Greenworks 40V Pole Saw

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Greenworks 40V Pole Saw

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Greenworks 40V Pole Saw Review

With an 8-inch blade, the Greenworks 40V Pole Saw is designed to cut/trim/prune vegetation overgrowth, limbs, and branches up to 6 inches in diameter. And, as it’s cordless, you’re not tied to a mains power outlet or the length of your extension cord — ideal for those with larger green spaces up to one-third of an acre.

Weighing only 8.58 pounds, it’s relatively easy to wield and maneuver for a handful of operations. Moreover, the pole extends from 5 feet to 8 feet, depending on what size suits you — permitting ample reach.

This saw is auto-oiling, which saves you time on maintenance and preserves the life of the blade. Plus, the operator-friendly chain tensioning system ensures your saw is cutting both safely and efficiently.

It’s compatible with G-MAX batteries (not included). With a warranty of 4 years — it sure gives you a sense of security if any damage occurs down the line.

The Globe Group is behind the production of Greenworks tools. Founded in the US in 2009, their global headquarter and sprawling plant is in Changzhou, China. Furthermore, Greenworks is committed to a greener future and the design of their 40v cordless pole saw is a testimony to that statement.

Greenworks G-MAX 20302 Specs:

  • Max bar length – 8 feet
  • Chain pitch – 0.375 inches
  • Chain length – 8 inches
  • Power – 40V GMAX lithium cell


  • Automatic oiler.
  • Cushioned handle.
  • Uncomplicated chain tensioning system.
  • User-friendly start-up.


Fuss-free to operate.
Auto-lubrication during operation.
Powerful & fast cutting force.
Low-level maintenance.
Four-year warranty.


Battery and charger — additional purchase.
Oil tank could be bigger — frequent refilling required for some.

Greenworks 20302 40V 8-Inch Cordless Pole Saw Features and Benefits

The brand says the Greenworks pole saw makes your yard work a whole lot easier. Let’s see if that’s the case.

User-Friendly Chain Tensioning

A pole saw is essentially a mini chainsaw on a stick. And, just like the chainsaw, could pose a risk of serious injury if the chain isn’t adjusted correctly. Cutting with a loose chain usually causes kickback, that may fling the pole saw uncontrollably.

What’s more, it weakens the power of the bar, so you have to put force on cutting movement, which dulls the blade. Plus, incorrect tension may cause stiffness and overheating.

Thankfully, adjusting the chain’s tautness is a straightforward process. All that’s required is a screwdriver and a turn of the tensioning screw clockwise to tighten, and anti-clockwise to loosen.

Auto-Oiler Function

One welcome inclusion is its auto oiler capabilities.

Let me explain.

When cutting branches, your blade will experience a great deal of friction. However, the oil provides the business end with lubrication. This helps the saw carve through the limbs — reducing the heat that takes place during operation. This, in turn, safeguards the lifespan of your saw.

What’s more, it’s a low-maintenance affair, you simply pour the oil into the tank. Once the saw is running, it will take care of the rest — as this function is automated its self-oiling abilities will lube the chain — saving you the hassle of downtime to check.

And, the reservoir boasts a transparent indicator, so you can effortlessly check the oil levels and top-up.

8-Inch Blade and 8-Foot Reach

A pole saw is only as good as its extension pole, bar and chain.

Take this for instance, a model with a short pole and small blade will only cut dwarf trees. However, with the Greenworks 40 cordless pole saw, the manufacturers understood the assignment.

This tool offers an eight-foot reach, portability, and stability. The three-piece pole — power base, pole, and cutting head — extends considerably and operates comfortably with its sturdy design.

Also, the 20302 includes an 8-inch chain and bar, which is industry-standard — cutting limbs up to 6 inches in diameter.

Start-up Safety Switch

In my mind, wielding a saw on an 8-foot pole conjures up all sorts of potential mishaps — remember, it’s tree limbs you want to cut, not your own. Starting up your saw by accident is one hazardous scenario.

Thankfully Greenworks has this covered. The brand has incorporated a switch lock that requires pressing to initiate life into the pole saw.

Cordless Operation

Generally speaking, pole saws are defined into three categories — corded, gas, or battery powered. The Greenworks 40v pole saw is in the latter.

This has its advantages, in that the unit will be much lighter than its gas-driven cousin. What’s more, you’re not tied to a cable, which for one, could be a potentially disastrous tripping hazard. Plus, you’re free to roam as far as your trimming and cutting takes you.

That said, you will be restricted to the life of the cell. To give you an idea of battery life, Greenworks suggests 50 cuts per full charge.

Cushioned Grip

Like I said earlier, you can’t stress safety enough when operating power tools like a pole saw. Every feature counts, if it’ll prevent a limb-cutting accident.

And what better minor, but useful feature than the cushioned grip of the Greenworks 20302 pole saw. Aside from operational comfort, the handle is large enough to fit two hands for a firm grip.

Plus, this padded grip absorbs vibration from the powerful cutting head to help you keep steady hands and reduce fatigue.

