Kobalt 6-Tool 24-volt Max Lithium Ion Cordless Combo Kit

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Kobalt 6-Tool 24-volt Max Lithium Ion Cordless Combo Kit Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

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Kobalt KSP 0601A-03 Review Summary:

In 2016, Kobalt launched a new lineup of cordless powertools. With the new brushless technology, it’s pretty clear they’ve brought their “game” up a notch. Their engineers have “taken apart” the old platform and rebuilt it from scratch.

The result -a budget-friendly, robust and reliable series of power tools running on a 24V platform. However, the platform isn’t as diverse as it could be. Not all contractors can solely rely on Kobalt, as the manufacturer has decided to sell only core tools.

Nevertheless, the feedback has been quite positive so far. Every single unit is made to perform well and last long. That goes for all tools in this kit, which could undoubtedly be considered heavy-duty.

The brushless technology isn’t the only thing that makes this kit special. It comes with two 2.0-Ah Li-Ion batteries. Of all the six tools, the circular saw stands out the most.

Each unit in the kit comes with a 5-year warranty, and each battery comes with a 3-year warranty. It’s nice to see Kobalt continuing their exceptional customer service policies.

So, can Kobalt compete with heavy-weights such as DeWalt or Milwaukee? Perhaps not in all areas, but they’ve certainly given them a run for their, money to some degree.


  • Number of Tools -6
  • Batteries -One 4.0-Ah Li-ion Battery
  • Voltage -24V
  • Warranty -5-year limited (tools); 3-year limited (battery)

Kobalt 6-Tool 24-volt Max Lithium Ion Cordless Combo Kit – The Basics

What catches the attention of most potential buyers is the brushless, cordless circular saw, and rightfully so. Kobalt took apart the traditional motor blueprint and brought us forth a new and improved brushless motor with a reduced length. The result of which is a thinner circular saw with better performance.

The circular saw delivers 5,400 RPM and is the only cordless 6-1/2-in circular saw that can run through three 3/4-in sheets of plywood. Typically, you would only expect that from a 7-1/4-in saw.

When it comes to quick and authoritative cuts, no doubt you can rely on it. The only significant disadvantage of the unit is the lack of a vent or fan. There’s nothing to clear the sawdust.

The second biggest tool of the kit would be the reciprocating saw. It delivers 3,100 SPM with a 1-1/8-in stroke. It comes with an adjustable shoe and a quick-release function that allows the user to easily switch blades. It’s definitely a force to reckon with as it can easily saw through metal, hardwood, softwood, nails, PVC, etc.

The other, lighter tools in the kit are the 1/2-in drill/driver and 1/4-in impact driver. The drill/driver is capable of delivering 650 inch/pounds of torque. But one of its distinctive features, aside from the brushless motor, is its electronic finish function.It comes with a two-speed gearbox and a variable-speed trigger. It also has a keyless, all-metal chuck.T

he 1/4″ impact driver is a piece of work itself. It has a three speed-gear box and can deliver 800 inch/pounds of torque and 3,100 IPMs. The last two units of the kit would be the LED work light and Kobalt’s 24-Volt Max USB Power Source Adapter.

The work light definitely deserves to be called a tool in its own right as it can deliver 200 lumens and has a rotating head. However, calling the power source adapter a tool is dubious, to say the least.

The kit comes with a charger and two 24V Mac 2.0-Ah Li-Ion batteries. Each power tool in the kit has a 5-year limited warranty. The batteries come with a 3-year warranty.

The Features

Brushless, Cordless Circular Saw

This circular saw looks and feels different than other tools of the same kind. The most notable feature being the thinner, wider brushless motor. The new and improved motor also gives the unit much more cutting power.

The blade spins at 5400 RPM -one domain where this circular saws certainly outperforms the competition. The unit can effortlessly make ten cuts through eight-foot long sheets on a 4.0-Ah battery pack.

The manufacturer claims it’s the only 6-1/2-in circular saw that can go through three sheets of 3/4-in plywood in a single cut. Typically, you could only expect such depth from a full-sized 7-1/4-in unit. Kobalt’s crafty engineering is to be thanked for the ingenious design that allows for maximum depth, almost up to the arbor.

Brushless, Cordless Reciprocating Saw

This unit can deliver 3,100 SPMs with a 1-1/8″ stroke. The reciprocating saw features an adjustable shoe and a quick-release lever that allows for easy blade switches, without the need of any additional tools. Unfortunately, there is no auto-eject function.

The unit is powerful enough to cut through softwood, hardwood, PVC, metal, nails and other materials, without much effort. Thanks to the brushless motor, vibrations have been brought down to a minimum.

Brushless, Cordless 1/4″ Impact Driver

Kobalt brings us a new version of their 1/4-in impact driver. Here we have a model that is 1/5 lighter, and that can deliver almost 1/2 more torque. The unit is capable of delivering 3,500 IMP and 800 inch/pounds of torque.

With this unit, you can go through approximately 1600 deck screws on a 2-Ah battery. The unit features an electronic finish function that helps prevent overturning during fastening.

The impact driver has a variable speed trigger and a three-speed gearbox. It can operate at 0 to 850 RPM, 0 to 2000 RPM, and 0 to 2700 RPM.

Brushless, Cordless 1/2″ Drill/Driver

Here we have another quite well-balanced tool. The drill/driver delivers 650 inch/pounds of torque, features a two-speed gearbox and a variable speed trigger. It operates at 0 to 550 RPM and0 to 2000 RPM.

Batteries and Extras

The kit features two 24V 2.0-Ah Li-Ion cells. They come with a charger and a USB port. Each batter has a fuel gauge.

It takes approximately one and a half hour to reach full charge. They can be charged in 20-degree weather. Each tool in the kit has a comfortable, rubber grip and a built-in LED work light.


Even before launching their 24V Max series, Kobalt has been known for their customer-oriented approach. That tradition didn’t come to an end with the new lineup as each tool comes with a 5-year limited warranty. Each battery has a 3-year limited warranty.



Built-in LED Lights






2 Li-Ion Batterie




Brushless Technology



Grip on Reciprocating Saw is Unreliable


Circular Saw Missing a Vent


Things we liked about it

What’s not to like on a kit of such magnitude? It’s packing quite a lot of power and comes with two Li-Ion cells that can hold a charge. But the brushless technology is, arguably, the best part of this kit.


Things we didn’t like

The flagship tools of the kit do have some drawbacks. The grip on the reciprocating saw doesn’t inspire confidence, and it doesn’t seem like the rubber will last long against the various materials it comes in touch with.

The Circular Saw could use a vent. Without it, the sawdust accumulates quite fast.


What Users Say About The Kobalt KSP 0601A-03

A heavy duty kit that delivers on its promises. It’s packing a lot of power and is backed up by two robust Li-Ion cells. However, the brushless technology is its distinctive feature and makes it worth the purchase.


Another medium-tier kit from Kobalt that’s suitable for pros and DIYers alike, provided that it has all the tools you need. The circular saw stands out as the flagship tool of the kit and outperforms the competition in many fields. The other tools might not be the best at what they are built for, but all of the units are high quality and will last you a long time.

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