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DeWalt DCPS620B

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DeWalt Pole Saw 20V Review Summary

The DeWalt DCPS620B offers tree-pruning solutions for the homeowner’s backyard, trade pro, and even amateur arborists.

It sports a heavy-duty 8-inch chain and guide bar that slices through limbs up to 6 inches thick. Plus, its metal bucking strip permits a reliable cutting bite, and the branch hook provides a controlled descent for trimmings.

Although the DCPS620B is a tool-only package, it’s rated to last up to 96 cuts per charge with its brushless motor.

This pole saw works with an auto-refilling oil feature that guarantees seamless performance. What’s more, it’s straightforward to clean and re-tension the chain to ensure simple and fast maintenance of the tool.

Established in 1922, DeWalt is an industry big name with a massive lineup of durable pro-rated tools under its belt. From cordless drills, hand tools through to compressors.

DeWalt DCPS620B Specs

  • Max pole length – 10 feet
  • Chain pitch – 0.375 inches
  • Bar length – 8 inches
  • Power – 20 volts Max


  • Automatic oiling system.
  • Brushless motor.
  • Up to 96 cuts per charge.
  • Max reach of 10 feet.


Heavy-duty construction.
Three years warranty.
Safe and user-friendly operation.
Simple maintenance.
Reduced kickback.


Potential oil leakage if left undrained.
Battery and charger not included.

DeWalt DCPS620B Cordless Pole Saw Features and Benefits

Now let’s see what the DCPS620B looks like in detail.


The DeWalt DCPS620B offers a simple functioning design. Its three extensions enable you to work at multiple heights. At its highest setting (10 feet), you’ll have plenty of scope for trimming, pruning, or cutting trees, bushes, or border shrubbery while still remaining in control.

What’s more, the battery and handle end counterbalances the bulky saw end for steady operation. Plus, the pole safeguards users from an unexpected start with its safety trigger.

Brushless Motor

This pole saw is powered by a brushless motor, which is typically considered a trait of high-end power tools.

DeWalt states that the DCPS620B is capable of making 96 cuts on a single charge. But it can deliver much more power and efficiency on larger tree branches without effort.

And most importantly, this type of motor offers better energy usage, and is less likely to overheat, thus more reliable.

Auto-Oiler Function

Being a chain and bar set-up, and working at incredible speeds, pole saws require oil to function properly.

And the DCPS620B makes this maintenance task painless with its auto-oiler function. It supplies the guide bar and chain automatically for frictionless operation. Also, the opaque oil tank allows you to monitor oil levels without getting lost in the moment.

However, the oiling system, called the drip-flow system, comes with its demerits. You have to change the oil after each use, else it might spill over in storage.

Safe Operation

A pole saw is a powerful tool that can jump out of control when it makes contact with the surface — that tree branch you’re working on. I don’t need to explain the gory scene that could ensue.

Fortunately, DeWalt engineers the bar and chain of the DCPS620B to reduce the likelihood of this danger — tested and accredited. The guide bar has a small tip while the chain possesses a contoured edge that dampens and prevents kickback force by allowing the wood to ride gently into the cutter.

Another safety feature is the trigger switch of the DeWalt pole saw 20V. You have to press down and hold the trigger to start the pole saw, like using a fuel station nozzle. This way, you cut the risk of an accidental start-up.

8-Inch Chain and Bar

The bar and chain of the DeWalt are of an industry-standard 8-inch length, which enables trimming tree limbs, branches, shrubs, and bushes with ease. Its unofficial cutting capacity devours wood of up to six inches in diameter.

Equipped with a guide bar and chain with low-kickback technology, the saw is steady in operation. Plus, its tree hook and metal bucking strip allow you to pull down stubborn branches.

DeWalt Pole Saw 20V Specifications

Battery‎20V Max
Guide Bar Length8 inches
Chain Pitch0.375 inches (9.5mm)
Voltage20 volts
Min Pole Length6 feet
Max Pole Length10 feet
Product Weight8.4 pounds (3.81kg)
Warranty3 years limited warranty

What Users Say About the DeWalt DCPS620B

The DeWalt DCPS620B is a robust, cordless pole saw that offers durability, power, and reach — in my honest opinion. Needless to say, the only way to validate this, is with the views of real-life users of the tool.

Here’s what they have to say.

