At first glance, it’s a mystery who wins the FLEXiO 890 vs 690 battle. After all, both of these HVLP Wagner sprayers are designed for DIYers and have many similar features. Both have floor based turbines that connect to an external spray gun and are also almost a match when it comes to price as well. There’s also Wagner’s trademark black and yellow design. Aesthetics aside though, I’m sure Wagner hasn’t released two identical sprayers with different names. So what are the key differences when it comes down to Wagner 890 vs 690, and what do those differences mean to you, the buyer? For starters, the FLEXiO 690 boasts a 15-foot hose connecting it to the turbine, which is longer than the 890’s hose — allowing for extensive reach, which is invaluable when spraying larger rooms or areas. And when it comes to the FLEXiO 890, the turbine has been shrewdly incorporated into a robust, protective shell that doubles as storage or a carry case. Enough short points, let’s head undercover and inspect each individual feature that makes up these sprayers — and sets them apart.
FLEXiO 890 VS FLEXiO 690

Hose Length

It’s not the size of your hose, it’s what you do with it, right? (That’s what I tell my significant other, anyway!) In the trial of Wagner’s FLEXiO 690 vs 890, a jury would decide in favor of the 690 when it comes to length, and hose length does matter when it comes to the paint sprayer world. The FLEXiO 690 has a 15-foot hose connecting the turbine to the paint gun. This permits extensive reach when it comes to spraying larger surface areas such as a garden shed. It also means you won’t need to move the entire spraying unit.

Fluid Nozzles

Like other models in the FLEXiO range, including the 890, the Wagner 690 has two fluid nozzles. Each nozzle has been resourcefully designed and having two essentially means you have two separate spray guns. One for wider jobs like decking and one for intricate jobs such as corners. Wagner’s Lock-N-Go technology enables you to switch between the two nozzles with just a simple twist. The iSpray nozzle is ample and is effective when working on larger jobs. This nozzle also allows you to spray thicker coatings like latex without thinning. You’ll use the second detail nozzle when you have smaller projects to complete or you need to complete tricky ornate work.

Speed of Delivery

According to Wagner, the FLEXiO 690 lets you complete jobs 11 times quicker than with a brush. When it’s a matter of delivery rate in Wagner 890 vs 690 though, the 890 comes out on top. The 690 boasts 8.2 gallons per hour, not quite as quick as the FLEXiO 890 but still a substantial tempo.

Paint Cup

Each of the FLEXiO 690’s nozzles is accompanied by a separate opaque paint cup. The smaller cup attaches to the Detail Finish nozzle, which makes sense as you typically require less paint for smaller detail work. In contrast, the iSpray nozzle comes with a 1.5-quart paint cup.

Storage Case

Bags might not be your first consideration when deciding FLEXiO 690 vs 890, but there’s a big difference here. The Wagner 690 comes with a soft bag as opposed to the hardshell case the FLEXiO 890 boasts. If you’re rough and tumble with your tools, the hard case means your gear is kept safer. But back to the 690’s bag. The bag works if you’re patient when packing the sprayer’s components. If you’re in a rush, you may find that things don’t fit in easily as space in the bag is quite limited. Additionally, the bag doesn’t offer any real protection when transporting the unit but it will keep the dust at bay and everything in one place.

Who Should Use the Wagner FLEXiO 690?

Wagner’s 690 sprayer is a great choice for home improvers with a variety of projects on the to-do list. It can handle painting your kids’ treehouse, decking, interior walls, door frames, window sills, and more. Plus the two nozzles, adjustable pressure settings, and 15-foot hose maximize this sprayer’s potential.

Pros of the FLEXiO 690

  • Lightweight thanks to the separate floor-standing turbine.
  • 15-foot hose.
  • Two spray nozzles, iSpray and Detail Finish
  • Adjustable delivery speeds.
  • Two different spray cups.
  • Soft storage bag.

Cons of the FLEXiO 690

  • Complex to fit parts into the soft storage bag.
  • Will be replaced by the FLEXiO 4000.
  • Loud operation.

Hose Length

Back to the length of the hose once again and unfortunately, the hose in the FLEXiO 890 vs 690’s version comes up short at only 11.5-foot. Granted, the difference is not huge exactly, but it might matter when you’re one foot away from finishing the end of the fence without moving the turbine. That said, the 890’s hose is long enough to reach most corners of an average-sized room without repositioning the turbine.

Fluid Nozzles

In terms of FLEXiO 890 vs 690 and nozzles, there’s no critical difference. Like the 690, Wagner’s 890 includes both the iSpray and Detail Finish nozzles. Both the FLEXiO 690 and the 890 iSpray nozzles allow you to adjust the pattern’s width. Positioned on the nozzle itself you’ll find a small lever, use it to make quick switches between settings. Choose the narrow width for edges and corners and the wider for large areas such as walls. On both FLEXiO models, you can adjust the patterns, whether you’re using the iSpray or Detail Finish nozzle. Pick between horizontal, diagonal, and vertical spray patterns to help you achieve your intended coverage — without obvious lines.

