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Removable wall decals are extremely popular for homes and businesses. What’s even more exciting, is that purchasing them won’t break the bank. There are removable wall decals on the market for as low as five dollars!

No age group, style, or design is left behind with removable wall stickers.

If you’ve ever wondered how to create your dream bedroom or home office, without a ton of cost and construction, then this article is for you.

Let’s get to it!

removable wall decals

But first, we paint

If you’re completely redesigning a space, fresh paint is most likely on your to-do list. So, let’s talk about painting.

Paint sprayers vs. rollers

The main benefit of using a paint sprayer instead of a brush and roller is speed:

“…the sprayer is the Audi to the brush and roller’s Ford Tempo.”

  • Paint sprayers

Paint sprayers are the fastest way to get the job done. They take a little time to get used to, but once you’re comfortable, the paint job at hand can become a lot more fun.

  • Paint brushes and rollers

We love nostalgia just as much as the next guy. There is nothing wrong with the brush and roller approach.

However, we can all agree that time is precious. So, why spend extra time on a job, when it can be done faster with just as much efficiency?

Paint sprayers we highly recommend

Why removable wall decals are the way to go

Gone are the days of having to choose between paint, wallpaper, or some other permanent form of decor for your walls. These days, removable wall decals are some of the most common [and preferred] way to spruce up the design of a home, office, or place of business.

So, why use removable wall decals?

Damage free zone

Unlike wall hangings, wallpaper, and other types of decor, removable wall decals (when adhered properly) leave no trace behind. Once a removable wall decal is taken down, there is nothing left but the wall. With other types of decor, there can be leftover nails, sticky patterns, or screws.


Who doesn’t love a good deal? Luckily, removable wall decals are pretty easy on the wallet. Certain types of wall decor can run at somewhat of a flat rate, but wall stickers can fit into most, if not all, budgets. Prices range from under five dollars to over a hundred, and beyond.

Simple way to change the design of a space.

Why removable wall decals

Removable wall decals are a great way to completely redesign a room, office, or home without a ton of construction or cost.

From headboard wall stickers to luxurious wall decals, let creativity be your guide. Removable wall decals give you the perfect opportunity to redefine an old space and make it fresh again.

Something for everybody

One of the most appealing things about removable wall decals is that they aren’t limited in variety. Literally, every style, taste, and vibe can be achieved through finding the right wall sticker.

Types of spaces that can utilize removable wall decals

Reminder: we highly recommend combining removable wall decals with a fresh coat of paint. To get the job done right, here’s the rundown on a job well painted.

Now, here are the spaces that are most fit for a new wall sticker:

Accent Walls

An accent wall is a wall in your home that offsets a string of other walls that have the same color or design.

For example, let’s say you have a bedroom with four walls. Three of the walls would be the same color and/or design, but the fourth wall (your accent wall) would be different. How it’s different is up to you.

This type of scenario is a great use of removable wall decals.


Every room of a home can be a blank canvas. Living rooms, bedrooms, and home offices are all perfect candidates for removable wall decals.

Children’s bedrooms

Why? Because every kid desperately needs a fathead or a pirate ship. And, don’t forget to find the perfect nursery wall decals for your new addition’s room.


Removable wall decals give business owners the opportunity to transform the vibe of an office space. Add a tree wall decal for a sense of rejuvenation or consider an inspirational quote to keep employees on their toes.


Customers can have a better visit to a restaurant if the interior design is on-point. After all, good art and great food go hand-in-hand.


Backsplashes are old news. Get groovin’ with the new age backsplash: modern wall decals. Take advantage of popular designs like a brick, tile, or industrial wood.


Don’t hesitate to have some fun with this one! Here are some ideas for the perfect garage wall decal.


Enhancing a student’s experience in the classroom can lead to a better learning environment. Which means, every teacher should consider adding removable wall decals to match their subject and teaching style.

Event spaces

An ideal event space should have a whole closet of removable wall decals. Turn a single event space into a revolving door of looks and styles to match each event. What a great idea for weddings, corporate parties, and more.

Man caves

Bring your man cave dreams to life with removable wall decals. Man caves are personal spaces, so we’ll leave the direction of this one up to you.

Types of spaces

How to apply removable wall decals

After you’ve used your favorite new tool (paint sprayer or spray gun), it’s time to move on to the sticky stuff.

Applying removable wall decals doesn’t have to be a difficult task. In fact, using this super simple how-to should make it fairly easy:

  1. X marks the spot – Find the perfect location due for a decor update. Look around your space, and pay attention to areas of blankness or a lack of furniture.
  2. Every inch counts – Once you’ve found the right spot, it’s time to find a wall decal that fits. Measure the space where you’d like to put the wall sticker, and then find the right decal in the right size.
  3. So fresh and so clean – After you’re sure of the size, location, and type of decal you’ll be using, thoroughly clean the wall where you’d like for it to go. A tiny dab of soap and water on a sponge can be effective when used gently on the desired wall space.
  4. Make sure it’s dry – Don’t try to adhere your new wall swag immediately after cleaning the space. Give it some time to dry out completely. Applying a removable wall decal too soon can result in unwanted bubbling or peeling.
  5. Double check – Once the wall is dry, it’s still not the time to apply the new wall sticker. Always double check your measurements and decal placement to be sure it’s what you want. Use scotch tape to tape your decal to the wall as a guide (do not remove paper backing on the sticky side of the decal for this step).
  6. Final look – Use a ruler and a pencil to make any final adjustments for your new addition.
  7. Here we go – Remove the paper backing from the decal and use your pencil markings on the wall to place it exactly where you want. Then, press it to the wall.
  8. Smoothing – Use a squeegee and go over the decal to remove air bubbles. Work your way from the middle to the edges, slowly and firmly.
  9. Enjoy your new masterpiece – Finally, remove the paper from the front of the wall decal to expose the finished product. Now…sit back, relax, and admire your great work!

Where to find different styles of removable wall decals

We stand by what we preach. So, when we said there is a resource for anyone and everyone who might be looking to redecorate with wall decals, we meant it.


Choose from more than 20 million designs at WallMonkeys, or create your own.


A go-to for advertisers and event spaces, JessUpMfg has great decals for every occasion, from action sports to government related events.

apply removable wall decals

Dali Decals

Dali Decals has a lot of family-style options, but they also have some really beautiful tree wall decals to pick from.


If you’re looking for stunning inspirational quotes for your walls, this is the place for you. WallWritten even has a “best-sellers” section to browse.


The go-to for design and home improvement professionals, Houzz is a great place to shop for removable wall decals.


Believe it or not, Etsy isn’t just great for unique jewelry and customized stationary. There are quite a few creators of awesome wall decals. Just use the search bar, and you’ll find special pages dedicated to specific rooms, like a nursery.

Other options for wall decor

Wall stickers are our go-to but don’t limit yourself. The world of design is a big one, and there are so many ways to decorate.

Here are some other ideas to consider, if removable wall decals aren’t your thing:

  • A combination of different paint colors can transform a room.
  • Small, simplistic shelving can make a really big impact.
  • Living (or fake) greenery is progressive and adds great energy to any room.
  • Print some of your favorite photos and make your own wallpaper.
  • Reuse pieces of old wood and create a beautiful, wooden work of art.

Have some other ideas to share? We’d love to hear them. Contact us anytime! And don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook.