Porter-Cable PCC701 Flashlight – Unbiased Review

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Porter-Cable PCC701 Flashlight Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: January 12, 2019

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January 12, 2019 @ 9:30 am



  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Review Summary:

A demand to have a flashlight that uses the same battery platform as the power tools is on a steady rise. Most companies that make power tools are now also manufacturing special job site LED lights – these are usually rugged, ergonomic, and easy-to-operate pieces of equipment that come in very handy in certain situations.

Porter-Cable has also jumped into the game with a couple of models, and PCC701 Work Light is one of them. Having a shape that’s a bit different than the flashlights made and sold by other manufacturers, this model offers everything you might need for proper illumination of the working surface.

However, the only way to know if this is the right job site LED light for your needs is to get acquainted with its characteristics. You’re at the right place – keep on reading and get to know everything about its features.


  • Weight – 0.35lbs  
  • Dimensions – 5.75″ x 2.75″ x 2.25″
  • Power Source – Battery (Li-Ion)
  • Type of Bulb – LED
  • Voltage – 20V

Porter-Cable PCC701 – The Basics

Having a good job site flashlight is of crucial importance when it comes to working in areas with poor lighting. A good work light needs to have features such as the pivoting head, a grippy handle, and a reasonable runtime. Fortunately, PCC701 possesses all of these qualities and more.

Compatible with a wide range of Porter-Cable batteries, the model has a runtime of 8+ hours when used with a 1.5Ah cell. It’s a compact, low-profile flashlight that easily fits into areas where models made by most other manufacturers won’t fit. Although affordable, PCC701 sports an excellent build quality and looks very durable and reliable.

Those who often have to work in dimly-lit spaces will surely appreciate the bright beam produced by this model. It’s not the brightest job site light out there, but it does its job well when it comes to close-up work. Here’s a more in-depth analysis of its features:

The Features


One thing about this model’s design is immediately noticeable – its shape. Unlike the pistol-grip job site flashlights manufactured by other companies, the PCC701 has a very low and compact profile. As you can already guess, this makes it highly suitable for use in tight and hard-to-reach spaces. Moreover, the model’s small size allows the user to put it inside a zip-lock bag and make it waterproof.

The overall build quality is another excellent feature. It’s a well-made LED light with a good construction – an accidental drop onto concrete won’t cause it to break apart. This is, and you will agree, one of the most important features when it comes to job site flashlights.

The model’s reflector comes with a wide range of angle adjustments (160°) and lets the user point the beam of light at the desired spot. The unit’s switch also deserves praise – it is large, very easy to use, and comes sealed under a rubber boot.


Porter-Cable doesn’t seem to list PCC701’s brightness specification. However, making a side-by-side comparison with other similar devices puts this flashlight into the ~ 50-lumen category. As we said, this means that the model is not the brightest LED light on the market but it still works very well for close-up work.

Tilting the model’s pivoting head up at the ceiling will evenly disperse the light throughout the room. This can come in very handy in certain situations, such as during power failures.


Due to the large capacity of Porter-Cable’s 20V cells, one can expect days of usage on a single battery charge. This is quite impressive and something that can turn this device into a crucial part of everyone’s toolbox. However, the bare-tool version comes without a battery, which is why we advise getting it in Porter-Cable’s PCCK616L4 combo kit.

Porter Cable PCC701 20V Max LED Work Light



Low-profile flashlight


Adjustable headlamp


Good runtime





Unusual shape might turn down potential buyers


Not the brightest LED work light out there

Things We Liked / Didn’t Like


Things we liked about it

Although affordable, the Porter-Cable PCC701 comes with a number of advantages that make it look like a far more expensive device. It’s a well-built model with a couple of convenient features that turn it into an invaluable piece of equipment for every serious handyman.

The unit’s low profile and compact construction will surely come in handy to all those who often have to deal with working in hard-to-reach spaces. Another great feature is the model’s pivoting head – it lets the user adjust the beam angle and point the light to the desired spot on the working surface.

Furthermore, the unit’s runtime also deserves particular words of praise. When coupled with one of Porter-Cable 4Ah Lithium-Ion batteries, this LED work light can be used for days. It’s a great little torch that doesn’t take too much space in the toolbox but provides a decent amount of light when it’s needed.


Things we didn’t like

Most of the power tool users are used to the pistol-grip style work flashlights. To them, the design of PCC701 might seem weird and unusual, which could potentially turn them down from buying it. Moreover, the lumen power of this model can’t really be compared with that of the flashlights offered by brands such as Makita or Bosch. It’s a homeowner-grade tool and not something suitable for the really large projects.

General Impressions

Just as we expected, the users are generally very pleased with the construction and performance of PCC701. Most of them knew what they were getting and don’t complain about the unit’s low lumen level. They say that it’s a great LED work light for simpler tasks, observing that it has a fantastic runtime and a pivoting head that really helps with getting the beam at the right place.


Fitting in the palm of your hand and providing enough illumination for small-time projects, this compact LED work flashlight is yet another excellent Porter-Cable product. It’s not the most powerful device of this type that you can get, but it does its job well and without hiccups – and that’s what matters the most.

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