In-Depth Review of Kobalt 4-Tool 24-Volt Max Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Brushless Power Tool Combo Kit

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Kobalt 4-Tool 24-Volt Max Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Brushless Power Tool Combo Kit Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

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Kobalt KLC 4024A-03 Review Summary:

Kobalt has released a new series of cordless powertools. Their goal appears to be to “up their game” to a professional level, while keeping the prices pocket-friendly. So far, the feedback is, in most cases, quite positive -the improvement, compared to their previous, older series, is quite noticeable.

In 2016, Kobalt raised their production activities up a notch. To step up the game, they have turned to the superior brushless motor technology and have revamped their cells. All of their efforts have yielded significant results -their customers seem to be quite content with the 24V MAX Brushless lineup.

What they have now is a series of more powerful,reliable tools with better run-time. Of course, they are not the only brand with quality tools to offer, but they have done something no other manufacturer has. They decided to scale their power tools to a new battery platform, and that’s 24V.

While every tool in this kit has a different purpose compared to the others, they still have a lot in common, aside from the brushless technology. They’re manufactured to feel great in one’s hand and to be of excellent service to both pros and hobbyists alike. And judging by the number of tools in the kit, one could say a pro should be able to rely on this combo kit.


  • Number of Tools -4
  • Batteries -One 4.0-Ah Li-ion Battery
  • Voltage -24V
  • Warranty -5-year limited (tools); 3-year limited (battery)

Kobalt 4-Tool 24-Volt Max Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Brushless Power Tool Combo Kit – The Basics

One of the reasons this could be considered a heavy-duty kit is the impressive cordless reciprocating saw that comes with it. Operating at 3,100 SPM with a 1-1/8″ stroke, the unit is quite robust. The tool is also equipped with an adjustable shoe.

Even though there’s no auto-eject blade feature, there is a quick release lever that allows you to remove the blade easily. The process is quite simple as it doesn’t require any additional tools. This cordless, brushless reciprocating saw can effortlessly cut through hardwood, softwood, PVC, metal, nails, and so on.

The saw comes with a nice, rubberized over-grip that’s comfy and allows for prolonged use. There is no anti-vibration handle because there is no need for one –thanks to the brushless motor, vibration is minimized. One drawback that bothers pros would be the lack of a rafter hook.

The kit comes with a 1/2-in cordless, brushless drill/driver. It delivers 650 “/lbs of torque and possesses an electronic finish function. It is a heavy-duty unit with a long run time.

The drill/driver has a 2-speed gearbox and a variable speed trigger. It also comes with a keyless, all-metal chuck that allows for quick bit changes.

A1/4″ impact driver is also a part of the deal. The cordless, brushless impact driver is 20% more compact than Kobalt’s previous model of the same kind. It also delivers 40% more torque.

The unit has a 3-speed gearbox. The Low gear goes from 0 to 850 RPM, while the higher gears go from 0 to 2,000 RPM and 0 to 2,700 RPM, respectively.

Last, but not least, there’s the neat LED work light that ought to prove quite useful. It produces 200 lumens of output and has excellent surface coverage. The head of the light is rotating (135-degrees), ensuring enough cover even when you place it on the floor.

There are a couple of extras included in the kit as well. It comes with a double-ended driver bit, two-bit holders, auxiliary handle, two belt clips, a single-ended driver bit, and a soft toolbag. There’s also a 4.0-Ah 24V battery and a charger.

All of the power tools have built-in LED work lights and come with a 5-year limited warranty. The battery has a 3-year limited warranty.

The Features


Brushless, Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Kobalt’s new reciprocating saw delivers 3,100 SPM with a 1-1/8-in stroke. It’s quite powerful and cuts well. One of the more prominent features of the unit is its variable speed trigger and the brushless motor.

The reciprocating saw comes with an adjustable shoe and a quick release lever that allows you to remove the blade easily. However, changes are still tool-free, making them quite convenient.

Just like other units in the kit, it has a nice rubber grip that is comfy, but it has been a point of some complaints as a lot of users feel it isn’t tight enough. Whether it will survive the damage of prolonged rubbing against materials is questionable.

It’s also missing a rafter hook, which is probably its most significant disadvantage. There’s no anti-vibration handle, but for a good reason. The brushless motor keeps vibrations to a minimum.

Brushless, Cordless 1/4″ Impact Driver

A new and improved version of Kobalt’sprevious 1/4″ impact driver. This one is 20% more compact and delivers 40% more torque. You can count on it to go through 1600-ish deck screws on a single 2.0-Ah battery, which amounts to a 10 x 10 deck.

It can also deliver 3500 IPM and 800 “/lbs of torque. That’s impressive on its own, but even more impressive when paired with an electronic finish function. The inclusion of the function is excellent as it prevents overturning during fastening.

The unit features a variable speed trigger and a three-speed gearbox. The speeds are: 0 to 850 RPM; 0 to 2,000 RPM; 0 to 2,700 RPM.

Brushless, Cordless 1/2″ Drill/Driver

This unit seems to be quite a well-balanced and well-design powerhouse. It comes with a nice, rubberized over-grip that allows for comfortable and prolonged use. The tool operates at 650 “/lbs.

It features a variable speed trigger and a 2-speed gearbox. The low speed goes from 0 to 550 RPM, while the high one goes from 0 to 2,000 RPM.

LED Work Light

The work light has an output of 200 lumens that throw quite far. It also features a rotating head (135-degree). The rotating head makes it great for auto repairs as it provides excellent coverage once you put the light on the floor.


The new and improved Kobalt’s batteries are quite impressive as they offer 20% more runtime. The battery in the kit comes with a charger as well. This particular model is a 4.0-Ah cell and features a LED fuel indicator.


The tools in the kit are quite reliable, and Kobalt is ready to prove it by offering a generous warranty. Each unit comes with a 5-year limited warranty while the battery has a 3-year warranty.


Each power tool in the kit has a built-in LED work-light. The kit also comes with two bit holders, two belt clips, auxiliary handle, single-ended driver bit, double-ended driver bit, and a tool bag.



4.0-Ah Li-Ion Batter








Excellent Runtime


Built-in LED illumination



No Rafter Hook


LED Light Trigger Activated


Things we liked about it

The brushless technology is the most significant advantage of this kit. It also comes at a fair price. The battery offers sufficient power and has an impressive runtime.


Things we didn’t like

Each built-in LED light is trigger-activated only. The reciprocating saw is missing a rafter’s hook, and its grip doesn’t seem quite durable.


What Users Say About The Kobalt KLC 4024A-03

An affordable, but high-end tool kit that’s packing more than enough power for any reasonable task that comes to mind. The brushless technology delivers better performance and gives this kit an advantage over its competitors.


If the kit has all the tool’s you need for either professional or home use, you won’t be making a mistake buying it. The reciprocating saw is the flagship tool of the kit, and if the lack of a rafter’s hook doesn’t bother you, you will benefit greatly from the whole package. It’s a reliable kit that comes at a very pocket-friendly price.

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