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Ryobi P883 Review

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Ryobi P883 Review Summary:

Ryobi is well known for making kits that suit anyone’s pocket. Their affordable prices make them very popular among DIYers and users looking for some tools for quick around-the-house repairs, but professional contractors are not as fond of their kits. Their cordless properties might not make them the best on-site partners.

Nevertheless, once you weight the price you are paying and the torque and usability you are getting, you’ll undoubtedly realize you are at an advantage. Most of Ryobi tools are ergonomically designed and built to last. With proper care, they ought to last you for years.

The manufacturer is confident of that as well as buyers get a 3-year limited warranty. But what both contractors and hobbyists undoubtedly praise about Ryobi are their awesome 18+ One+ Li-Ion batteries.

With their cross-platform battery system, they’ve really hit the nail on the head. You can use any one of their One+ batteries with any one of their 18V One+ Li-Ion cells (series P100 through P108), and even with some of their older NiCad models. Ryobi units come highly recommended for those looking to stick to one brand of batteries.


  • Number of Tools –4, and a charger•
  • Weight –19.80lbs
  • Batteries -2 Li-Ion batteries (included)
  • Voltage -18V
  • Warranty -3-year limited

Ryobi P883 – The Basics

In this kit, Ryobi has included a couple of robust 18V One+ tools and the renowned One+ Li-Ion batteries which are enough on their own to make this ryobi tool kit worthy of purchase. It’s an affordable DIY kit that will turn chores into hobbies.

The package comes with a reciprocating saw that has a variable-speed trigger, 7/8″stroke length blade, and that can deliver 3100 SPM. There is also a circular saw with a carbide-tipped blade that is capable of delivering 4700 RPM which is quite enough for sawing through thick materials and sheet goods. Not to forget the drill driver that also has a variable-speed trigger, 1/2″ keyless chuck and 24-clutch setting that allows the user to optimize the torque.

The list of goodies doesn’t end there as there is also a neat One+ work light that is exceptionally versatile. You can place it on its belly, rear, or hang it on a 2×4 thanks to its mounting hinges. It also has a rotating head which really comes in handy for when you have to crawl under your car for maintenance or tire changes.

Not to forget the dual chemistry charger that allows you not only to quickly charge the 1.2 Ah Li-Ion cells you get with the kit but older Ryobi NiCad batteries as well. All of that gets delivered in a durable Ryobi tool bag.

The Features

Circular Saw

What might be the fore running powertool of this kit. It is a practical, high-end tool that does well with the hardest kinds of wood, at any, angle, while being very user-friendly. With its 5.5-inch blade, it is practically unstoppable. The bevel is very easy to adjust, and its light weight and cordless property allow you to take it with you wherever you go.

Like other unit’s in this kit, this one too has a notched, rubberized over-mold that ensure the user has maximum control over the unit and minimizes the risk of accidents. The blade is carbide-tipped so that it will last you a while, but when the time comes, you can replace it with a 5 1/2-inch one. There is also a wrench incorporated into its design, so you’ll have an easy time switching blades.

Reciprocating Saw

The P515 is capable of delivering 3100 SPM which makes it excellent for a number of applications. Most notably -use with ceramics, branches, bushes, plastic, and drywall.

The unit has a variable speed trigger that makes sure there won’t be any damage caused to the working area. It also gives the user better control over the reciprocating saw and enables slow starts and sudden stops. There is also the pivoting shoe that can be used to adjust the depth of the blade.

The handle is molded with the GripZone over-mold which is a famous rubberized grip that allows for better handling and really comes in handy in adverse weather conditions, as it reduces the risk of accidents. The P515 has a blade clamp that makes blade switching much simpler.

Embedded in its design is an electronic brake, and when paired with the variable-speed trigger, it allows the user to stop the blade quickly or just slow it down. The saw operates at 3100 SPM with the length of strokes being 7/8-inches.

Drill Driver

The impressive drill driver weighs only 3.1lbs and is quite compact. It is perfect for prolonged use. The unit also features a bubble-level that helps the user reach maximum accuracy.

The P271 comes with a 1/2″ single-sleeve, keyless chuck and an auto spindle lock. Switching bits has never been easier. This unit also features the rubberized over-mold so we can safely say that the P271 is all about convenience.

It is powered by a two-speed gearbox of which the low gear delivers a maximum of 440 RPM, while the high one delivers a maximum of 1600 RPM (no load). With its 340 “/lbs of torque, it’s packing sufficient power for your typical drill/driver applications.

Work Light

The P704 generates 150 lumens that can reach a distance of fifty feet. It ought to provide light even on the darkest day of the year on the darkest work site. The model features improved bulbs that shine 30% brighter than the previous ones.

The back of the unit has a slot that allows the user to hang the whole thing on a screw or nail. You can hang it on a 2×4, forget all about it, and focus on your work. But in case you do need to hold it in your hand, the rubberized grip will ensure it stays securely in your hand even in slippery conditions.

Battery and Charger

The unit comes with a dual chemistry charger and two batteries. It takes half an hour to reach a full charge, and the batteries are compatible with over 50+ Ryobi One+ units. The charger can be used with some old Ryobi NiCad cells as well.

P704 Worklight



Ergonomic Grip


Cross-platform Battery Compatibility








Durable Li-Ion Batteries



Reciprocating Saw Drains Battery Quickly


Things we liked about it

The price point is the most noteworthy part of this kit, but not the only valuable one. The numerous features each of the units has makes Ryobi a force to reckon with in the power tool market. The fact that such a budget-friendly kit comes with a 3-year limited warranty is truly commendable.


Things we didn’t like

The batteries in the kit are excellent, and when used with most Ryobi units, each session lasts a while. Except when they are paired with the P515 reciprocating saw. It drains a single cell fairly quickly, so if you are considering using it for professional use, you better consider a corded tool instead.

What Users Say About The Ryobi P883

Yet another affordable kit from Ryobi that ought to complement the collection of any hobbyist. Not every tool in this suit is the perfect choice for professional use, but all of them make a great backup, and some can indeed be relied on in tricky situations. As is the case with most Ryobi combos, this one is best for DIYers and homeowners.


If you are looking for a kit that will help you fix a couple of things around the house, or you are in need of tools for a DIY project, the P883 will make you a great partner. The tools are durable, user-friendly and very reliable for home use. The 3-year limited warranty seems to tell us that Ryobi is confident and proud of their products.

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