Check Price at Amazon TCP Global Pressure Tank Review TCP Global Pressure Tank Review
Graco Truecoat 360 VSP Airless Paint Sprayer
  • Hose Length: N/A
  • Included Nozzles: Two 515 reversible tips
  • Sprayer Type: Airless
  • Weight: 3.75 pounds


  • 360-degree spraying capability.
  • Variable pressure control.
  • Four 42-ounce paint bags.

Product Rating: 4.0/5

Check Price at Amazon Check Price at PSE Graco Truecoat 360 VSP Review Graco Truecoat 360 VSP Review

Best Industrial Paint Sprayer Buying Guide

Industrial paint sprayers are a very different beast from the sprayers used on occasional decorating projects. When you compare spray gun requirements, they’re at opposite ends of the spectrum. Industrial spray painting equipment needs to be more robust and efficient to keep up with the demands of large projects.

How To Choose the Best Industrial Paint Sprayer

Industrial paint spray guns need to offer versatility and high outputs to complete jobs quickly. Many different factors contribute to the ideal unit, so sit back, relax and let’s go through those factors individually.

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Coating Versatility

Commercially sized projects often involve a plethora of mediums and layers of coatings. And most spray guns simply can’t handle industrial enamel spray paint, for example. Instead, you need a gun that is compatible with a broad range of mediums.

When checking a gun’s specifications, make sure your selected unit can cope with everything from thin stains and sealers to thick enamels and latex paints. It’s even better if the unit can handle these paints without thinning, and you can save time figuring out dilutions and mixing coatings.


Power Output

Next on the list is power output, not only will substantial grunt help push out a range of paints, but it also determines how quickly you complete your job.

It’s also ideal if the output is variable. There’s a chance you won’t work on large scale projects all of the time, and you’ll need to complete some finishing details. A variable output dial makes your unit more adaptable, and you won’t have to buy a less powerful gun for smaller tasks.

true rms


If you’re reading this review, there’s a good chance you’re a contractor or semi-professional painter. And it’s likely your jobs aren’t based in one place, so a sprayer that’s easy to move and fits in the back of your truck is a must.

Once you’ve arrived at the job site, you don’t want to expend all your energy moving the sprayer around a large area. A wheeled cart-mounted unit will definitely make any maneuvers a lot simpler.

Furthermore, if your sprayer includes a lengthy hose, this can remove the need to move the device at all. Many sprayers include a standard hose of between 20 to 50 feet, but if you read the small print, a few units support hose lengths of up to 150 feet and greater — without loss of performance.


Nozzle Size

Contributing to the overall versatility of the unit is the fluid nozzle or tip. Not only does it control what coatings you can work with, but it also indicates the size and shape of the produced fan pattern.

As a general rule of thumb, a fluid nozzle with a larger orifice permits the use of denser materials and offers a larger pattern. And vice versa when it comes to smaller sized nozzles.

As with hoses, manufacturers tend to include a good all-around size to get you started. Extra tips in different sizes can usually be purchased separately, just check your unit’s specification before buying to ensure it’s compatible with a range of tips.

ease of use


We all know how workspaces can get — messy, with cables all over the place and usually a lot of dust and whatnot. You need a machine that can handle this somewhat hostile environment.

Ideally, the unit’s main body should be constructed from a strong, knock resistant, and anti-corrosive metal. Metal is best as it copes with abuse better than plastics. Although, having said this, there are some incredibly robust plastics around these days.

It also helps if the internal mechanisms are anodized to make cleaning the unit an easy-breezy affair. Plus, anodized parts provide a certain level of protection when working with harsh, abrasive coatings.

Items such as protective tip guards and heavy-duty storage cases are also helpful to safeguard your industrial spray gun.

Tool Nerds’ Top 9 Industrial Paint Sprayers

Industrial paint sprayers are a force to be reckoned with and you will want to make sure that you own one that meets your needs.

So, let’s take this opportunity to feast our eyes on some of the industry’s top-ranking behemoth machines.

