Milwaukee 2696-23 M18 Combo Kit Review

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Milwaukee 2696-23 M18 Combo Kit Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

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Milwaukee 2696-23 M18 Review Summary:

If you’ve been using cordless power tools for some time, you probably know that they can be purchased in combo kits. Buying one of these combo kits brings a lot of benefits – such as having tools that all use the same battery and charger, getting a convenient bag for storage, saving money, and other advantages.

If you’re someone who deals with loosening lug nuts on a daily basis, you might want to take a closer look at Milwaukee’s 2696-23 M18 combo kit. Consisting of two impact wrenches and a LED work light, it is an excellent choice for car mechanics and similar professionals. The deal also includes a contractor bag, a multi-voltage charger, as well as two 18V batteries.

In the next part of the review, we’ll analyze each of the included tools and try to determine the toolset’s value for the money. Read on!


  • Number of Tools – 3
  • Weight – 16.15lbs
  • Battery – 2 Li-Ion batteries
  • Voltage – 18V
  • Warranty – 5-year limited

Milwaukee 2696-23 – The Basics

The 2663-20 impact wrench is a lightweight, well-balanced device that provides the user with a good grip due to its rubberized handle. It has a potent 4-pole engine that is controlled through the variable speed trigger, as well as the fuel gauge that displays the percentage of the remaining battery juice.

The 2651-20 impact wrench also has a 4-pole motor at its heart and reaches the maximum speed of 2,200 RPM. It is also short and lightweight and comes with a couple of convenient additional features, such as the battery fuel gauge and the LED work light.

The 49-24-0171 LED work light features a Xenon bulb and provides the user with bright lighting. It sports an adjustable head that makes it very easy to point the beam of light wherever you need it. The overall design is a lightweight and ergonomic one, with the addition of a hook that enables hands-free use.

The Features

Impact Wrench 2663-20

This impact wrench has the dimensions and weight that make it quite compact and comfortable to use for long periods. Its 1/2” anvil with friction ring, on the other hand, makes socket changing quick and easy – mechanics who are always in a hurry will undoubtedly appreciate this feature.

The model is more than capable of removing large bolts and sway bar links from all kinds of vehicles. The primary reason behind this is the fact that it has a potent 4-pole engine (475 ft-lb of torque) at its heart. The operation is controlled via the variable speed trigger, which is a standard for most modern Milwaukee power tools.

Other features of 2663-20 worth mentioning are the integrated overload protection and the real-time battery fuel gauge. The overload protection protects the unit from damage that can occur in abusive situations, while the fuel gauge makes it very easy to know when it’s time to use the charger.

Impact Wrench 2651-20

Just like the 2663-20 model, this impact wrench is also highly portable due to its compact dimensions and low weight. Its design is an ergonomic one, as it sports a rubber-coated contoured handle that provides optimal comfort during use. It also prevents slippage and reduces the vibrations as much as possible.

One thing we particularly like about this model’s design is the presence of a belt clip, LED headlight, and a battery fuel gauge. All of these features can be invaluable in certain situations, and they significantly increase the unit’s overall versatility. For example, the built-in belt clip allows the user to quickly store the device onto his belt when required.

Performance-wise, this impact wrench delivers 2,000 in-lbs of torque and reaches the maximum speed of 2,200 RPM. The main culprit behind all of this power is Milwaukee’s proprietary 4-pole motor. The operation is controlled via the variable speed trigger.

With Milwaukee 2651-20, you’ll be able to tear down an engine in a blink of an eye – it’s a champion of speed when it comes to loosening nuts.

LED Work Light 49-24-0171

This LED work light has a pistol-style shape that’s present on most Milwaukee power tools, and is, therefore, very user-friendly and easy to operate with. This is especially true when we consider its rubberized, contoured handle, which prevents slippage and minimizes user fatigue. The model’s low weight and compact dimensions, on the other hand, make moving it around the garage or job site exceptionally easy. Once the battery is attached, the model is very stable (due to the flat base of the battery pack) and has an excellent balance.

The incandescent Xenon bulb found inside 49-24-0171 delivers sufficiently bright lighting that’s bound to be of great help in dark and poorly-lit areas. Fortunately, this light can be pointed exactly where you need it at – the unit’s 135-degree swiveling head takes care of that. For a mechanic that’s working on bolts in a poorly lit garage, the ability to put the light down on the floor and have its beam of light pointed at the desired area is simply invaluable.

Accessories & Warranty

Besides the impact wrenches and the LED work light, the Milwaukee 2696-23 M18 combo kit also contains two 18V batteries, a convenient contractor bag, and a multi-voltage charger. Once we combine this with the generous 5-year warranty, we get a pretty well-rounded deal and a toolset that’s an excellent choice for every mechanic.

LED Work Light 49-24-0171



Two high-performing impact wrenches


Bright LED lamp with an adjustable head


Convenient extra features on all tools


Includes all necessary accessories



Trigger on 2651-20 not sensitive enough




Things we liked about it

For a car mechanic who often finds himself working in poorly-illuminated areas, the Milwaukee 2696-20 combo kit can be of great use. All of the devices present in this toolset are well-designed and quite efficient, which is precisely what one can expect from such a reputable brand.

Both of the impact wrenches found in 2696-20 are capable of tackling most loosening and fastening tasks with ease. Both feature a variable speed trigger and rubber-coated handles that provide a good grip and optimal comfort during use. Although 2663-20 doesn’t have a headlight, we can’t take that as a serious downside since there is a LED lamp included in the deal.

The lamp itself (49-24-0171) provides a sufficiently bright light that can be easily pointed at the desired spot, even when the model is standing on the floor. Just like the wrenches, it is also well-designed, well-balanced, and has a comfortable handle.


Things we didn’t like

Besides the fact that the trigger on 2651-20 isn’t as sensitive as we’d like it to be (making it hard to maintain low speeds), our only other complaint is the price – Milwaukee 2696-23 M18 toolset is quite expensive.

What Users Say About The Milwaukee 2696-23

Handymen who were interested in impact wrenches and have decided to go with this kit are quite pleased with it. They praise the design and performance of both wrenches, and also say that the 49-24-0171 LED work light is a nice addition. They are also pleased with the presence of all necessary accessories in the package.


Milwaukee 2696-23 M18 is a well-rounded offer, especially if you’re a mechanic who often deals with large, rusted bolts. The impact wrenches found in this combo kit offer excellent performance and are of great assistance when it comes to loosening and fastening. The LED lamp is a great addition – many mechanics often find themselves working in tight, dark spaces and in poorly-lit areas.

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