Milwaukee M18 Cordless Pole Saw

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Milwaukee M18 Cordless Pole Saw

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Milwaukee M18 Cordless Pole Saw Review

The Milwaukee M18 cordless pole saw is built for the demands of professional trimming and landscaping. It also fits serious homeowners who’re looking to cut down thicker tree limbs with ease.

With a 10-inch bar and 7-foot shaft, this pole saw offers respectable reach and cutting capabilities. Plus, it supports an attachment (sold separately) that provides an additional 3 feet.

Speaking of attachments, the Milwaukee M18 is compatible with three more tools for superior versatility. It works with an edger, hedge trimmer, and string trimmer head, for users who’ll prefer these tools.

What’s more, its brushless motor ensures plenty of power for those demanding cuts — carving through not only softwoods but also dense hardwoods. And, with a well-balanced, ergonomic design, it’s both comfortable and unchallenging to control.

Developed by the Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation in Brookfield, Wisconsin, United States. The brand also manufactures a plethora of corded and cordless power tools, cutters, hand tools, hand saws, pliers, screwdrivers, trims, and tool combo kits.

Milwaukee M18 Pole Saw Specs

  • Speed – 4,600 RPM
  • Voltage – 18 volts
  • Bar length – 10 inches
  • Chain pitch – 0.375 inches (low profile)


  • Provides up to 150 cuts per charge.
  • Brushless motor.
  • Includes 9.0 Ah cell and charger.
  • Long-lasting automatic oiler.


Relatively lightweight for a heavy-duty unit.
Brushless motor.
Five-year warranty.
Lithium cell — provides 150 cuts per charge.
Includes shoulder strap.


Premium-priced pole saw.
Oil tank may run dry faster than anticipated.

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Pole Saw Features & Benefits

I’ve briefly covered some of the Milwaukee battery powered pole saw highlights — now let’s take a closer look and see whether it’s a cut above the rest.

10-Inch Saw

The average pole saw will struggle while cutting tree branches thicker than 6 inches, not to mention hardwoods.

However, the Milwaukee M18 sports a 10-inch saw designed for cutting through the toughest tree limbs and branches — such as hickory, ash, and oak. No surprise there when it’s 2 inches larger than a standard pole saw. But it’s also supported by its brushless motor that gets the job done without bogging down — more on that next.

Brushless Motor

A brushless motor has several plus points — its build is compact and light, has a lower chance of overheating, and provides better energy consumption. The latter being particularly beneficial when using battery-operated power tools.

However, it also offers more brawn and reliability than its brushed motor cousin. In short, the Milwaukee boasts a durable motor that can cope with heavy-duty work — permitting you to cut down hardwoods without shortening its longevity.

Aside from its durability, the M18’s motor powers the large blade to full throttle in under a second — ensuring efficient operating performance.

7-Foot Pole Length

The Milwaukee arrives with a pole shaft of 7 feet (84 inches) in length. For the average guy, this should allow a reach of around 13 feet, which should be enough for most users.

Now, if you need to work with even more length, it accepts a three-feet extension pole. With this, landscapers can cut down unwanted branches without fear of running out of reach.

Battery and Charger Included

Many pole saws come as a tool-only package, but the M18 is a full package — battery plus recharging unit. It enables you to get to work right away if you’re eager to cut down some tree limbs, cutting out any disappointment of separate deliveries.

The M18’s REDLITHIUM battery can give you up to an hour of continuous use on a single charge. Specifically, it’s rated to deliver 150 cuts per charge. Also, according to Milwaukee, it recharges cells 40 percent faster than its standard charging units.


The Milwaukee Fuel pole saw is arguably one of the most maneuverable pole saws on a pound-to-pound basis. In other words, it’s relatively easy to handle compared to the grunt and length it offers.

It weighs a respectable 12.7 pounds, and the placement of the motor creates that all-important balance required. What’s more, its shoulder strap helps wield the saw and takes some of the strain.

Proprietary Attachment System

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel can be more than just a powerful pole saw. With the right attachment, you can turn this tool into a lengthy edger, articulating hedge trimmer, and a string trimmer.

And, it’s as simple as swapping its blade head with any of these interchangeable attachments. Although, they are sold separately.

Overall, it’s not just versatile, but an economical all-in-one kit for your outdoorsman needs. Saving you the hassle of carrying around an arsenal of tools.

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Pole Saw Specification

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Pole Saw
Battery‎9.0 lithium-ion battery (included)
Chain Gauge0.043 inches
Chain Pitch0.375 inches - low profile
Voltage18 volts
Oil Tank Capacity4.7 ounces
Width9 inches
Length84 inches
Blade Length 10 inches
Product Weight12.7 pounds

What Users Say About the Milwaukee 18 Volt Pole Saw

Without a doubt, the Milwaukee battery operated pole saw will suit those looking to enjoy powerful cutting and reaching greater heights.