Fuji Spray Mini Mite 4

Our Rating: 4.9
Many people think high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) technology has no place in an industrial paint sprayer, but they’re proved wrong by the Fuji Mini Mite 4. This spray gun boasts some of the best features of any unit we reviewed.

The Mini Mite is part of a Fuji line of sprayers designed for professionals, and it includes all the features you’d expect in a pro-level unit. As an HVLP unit, it offers minimal overspray, a bonus for many. The turbine is housed in a rugged metal turbine casing for protection.

The T-70 spray gun has a Stay-Cool handle and an ergonomically designed trigger to minimize discomfort and fatigue. Furthermore, there is the possibility of three different fan patterns while using the non-bleed 1.3 mm air cap.

A powerful four-stage turbine drives out approximately 8.5 psi, which is more than enough pressure to spray most paints without thinning. A one-quart paint cup holds enough coating for most jobs — and you shouldn’t need to refill too often. If any thinning is required, a handy viscosity cup makes dilution simple.

The turbine housing itself is ground-based, which keeps the weightier part of this machine on the floor and not in your hand. The casing also has an integrated gun holster as well as a 25-foot flexible hose, offering fantastic reach on large projects. A bespoke heat dissipation system keeps the unit cool and in good working order.

As part of the package, you receive a 20-page user manual, wrench, and cleaning brush — making this unit suitable for new professional decorators.

North American based Fuji Spray has been manufacturing fluid handling units for almost forty years. It offers a full range of compressor and turbine spray guns angled toward both professionals and dedicated DIYers.


  • T-70 spray gun with easy-pull trigger.
  • 25-foot hose.
  • Four-stage turbine with heat dissipation system.
  • 1.3 mm air cap.
  • Best overall industrial sprayer.
  • Competitive price point.

  • Hose couplings tend to overheat.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Apollo Power 5 VS

Our Rating: 4.8
Staying with HVLP technology in this industrial paint sprayer review, the Apollo Power 5 VS is one of the most powerful HVLP sprayers on the market. It pushes out an impressive 10 psi via a five-stage turbine. Plus, 130 cfm guarantees rapid coverage on large scale projects.

Moreover, pressure output can be tailored to suit your coating, providing even finishes when using stains and lacquers as well as chalk and latex paints. HVLP also means fine atomization with minimal wastage and overspray.

The Power 5 is compatible with both non-bleed and bleed guns and includes the Apollo 7700 bottom-feed spray gun and a secure gun docking station — handy when you need to temporarily stop work for a moment. Hose length is substantial at 32 feet.

Anti-vibration feet minimize “walking” and reduce noise levels. Additionally, for planned maintenance to prolong the lifetime of this sprayer, a meter to keep track of the number of operational hours.

Looking at the accessories included, the list has pretty much everything needed to get the job done: carry case, wrench, spare parts kits, viscosity meter, 1.0-mm nozzle, cleaning kit, turbine blow off tool, and even Apollo spray gun lube.

Apollo Sprayers has been around for five decades and produces environmentally positive, innovative, and user-friendly paint spraying systems. This USA-based company offers tried and tested technical support and has won several awards for its products.


  • An impressive list of included accessories.
  • Five-stage turbine delivers 130 cfm.
  • Rapidly covers large-scale projects.
  • Two-year warranty.
  • Adjustable material output.

  • Hour tracker is analog, not digital.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Graco 17G180 Magnum Pro X19

Our Rating: 4.8
Owning an industrial paint sprayer doesn’t have to mean spending your life savings on a Goliath-sized machine, as proven by the competitively priced Graco 17G180 Magnum Pro X19.

Focused on use by prosumers and hardcore DIYers, this airless unit allows both rapid coverage and flawless finishes. As it’s cart-mounted (although other configurations are available should you prefer), it’s a straightforward affair to move the unit when needed.

A flexible 50-foot hose is included as standard but a 150-foot hose is also supported without impairing performance. To deal with unthinned coatings, the SG3 spray gun and the TrueAirless 515 fluid tip step up to the line.

The powerhouse behind this Graco industrial paint sprayer is a stainless steel pump that pushes out a monumental 3000 psi. Furthermore, changing the pump on-site without pro tools is easy.

