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Makita MT01R1 Tool Set Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

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  • Design
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  • Price

Makita MT01R1 Review Summary:

The Makita combo tool sets are favorite among DIY handymen and professionals alike. There are many different sets to choose from,each designed to help you get certain jobs done quicker and more comfortable. Unlike many other combo kits in their offer, the MT01R1 has only one tool in the set.

The set contains the MT01 oscillating tool that can replace a couple of your dated tools alone. It can help you finish jobs like grout removal, cutting, sanding, scraping, and even angle grinding. The device is lightweight and easy to master, which is another plus. It’s very popular because of the compact size and ease of use.

The package also contains two batteries, a charger, and a convenient hard case for easy carry. There is so much that you can do with this small tool, so read our full Makita mt01r1 review below to get the details on the many features it provides.


  • Number of tools: 1
  • Weight: 7.45lbs
  • Batteries: 2 Li-ion batteries included
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Warranty: 3-year limited

Makita MT01R1 – The Basics

Makita is a company that makes only high-quality tools. Each tool in their offer is carefully put together, and they are all known to be very practical and durable. The same thing can be said for the MT01 oscillating tool. It’s a very compact and lightweight tool that can replace a couple of tools alone.

The tool has an ergonomic design, variable speed control, a built-in LED light, and it can help you finish jobs in hard-to-reach areas. The motor provides from 6,000 to 20,000 oscillations per minute, which is enough to sand, and scrape the paint off any material. It can also work as an angle cutter with the 3.2-degree oscillation angle.

Unlike many other cordless tools from the Makita offer, this one has a 12V max CXT battery rather than the widely used 18V batteries they usually use. The change was made because the 12V batteries provide more working hours, but they also protect the device from overloading and overheating. The tool is a part of an expanding 12V max CXT tool series. Let’s take a detailed look into the features.

The Features

MT01R1 Oscillating Tool

The MT01 is one of the best cordless oscillating tools you can buy at the moment. It has a variable speed control dial that lets you increase or decrease the number of oscillations it makes between 6,000 and 20,000 OPM. That’s very practical because you can change the speed as the job requires, making sure you get it done quickly.

The 3.2″ oscillation angle makes all cutting and sanding jobs feel really easy. Once you start the machine up, a large on/off switch with a lock-on button helps you focus on the work, rather than holding the button. It’s a small feature,but a beneficial one indeed. The built-in LED light on the tip of the tool makes sure you always have a clear look at the piece you are working on.

The oscillating tool can work with a number of different accessories designed for specific jobs. Changing them takes only a couple of seconds, and you need the hex wrench to do it. The wrench is stored on the body itself, so it’s always close by. Another great and unexpected feature is the adapters that can fit most competitor’s accessories. That means that you can buy extra accessories and make the tool even more versatile than it already is.

When it comes to handling, this tool is one of the easiest to master of all Makita tools. It has a 2-1/4″ barrel grip, so it’s easy to control and work. With only 2.4lbs in weight, you won’t feel any fatigue even if you use the tool for hours at a time.

The biggest problem with oscillating tools is starting the job. Finding the right OPM for the job usually takes a couple of tries, but not with the MT01. It has a soft start feature that lets you ease-in on the job every time, so you don’t have to worry about scraping too deep at the beginning. Another handy safety feature is the anti-restart protection designed to block the motor from starting up if the switch stays locked on.

The applications for this tool are almost endless. You can use it to work with wood, tiles, sheet-rock, flooring, plaster, PVC, and so on. As you can see, there are many different jobs you can finish with only one tool like the MT01.

The tool comes with two 12V max CXT 2.0 Ah batteries that have an integrated LED charge level indicator. That works great because you know how much power is left in the battery, so you can charge the other one and switch them to continue your work. The batteries also feature a battery protection circuit that prologues the life of your power unit. This feature prevents overheating, overloading, and over-discharging of the battery.

Accessories and Warranty

The MT01R1 set comes with some accessories too. Apart from the tool and the hard case, you also get the 313249-6 multi-tool adapter, the 196271-6 adapter, a 1-1/4″ plunge blade, and also a sanding pad, scraping plate made of tungsten carbide, and a 2-inch scraper. That’s everything you need to start working on DIY home projects right away.

Like other Makita combo toolsets, this one also comes with a 30-day money-return warranty, and a limited 3-year warranty as well. The limited warranty covers everything except abuse of the tool. You will, however, need to send the device to the manufacturer if something stops working to get the warranty.

MT01R1 oscillating  tool



Compact and lightweight


Adjustable speed settings


Bright LED work light


Ideal for tight spaces


Wide range of applications



The saw is not powerful enough for some applications


Things we liked about it

First of all, we love the compact size of the tool. It’s lightweight as well, so working it is easy and doesn’t cause fatigue. The machine is ideal for sanding and scraping jobs, even in hard to reach areas. The battery provides hours of work time, and you get two of them in the set. The hard case is also handy and offers a comfortable carry option. Like other cordless Makita tools, this one is as good as it gets.


Things we didn’t like

Finding negative sides for Makita tools is always a challenge. The only thing we thought needs some improvement is the sawing action because the saw tends to slow down when working on more robust materials like metal or ceramics.

What Users Say About The MT01R1

People absolutely love the MT01R1 toolset! Many of them have replaced many different tools with this one tool. They praise the power and the versatility they achieve with the MT01. Overall, it’s a tool that made many people happy when it comes to DIY jobs.


The MT01R1 combo set by Makita could be what you need if you do a lot of sawing, sanding, and paint scraping in the garage. It’s very compact and lightweight, which means that it’s easy to use. Even though it’s so small, the machine packs lots of power, so you can use it to work on all material types. The set comes with two 12V batteries, so you can get double the work done on a single charge. It’s a tool for any enthusiast, but it also works excellent for professionals.

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