The most critically acclaimed strong point of the DCPS620B is its powerful cutting force — thanks to the drive from the brushless motor. They love how they can cut down relatively large branches with little to no effort. Users also welcome the balanced feel, and rate the length of its run time. Plus, its length gets plenty of praise — extending to deal with branches they wouldn’t ordinarily reach.

And, while many users enjoyed its auto-oiling feature, they wished the oil tank wouldn’t spill oil in storage. However, DeWalt designed the DCPS620B to be drained after each use.

Alternatives to The DeWalt DCPS620B

Although I’ve praised the DeWalt pole saw 20V for its truly remarkable features, it might not be your cup of tea. So, I’ve taken the liberty to recommend a few alternatives.


If you’re in search of more power at a lower price point, the Greenworks 20302 could be a perfect fit.

It features a 40-volt motor that delivers 50 cuts per charge, plus its battery is compatible with a collection of Greenworks tools. However, unlike the DeWalt, it only extends to 8 feet.

  • The Greenworks is more price-friendly.
  • Short extension pole — 8 feet compared to DeWalt’s 10 feet.
  • Both are bare tools.

Should you prefer a cordless pole saw that comes complete with a battery and charger, consider the Ryobi ONE+.

The ONE+ has a slightly shorter 9.5-foot extension pole but features the self-oiling function and an 8-inch chain and bar like the DCPS620B. Also, it works with over 50 tools in the Ryobi lineup. Plus, it has an angled cutting head for improved control.

  • Ryobi includes battery and charger, the DCPS620B doesn’t.
  • Sports a 9.5-foot extension compared to the DeWalt’s 10-feet.
  • Both come with 3-year warranty coverage.

Perhaps your projects require a pole saw for tough applications — I suggest you take a look at the M18 Fuel.

The M18 carries a lengthy 10-inch saw that’s rated to cut large hardwoods easily. Featuring a 7-foot pole, it accepts an additional 3 feet extension and can swap its head for string or hedge trimmers, or an edger. What’s more, it arrives with a battery and charger.

  • Milwaukee chain and bar measures 10 inches, in contrast to the DCPS620B’s 8 inches.
  • Heavier than the DeWalt — weighs 12.7 pounds compared to the latter’s 8.4 pounds.
  • The M18 is more expensive compared to the DeWalt.


A cordless pole saw is useful to mitigate the risks and stress of climbing up on a ladder or the costs of calling landscaping services. While that’s true, you need a model with dependable parts and features to enjoy the benefits of the tool.

The DeWalt DCPS620B fits these requirements.

This battery-powered pole saw can offer you a 15-foot reach (user height dependent) to cut down branches as thick as 6 inches in diameter. Also, its guide bar and chain work tirelessly with little to no kickback.

Additionally, it’s safety-compliant with its counterbalanced weight distribution, trigger switch start-up, and cushioned grip. And features a useful auto-oiling system, curbing downtime and maintenance.

While its lack of battery and charger may put some people off, if you have other DeWalt tools in your arsenal, go check out the DeWalt DCPS620B.

DeWalt Pole Saw 20V FAQs

Q: Does The DeWalt DCPS620B Need Oil?

Yes, the DCPS620B needs a bar and chain oil to function properly.

Q: Does DeWalt Make a Battery Pole Saw?

Yes, the DeWalt DCPS620B is a battery-powered pole saw.

Q: What Battery Does the DeWalt DCPS620B Pole Saw Use?

The DeWalt DCPS620B is compatible with the 20-volt Max lithium cell lineup.

Q: Does DeWalt XR Work With 20V Max?

Yes, DeWalt XR batteries can power the 20V Max pole saw.

Q: How Long Is the DeWalt DCPS620B Pole Saw?

The DCPS620B pole saw extends up to 10 feet and reaches 15 feet, if you’re a 6-foot tall individual. It collapses to 6 feet if you remove the center pole.

Q: How Do You Tighten the DeWalt Pole Saw?

Screw the tensioner clockwise to tighten the saw or anti-clockwise to loosen.

Q: Does the DeWalt DCPS620B 20V Come With a Chain?

Definitely. According to DeWalt DCPS620B specs, the pole saw comes with an 8-inch chain and bar for operation. However, it’s devoid of a battery, charger, and oil.

Q: Can You Extend DeWalt Pole Saw?

Yes. The maximum pole length is 10 feet.

Q: Where Can I Find the DeWalt DCPS620B Manual?

On the DeWalt website. Alternatively, you can download the detailed DeWalt DCPS620B manual here.

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