Bosch CLPK27-120 2-tool Combo Kit Review 

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Bosch CLPK27-120 2-tool Combo Kit Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modifiedAug 8, 2022 @ 2:38 pm

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Bosch CLPK27-120 Review Summary:

You can ask any construction worker or a tool enthusiast about Bosch, and they will surely tell you that it’s one of the most trusted names in the power tool industry. It’s a company with its headquarters in Germany, and it’s responsible for many innovations in the power tool industry. Their products are known as highly capable and reliable.

The same can be said for the CLPK27-120 2-piece combo kit. The impact driver and the drill/driver are top quality. What sets the CLPK27-120 kit apart from many others available on the market is the compact size. Both tools are designed to be able to squeeze into tight spaces, and they also have the power needed to get most jobs done.

The Bosch 2 piece cmbo kit  comess with two affordable tools, a handy carrying bag, two batteries, and a charger. The great thing about this kit is that you can use it for professional appliances. In fact, many construction workers purchase this bosch tool set for working in tight areas. If you plan on using it for home improvement jobs, these two tools will cope with anything you throw at them. 

CLPK27-120 Specifications:

  • Number of tools: 2
  • Weight: 6.04 lbs
  • Batteries: Two 2.0 Ah Li-ion batteries included
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Warranty: 1-year limited

Bosch CLPK27-120 Combo Kit – The Basics

The CLPK27-120 combo kit is just what every handyman needs. It’s got two compact, highly versatile devices designed to be able to get the job done where other, standard-sized tools fail. The PS41 drill/driver is one of the smallest machines made by Bosch, but it’s got the power of a much larger model. It can deliver up to 930 in.-lbs. of torque, which is quite impressive when you consider its size.

They say that the drill/driver has enough power to cope with 80% of what you’d expect from a standard size tool, but we don’t agree. We think that it’s got a broader application because it can do things standard-sized tools cant. The other device in this kit is the PS21 pocket driver. It weighs only 1.8 pounds, but it can still produce up to 1,300 rotations per minute. Extra features like the variable speed trigger and an easy-to-use three-LED light ring make every job seem even easier.

Bosch tools are known for their durability, and these two devices fit right into that category. They have all the necessary motor protections and a couple of other features designed to keep them in working order for years to come. So, if you still think that this 2-piece set is something you are looking for, let’s take a look at each tool in more detail.

The Features

PS21 Pocket Driver

Let’s start with the PS21 pocket driver. There is a lot more to this compact cordless tool than what meets the eye. It can produce up to 265 in.lbs. of torque, which is twice as much compared to other similar products on the market. You will be able to drill holes through wood, plastic, and even 22-gauge metal pieces with ease. It’s also beneficial when it comes to fastening and driving nuts, bolts, and screws. We used it to make a birdhouse and, sure enough, it proved to be a convenient tool indeed.

Control in tight spaces is critical, which is why the head is only 5.6 inches long. You can use it to complete tricky drilling jobs you would have to do by hand otherwise. This device provides a perfect mix of control and balance needed for demanding tasks. There are two working speeds to choose from: low and high. When set on the low gear, the drill produces up to 350 RPM, while it makes 1,300 RPM when set on high. There are also 20 available clutch settings so that you can set the required torque for each specific application. The variable speed trigger allows you to ease into every task, giving you ideal results every time you use it.

PS41 Hex Impact Driver

If you liked the drill/driver, you will just love this small Hex Impact Driver. It’s got a compact built, also designed to squeeze into tight spaces. The length of the head is only 5.4 inches so that it could fit around narrow corners. Since it weighs only 2 pounds, you shouldn’t feel any fatigue even after prolonged use. It’s the ideal tool when working overhead because it’s so light and easy to control.

 The size and the power of this device seem like they can’t go together – but they do! It really packs a punch with 930 in.lbs. of torque and there’s little you can’t do with this machine. The variable speed trigger will let you control the rotation speed in real time. The maximum you can achieve with this device is 2,600 RPM.

 One of the best features you get with this tool, and the one you won’t find almost anywhere else is the easy-to-read fuel gauge. You will always know how much battery you’ve got left, which is handy especially if you use the tool often. The ergonomic soft handle provides a firm grip, and the side bumpers prevent your hand from slipping.

Accessories and warranty

Every purchase includes two 2.0 Ah batteries, a charger, and a carrying bag. You will also get a bit for every tool. This 2-piece Bosch tool set comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

PS21 Pocket Driver







Impact driver has a fuel gauge




Two 2.0Ah 12V batteries included



Missing motor protection


Things we liked about it

Sometimes we have to do some problematic drilling and impact driving jobs, and that’s exactly what these tools are designed for. They have all the power you need to get the job done. Some extra useful features like the fuel gauge and the LED lights make this combo kit a must-have.


Things we didn’t like

Well, both devices are powerful, and they deliver some serious results, but you can end up breaking them if you’re not careful. If you try using them on an extra-tough material, the motor could overload because there’s no extra protection.

What Users Say About The CLPK27-120

Close to 95% of the people who bought the bosch CLPK27-120 tool set are happy with their purchase. They love the compact size and the power of these devices.


CLPK27-120 is a specialized tool set by bosch. Both tools are designed to be able to get into tight areas, and around corners, so you can finish tasks that would be impossible otherwise. The PS21 pocket driver has plenty of power to cope with most screw driving jobs, especially those done overhead.

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