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Ryobi ZRP883 Review

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Ryobi ZRP883 Review Summary:

As far as affordable, all-inclusive kits go, the Ryobi P883 One+ ought to satisfy the needs of any hobbyist. It is an ultimate DIY kit that is powered by the magnificent Ryobi 18V One+ Li-Ion batteries. The kit is comprised of a reciprocating saw, work light, circular saw, driver/drill, and a battery charger. With this Ryobi tool kit, you’ll be getting a lot of torque at a very low price.

Typically, other manufacturers sell just one power tool at the price of the complete ZRP883 kit. Now you get the idea why professional workers tend to avoid it. A lot of people doubt Ryobi’s reliability because of their low prices.

However, Ryobi is proving them wrong over and over again. It might not meet all of the requirements of a contractor, but any hobbyist or homeowner ought to find a trustworthy partner in this power tool kit.

Even though this is a factory refurbished product, it seems to be as good as new. Ryobi is confident enough to offer buyers a minimum 90-day supplier-backed warranty. Chances are you’ll never have to use the warranty, as a great deal of users reports using the kit for years without having any of the tools malfunctioning.


  •   Number of Tools –4
  • Weight –18lbs
  • Batteries –Li-Ion (not included)
  • Voltage -18V •
  • Warranty –90 days limited

Ryobi ZRP883 – The Basics

A kit that is just typical of Ryobi as it offers Li-Ion performance at a NiCad price. And that goes for all 18 One+ units.

The IntelliPort that comes in the package lets you charge Ryobi’s Li-Ion batteries that have1/5 longer runtime than NiCads and make each tool almost 50% lighter than it would’ve been with a NiCad. However, unfortunately, there are no batteries included in the package, being that this is a refurbished kit.

Many might be wondering why would Ryobi sell a kit without batteries. Well, the tools speak for themselves, and they do have a lot of selling points. The kit comes with a drill that has a 1/2″ heavy duty, single-sleeve keyless chuck with a 24-setting clutch that is excellent for a variety of driving and drilling applications.

There is also the reciprocating saw that comes in handy for demolition and performs decently when it comes to cutting larger materials. Aside from that, the kit includes a circular saw with a 5-1/2″ carbide tipped material that is powerful enough to saw through 2by materials and sheets.

The light in the set is a piece of work itself. It can be positioned in a variety of ways and be placed anywhere thanks to the convenient hinges. It does a great job in the garage, at home, or on-site.

The Features

Drill Driver

An excellent cordless drill driver that’s equipped with a ½-inch keyless chuck that enables the user to use the unit with a great number of bits. The 24-setting clutch, variable speed reversible trigger, and 2-speed transmission are all that you need to reach maximum accuracy. Of course that, and the spirit level positioned on the top of the tool.

Any tool with such a handle is hard to balance, and such features do make the job much easier for the user. The bubble also allows the user to maintain steadiness.

The low gear goes from 0 to 440 RPM, and the high one goes from 0 to 1600 RPM (no load). The drill/driver is packing 340 “/lbs of torque which certainly isn’t breaking no records, but is more than enough for typical drill/driver applications. At the base of the tool, there is a mag-tray that is convenient for placing bits and screws.

Circular Saw

The ZRP504G is an excellent addition to any tool collection. For those who have doubts about the capabilities of circular saws, the One+ ½-inch Circular Saw is there to change their mind. Despite the power it wields, it is quite light and user-friendly.

Most users appreciate the depth and bevel adjustment as its pretty straightforward to use. The maximum cutting depth of the saw is 1-9/16″ at 0°, while the maximum at a 90° angle is 1-1/8″.

It does a great job of sawing through 1/4″ plywood, drawer bottom, and similar materials. The user can rely on it as it doesn’t move from the center and leaves a nice clean edge. With its 4200 RPM, the job will be done in no time.

Reciprocating Saw

The ZRP515 is designed in such a way that minimizes user fatigue during prolonged use. It features a unique anti-vibe handle that is molded with a rubberized notched grip. It is not only comfortable but excellent for use in difficult to reach corners and at awkward angles.

Its 3100 SPMs it operates at make it great for plenty of applications. Sawing through drywall, trimming bushes, and cutting plastic and ceramics are a piece of cake with the help of the P515. The unit has a variable speed trigger that reduces the risk of damaging the working environment.

It also gives the user better control as it allows for slow starts and sudden stops. The depth of the blade can easily be adjusted thanks to the adjustable pivoting shoe. There is also a blade clamp incorporated in its design, and it makes the switching of blades quite simple.

Work Light

The ZRP701G is very multi-functional for your average work light. It has an integrated mounting slot that allows the user to mount it on 2x4s and many other places. The swiveling head is another feature that stands out as it lets the user better direct the light in almost any direction.

The work light delivers 130 lumens that will illuminate any workspace you put it in. It is capable of covering 100 yards of beam distance, which is more than enough for most DIY or home repair projects. When equipped with a Li-Ion One+ battery, it’ll shine up to 35 hours.


It takes approximately half an hour to charge a Ryobi ONE+ battery, and the charge will last you a while. The only problem being that batteries are not included. However, all Ryobi units are powered by the same One+ Li-Ion type of battery (series P100 through P108)





Variable-Speed Trigger




Ergonomic Design






Easy to adjust



No battery


Things we liked about it

The price is the biggest selling point of all Ryobi kits, and since this is a certified factory refurbished combo, the price is even lower. Despite that, the tools come in top-notch shape. Ryobi even offers a 90-day warranty.

These tools are built to last, and they will last you much more than that -they ought to last for years with proper care. Even though they are budget friendly, no sacrifices were made in the manufacturing process.


Things we didn’t like

The lack of a battery is fairly disappointing. It is common not to include a battery with a bare tool, but we are talking about a full kit here. It’s great and all that all the tools are powered by the same battery, and that there is a charger included in the package, but the fact is still a bit disappointing.

What Users Say About The Ryobi ZRP883

Another affordable toolkit from Ryobi that ought to be of great use to any beginner hobbyist or a homeowner who is looking to make some repairs. The tools are super user-friendly and don’t require much getting used to. Just don’t forget to buy some batteries.


It is an excellent choice for contractors who are looking to expand their collection with a backup kit or for those who have a DIY project to finish. Even though Ryobi manufactures some of the most affordable tools, they still manage to dominate “best of” lists. Going with Ryobi is never a mistake.

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