JF.EGWO F40 4000A Review

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JF.EGWO F40 4000A

Reviewed by: Sean Masri

Last modified: Apr 29, 2023 @ 9:48 am

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JF.EGWO 4000Amp Car Jump Starter Review

The adage states that size matters — apparently not the case with the compact F40 JF.EGWO 4000Amp Car Jump Starter.

Delivering an immense 4000 amps from its compact build, the F40 is the complete all-rounder. Tackling anything from a 1.5-liter jet-ski through to a 10+ liter semi — the machine is as suited to the casual motorist and van driver as it is to the sports car nut and hardcore trucker.

Its beefy 28000 mAh fast charging cell — just 1.2 hours from flat to full — provides around 70 starts from a single charge. And with USB, USB-C, and 12/15-volt DC outputs, it’s as useful as charging your phone or tablet as it is driving an inverter or tire inflator.

A clear, large-digit LCD screen offers welcome effortless readability — even in dark or dimly lit locations. Furthermore, a powerful 400-lumen integrated LED lamp with SOS, strobe, and spotlight functions ensures both safety and roadside illumination.

Despite its eye-watering grunt — safety remains at the heart of the unit. Boasting overload protection, reverse polarity shielding, water resistance, and fire retardancy — it promotes welcome user confidence.

This unit comes from the JF.EGWO stable — a brand specializing in jump starters. The F40 is the brand’s only standalone compact jumper — with the rest of their range consisting of combi starters/inflators.


  • Current: 4000 amps
  • Battery: 28000 mAh
  • Gas engine rating: 10 liters
  • Diesel engine rating: 10 liters


  • High-power ultra-compact.
  • 70 starts from a single charge.
  • Fully charged in 1.2 hours.


Compact yet powerful.
Numerous outputs to function as a power bank.
Large battery capacity.
Suitable for large and small vehicles.
Numerous incorporated safety features.


Relatively short jump leads.

Features and Benefits of the JF.EGWO F40 4000 Amp

Delivering a phenomenal amount of starting grunt from a compact unit — equalling the highest-rated output from mini-jumper supremos NOCO — I was seriously looking forward to discovering what this bad boy could do. So, I got hold of one to put the unit through its paces.

For reference — all tests and investigations were conducted at Tool Nerds HQ, with an ambient temperature of 62.6 degrees Fahrenheit (17 degrees Celsius) and an atmospheric pressure of 1004 Mb.

4000-Amp Output

Naturally, the first thing I had to check was the starting brawn of this machine.

Delivering 4000 amps from a unit measuring just four by nine inches is no easy feat — similar to a featherweight boxer punching like a super-heavyweight. Lacking a semi-truck in our yard, I tried the machine on my 6.2-liter pickup.

Having pre-drained the 12-volt battery (Duracell Ultra Gold Flooded 730 CCA Group 48) the night before — and checking with my multimeter that it was definitely devoid of life — I hooked up the F40.

One turn of the ignition, and the engine immediately sparked into life — with no delay. Sure, you’d expect this since the unit is rated for up to 10-liter gas and diesel — but still, it was reassuringly rapid and demonstrated that it would make light of standard domestic vehicles.

28000 mAh Battery

Its powerful grunt is equaled by its serious 28000 mAh capacity cell — with EGWO promising it can deliver 70 starts from a fully charged battery.

After unboxing the F40, I immediately charged the unit with a standard USB-C cable — as recommended by the manufacturer. It took just 35 minutes to become full — but I assume that this rapidity was because the cell had residual power. According to EGWO, from flat to full usually takes around 72 minutes.

I ran the in-built lamp continuously for 3 hours and performed six jump starts — leading to the battery indicator light dropping from 100 to 89 percent.

This remaining capacity marks the EGWO 4000 amp unit as a seriously versatile portable starter — ideal for keeping in your car, RV, or truck.

