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DCCS620P1 DeWalt

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DCCS620P1 Review Summary:

Portable, powerful, and rugged — the cordless DCCS620P1 chainsaw is an ideal fume-free easy start-up machine for the experienced gardening enthusiast and trade pro.

Its friction-reducing brushless motor provides high-efficiency operation, reduces overheating risks, and elongates battery life — while its 12-inch chain provides sufficient capacity for demolition work, beam slicing, and limb felling.

A robust build and substantial handle tread deliver reassuring durability for hardcore outdoor and construction work, and a low-kickback bar cuts back on cutting hazards.

The included 20-volt lithium-ion cell gives 90-cuts from a single charge — while eliminating the hassles of refueling, toxic gases, and carburetor issues concomitant to gas-powered machines. And, using a standard 20-volt DeWalt battery — the cell is compatible across all of the brand’s cordless line-up.

This tool hails from the DeWalt stable — a US brand built on a century of power tool experience. The DeWalt 20v DCCS620P1 12 inch unit is the flagship machine in its cordless compact chainsaw range.

DCCS620P1 Pros:

Portable and lightweight.
Hard bar cover.
Long battery life.
Respected brand.
Tool-free chain tightening.


Challenging oil fills.
Lacks felling dogs.
Bar cover loosens during extensive operation.
DEWALT DCCS620P1 timber cutting

Features and Benefits of the DeWalt DCCS620P1

Time to cut through the brand’s marketing blurb and discover exactly what the DeWalt DCCS620P1 20v Max Compact Chainsaw Kit has to offer.

Bold Design

It looks mean.

You can tell that the engineers have paid significant attention to the design of the machine, producing a unit that’s bold and rugged.

The generous hand grip is one of the best I have seen so far — with a rubber coating that’s sturdy yet soft enough to offer a good deal of comfort, while also providing peace of mind with elevated hand stability. Furthermore, decreasing the level of vibration, it shields against fatigue — crucial when working on those longer projects.

Tool-Free Tensioning

A properly tensioned chain ensures a true cut, prevents blockage, and protects the chain itself.

The DeWalt DCCS 620P1 permits you to change the tautness via a large side-mounted knob. This means that, unlike many machines, you don’t have to find your tightening tool in the bottomless abyss of your toolbox to set the chain tension. A useful feature if you find yourself at the top of a ladder when you need to make adjustments.

DEWALT DCCS620P1 timber sawing

20-Volt Lithium-Ion Cell

The DeWalt DCCS620 P1 arrives complete with a reliable, long-lasting 20-volt lithium-ion cell and compatible charger.

Promising up to 90 cuts on 4 x 4 pressure-treated wood from a single charge, the chainsaw permits significant operational freedom and long-running times from the 5.0 Ah battery.

Furthermore, unlike gas-powered machines, this cell-driven unit doesn’t expose you to hazardous fumes, nor does it have issues with cold starts and requires little maintenance.


The 12-inch bar features a low-kickback tip, shielding you from unwanted accidents — although, always ensure you wear protective equipment and read the user manual thoroughly before turning the DCCS620 P1 on for the first time.

The DCCS620P1 Brushless Motor

 The DCCS620P1 from DeWalt incorporates a brawny brushless motor.

This ensures that energy isn’t wasted on friction and heat — meaning that the battery life is elevated, allowing you to saw away for longer. Furthermore, by cutting back on internal temperatures, it protects the crucial internal components, extending the longevity of the machine.

DEWALT DCCS620P1 cutting timber at home

The DeWalt DCCS620P1 is Lightweight 

Despite housing grunty lithium-ion cells — the DeWalt DCCS 620P1 is surprisingly lightweight.

Weighing just nine pounds, its mass is similar to that of corded units — but without the hassles of extension cords and power outlet requirements. And, by keeping weight to a minimum, it allows you to crack on with extreme and time-extensive projects without suffering from fatigue.

DeWalt DCCS620P1
Weight9 pounds
Chain Length12 inches
Chain Pitch0.375-inch
PowerDeWalt 20-volt 5.0 Ah cell
Chain Gauge0.43 inches
Chain Speed25.2 ft/s
Dimensions25 x 9 x 9 inches
Accessories20-volt cell and charger

What Users Say About The DeWalt  DCCS620P1

For me, the DeWalt Cordless DCCS620P1 is an impressively portable and grunty chainsaw that would appeal to the dedicated arborist and contractor.

However, to guarantee a thoroughly unbiased review, I delved into the opinions of owners of this particular unit — to see how this saw functions in real-world demolition and tree cutting applications.

Pleasing, the views were positive and mirrored my own feelings about this power tool. Users of the DCCS 620P1 praised its lightweight build, welcomed the tool-free chain adjustment, and applauded the durable and low-heat brushless motor.

