Portable Jump Starter Benefits
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Many people simply don’t realize how useful a portable jump starter can be. The days in which you waited for someone to have mercy and help you with jumpstarting your vehicle are long gone. You can now do it all by yourself, quicker, and without investing a lot of money. Here are the six most important benefits of using a portable jump starter:

You don’t need to ask for help

How many times did you find yourself in a hopeless situation with a dead car battery in the middle of the highway? The only thing you have left is to wait. However, if you have a portable jump starter in the back of your car, you’ll be hitting the highway in a matter of minutes.

Also, a lot of modern starters have a built-in air compressor meaning you won’t get stuck on the road with a deflated tire ever again. Furthermore, people who do stop and try to help you are usually pretty wary and cautious because improper jump starting can cause severe damage to both vehicles. Therefore, the first major benefit of these units is the independence you get.

Accessibility doesn’t matter

The position of your car is absolutely irrelevant if you have a jump starter nearby. In other situations, you would probably have to move the car so that it’s parked in front of the other vehicle to alleviate the hassle with the cables and prevent them from tangling.

Sometimes, people have short cables, and the vehicles need to be pretty close to each other in order for it to work. It’s a pretty annoying nuisance, especially if you’re stuck on a busy road or disabled. In fact, disabled people should consider buying a jump starter because it helps a lot in tough situations.

Two connections are double trouble

When you’re jumpstarting a vehicle with the help of another vehicle, you have to make two connections. It means you’re doubling the chance of failure. Booster cables can cause sparks, short circuits, and many more unpleasantries. However, you’re making only one connection with a jump starter. Furthermore, various safety mechanisms work in conjunction to prevent electricity-related failures.

As you can see, you don’t have to worry about causing trouble if you have a quality starter.

Modern vehicles have sensitive electronics

A vast majority of modern vehicles have pretty sensitive electronic parts. It’s a great thing when you’re into precision and accuracy, but it’s a burden for low-quality booster cables. Unstable booster cables tend to transfer microscopic electrical noise. In other words, due to the lack of safety mechanisms, the booster cables can mess up the sensitive electronics by sending a shocking impulse.

Even if the process turns out to be successful, taking down the clamps while the battery is live is dangerous. If the discharge process doesn’t go well, you’re going to have some serious issues with the fuses and electronics.


Thankfully, most modern jump starters have various USB ports, and other additional features. For example, you can use your starter as a temporary charger for your laptop if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery. In fact, any smart device can be recharged with these units up to two times. Therefore, even if you don’t have immediate access to an electrical source, the jump starter will serve as a great substitution.