LCD Screen

One of the most aesthetically pleasing and practical features of the JF EGWO F40 is the large digit, backlit, 3.7-inch screen. Permitting readability from all angles — my tests in both bright sunlight and dark conditions illustrated its suitability to all illumination environments.

And, always a sucker for anything that makes jobs simpler and safer, it was nice to discover that the unit incorporated a 400-lumen lamp. Featuring SOS, strobe, and spotlight options — it’s as suited to jump-starting away from light sources as it is warning other motorists of your presence in the event of a breakdown.

The front-mounted button was impressively responsive. However, with little raised relief from the main faceplate, it would be somewhat challenging to locate and operate with gloved hands.

Outlet Ports

Let’s face it, whatever the brand of jump starter, in reality, they’re nothing more than a fancy battery — albeit a power cell that can kick out one hell of an amp push.

So, while it’s unsurprising that the JF.EGWO F40 doubles up as a power bank for your phone, tablet, or laptop — what did impress me was the number and variety of outlet ports.

Incorporated behind a rubber-hinged panel — useful for keeping out dirt and detritus — are a standard USB port, USB-C port, and a 15/12-volt 10A port to drive tire inflators. All very useful and welcome.

However, also behind this panel is the charging input USB-C port — which isn’t clearly differentiated from the output. Not that it’s a major issue, but perhaps a little more sensible design would have been to locate it at the opposite end of the unit. Getting them mixed up isn’t going to be dangerous — although you might be disappointed to discover the F40 hasn’t charged as you plugged into the wrong port.

Safety Features

High amperes can be hazardous to you, your car’s, and your jumpstarter’s well-being.

Hence, reading through the clear and detailed user instructions — it was reassuring to discover that the F40 4000A jump starter was packed with safety features, including:

  • Reverse polarity preventer.
  • Spark-proof.
  • Flame-retardant 94V-0 PCB.
  • IP65 water resistance.
  • Operating temperatures of -40° F to 140° F (-40° C to 60° C).

JF EGWO F40 Jump Starter Specifications

Weight3.74 pounds
Peak Current4000 amps
Dimensions4.0 x 9.0 inches
Compatibility12-volt vehicles
Engine Rating10 liters (gas and diesel)
Battery28000 mAh
DC Out Maximum 15-volt ⎓ 10 amp
Operating Temperature -40° to 140° F (-40° to 60° C)
USB PortsUSB C (in/out) and USB standard
Include LED LampYES
Starts from Single Charge70

What Do Users Say About the JF. EGWO F40 Fast Charging Jumpstarter?

Knocking out massive grunt from a seriously compact unit — I was impressed.

However, since in my eyes, anything that delivers more than its size promises is worthy of praise — a point I keep making to my wife — it could be that I’m somewhat less than neutral.

Therefore, to ensure a completely unbiased EGWO F40 review — I sought the opinions of owners of this machine — to discover exactly how the jumpstarter fared in real-life situations.

Pleasingly, the feedback was impressively positive.

Users of the unit praised its mighty brawn, welcomed its ability to hold a charge for lengthy periods, and lauded its numerous outlet ports. Furthermore, these guys appreciated the clear and large display and welcomed its ability to jump the largest of engines.

Sure, a couple of guys weren’t totally satisfied.

One slightly displeased owner couldn’t fault the unit itself — but criticized the manufacturer for supplying the machine with a soft storage bag instead of a hard carry case.

Another disgruntled guy indicated that the included jump leads were disappointingly short — something which I also thought could present a problem. While their length will not concern most users — if you have a battery in a tough-to-access location, you may have to consider exchanging leads.

That said, overall, owners of the EGWO F40 agreed that the machine delivers remarkable starting power for a compact unit — making it ideal for both home and pro users.

Alternatives to the JF. EGWO F40 4000A

If the F40 isn’t sparking your battery of desire — stick with me. I’ve curated three impressive alternatives that may be more suited to your particular requirements.

