JF.EGWO 6000A Ultra Review

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JF.EGWO 6000A Ultra

Reviewed by: Sean Masri

Last modified: Feb 24, 2023 @ 6:28 am

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JF EGWO 6000A Jump Starter Review Summary

Finding the best battery jump starter with air compressor is seriously challenging — can the JF.EGWO 6000A Ultra hit this high benchmark?

To find out, we got our hands on one of the combo units from the manufacturer JF EGWO — a US-based brand known mainly for its power-based products. The 6000A model is promoted as the flagship product in its all-in-one starter range.

Under the hood, it boasts a mammoth 6000 amps of output — driven by its substantial 28000 mAh power cell. Promising to jump-start anything from a 1.5-liter compact car to a 13-liter HGV — it’s a unit targeting extended-use, hardcore application users.

Delivering 45 liters of air per minute in air compressor mode, the unit promises rapid inflation with its 150 PSI output. And, with a choice of four nozzles, can be used for a multitude of fill types — from semi-truck tires through to swimming pools and sports balls.

In addition to the compressor and inflator functions, the JF EGWO Ultra 6000A also acts as a power bank to keep your smart tech charged while on the move — through its twin USB ports. And, with a high-lumen LED lamp promising over 120 hours of illumination, the machine is ideal for low-level light work and use as a roadside safety aid.


  • Voltage: 12-volt compatible
  • Current: 6000 amps
  • Weight: 3.14 pounds
  • Dimensions: 6.54 x 5.98 x 3.35 inches


  • Heavy-duty jump starter.
  • 13-liter gas and diesel.
  • 70 jumps from a single charge.



Digital colored display.

High-performance power cell.
Both mains and 12-volt charging.
Rugged build for durability.
Affordable price.


Premium price for a premium product.
Loud operation in inflation mode.
Over-specced for intermittent, low power requirement users.

Features and Benefits of the JF EGWO 6000A Jump Starter With Air Compressor

After a positive unboxing of the EGWO 6000A jump starter and air compressor, it was time to drill down into the capabilities of the machine — and, where appropriate, give it some significant road testing. Naturally, we thoroughly read the user manual before using the unit.

6000 Amps of Current

Let’s start with the elephant in the room — the mighty current output that gives this machine its model moniker. With 6000 amps, it’s seriously brawny for what is, essentially, a portable jump starter with air compressor.

Unsurprisingly, it effortlessly sparked our modest (and dead) 12-volt, 2.0-liter van into life with an outdoor temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. Ok, admittedly, it’s a little like using a chainsaw to trim your fingernails — you can restart most domestic vehicle cells with around 400-600 amps. So a little overkill with the JF.EGWO 6000A knocking out 10 times this current.

However, designed for heavy-duty motor use — it’s ideal for the trade user, fleet operator, off-roader, or sports car enthusiast. Capable of handling anything from a 1.5-liter motorbike to a 13-liter HGV — it’s the consummate all-rounder.

28000 mAh Cell

Matching the high current output of the EGWO 6000A battery jump starter with air compressor is its brawny 28000 mAh (milliamp hours) cell — with the manufacturer stating it can knock out 70 starts from a full battery.

So, after unboxing, we juiced up the unit with charge before use — as advised by the manufacturer’s instructions. We then proceeded to put the unit through its paces, which included eight vehicle jump starts, three tire inflations, and ran the lamp continuously for 30 minutes — without recharge.

Reassuringly, this usage had little impact on the battery life — showing 86 percent charge remaining. This low drain makes the JFEGWO 6000A car jump starter with air compressor suitable as a vehicle-based portable unit, and excellent for both amateur and pro motor enthusiasts demanding hardcore operation.

Compressed Air Function

Saving you from carrying two units in your vehicle, the JF EGWO 6000A isn’t simply for flat battery scenarios. As a combined tire inflator and jump starter — it pushes out a beefy 150 PSI.

With versatile user-selectable maximum pressure control via the easy-ready LCD screen — you can set your required tire pressure to your preferred limit, and let the machine take control. When your target is reached, the unit shuts off.

After purposely deflating our van tires, we gave the unit a few test drives. The refilling was rapid — the manufacturer states 45 liters per minute — if not somewhat noisy.

