Porter-Cable PCCK619L2 Combo Kit Reviewed and Rated

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Porter-Cable PCCK619L2 Combo Kit Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

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  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Porter-Cable PCCK619L2 Review Summary:

When it comes to cordless combo kits, those consisting of just the drill and the impact driver are probably the most popular ones. The reason behind this is that not everybody needs a huge 10-piece tool set-the drill and the impact driver are, after all, among the most frequently used power tools.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll be taking a closer look at one such kit -Porter-Cable PCCK619L2. Featuring the PCCK607 drill/driver and the PCCK647 impact driver, this kit appeals to both DIY enthusiasts and to professional contractors. The best thing about these devices is that both of them operate on a brushless engine -this means 50% more runtime and increased productivity. As you probably already know, a brushless motor adjusts itself according to the current task, which is huge technological advancement and something that makes this combo kit even more attractive.

However, it is also worth nothing that both of these tools also sport a couple of intriguing extra features. We’ll be taking a more in-depth look at them in the rest of the review – keep reading.


  • Number of Tools–2
  • Weight–7.45lbs
  • Battery-1 Li-Ion battery (2 included)
  • Voltage-20V
  • Warranty-3-year limited

Porter-Cable PCCK619L2 -The Basics

Just like all other power tools manufactured by Porter-Cable, the PCCK607 drill/driver that’s included in this combo kit has the same ergonomic design. There’s the usual belt clip for easier carrying and the rubberized, contoured comfort handle that reduces user fatigue.

Operating on a brushless engine, the device reaches the top speed of 1,800 RPM and easily drills through all kinds of materials. There is also the integrated LED work light, as well as the battery gauge that tells you how much of the battery juice is left. These extra features raise the overall convenience of the unit and make it even more useful.

The drill/driver is complemented by the PCCK647 impact driver, which sports a very similar design and also feels great in hand. It is as equally lightweight and has a rubber grip that significantly reduces the unavoidable vibrations. Just like the drill, it also has a built-in LED light and a convenient battery gauge.

Performance wise, the PCCK647 impact driver is an excellent choice for all kinds of fastening operations. Due to its adaptable torque, it has no problems with tackling even the more demanding jobs, although the genuinely heavy-duty projects are best to avoid.

The Features

Drill/Driver PCCK607

Just like all other tools in the company’s 20V Max range, this drill/driver has the recognizable Porter-Cable design and a shape that makes it easy to operate with. The unit’s rubberized, contoured handle has the job of reducing vibrations and user fatigue, and it does this job pretty well. The model also has a pretty good balance with the battery attached -all handymen will undoubtedly appreciate this.

The brushless 370 MWO engine makes PCCK607 a “smart’ drill/driver. This is because it adapts the current RPM to the task at hand and never draws more power from the battery than it actually needs. As you can already guess, this doesn’t only prolong the drill’s lifespan, but it also increases the user’s productivity. The maximum speed stands at 1,800 RPM and allows the user to engage in a wide variety of both the drilling and fastening operations.

When it comes to extra features, it is worth noting that PCCK607 has an integrated LED work light and a battery gauge. The LED light provides illumination when it comes to drilling and driving in dimly-lit spaces, while the battery gauge conveniently tells the users when it’s time to use the charger.

Impact Driver PCCK647

When it comes to the design, the two power tools included in this combo kit are quite similar. Just like the drill, the PCCK647 impact driver sports the same color palette and the lightweight design. As it weighs less than 3 pounds and has a rubber grip on its handle, the unit is very pleasing to use and doesn’t cause user fatigue even when used for hours on end.

Powered by a brushless engine, just like the PCCK607 drill, this impact driver reaches the top speed of 2,700 RPM and has a torque rating of1,400 in-lb. In other words, it is impressively potent and allows the user to tackle most fastening tasks around the house and in the light-duty commercial environments. However, it should still be noted that the device isn’t really suitable for the really demanding projects, as that can lead to overheating and malfunctions.

Just like the drill, this impact driver also comes with a couple of extra features -the working LED light and the battery gauge. The integrated light deserves particular words of praise, as it comes with a convenient delay feature that keeps it turned on for additional 20 seconds after the bit has stopped spinning.

Accessories & Warranty

Along with the brushless drill/driver and the brushless impact driver, this 20V 2-piece combo kit also includes a standard charger and two 1.5Ah batteries. This is a standard deal when it comes to 2-piece tool sets offered by Porter-Cable, but we still have to complain about the lack of a case/bag -storing and transporting these tools will be a bit more challenging.

Warranty-wise, the PCCK619L2 is covered by the manufacturer’s 3-year limited warranty. It’s nothing to write home about, but it’s still better than the 1-year warranty deals provided by the lesser-known companies

Impact Driver PCCK647



Brushless operation


Impressively efficient tools


Extra features (LED light, battery gauge)


Contoured handles on both tools



No kit bag


No magnetic bit holders


Things we liked about it

The fact that the tools included in this combo kit operate on brushless engines is probably the most significant advantage of the whole deal. Brushless motor in cordless toolsare the future -they are more efficient, draw less power from the battery, and ensure a longer lifespan.

However, we also like that both the drill/driver and the impact driver come with a couple of extra features. Both of them have LED lights and battery gauges, and these are not just gimmicks but convenient traits that come in very handy while you’re working.

Finally, we like the overall design of both tools -they are very comfortable to use and have a great balance.


Things we didn’t like

It’s a real shame that the PCCK619L2 combo kit comes without a contractor bag, making the storage and transportation of these devices harder than it should be. Other than that, we can’t really understand why Porter-Cable didn’t equip the tools included in it with the magnetic screw holders. These tools are, after all, a step up from their brushed cousins.

What Users Say About The PCCK619L2

Those who opted for Porter-Cable PCCK619L2 are not disappointed by it –the users praise the high efficiency of the tools and their convenient features. They’re saying that both the drill and the impact driver are more powerful than they expected and that they deliver hassle-free operation. The users highly recommend this kit to all those who are looking for a reasonably-priced 2-piece brushless kit.


The downsides we’ve mentioned are nothing when compared with the sheer power and convenience of the tools included in PCCK619L2. Both the drill and the impact driver are equally impressive, as they successfully managed to surprise us with their remarkable performance, handy design, and convenient extra features. This Porter-Cable toolset is an excellent choice for all those who need a brushless 2-piece kit for their around-the-house and commercial needs.

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