That said, there were a couple of guys who were not abounding with positivity. One owner indicated that the oil reservoir delivered excessive oil to the chain — even when not in use. While another naysayer bemoaned the fact the unit lacked felling dogs, which would have been a nice inclusion for the ardent tree feller.

However, all users agreed that the DCCS 620P1 cordless chainsaw offered lengthy operational time and pleasing brawn from its 20-volt lithium-ion cell.

Alternatives To The DeWalt DCCS620P1 Cordless Chainsaw

While the Dewalt DCCS620P1 20v Max Compact Chainsaw Kit reviews are resoundingly positive — this doesn’t mean it’s suitable for all users and projects.

Hence, if this machine isn’t raising your heartbeat, here are some equally impressive alternatives that may be more appealing.

Black & Decker LCS1240

Black & Decker LCS1240

If you’re tempted by the cordless feature of the DeWalt unit, yet feel that it hasn’t sufficient grunt for your hardcore projects — the LCS1240 could be the solution.

Like the DCCS620 P1, it features a 12-inch robust chain. However, as it’s driven by a lithium-ion 40-volt cell, as opposed to the 20-volt of the DeWalt — the unit offers elevated power, making it more suitable for denser and thicker woods.

  • Easier on the bank balance than the DCC S620P1.
  • Heavier than the DeWalt — 10.4 pounds as opposed to 9 pounds.
  • Like the DC CS620P1, the Black & Decker offers tool-free chain adjustment.

Oregon Chainsaw CS300-A6

Oregon Chainsaw CS300 A6
Should the robust build of the DeWalt appeal, but you find the unit a little too small for larger projects — the CS300-A6 may be a more suitable alternative.

Like the DCC S620P1, this Oregon chainsaw offers durability and a substantial bar guard. Yet boasting a lengthy 16-inch chain, compared to the 12-inch of the DeWalt machine, it will make lighter work of more sizable jobs.

  • Harder on the pocket than the DCCS6 20P1.
  • 40-volt lithium-ion cell as opposed to the 20-volt of the DeWalt.
  • Heavy — 12 pounds, contrasting with the lightweight 9-pound DeWalt.

Greenworks 20262 Cordless Chainsaw

Greenworks 20262
Like the operational freedom delivered by the DeWalt — but find the cost somewhat prohibitive? If so, this affordable unit from Greenworks could tick your boxes.

Similar to the DCCS6 20P1, the Greenworks chainsaw incorporates a 12-inch chain, self-oiling reservoir, and a 0.375-inch chain pitch. However, the lower-rated cell — 2.0 Ah, as opposed to the 5.0 Ah of the Dewalt — means shorter running times, permitting just 65 cuts per charge in contrast with the 90 cuts offered by the DCCS 620P1.

  • More affordable than the DeWalt.
  • No-tool chain tensioning — identical to the DCCS6 20P1.
  • As with the DeWalt, the Greenworks features an auto-chain oiler.


Lightweight, powerful, and with impressive running time off a single charge — the DeWalt DCCS620P1 is a versatile and robust machine for the adventurous outdoor sawing enthusiast.

Its brushless motor elevates efficiency while protecting the internal components. Tool-free tensioning of the chain heightens user practicality, while a substantial hard bar cover raises safety.

It’s true, the lack of felling dogs may be a downer for the ardent tree feller — and the over-generous auto-oiling reservoir can be something of an annoyance.

However, if you’re looking for a cordless chainsaw that promises grunt, bold looks, and fatigue-busting light construction — I recommend checking out the DeWalt DCCS620P1.

20V Max Compact Chainsaw Kit DCCS620P1 DeWalt FAQs

Q: Where Can I Buy the DeWalt Cordless DC CS620P1?

The DeWalt DCC S620P1 chainsaw is a 20-volt lithium-ion driven unit that’s lightweight and offers extensive running times from a single charge. To purchase the DCC S620P1.

Q: Is DeWalt a Chinese Company?

No. Based in Towson, Maryland — DeWalt has remained a US company since its formation in 1923.

Q: Where Can I Find the DCCS620P1 Manual?

The DCCS 620P1 user guide is available from the official DeWalt website. Alternatively, for rapid access, click here for the DCCS 620P1 manual.

Q: How Long Is the Cord on the DeWalt DCC S620P1?

As explained in this DeWalt DCCS620P1 review, this machine is cordless, running off a 20-volt 5.0 Ah lithium-ion cell.

Q: How Long Is the Warranty on the DCCS6 20P1 from DeWalt?

This cordless machine comes complete with a three-year warranty.

Q: Where Can I Buy Spare Parts for the DeWalt Chainsaw DC CS620P1?

The official DeWalt website offers a range of replacement parts for the DCCS620 P1 cordless chainsaw. Check out this exploded parts diagram to find the correct component.

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