Admittedly, no one expects a silent compressor, but a little more soundproofing and baffling wouldn’t have gone amiss. Mrs. Tool Nerds apparently needs her quiet time, it interferes with her concentration or something.

Both with and without the extender hose, the preset pressure was reliably achieved — within one to 1.5 percent when checked with our independent gauge. And, as the machine arrives with four adaptors — it’s as equally suited to filling tires as it is inflatable toys, air beds, swimming pools, dinghies, and novelty sheep.

LCD Screen and Light

One of the key aesthetic features we appreciated here at Tool Nerd Central was the generous backlit LCD screen. Effortlessly readable from all angles, the illumination of the 6000A car jump starter and air compressor is ideal for operating in low-light conditions.

And, always welcoming anything that leads to user safety, we were impressed with the high-lumen, side-mounted lamp.

Its ultra-bright LED system has three inbuilt modes: flash, signal flash, and SOS. Not just delivering light that permits you to inflate tires or jump-start vehicles at night — it also can act as a call for assistance, or simply to alert other road users of your presence if you have a roadside breakdown.

After a full charge, we tested out the lamp — allowing it to run from the battery overnight. The next morning, the illumination hadn’t diminished in intensity, and the cell life had dropped by just 10 percent — indicated on the clear LCD screen. According to JF.EGWO, the 28000 mAh cell will drive the LEDs alone for around 120 hours.

Twin USB Ports and 12-Volt Adaptor

The 6000A Ultra JF.EGWO portable car jump starter with air compressor boasts two USB ports (2.1 amps) — permitting you to utilize the machine as a mobile power bank. Suitable for recharging smartphones, tablets, and laptops — it’s ideal for use if you’re on the road for extended periods and need your tech fully charged for work, keeping in touch with your wife, or perusing specialty interest websites.

In addition to the supplied mains charger, the box includes a 12-volt adaptor. Hence, if you’re on vacation, or working away from accessible power sockets, you can still power up the battery.

JF EGWO 6000A Battery Jump Starter and Air Compressor Specifications

Weight3.14 pounds
Peak Current6000 pounds
Dimensions6.54 x 5.98 x 3.35 inches
Compatibility12-Volt Vehicles (Gas & Diesel)
Engine Rating1.5 to 13 liters
Battery28000 mAh/3.7 volts
DC Out Maximum 15V⎓10A
Operating Temperature -40°C - 60°C (-40°F - 140°F)
Compressor Output Maximum150 PSI
USB Ports2
Include LED LampYES - 3 modes
Starts from Single Charge70
Accessories IncludedProtective bag, hose extension, 4 nozzles, attachments, AC and 12-volt charger, clamps, manual.

What Do Users Say About EGWO Ultra 6000A Portable Tire Inflator and Jump Starter

Our opinion at Tool Nerds is that the JF.EGWO 6000A jump starter with inflator is a seriously hardcore machine — ideal for the trade user, motor professional, and dedicated vehicle enthusiast.

Yet, our user testing was limited to just two days of operation. In order to understand how this machine functions in the field — we sourced the opinions of industry experts and, most crucially, guys using the EGWO 6000A Ultra compact jump starter with air compressor daily.

Reassuringly, the views expressed were mainly positive, and in accordance with our own experiences.

Users of the JF.EGWO 6000A praised its massive 6000-amp output, lauded its long-lasting 28000 mAh cell, and welcomed the combined advantages of having a start, compressor, power bank, and lamp in a single unit. Furthermore, they praised its generous easy-to-read display and the preset PSI function of the inflator.

Admittedly, a couple of operators had some reservations.

One disappointed owner criticized the basic, almost industrial design of the casing. Although, that’s not surprising when you consider the machine targets the serious amateur and trade markets — not the flashy and frills consumer sphere.

Another slightly annoyed pro was alarmed by the high temperatures reached by the machine when inflating tires. While we also experienced this, we considered it unremarkable — being a feature of virtually all compressed air units.

However, across the board, users of the JF.EGWO 6000A agreed it’s an exceptionally robust machine — suiting amateurs and pros who demand a versatile tool with high grunt and long-lasting cell life.