Greenworks Pole Saw 40V Specifications

Greenworks 20302
Oil Tank Capacity7 fluid ounces (50ml)
BatteryG-Max 40V
Bar Length8 inches
Chain Pitch0.375 inches (9.5mm)
Voltage40 volts
Min Pole Length5 feet
Max Pole Length8 feet
Product Weight8.58 pounds (3.86kg)
Warranty4 years limited warranty

What Users Say About The Greenworks 20302

In my view, the Greenworks is a cordless pole saw geared for the home-user or handyman who wants to tame a few trees on an occasional basis. However, that’s just what I think about it.

Do those with firsthand experience with this power tool concur?

Firstly, homeowners note its easy-to-assemble design is welcomed for anyone new to felling or trimming tree branches. The weight in comparison to gas-driven models also gets the thumbs up. Plus, thanks to the 8-foot pole, others love the fact they can now tackle branches they could never quite reach before.

That said, a few wished the battery and charger were included, to avoid that additional purchase. While some grumbled about the oil tank capacity — they found frequently refilling became a touch tiresome.

However, aside from the few quibbles, on the whole, users agreed the Greenworks 20302 pole saw is worth a trial for homeowners.

Alternatives to Greenworks Cordless Pole Saw

While the Greenworks 20302 has some respectable features for the discerning green-thumb community — if it’s not nailing it enough for you, I’ve listed below some up-to-par alternatives you might take an interest in.


If you’re looking for a pole saw that can handle expansive greenspace management, you should check out the DeWalt DCPS620B.

The DeWalt 20V pole saw is estimated to sustain ninety cuts per charge, enabling you to get more work done. It also sports a lengthy 10-foot pole and a low-kickback chain and bar.

  • Longer pole — 10 feet compared to Greenworks’ 8 feet.
  • Less powerful — only 20 volts while the Greenworks 20302 is 40 volts.
  • Both are tool-only pole saws.
If you prefer a pole saw with a longer reach, you should take a look at the Ryobi ONE+. Its operating length is between 6.5 and 9.5 feet.

Like the Greenworks, it features a self-oiling function, an 8-inch bar, and can trim branches of the same diameter. However, the Ryobi does arrive complete with a battery and charging unit.

  • Chain and bar measure 8 inches — same as the Greenworks 40 cordless pole saw.
  • Longer cutting reach than the Greenworks.
  • Shorter warranty — 3 years compared to 20302’s 4 years guarantee.
If you’re interested in a pole saw with more cutting force, consider the Milwaukee M18 Fuel pole saw.

The M18 arrives with a 10-inch bar for more aggressive cuts than the 20302’s 8-inch bar. It can reach full throttle in a second, which is impressive. Additionally, you can couple attachments like an edger, articulating hedge trimmer, string trimmer, and a 3-foot extension pole on the M18 Fuel pole saw.

  • Weighing 12.7 pounds, the M18 is heavier than the 20302.
  • Sports a 10-inch bar compared to Greenworks 8-inch bar.
  • Both pole saws have an auto oiler and easy-access chain tensioning.


For me, the Greenworks G-MAX 20302 is the personification of an ideal pole saw. It provides you with up to 8-foot reach to cut down tree branches with convenience.
Also, its auto oiler comes in handy because you don’t have to worry about excessive maintenance. And, its semi-transparent tank makes for straightforward usage monitoring.

Additionally, it’s built with safety in mind — both the start-up switch and cushioned grip ensure you’re in complete control during operation.

Granted, it may not meet the needs of the professional landscaper, yet for gardeners who need a user-friendly, cordless pole saw to tackle the back yard — I’d suggest checking out the Greenworks 40v pole saw.

Greenworks 20302 40V Pole Saw FAQs

Q: Does the Greenworks 20302 Come With a Battery & Charger?

No. This model is tool only. Thus, you will have to factor in the additional purchase. However, the GMAX 40V lithium cells are compatible with all Greenworks power tools running off this voltage.

Q: Can a 40V Black & Decker Battery Work on Greenworks 40 Volt Cordless Pole Saw?

Unfortunately not. They are produced by different manufacturers, hence not compatible with each other. As mentioned above, you will require a 40-volt GMAX lithium cell.

Q: How Long Is The Greenworks 40 Volt Pole Saw Warranty?

Upon purchase, you receive a four-year warranty.

Q: Where Can I Source a Copy of the Manual for the Greenworks 40V Cordless Pole Saw?

You can view/download the manual from the manufacturer’s website. To access it directly, click here.

Q: Can the Greenworks 20302 and 20672 Model Use the Same Battery?

Yes, they can. Both batteries for models 20302 and 20672 are in the Greenworks G-MAX 40V line. Hence, they are interchangeable.

Q: Can You Trim Hedges With the Greenworks Pole Trimmer?

As the name suggests, the Green Works Tree Trimmer cuts and prunes tree limbs and branches. If you need to tame wild boundary hedging, a hedge trimmer would be better suited to your project’s requirements.

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