Output can be controlled through a variable dial to tone down the 0.875 horsepower motor. You also have the flexibility to spray directly from either a one or five-gallon paint container using a flexible uptake tube.

Cleaning up at the end of the day is simple; connect the PowerFlush adaptor to your garden hose and you’re set.

The Pro X19 is one of six different models in Graco’s Pro line, which includes a multitude of features that combined allow a considerable gallons per annum output. With over 100 years of experience, Graco is one of the world leaders when it comes to paint spraying technology.


  • Flexible uptake pipe allows spraying from one and five-gallon buckets.
  • 0.38 gpm.
  • PushPrime system for easy priming.
  • Attractive price point.
  • Variable pressure output.
  • SG3 paint gun.
  • 50-foot hose.

  • Unsuitable for inexperienced DIYers.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Titan 440 Impact

Our Rating: 4.8
Industrial paint sprayers don’t have to be massive units as you can see in the Titan 440 Impact. The 7/8 horsepower motor forces out a maximum operating pressure of 3300 psi, which allows a flow rate of 0.54 gpm — meaning this industrial paint gun can be adapted to work on mid to large-scale tasks.

As the Titan 440 is an airless machine, it’s capable of dealing with a range of low and medium viscosity coatings, from stain to enamels, without a compressor. The dimensions of this spray gun (23 x 19 x 19 inches) make it one of the most compact portable devices around while a carry handle adds comfort.

Priming is a necessary step when working with airless sprayers and can be quite time-consuming. To simplify the procedure, Titan installed the Sureflo Pusher Valve, which means there’s no hammer required to release a jammed ball.

The pistons are protected by bespoke Quad+ Packings to protect the unit when using abrasive paints. There is also an AutoOiler so you can lubricate these parts with oil from the reservoir at the push of a button.

A PermaLife cylinder further extends the durability of this paint gun — Titan claims it will last the lifetime of the sprayer. The all-metal LX 80 spray gun comes with a 517 fluid nozzle and attaches to the unit via a 50-foot hose that provides ample reach.

Titan has been building paint sprayers for over forty years and boasts a highly respected reputation. This company strives to continuously develop its products — keeping them at the forefront of both the DIY and professional markets.


  • Quad+ Packings.
  • 0.54 gpm spray rate.
  • Compact cart-mounted sprayer.
  • Operating pressure of 3300 psi.
  • Sureflo Pusher Valve ball-release system.
  • Durable PermaLife cylinder.

  • Unsuitable for detailed jobs.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Graco 695 Paint Sprayer

Our Rating: 4.7
Graco’s 695 is one of the best airless industrial paint sprayers in terms of everyday reliability. This is what the manufacturer claims anyway, but the statement is backed up by the unit’s many time-saving features.

The Contractor spray gun offers a fatigue-beating customizable grip with its E-Z fit trigger, which is adjustable. Furthermore, a complete gun rebuild is a straightforward job thanks to the ProConnect cartridge which can be changed in a matter of seconds.

This Graco industrial airless paint sprayer includes a 2.0 horsepower DC brushless motor that enables the use of up to 200 gallons per week. Spray a range of coatings including stains, lacquers, primers, latex, and enamel. You get an all-around quieter spraying experience courtesy of the Advantage Drive gears.

Adjusting the fan pattern and operating pressure is made simple by the SmartControl 3.0 system, which acts as the brains of the machine and adjusts to your precise medium. And if you are operating on a job site that’s prone to power fluctuations, the ProGuard technology protects the sprayer against surges.

When the time comes, the durable Endurance pump can be switched in the field in a hassle-free manner. It’s also positioned vertically to reduce the chances of spillage when it’s extracted.

Graco started life as an innovative idea from a parking lot attendant who wanted to simplify the lives of his customers. Since then, Graco has developed into one of the major names in the fluid handling industry, providing both home-improvers and paint contractors with products to fit their diverse needs.