Alternatives to the JF.EGWO Ultra

If you consider that the Ultra 6000A from JF EGWO isn’t the best portable jump starter with air compressor for your needs — stick with us! We’ve sourced three possible alternatives that may be more applicable to your requirements or preferences.

If you believe that the EGWO 6000A Ultra is totally over-specced for your needs and all you’re after is a compact yet reliable personal car jump starter — consider this unit from NOCO.

Although just 7.7 inches, it delivers a surprising 1000 amps of power — suitable for jumping six-liter gas and three-liter diesel engines. And, although unlike the EGWO, it’s not designed for heavy-duty use — like the Ultra, it incorporates a powerful LED lamp.

  • Lighter on the wallet than the JF.EGWO 6000A.
  • No tire inflator, included with the EGWO.
  • 20 starts from a single charge, as opposed to the 70 from the 6000A EGWO.
Should you need the advantages of a combi compressor and jump starter, yet consider the 6000A a little out of your price range — check out this more affordable machine from Stanley.

While not quite reaching the 150 PSI of the EGWO, the 120 PSI inflator output of the J5C09 is still more than sufficient for most domestic and trade applications. Like the 6000A, it incorporates USB charging, LED lamp, and cell-charge indicator — but lacks digital LCD control.

  • 1000 amps compared to the 6000 amps of the JF EGWO Ultra 6000A.
  • Significantly lighter on your wallet than the EGWO.
  • Shares the robust build of the 6000A.
If you’re seeking comparable performance to the EGWO, but want affordability combined with a more aesthetically pleasing design — consider the BUTURE.

With a 26800 mAh cell and 3500 amps output, it’s a hardcore trade-grade machine like the 6000A Ultra from EGWO — knocking out a similar 150 PSI at 45 liters per minute. A bold two-tone appearance offers more impressive visuals, although the unfamiliar brand and weighty construction could be downers.

  • No hose extender, included with the EGWO.
  • Harder-to-read display than the 6000A.
  • Easier on your bank balance than the JF EGWO.


It might be a stretch to say that the JF.EGWO 6000A is the best portable jump starter and air compressor on the market for extreme users — but it’s a serious contender.

With its 6000 amps output — it’s a unit that can tackle any motor from a family car to a big rig. A generous 28000 mAh lithium cell promises long life, while its twin USBs and LED lamp integration offer functionality over and above pure motor applications.

Our in-house testing showed the unit to be intuitive and relatively user-friendly — although total integrated compressor and starter novices may struggle with the slightly ambiguous user manual. Two days of investigation demonstrated that the unit performed comparable to the marketing blurb, and similar to the experiences illustrated by genuine customer feedback.

Agreed, its premium price point, no-nonsense aesthetics, and hardcore capabilities may prove unappealing to intermittent and low-demand vehicle owners. But for guys wanting a starter and compressor that can withstand extreme operation on the beefiest of jobs — we recommend checking out the JF.EGWO 6000A Ultra.

JF. EGWO Ultra 6000A Portable Jump Starter and Air Compressor FAQs

Q: How Much Is the JF EGWO 6000A Ultra Starter and Compressor?

Offering 6000 amps of output and driven by a mighty 28000 mAh lithium cell, the 6000A from JF EGWO is a trade-grade compressor and jump starter. Here is the current price of this machine.

Q: What Is the Best Car Battery Jump Starter With Air Compressor?

Boasting durability and performance, the 6000A starter and compressor from JF.EGWO is considered by many pro-users to be one of the best jump starter and air compressor units on the market.

Q: Where Can I Find the JFEGWO Ultra 6000A Manual?

The official JF EGWO website hosts a plethora of user guides for its machines — including the 6000A. Here is the JF EGWO Ultra 6000A manual.

Q: Can I Start a Six-Liter SUV With the EGWO JF Ultra 6000A?

Yes. With 6000 amps of output, the JF.EGWO Ultra 6000A is suitable for jump-starting motor vehicles from 1.5 liters through to 13 liters.

Q: Is the JF EGWO 6000A Ultra Cordless?

The 6000A Ultra jump starter from JF EGWO is powered by a 28000 mAh lithium cell — charged by either mains or 12-volt connection.

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