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Makita XT442 Tool Set Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modifiedAug 8, 2022 @ 1:56 pm


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Makita XT442 Review Summary:

Getting tools in a combo kit is always a good idea because you get an entire set of tools, and you save some money in the process too. That doesn’t mean that you should go all out and spend your savings on a vast 10-piece set. The Makita XT442 toolset has four essential tools every household needs.

The kit comes in a handy tool bag that contains a drill/driver, circular saw, the Reciprocating saw, and the Xenon Flashlight. You also get two batteries and a charger. It’s the ideal kit if you are looking for new tools to replace your old ones. The best part about them is that they work on batteries so that you can take your work anywhere you like.

If you’re a fan of Makita tools or high-quality power tools in general, continue reading because this set might be what you need. You will find the full Makita xt442 review below. We will talk about the design, speed, and power of every tool.


  • Number of tools: 4
  • Weight: 30lbs
  • Batteries: 2 Li-ion batteries included
  • Voltage: 18V
  • Warranty: 3-year limited

Makita XT442 – The Basics

This tool-kit comes with four primary devices including the standard XPH10Z Hammer Drill/Driver; the powerful XSS02Z Circular saw, the very easy to use XRJ04Z Reciprocating Saw, and the essential DML185 Xenon Flashlight. That’s not all, you also get two standard 18V LXT Li-ion batteries, as well as the Rapid Optimum Charger and the stylish tool bag. All of these tools are simple, and they work well for amateurs and professionals alike.

The drill/driver included in this kit is a standard feature of most Makita toolkits because it’s very reliable and has built-in LED lights that illuminate your work area. It’s lightweight, has an ergonomic design, and a keyless chuck. What more could you need from a drill/driver tool?

The Circular and reciprocating saws make quick work of any woodworking jobs as they have powerful 4-pole motors and other useful features designed to make your work easier. The circular saw can cut double the material at 45”, and the reciprocal saw has up to 2800 strokes a minute! If that’s not impressive, we don’t know what is.

Last but not least, the Xenon flashlight is an excellent addition to this toolkit. It’s easy to use and able to illuminate your entire work area in the dark for hours. It’s a tool you won’t be able to work without once you get used to it.

The Features

Makita XPH10Z 18V LXT 1/2′′ Hammer Driver-Drill

The XPH10Z is one of the most popular cordless tools made by Makita, which is why it’s a part of many different tool sets. The power of the motor, two conveniently placed LED work lights, and a keyless chuck are just some features responsible for its popularity. You only need five minutes with this tool, and it will blow you away compared to other similar devices available on the market. With 480 in.lbs. of power, you can use it on other applications like metalwork or even masonry without worrying about if it can handle the job.

The drill produces up to 1,900 RPM, while the impact driver has a maximum of 29,000 BMP, more than what most DIY jobs require. The 4-pole motor is very reliable, and it won’t use power as the battery depletes. The XPH10Z weighs only 3.4 pounds, and that means that it’s easy to maneuver and you won’t get fatigued even after using it for hours. The two LED work lights can be a lifesaver when working in the dark or low-light areas. They make sure that you make perfect holes every single time, no matter the surroundings. The fact that the drill has built-in parts designed to make it resistant to dust, debris, and even water, speaks about the quality of this tool. The 18V battery will keep it working for hours, and if you take good care of the tool, you will use it for years.

XRJ04Z Reciprocating Saw

The XRJ04Z Reciprocating Saw is sheer power! It’s a tool with a 1-1/8-inch stroke motor that produces up to 2,900 strokes per minute. It’s the ideal tool for woodworkers, electricians, plumbers, and general contractors as it will easily cut through most materials. It’s straightforward to use and changing the blade takes only a couple of seconds without the use of extra tools.

The saw is very ergonomic and compact, weighing only 7.2lbs, and that means it’s easy to control and use. It also has built-in LED lights that help you get the job done in dark areas. You can use it to cut through wooden beams, plastic or metal pipes, cables; you name it. You will have about 3 to 5 hours of work time on a single charge.

XSS02Z Circular Saw

There are a couple of excellent reasons why this saw is one of the most popular products in its category. It’s lightweight and easy to use, it comes with a fine serrated edge blade, it’s compact, and most of all, it makes precise 45″ cuts every single time. The produces up to 5000 RPM, and that’s a lot for a cordless tool.

The rubberized grip makes it sit well in hand. The LED work light is a standard feature for all cordless Makita tools in this category, so this one has it too. To ensure a long life, the dust blower keeps all of the dust far away from the gears. That makes this tool very useful. Overall the performance of the XSS02Z is quite impressive in all categories.

DML185 Xenon Flashlight

With features like the soft rubberized grip, a pivoting head, and a powerful 18V battery, there’s no doubt that this tool needs to be a part of your collection. It’s designed to illuminate your work area making it ideal for those tricky jobs in the basement, attic, or under the sink.

The pivoting head has four positions you can set it to. The flashlight is very lightweight, but it’s also flexible and can withstand a drop from 2 meters without taking any damage. It increases safety, and that’s always a good thing when working with power tools.



4 very powerful and useful tools


Toolbag included


Comes with 2 Li-ion batteries and a charger


3-year limited warranty



The drill arrives with a loose head


Things we liked about it

Well, we liked the fact that the tools in this combo kit have a better performance than similar tools made by other companies. The saw has 5000 RPM, while the standard is 3500. You get a reciprocal saw that’s 30% more powerful than other more expensive saws. If that’s not enough, every tool has a built-in LED light, and the set also comes with two 18V Li-ion batteries as well as a charger.


Things we didn’t like

We have to write something here, so let’s say that the only thing we didn’t like was the state of the drill head when it arrived. It was very loose, and we had some trouble tightening it up properly. Other than that -the set is terrific!

What Users Say About The Makita XT442

Generally speaking, 9 out of 10 users are more than happy with the XT442 toolset. They love the versatility of the tools and the broad application they cover. We found positive reviews from both novices and professionals including electricians, plumbers, carpenters, general contractors, and even metal workers.


Makita is a company that makes high-quality tools, and the XT442 toolset has four of them. You can cover all drilling, sawing, and building jobs with these tools even if you have to do them in the dark far away from home. They won’t let you down, and also if they run out of batteries, the quick charger will make them run in no time. Buy it and see why people love it so much.

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