  • RAC X 517 SwitchTip and protector.
  • 50-foot flexible hose (supports up to 300 feet).
  • Vertical, easily removed filter.
  • 2.0 horsepower brushless DC motor.
  • Long-lasting Permalife cylinder.

  • Unsuitable for smaller detail work.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Graco Ultra Max II 490 Paint Sprayer

Our Rating: 4.5
In a job where time is money, most pros demand industrial paint sprayers with time and labor-saving features, like the Graco Ultra Max II 490.

With this in mind, Graco added the clever SmartControl 3.0 digital display system that does a lot of the thinking for you. It keeps track of scheduled service times and gallons pumped per job, allowing you to maximize the sprayer’s potential and your efficiency.

A brushless DC motor delivers a whole lot of torque while minimizing maintenance as there are no brushes to be changed. Another way this unit offers extreme productivity is through the swivel flexible uptake hose, giving you the capability to spray directly from the original paint tin.

Clearing away at the end of the day is fuss-free thanks to the FastFlush system that makes the process four times faster and uses only half the water other sprayers require.

A substantial filter system steps in to reduce tip clogs and blockages, meaning you can use most mediums without thinning as well as keep your work rate uninterrupted.

According to Graco, this sprayer includes one of the most dependable pumps in the industry — lasting twice as long as competitors’ machines. Furthermore, a stainless steel cylinder, Chromex rod, and V-Max packings improve the overall reliability of this spray gun.

Graco has been a leading manufacturer in fluid handling for almost 100 years. Not only do its power tools look sleek in blue and silver but they also include years of tried and tested technology — supported by lengthy warranties and impressive technical assistance if needed.


  • Completely enclosed brushless motor.
  • Ideal for professional usage.
  • FastFlush system for straightforward cleaning.
  • SmartContol 3.0 and BlueLink management systems guarantee efficiency.
  • Contractor PC spray gun with adjustable trigger.

  • Not suitable for detail work or small size jobs.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

DeVilbiss FinishLine 4 FLG-670

Our Rating: 4.4
An automotive industrial paint sprayer demands a few different features to spray guns used in residential projects. The DeVilbiss FinishLine 4 FLG-670 is great for commercial automotive respraying and touch-ups.

To minimize wastage and reduce overspray, this machine utilizes HVLP technology. There is also a choice of three fluid nozzles included with this gravity-fed spray gun, meaning it’s compatible with a wide range of solvent-based coatings.

For longevity, all the machine’s internals are anodized to reduce corrosion. You also have complete control over air pressure through an inline valve and gauge. As this device requires only 13 to 23 cfm to operate, you don’t have to own the largest compressor on the market.

It’s an extremely lightweight spray gun weighing in at only 1.5 pounds. But this said, you still have a substantial paint cup with a capacity of 0.95-quarts.

DeVilbiss was established over 130 years ago, making it one of the pioneers in the fluid handling business. With a focus mainly on products for automotive use, the company is well known for modestly priced, straightforward technology.


  • Stainless steel internals and body for easy cleanup.
  • 0.96-quart paint cup.
  • HVLP technology reduces overspray.
  • Competitively priced.
  • Three fluid nozzles included (1.3, 1.5, and 1.8 mm).

  • Latex-based mediums will require thinning.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

TCP Global Pressure Tank Paint Spray Gun

TCP Global Pressure Tank Paint Spray Gun

Our Rating: 4.0
The massive 2.5-gallon pot is fitted with a sealable lid and gasket, preventing spills and drips as well as maintaining the pressure. There is also a 10-foot hose included for decent reach.

While not as common as airless industrial paint sprayers, pressure pots like the TCP Global Pressure Tank are a versatile durable choice for many paint contractors and hardcore DIYers.

One of the best things about tank sprayers is that they offer high pressure, and this unit is no different. Offering an output of 50 psi makes it suitable for rapidly coating large size projects.

To further enhance this machine’s capabilities, it’s fitted with a 1.5 mm fluid nozzle, and the shooter is constructed entirely of metal. Combine these features and you can use automotive coatings, lacquers, latex, primers, base coats sealants, and topcoats.
An air pressure regulator and gauge are included and to maximize safety, an air pressure relief valve is fitted.

