Ryobi P236 Impact Driver Review

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 P236 Impact Driver Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: January 19, 2022

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January 13, 2023 @ 4:25 pm

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Ryobi P236 Review Summary:

The P236 Impact Driver is a budget-friendly option that offers excellent performance. Even though it comes at almost half the price than that of a high-end model, it delivers more torque than the vast majority of its competitors do. The unit runs on a powerful Li-Ion battery that allows for prolonged use, which is another segment in which it outperforms the competition.

This impact driver has much to offer on the outside as well. It is equipped with a LED light, a mag-tray bit and screw holder, and an auto-load chuck. The features are very thoughtful and make the job much easier for the user. The low price shouldn’t deter any skeptical buyers as the unit comes with a three-year warranty.

In general, the One+ impact driver ought to be a good fit for users who have never owned such a tool, or for craftsmen who plan on using it intermittently. If that is the case with you, then you will benefit from this cordless Ryobi unit. .


  • Weight – 2.7 lbs
  • Dimensions – 12″ x 3″ x 9″
  • Speed – variable
  • Battery – Li-Ion
  • Voltage – 18V

P236 Impact Driver – The Basics

The P236 is an excellent tool for basic fastener driving needs. With its 3200 RPMs and 1600 inch/lbs of torque, it has more than enough power for the majority of tasks a homeowner might put it through. The features it comes with ought to make work much easier.

The LED illumination positioned next to the chuck comes much appreciated. The notched, rubber over-mold enables use even in slippery conditions. The mag-tray is another awesome features as it allows the user to use both hands on the tool while working.

Replacing the bits is also an effortless process. The collar needs to be pulled and the bits slid in to keep them locked. The opposite should be done to pull them out.

The base of the tool comes with a Philips bit. Considering that this is a One+ tool, it is compatible with all Ryobi 18+ Li-Ion batteries. That’s an important piece of information right there as this is a bare tool, you’ll have to get the batteries separately if you don’t have a Ryobi tool in your collection already

The Features


This ryobi impact driver kit is much beloved among handymen because it allows them to drive three to six-inch headlock bolts without exerting any effort. The P236 has the capacity to drive in 1/4hex bolts efficiently without the help of an adapter, although it is always better to use one. It seems like a tool that would be welcomed in any shop.

The P236 has earned its place as one of the most dominant impact drivers on the market as it is capable of delivering an impressive amount of torque for its size. Its 1600 inch/lbs of torque ought to be enough for loosening and tightening all kinds of bolts and nuts. Thanks to it, any demanding task will be finished in no time.

What’s even more impressive is the varying speed feature of this unit. It has a trigger that provides you with more control. To increase the speed, simply apply more pressure to the trigger. Lowering the speed is done by decreasing the trigger pressure.

The unit produces an annoying whistling sound, that doesn’t affect performance, but is just unpleasant. No load speed goes from zero to 3200 RPMs, and zero to 3400 IPMs. The variable speed feature enables the user to maximize torque and control the fastener tension and driving depth, which increases precision.

There is also a direction rotation selector which enables the user to reverse the direction in which the bit is rotating. For regular use, the rotation selector should be set to the left for forwarding rotation – the opposite goes for reverse rotation.


Even though the battery and charger are sold separately, you can use this tool with all of Ryobi One+ Li-Ion batteries. It is a cross-platform battery system which basically means that all One+ tools are compatible with all One+ Cells. It is also compatible with some Ryobi NiCad cells.

Charging the cell takes less than one hour and a single charge will last you quite a while. The P236 significantly outperforms the competition in that regard.



Pocket-friendly price


Great performance




Extra features



More internal moving parts


Light works with trigger only


Things we liked about it

The long-lasting battery and the ergonomic grip make this tool ideal for prolonged use. It is packed with neat features that allow you to better focus on the work you are doing and complete it in no time. The mag-tray and the chuck are thoughtful features that really complete the P236.

The variable speed trigger is another feature that sets this impact driver at an advantage. It enables the tool to adapt to any job you might put it through, within reason of course.


Things we didn’t like

The LED light ignites only when pressing the trigger, which kind of defeats the purpose of the whole thing. It makes lining up more difficult as there is nothing to illuminate your way before you start.

It also turns off on its own after a while. So, even though it comes with a LED light, and it is not completely useless, it wouldn’t be a good idea to rely on it.

There is no battery in the package as this is a bare tool. At that price, perhaps no one expects one, but there is really not much to complain about this tool, so this might fall under nitpicking.

General Impressions

When it comes to regular jobs, you can find a reliable partner in the P236. It is excellent for home use and is a fine competitor to some high-end models, despite its low price. It was built to last and is a joy to work with


The Ryobi One+ P236 is an impact driver for everyone’s pocket. It is pack with neat features and offers ample power. Hobbyists and homeowners ought to benefit the most from it, as is the case with most Ryobi gear.

You might benefit even more, if you already have a ryobi tools kit, as it doesn’t come with a battery. But considering that you are getting a top-notch tool at such a low price, there is really little room for complaints.

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