Speed of Delivery

Speed of delivery in the Wagner FLEXiO 890 vs 690 debate is worth your consideration. The 890 unit sprays at 8.4 gallons per hour and, according to Wagner, gets the job 12 times faster than a standard brush thanks to the 680-watts of power. Like the FLEXiO 690, you can control paint flow through the unit via the X-Boost dial, which adjusts the air pressure provided by the turbine — crank it up when spraying thicker paints and turn it down when spraying thinner mediums. Having this level of control means the optimal pressure level for the job at hand.

Paint Cup

There’s no difference in paint cups between Wagner’s 890 vs 690. The two differently sized paint cups mean you can use the exact amount of paint needed for each job without having to pour the excess back into the original paint container when you’re finished. Wagner’s paint cups on both the FLEXiO 890 and 690 are a dream when it comes to cleaning as they’re easily removed from the nozzles.

Storage Case

The storage case in the FLEXiO 890 kit is completely different from the 690’s softshell bag. In the Wagner FLEXiO 890 vs 690 debate, the former wins in this regard. The hardshell exterior protects the sprayer’s parts when in storage or when transporting between jobs — as well as providing enough space for all nozzles and hoses. It’s also intelligently designed so that it’s incorporated into the turbine housing, eliminating the need for extra parts.

Who Should Use the Wagner FLEXiO 890?

The FLEXiO 890 is a multifunctional sprayer and it’s a great choice for DIYers and small-time paint contractors thanks to its portability. An external turbine also makes it ideal for people with limited upper body strength as only the spray gun and paint cup are in your hand so you can spray a lot longer than with a combined unit.

Pros of the FLEXiO 890

  • Delivers 8.4 gallons per hour.
  • Separate spray gun from the turbine.
  • Horizontal and vertical spray patterns.
  • 11.5-foot hose.
  • Includes two paint cups.
  • Sprays unthinned coatings from stains through to latex.

Cons of the FLEXiO 890

  • Rather noisy in operation.
  • Will be replaced by the FLEXiO 5000.
  • May be overkill for DIYers with smaller jobs.

Wagner 890 vs 690 FLEXiO Comparison Table

Wagner 690
Wagner 890
Storage CaseSeparate bag
Integrated hardshell
Project SizeSmall to midsize interior and exterior projects.Small to midsize interior and exterior projects.
Spraying MediumsStains, sealers, water-based lacquers, polyurethane, oil enamels, latex, and primers.Stains, sealers, water-based lacquers, polyurethane, oil enamels, latex, and primers.
Delivery rate (gallons per hour)8.28.4
Speed (vs brush)x 11x 12
Power630 watts
680 watts
Operating Pressure3 PSI3 PSI
Hose Length15 foot11.5 foot
Nozzles Included22


After a thorough inspection, I’ve deduced there are many similar characteristics between these two sprayers — external turbine, number of nozzles, and compatible coatings to name a few.

However, there are a few significant differences, and based on these, the FLEXiO 890 is my sprayer of choice. The hose may be shorter but the extra gallons per hour and substantial storage case are aspects too essential to overlook — it’s a substantial investment, and you want your unit to be protected, after all.

It was a close call as the FLEXiO 690 has many commendable aspects, including the longer hose. It also has an impressive delivery rate that’s more than adequate for most DIYers.

In the trial of FLEXiO 890 vs 690, there can only be one subjugator, and based on the evidence, I think you should take a look at the Wagner FLEXiO 890.

FLEXiO 890 vs 690 FAQs

Q: Which Wagner FLEXiO is best?
It really depends on your individual spraying needs. If you have a range of small to medium interior and exterior projects to complete, you can’t go wrong with the FLEXiO 890. Providing a great delivery rate of 8.4 gallons per hour and the ability to spray unthinned coatings with the iSpray nozzle, it’s a great all-rounder.
Q: Which Is the Best Paint Sprayer for DIY Use?
When it comes to choosing a unit for home improvements, an HVLP (high-volume, low-pressure) sprayer is a popular choice. These units typically produce less overspray than airless sprayers, are usually smaller, and come at a lower cost. HVLP sprayers such as the Wagner FLEXiO 690 and 890 are designed with DIYers in mind and are great for spraying a range of coatings on interior and exterior home projects.
Q: Is an Airless or HVLP Better?
Depending on the project you have planned, both sprayer types could fit your needs as both have unique features. If you’re looking to spray home-based projects with reduced overspray, an HVLP sprayer is the ideal choice. If you have larger residential or commercial projects, then a large airless sprayer will help you get the job done quickly.
Q: Is Wagner FLEXiO HVLP?
Wagner’s affordable FLEXiO range is HVLP. These sprayers can help you achieve excellent results on most DIY projects.
Q: How Much Does the Wagner FLEXiO 690 Cost?

The FLEXiO 690 is a floor standing unit that will help you get the job done 11 times faster than with a brush. You can check the current cost here.

Q: How Much Does the Wagner FLEXiO 890 Cost?

With the ability to spray unthinned coatings from stains though to latex, the FLEXiO 890 is the ideal sprayer for weekend warriors. Find the most up-to-date price here.

Q: Are Wagner Spray Guns Any Good?
Wagner Spraytech has tons of experience in the paint spraying world. The company’s founder began developing sprayers in the 1950s. Over the years, the Minneapolis-based Wagner has manufactured some of the best-loved units in the industry. It’s not just about the guns, either, Wagner’s customer service is second to none.