If you demand the 4000 amp capacity of the F40, but are a little disappointed the unit doesn’t feature an in-built tire inflator — consider this unit also from the EGWO brand.

The 4000 Max boasts many of the same features as its more compact sibling, the F40 — including 4000 amps output, 28000 mAh cell, and a multi-function LED lamp. However, with the ability to inflate tires with a 35 lpm/150 psi compressor — it offers more functionality for a slightly higher price point.

  • 70 jump starts from a single charge, same as the F40.
  • Bulkier than the compact F40 unit.
  • Harder on your wallet than the F40 EGWO.
Should you be impressed by the mighty output of the F40, but have no vehicle that requires this immense grunt — check out this machine.

The EGWO Versatile delivers a much more modest 1000 amps — you’re not gonna start semi-trucks, but it will jump up to 5.5-liter diesel and 7.0-liter gas vehicles. And with twin USB ports, you can still charge your Steam Deck, Kindle, or smartphone.

  • Easier on your pocket than the F40 model.
  • Includes a tire inflator, not a feature of the EGWO F40.
  • Smaller battery, meaning fewer jump starts — just 35 compared to 70 jumps from the F40.

If you like the size and output of the F40, but want to go for a premium brand instead of the more modest EGWO — then consider this machine from jump starter supremos NOCO.

Just slightly less grunt than the F40 — 3000 amps compared to the 4000 of the EGWO — the GB150 can still jump-start nine-liter gas and seven-liter diesel engines. And with 80 jumps from a single charge, it offers more capacity than the F40.

  • Considerably harder on your bank balance than the EGWO.
  • 500 lumen-lamp in contrast with the 400 lumens of the F40.
  • Takes six hours to recharge, compared to the 1.2 hours of the EGWO.


Whether a dedicated motor enthusiast or a trade pro — the F40 from EGWO is worthy of serious consideration.

Knocking out an eye-watering 4000 amps from its 28000 mAh cell, yet measuring just four by nine inches — it has to be one of the gruntiest compact jump starters currently on the market. And able to tackle anything from a 1.5-liter motorbike to a 10+ liter semi — it’s the complete all-around machine.

Testing the unit here at Tool Nerd Towers demonstrated the unit held a pleasing charge, and went from flat to full in just over an hour. Effortless and intuitive operation, combined with its multitude of output ports and in-built lamp, means it’s an excellent portable tool for your car, truck, or RV.

Sure, the slightly short leads are a little annoying, and the placement of the charging port alongside the output USBs was poorly thought out.

But, for a machine that’s more powerful, smaller, and more affordable than most of its competitors — I genuinely recommend checking out the JF.EGWO 4000 Amp car jump starter.

JF. EGWO F40 Fast Charge Jump Starter FAQs

Q: Where Can I Buy the F40 JF EGWO 4000-Amp Jump Starter?

The F40 from EGWO is a compact jump starter that delivers an immense 4000 amps to start anything up to a 10+ liter engine (gas or diesel). You can get your hands on this machine directly from JF EGWO.

Q: Where Can I Find the Manual for the JF EGWO 4000 A F40?

The official JF EGWO website hosts a multitude of manuals for all its machines. Here is the quick link to the JF EGWO F40 user guide.

Q: How Much Does the F40 4000A Fast Jump Starter From EGWO Cost?

Despite offering 4000 amps, featuring a 28000 mAh cell, and including an in-built LED lamp — the unit is remarkably affordable. You can check out its price on the official JF.EGWO F40 webpage.

Q: How Big Is the JF.EGWO 4000A Jump Starter?

Out of its packaging, the F40 JF.EGWO 4000-amp jump starter measures nine-by-four inches.

Q: Can I Inflate Tires With the F40 From JF.EGWO?

The F40 features a 15/12-volt DC output that can power a tire compressor. Alternatively, consider our top-pick combi starter and inflater — the JF.EGWO 6000A Ultra.

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