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Makita XT706 Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Apr 18, 2023 @ 11:01 am

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Makita XT706 Review Summary:

Having the right set of tools for any job is always a smart thing. Old and dated power tools tend to lose power, and that means that you lose productivity and quality of your work. They can often cause more damage than good, which is why you should consider getting a brand new toolkit. The Makita XT706 kit has all the tools you need to get most jobs done around the house. It will replace your entire toolbox, and you’ll love it.

Makita is a well-known tool brand. Their tools are popular among amateurs and professionals, and this toolkit is the same. It has all of the tools you could ever need, and it only costs a fraction of what you’d pay when buying each device separately. So, if you want to find out all of the details of this set, read the full Makita xt706 review. It may be precisely what you are looking for.


  • Number of Tools: 7
  • Weight: 43.7 lbs
  • Batteries: 2 Lithium-ion battery included
  • Voltage: 18 V
  • Warranty: 3-year limited warranty

Makita XT706 -The Basics

The Makita XT706 toolset comes with 7 essential tools including:

XDT11Z Impact Driver

XSS02Z Circular Saw

XPH10Z 1/2” Hammer Driver-Drill

XRJ04Z Recipro Saw

XAG04Z Cut-off/angle grinder

DUB182Z Blower

DML185 Xenon Flashlight.

The set also includes 2 lithium-ion 3.0Ah batteries as well as a charger.

All of the tools making this set are powerful and dependable. They provide precise and high-quality results, and they are also very easy to use and master. The Makita XT706 tool kit is one of the most popular ones on the market. It has earned the trust of thousands of handymen all over the globe.

All of the tools making this set are a part of the cordless power tool offer that consists of dozens of different tools that all run on the same 18V lithium-ion batteries. So, if you ever want to get another tool and add it to your collection, you won’t have to purchase any extra batteries. That increases trust in the brand and makes life easier for those who decide to stick to it. You will also save some money in the process by getting tools that fit in the same category. So, without further a due, let’s take a look at each tool individually.

Makita Hammer Drill and an Impact Driver

The Features

Makita XPH10Z 18V LXT 1/2′′ Hammer Driver-Drill

The XPH10Z hammer driver/drill is the tool you will be using the most, and it really has a punch. The combination of speed and torque is fantastic for such a compact tool. You can use it as a drill/driver or a hammer driver/drill if needed. The drill is sturdy so that you can use it on masonry, metal, wood, and even concrete. The four-pole motor powering the drill provides up to 480 in.lbs. of torque producing up to 1900 RPM and 29000 BPM on high settings.

The tool weighs only 3.4 lbs, so it’s easy to maneuver, and you don’t have to worry about fatigue. The two LED lights found on the tip of the drill illuminate the work area, making sure you get the best results every single time.

The Extreme protection technology makes the drill super-resistant to water, dust, and other debris, so you can use it on those tougher jobs. This is the primary tool of the MAKITA 18V battery powered tool set known for fast charging times and long work hours.

XDT11Z 18V LXT Impact Driver

The XDT11Z impact driver is a very compact tool with an incredibly powerful motor. The 4-pole motor can deliver 1460 in.lbs of torque, which is quite impressive for a battery powered tool. You can control the speed of the tool in two different modes, one ranging from 0-2900 RPM, the other one from 0-3500 IPM, depending on the task at hand. It’s very compact and has an ergonomic design that sits well in hand. The tool is only 5-3/8” long and weighs only 2.8 lbs with the battery.

It is the ideal impact driver for remote jobs sites because you can use it on wood, metal, and concrete. The one-touch 1/4″ hex chuck makes changing bits effortless, taking only a couple of seconds to do. The XDT11Z is a tool you’ll learn to love really quickly.

XSS02Z 18V LXT 6-1/2″ Circular Saw

You can’t have a serious toolset without a circular saw, so Makita added their cordless XSS02Z to this set. The powerful motor delivers up to 3,700 RPM that does quick work out of any wood-cutting jobs. The saw is made to be very durable and powerful, with a heavy gauge and a precision machined base that allows you to make accurate cuts. It also increases the durability of this battery powered saw.

The maximum bevel cutting capacity is at 50 degrees, and that makes a lot of difficult jobs more manageable. The weight of the saw is only 7.3 lbs with the battery, so you can use it for hours without feeling any fatigue. It’s one of the essential tools you will need to finish most DIY projects.

XRJ04Z 18V LXT Recipro Saw

With only 8.3 lbs in weight, the XRJ04Z Recipro Saw makes it easy to cut through wooden boards. The powerful battery-powered motor can deliver up to 2,800 strokes per minute so that you can cut through some hardwood with ease. The length of the stroke is 1-1/4”, which means that you can get the job done quickly and easily. Changing blades is easy due to the “tool-less” changing system.

XAG04Z Brushless 4-1/2″ / 5″ Cut-Off/Angle Grinder

XAG04Z cut-off/angle grinder makes every grinding job feel like a breeze. It’s got features like the automatic speed change technology, active feedback-sensing technology, and the BL brushless motor, all designed to make your work simpler and more comfortable. The motor is optimized, so it doesn’t burn through the battery fast. The tool is durable, and you will have time to focus on other, more demanding jobs.

DUB182Z 18V LXT Blower

When the work area gets dirty and covered with dust and debris, the DUB182Z blower will quickly clear things up for you. With the maximum air volume of 91 cfm and speeds reaching 18,000 RPM, this tool will clean up your shop in no time. It’s precisely what you need to finish up your work.

DML185 18V LXT Xenon Flashlight

The DML185 xenon flashlight lights up even the darkest rooms, making it easy to continue your work. It’s just what you need when working in dark areas like basements or attics, but also for remote jobs far away from any light.

Makita  XT706  Tools



Contains all power tools you could need


Comes with a carry case and 2 batteries


Durable and well-designed


3-year limited warranty



The drill head is loose out of the box


Things we liked about it

The Makita XT706 toolset is the ideal set for any handyman. It has all of the tools you could need on a job site; it’s durable, all of the tools are powerful and very useful. You will be able to drill, drive screws, cut and rip wood, and you’ll have a work light the entire time. It’s an excellent toolkit for everyone’s needs.


Things we didn’t like

The only thing we could write in this part of the review is that the drill head comes completely loose upon purchase. Make sure you tighten it up properly before the first use.

What Users Say About The Makita XT706

Over 90% of people that bought this toolkit are absolutely amazed by the quality of the tools. We didn’t find any negative user reviews.


If you are looking for a cordless tool set that has almost the same power and standard power tools, this one is ideal. It offers 7 different tools that are easy to operate and can cope with most DIY jobs, butalso some heavier applications too. You can’t go wrong with this Makita toolset.

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