Milwaukee Combo Kit 2896-26 M18 FUEL

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Milwaukee 2896-26 M18 FUEL Combo Kit Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

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Milwaukee 2896-26 M18 FUEL Review Summary:

Fortunately for handymen all over the world, most power tool companies now manufacture and sell combo kits. Also called toolsets, these combine a couple of power tools and some accessories into a single package. They allow handymen to stick with one brand, which typically brings the benefit of having tools that all use the same battery packs (“brand ecosystem”).

One of such manufacturers is Milwaukee, whose combo kits are held in high regard by contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike. Their 2896-26 M18 FUEL toolset is particularly interesting – it’s a well-rounded offering that combines six high-performing and well-designed devices with two batteries, two bags, and one battery charger.

If you’re interested in updating your workshop with quality Milwaukee tools, this toolset just might be your best choice. Read on and find more about the tools (as well as accessories) that come inside of it:

Milwaukee 2896-26 Specifications:

  • Number of Tools – 6
  • Weight – 37lbs
  • Batteries – 2 Li-Ion batteries
  • Voltage – 18V
  • Warranty – 5-year limited

Milwaukee 2896-26 – The Basics

The six power tools found inside this combo kit are reciprocating saw, grinder, circular saw, impact driver, hammer drill/driver, as well as the job site lamp.

Both the 1/2″ hammer drill/driver (2704-20) and the impact driver (2753-20) are quite similar in design and power. With cordless drills and drivers being among the most used power tools of today, we were pleased to see both models featuring brushless motors and the lightweight design.

The best feature of the 2720-20 reciprocating saw, on the other hand, is its keyless blade clamp – swapping blades has never been so easy. It is accompanied by the 2730-20 circular saw, which boasts an almost corded-like performance and is yet another device in the kit having a brushless engine at its heart.

The 2780-20 grinder is as equally impressive, with its excellent balance, anti-vibration side handle, and thin body design. Finally, the 2735-20 work light allows one to use all of these tools in the dark with its 100-lumen LED bulb that quickly illuminates the working surface.

Milwaukee Combo Kit 2896-26 Features

Hammer Drill/Driver 2704-20

Just like most Milwaukee power tools, this hammer drill/driver possesses a design that is both compact and lightweight. When we combine this with the included auxiliary handle that provides better control over the operation, we get a model that is extremely convenient to work with.

The unit’s brushless motor reaches the peak torque of 1,200 in-lbs. The user can choose between two speed settings and also apply the necessary amount of torque through the variable clutch settings.

Impact Driver 2753-20

Delivering the maximum torque of 1,800 in-lbs and reaching the maximum speed of 3,000 RPM, the 2753-20 is undoubtedly an extremely capable impact driver. The unit’s consistent power output provides the user with smooth fastening results and allows a lot of versatility due to the integrated 4-mode drive control.

Design-wise, this impact driver is only 2.1 pounds heavy and quite compact, so it’s pretty easy to use it in hard-to-reach areas. It also has a battery gauge, a LED headlight, a belt clip, and a bit holder.

Circular Saw 2730-20

Operating on a brushless motor and reaching the top speed of impressive 5,000 RPM, this model is among the most competent cordless circular saws out there. It is also very versatile – with the bevel capacity of 50 degrees and the 5/8′′ arbor, you’ll be able to finish most of your cutting projects with ease.

The model is also highly durable and easily withstands the job site wear and tear. It was manufactured from rugged materials, with its shoe and guards being made out of magnesium.

Grinder 2780-20

One of the best things about this grinder’s design is the fact that it comes with a paddle switch – you won’t have to hold it down to power the device. There’s also a sidebar with a rubberized surface and a full-metal housing that easily withstands harsh job site conditions.

As it achieves the maximum speed of 8,500 RPM, the 2780-20 is the only grinder you’ll ever need. Its corded-like performance allows one to use it for even the most challenging grinding and cutting operations.

Reciprocating Saw 2720-20

Although somewhat bulky, this cordless reciprocating saw possesses a user-friendly design and a number of great features. These include the QUIK-LOK system (easy blade swapping), the LED light, the onboard battery fuel gauge, as well as the rafter hook for quick storage on the job site.

The model is also very powerful – it operates on a brushless engine that’s in total communication with the battery (leading to better performance) through the integrated REDLINK Intelligence system. With its maximum SPM rating of 3,000, you’ll be able to cut through pressure-treated wood, metal, and PVC without any problems.

LED Work Light 2735-20

The last tool in this kit is the 2735-20 job site lamp. Weighing just 12.2 ounces and having a rubberized handle, it’s an extremely convenient and easy-to-use LED work light that can come in very handy in poorly-lit working conditions.

Its best feature is the adjustable head – you’ll be able to easily point the beam of light wherever you need it. The model also has a swiveling hook and can be hanged for hands-free use.

Accessories & Warranty

Along with the tools, you’ll also be getting two handy contractor bags for storage, two Extended Capacity 5.0 REDLITHIUM M18 battery packs, and one multi-voltage (M12 & M18) charger. The warranty deal covers the period of five years from the date of purchase.

Hammer Drill Driver 2704-20



Six fantastic 18V cordless tools


Durable & easy to use


Corded-like performance


Two extended-capacity batteries





Soft cases


Things we liked about it

There is quite a lot to like about this combo kit. The six tools that come in it are all well-designed and offer excellent, corded-like performance. This turns the toolset into an ideal choice for professional contractors. However, the overall ease of use of every tool also makes the kit suitable for DIY beginners and hobbyists.

We were pleased to find the tools accompanied by two extended-capacity 5.0 M18 REDLITHIUM batteries. These provide a good runtime and charge quite quickly, so you won’t have to worry about the amount of downtime on the job. Moreover, the batteries can be used with all power tools coming in this kit – interchangeability always deserves special praise.


Things we didn’t like

Although impressive in almost every aspect, the 2896-26 combo kit comes with a significant downside – it is extremely expensive. And once we take this high price into consideration, it’s quite hard to understand why Milwaukee didn’t include hard cases instead of the soft bags.

What Users Say About The Milwaukee 2896-26

Those who had the money to buy this combo kit are extremely satisfied with their purchase. Most of them agree that it’s one of the best cordless toolsets out there and that investing in it is one of the wisest decisions that any serious handyman can make.


In conclusion, the high price of this combo kit is entirely justified by the quality of power tools included in it. Each of them possesses an easy-to-use design and boasts a performance that’s guaranteed to leave you impressed. Those who need the six most commonly used power tools for their workshops and want the best of the best will find that Milwaukee 2896-26 is their best option.

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