P704 Incandescent Work Light by Ryobi – Overview

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P704 Incandescent Work Light Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: January 13, 2019

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January 29, 2021 @ 10:13 am


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Ryobi P704 Incandescent Work Light Review Summary:

No task can be completed without proper illumination. This Ryobi work light lets you bring shine where it is needed the most. It’s highly functional and will illuminate your work whether you are repairing something at home or checking on your car engine on the road. It’s ingenious design lets you hand it and clip it, with a lanyard hole and screw mount, so you’ll be able to have both of your hands at disposal for the task that needs them the most.

The head of the light has a full-circle swivel. That feature allows you to place it on the ground to shine up on your task which is something ordinary flashlights can’t do. It’s compatible will all of Ryobi 18V Li-Ion batteries -they will provide you with enough power even when the job takes much longer than you expected.

It is an excellent piece of gear to store in the trunk for emergencies, or for having in the workshop for those late night work sessions that require bright lighting. Ryobi has undoubtedly nailed it with this one. If only the batteries were included in the package.


  • Weight -11.2 ounces
  • Dimensions -12″ x 4″ x 6″
  • Type of Bulb -Incandescent
  • Power -Li-Ion Battery (not-included)
  • Voltage -18V

P704 Incandescent Work Light – The Basics

The P704 is a compact work light that is light as a feather, and yet very powerful. It’ll shine your way without you even feeling it in your hand. The design is sleek and ergonomic, making it great for hand-held use, but it can also be hanged or placed in multiple ways, so you’ll without a doubt be able to find a convenient spot for it.

The bulb produces 150 lumens and reaches 50 feet. It can be replaced with another LED or incandescent bulb in case it dies. Its swiveling head makes it great for inconvenient tasks. You can rely on the P704 if there is any work to be done under your car.

The general idea of this work light is to pair it with a Ryobi tool you already own as it is compatible with all of Ryobi’s One+ 18V Li-Ion batteries. The rechargeable Li-Ion batteries make the tool even more efficient and economical.

The Features


What most users praise about this model is its 180-degree swiveling head. This allows the user to direct the light precisely where it needs to be, while the unit stays in place. It’s really great when you are working under a tricky angle or for changing car tires and doing other work under the vehicle.

The light has a slot on the back of the handle that allows you to hang the unit on a screw or nail. The P704 ensures hands-free illumination so that you can entirely focus on your primary task. The work light itself is quite lightweight, making it ideal even for prolonged hand use.

The grip is molded with notched rubber, allowing you to hold the light steadily even in slippery conditions. These properties make it great for a nighttime hike just as well as professional and DIY work.


The bulb generates 150 lumens up to a distance of fifty feet. At approximately twenty feet, the light is four feet across. The P704 will provide you with enough illumination even in the darkest night. The previous models featured old incandescent bulbs, but Ryobi replaced them with improved, incandescent bulbs that shine 30%brighter.

You can replace the bulb at any time, even with a LED bulb. Users praise it for the bright light it casts and its durability.

It comes as no surprise since a single battery charge provides two and a half hours of continuous illumination. With proper care, the unit will serve you for years – the light is built to last just like any other Ryobi power tool.


The worklight doesn’t come with a battery, which is a shame, but if you are already an owner of a Ryobi power tool, you will be happy to know that the unit is compatible with all of Ryobi’s One+ Li-ion batteries. Any Ryobi battery is quite durable and will provide you with sufficient power. In case you have some old Ryobi NiCads lying around, they might work as well, but it would be best to check the operator’s manual for that.

Ryobi RP704 Cordless Flashlight





150 lumens


Rubberized, notched grip





180-degree swiveling head


Things we liked about it

What’s there not to like about this tool – it’s versatile, durable, and reliable. You can put it to use no matter what endeavor you have in mind. It works just as well for adventurers as it does for contractors.

With its 150 lumens, it falls on the brighter side of the work light selection. It really is enough for any DIY job you have to complete, even in the darkest of sheds erected in the thickest forest. It stands neck to neck with much more expensive brands.

The notches are of great use in an improvised work environment, and the swiveling head makes it great for auto-repair jobs.


Things we didn’t like

It’s a bare tool and therefore maybe not the best standalone purchase. It depends whether you already have a Ryobi tool in your collection. The light is excellent, but perhaps not really worth buying without another Ryobi unit as it can amount to an expensive purchase when you include the battery and the charger.

General Impressions

An excellent, powerful work light that can serve for other purposes as well. It is lightweight and can be mounted and positioned almost everywhere. Its only drawback would be the lack of a battery.

You can use it as an emergency back up or as your primary source of work illumination. Aside from being easy to mount, it is also easy to carry it thanks to its light weight and excellent grip.


The P704 might be just a light, but it was crafted with great care, just like most other Ryobi tools. It will illuminate your work area whenever you need it and last you a while. But, considering that it doesn’t come with a battery, the only way you’ll benefit from it is by buying it together with another cordless Ryobi power tool.

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