But that’s only my opinion of the tool. Let’s see what other users have to say.

Firstly, most admire it comes packed with a battery and charger to get to work immediately. And, they love the saw’s responsiveness and shoulder harness — making the task of trimming tree limbs somewhat pleasurable.

Secondly, the sheer cutting prowess of the M18 is highly rated — offering plenty of grunt for rapid and clean cuts. What’s more, battery life and fast-charging capabilities exceeded many expectations.

However, some felt that considering the price, oil should be included in the package.

Alternatives to Milwaukee 18V Cordless Pole Saw

The Milwaukee may well be a standout pole saw for many, yet perhaps it’s not fitting your requirements. If that’s the case, why not consider these possibilities.


If you love the big name brand of the Milwaukee but would prefer more reach, the DeWalt 20V Max is one to consider. This pole saw has an extension pole that stretches up to 15 feet — providing you’re 6-foot tall.

This cordless pole saw has a durable cutting saw that carves through branches and a hook to guide them down to earth. It also includes a brushless motor that runs for up to ninety-six cuts per charge with minimal kickback.

  • The DeWalt is tool-only, while the Milwaukee is ready-to-use.
  • Friendly on the pocket, unlike the M18.
  • Both feature a brushless motor.
Perhaps you’re only looking to work on the occasional tree, if so, the Greenworks 20302 could be a suitable option.

It’s economical and offers all the basic features you’ll need in a pole saw. The 20302 sports an 8-inch bar and chain, easy-adjust chain tensioning, and an 8-foot pole extension.

Also, it applies oil to the bar and chain automatically — guaranteeing frictionless operation. And, arrives with a translucent tank for easy monitoring of the oil level.

  • Lightweight — weighs only 8 pounds compared to Milwaukee M18’s 12 pounds.
  • Shorter warranty — 4 years, while the Milwaukee has 5 years.
  • Greenworks runs off 40 volts, compared to the 18-volt M18.

If you prefer a powerful cordless pole saw but one with a smaller bar, consider the Ryobi ONE+.

This 18-volt cordless pole saw has an extension of up to 9.5 feet and like the M18, includes a cell and charger. Yet, it has an 8-inch blade and chain — adequate for trimming trees and bushes up to 6 inches.

With an in-line motor and angled cutting head, you can cut off branches effortlessly, even in closed spaces.

  • Both arrive with an 18-volt motor.
  • Shorter warranty — 3 years compared to M18’s 5 years.
  • Smaller cutting saw — Ryobi measures 8 inches while the M18 is 10 inches.


The Milwaukee M18 Fuel pole saw is a power tool worthy of professional landscapers but also suitable for hardcore homeowners — its brawny 10-inch saw is more than capable of carving through thick branches and high-density wood.

What’s more, the M18 has the scope to reach an impressive 10 feet, if you purchase the optional 3-foot extension. Plus, its brushless motor provides the grunt to execute cuts both efficiently and quickly.

And, the battery’s generous run time — up to 150 cuts — is ideal for those with expansive projects or who want to maximize usage.

Admittedly, for the light user, it may be overkill, but any serious gardening fraternity or pro landscaper must at least consider giving the Milwaukee M18 cordless pole saw a closer look.

Milwaukee 18V Pole Saw FAQs

Q: Does the Milwaukee Pole Saw Need Oil?

Yes, it does. However, it’s self-oiling.

Q: How Far Will a Milwaukee Pole Saw Reach?

The Milwaukee M18 arrives with a 7-foot pole. Plus, you can also purchase an additional 3-feet extension.

Q: Does Milwaukee Make a Cordless Pole Saw?

Yes. The M18 Fuel is a battery-powered cordless pole saw produced by Milwaukee.

Q: How Far Does the Milwaukee Pole Saw Extend?

The shaft length reaches 7 feet. However, you can increase this to 10 feet with an additional 3-foot attachment (separate purchase required — model no# 49-16-2971).

Q: What Is the Current Price for The Milwaukee Fuel Pole Saw?

With its brushless motor, 10-inch blade, and high-performance lithium cell, the Milwaukee Fuel pole saw is geared for heavy-duty tree limbing and landscaping. The most up-to-date cost can be found here.

Q: How Long Is the Milwaukee 18 Volt Pole Saw Warranty?

This model comes with an extensive five-year warranty. However, the battery is slightly shorter at three years.

Q: Does the Milwaukee M18 Pole Saw Come With a Battery and Charger?

Yes, this model (#2821-21PS) comes with a 9.0Ah lithium cell and a recharging unit.

Q: Where Can I Source a Copy of the Manual for the Milwaukee 18 Cordless Pole Saw?

You can find all the owner’s guides on the Milwaukee official website. For swiftness click here to go directly to the manual.

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