TCP Global is an American based conglomerate that has fingers in all kinds of pies — from cake supplies to Hollywood effects. It prides itself on developing brands to meet the unique needs of TCP customers for the last 45 years.


  • 1.5 mm fluid nozzle.
  • Pushes out up to 50 psi.
  • Two-gallon paint tank.
  • 10-foot hose.
  • Provides a pattern size of 7.1 to 9.1 inches

  • No cleaning kit included.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Graco Truecoat 360 VSP Airless Paint Sprayer

Our Rating: 4.0
Decent handheld industrial paint sprayers are hard to find, but this Graco Truecoat 360 is a great option. Part of Graco’s Project Series, it can handle medium-sized tasks and is fuss-free to set up.

To adapt to any application, you have a fully variable pressure control dial — amp up the speed or turn it down to achieve precise results. There is also VacuValve technology for a 360-degree spraying angle that’s handy for those hard to reach places.

It’s also extremely lightweight at under four pounds, preventing dreaded hand and arm fatigue that can stop you from working. Four 42-ounce FlexLiner paint bags enable a quick switch of mediums and allow easy cleanups.

Two 0.015-inch reversible fluid nozzles provide a fan pattern of between 4 to 12-inches. You also get a robust storage case and a step by step user manual to get you started quickly.

Backed by almost a century of experience, Graco is a US-based company that prides itself on manufacturing power tools for professional contractors and home improvers. With durable, user-friendly products backed by solid customer service, Graco is a trusted brand.


  • Two reversible 0.015-inch fluid tips included.
  • Handheld unit.
  • Adjustable paint output.
  • 360-degree spraying ability.
  • Supports the use of a variety of coatings, many without thinning.

  • Power lead could be longer.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price


As we reach the end of this industrial electric paint sprayer review, just a quick reminder of some of the features you need to demand from a unit.

It needs to be powerful enough to handle those large projects but also offer adjustability to complete intricate finishing touches too. Look for a high gpm rate or a substantial pressure output.

A good, generically sized nozzle will handle most domestic mediums but if you’re planning on using industrial paints, check to see if a larger fluid tip size is supported. Also, a unit that’s portable in terms of weight and size will reduce the amount of energy you’ll use just setting up the machine in the correct position.

Furthermore, a long hose will provide you with an expansive reach and eliminates the need to move the unit often. Features that speed up cleaning are also not to be sniffed at — they shorten your workday significantly and allow you to do more of things you love, including spraying another project.

In summary, yes, an industrial paint sprayer is usually a considerable investment, but if you choose wisely, it’s an investment you’ll only make once.

Industrial Paint Sprayer FAQs

Q: What Paint Sprayer Do Professionals Use?

This is always such a tricky question, as paint sprayers are quite a personal choice. Typically, most professionals will choose a spray gun from a trusted, well-established manufacturer. They will also select a unit with a lot of versatility concerning paint output and coatings so they can complete a variety of jobs.

Q: Is There a Wagner Industrial Paint Sprayer?

While Wagner is better known for their smaller, DIY paint sprayers, they do have a Spraypack series that is geared toward commercial and industrial use.

Q: Is It Worth Getting an Industrial Paint Sprayer?

If you want to become a full or part-time paint contractor, then an industrial sprayer is pretty much mandatory. It will save you a lot of time and money in the long run and provide the types of results that your customers will expect. If you’re more of an occasional DIYer and home-improver, a domestic unit may be more your style — these are slightly less expensive, too.

Q: What Is the Best Inexpensive Industrial Paint Sprayer?

An industrial paint sprayer sounds expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. A great inexpensive unit, such as the Graco 17G180 Magnum Prox19, still includes all the features of pricier units but at a fraction of the cost.

Q: Are Airless Industrial Paint Sprayers Better?

Airless sprayers operate at a higher pressure than HVLP units, meaning they are well suited to high volume jobs. However, HVLP units do offer less overspray. It’s very much horses for courses and depends on what type of industrial project you’re spraying.