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Ryobi ONE+
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Ryobi ONE+ Cordless Pole Saw

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Ryobi ONE+ Cordless Pole Saw Review

The Ryobi ONE+ cordless pole saw is geared for the casual user or gardener seeking a straight from the box, value-for-money power tool for garden maintenance.

Sporting an 8-inch chain, the Ryobi one plus pole saw is capable of trimming tree limbs up to six inches in diameter. It also offers a beneficial cutting range of 9.5 feet to cover small to medium trees, and its angled cutting head permits you to cut braces in awkward spaces.

This machine is driven by a robust 18-volt 1.3Ah battery that lasts around 45 minutes to an hour — or enough time to prune a couple of trees in one charge. It also comes with a one-hour quick charger.

For convenience, the Ryobi One Plus pole saw automatically supplies oil to the bar and chain. And, for operator comfort, it also features a shoulder harness for balance and cushioning during operation.

Ryobi has been a worldwide manufacturer of quality power tools for over 78 years. It’s currently a subsidiary of Techtronics, the parent company of industry leaders Milwaukee Power Tools.

Ryobi ONE+ Cordless Pole Saw Specs

  • Max pole length – 9.5 feet
  • Chain pitch – 0.375 inches
  • Chain length – 8 inches
  • Battery type – 18V 1.3 Ah Lithium Ion


  • Battery interchangeable with ONE+ tools.
  • Automatic oiling.
  • User-friendly design.
  • Fast charging.


Solid reach and power for small and medium trees.
Includes recharging unit and battery.
Battery is interchangeable with other Ryobi ONE+ tools.
Angled cutting head to reach tight spaces.
Auto-fill oil system to the bar and chain.
Three-year warranty.


Guzzles oil.

Ryobi Battery Powered Pole Saw Features and Benefits

Ryobi says they offer solutions for all your yard maintenance needs. Let’s take a closer look at the Ryobi One Plus pole saw to gauge whether this tool does exactly that — or not.

9.5-Foot Reach

The Ryobi ONE+ cordless pole saw extends to up to 9.5 feet — and its original position is 6.5 feet. Depending on your height, it could give a cutting range of 14-15 feet on trees, bushes, and other vegetation.

Sporting an 8-inch bar and chain, you can kiss climbing up a tree or ladder bye-bye. This permits the trimming, pruning, or cutting back of branches up to 6 inches in diameter.

Also, operating in tight spaces a chainsaw won’t reach becomes a breeze. The in-line motor and angled cutting head design make this possible.

Safe Operation

As the name suggests, a pole saw is in effect a chainsaw on a stick. And, if you don’t heed the safety warnings, operating one of these machines could be risky business. Hence, it’s pleasing to see that Ryobi acknowledges the possible dangers and incorporates features to make this pole saw safe for users.

It includes a trigger-lock button that prevents the saw from being mistakenly activated. Before the tool will burst into life, the lock-out switch must be pressed prior to the trigger.

What’s more, this pole saw’s design enables stability even at its highest height settings. Its even weight distribution — motor and battery at the base — counteract the cutting end at the top for balance. So while you may experience a slight wobble, it’s nothing like a fishing pole-sway.

Additionally, the Ryobi sports a non-slip grip. It prevents your gloved hands from sliding off during a sweaty work session.


Lubricating your saw blade is essential. It will reduce friction while the tool is cutting, which improves performance and protects the saw from heat damage — thus preserving the life of your pole saw.

The handy inclusion of an automatic oiling function means once you’ve hit the trigger, the saw will self-lube. However, Ryobi suggests checking the oil levels every 20 minutes to avoid empty running.

Its oil tank is semi-transparent for convenient monitoring. Yet, bear in mind, the tank arrives empty, hence, ensure you have a decent chain and bar oil ready for the first use.

1.3Ah Battery and Charger

These days many brands take the tool-only approach, which means you have to make allowances for purchasing batteries and charger — that is, if you don’t already own compatible power cells.

However, Ryobi includes both of these items — a 1.3 Ah battery, plus charger. This all-in package means it’s trim-ready straight from the box. That said, as mentioned, you will need to purchase the oil for the blade and chain.

Obviously, the battery life of a cordless device is likely its most important feature after power. And the 18-volt lithium-ion battery delivers about an hour of runtime on a single charge. That gives most homeowners ample time to trim tree limbs and branches around their backyard.

What’s more, thanks to the fast-charging recharger, downtime is minimized.

Ryobi Battery Pole Saw Specifications

Ryobi ONE+ Cordless Pole Saw
Model18V ONE+
Oil Tank Capacity7 fluid ounces (50ml)
Battery1.3 Ah lithium-ion
Bar Length8 inches
Chain Pitch0.375 inches (9.5mm)
Minimum Length6.5 feet
Maximum Length9.5 feet
Warranty3 years

What Users Say About the Ryobi One Plus Cordless Pole Saw

Now that you know what I think about the Ryobi One Plus pole saw, it’s time to hear from real-life users. It makes the review neutral and encompassing. So, I’ll get right into it.

To start with, many commend the superior cutting quality of its chain and bar and how it’s neither a burden to carry nor handles as if it’ll break in half. And, users appreciate how it can reach places where they would’ve otherwise hired a tree surgeon or rented a ladder to cut.

Plus, the Ryobi fans love that they can get the best use of their batteries because of its compatibility with other ONE+ tools. What’s more, users say it’s easy to use — regarding tension, oil, and grip.

The only cause for debate is Ryobi’s issue of oil trickling down the pole. A few complained of this minor annoyance, but many acknowledge never experiencing it.

Alternatives to Ryobi One Plus 18 Volt Pole Saw

While the Ryobi 18V pole saw fits the bill for most, it may be lacking certain features that may be useful to you and your projects. Hence, I’ll share alternatives that might interest you.


If you’re looking for a pole with a longer battery life to make more cuts on a single charge, consider the DeWALT 20V MAX.

The DCPS620B can deliver over ninety cuts on tree limbs the size of 4×4 treated wood. And, it sports a 20-volt motor for powerful torque on every cut. It arrives with a 10-foot extension pole and an 8-inch blade, but the charger and battery are not included.

  • Also uses interchangeable batteries like the Ryobi ONE+.
  • Slightly longer — extends to 10 feet, compared to the Ryobi’s 9.5 feet.
  • Unlike the Ryobi, the DeWalt is tool-only.
If your tree-trimming projects demand a pole saw that can cope with heavy-duty horticulture, you may wish to consider the Milwaukee Fuel M18.

The M-18 reaches full throttle in one second and cuts through most hardwood tree limbs and branches. What’s more, it boasts a superior battery of life of up to 150 cuts per charge.

Additionally, it supports the Quik-Lock Attachment System that allows you to mount attachments like a hedge trimmer, 3-foot extension bar, or edger.

  • Considerably more expensive than the Ryobi ONE+ pole saw.
  • The M18 comes with a 10-inch blade, compared to the Ryobi’s 8 inches.
  • Both M18 and Ryobi feature an automatic chain oiler.
Tacklife SGP15AC
If you’re concerned 18 volts isn’t powerful enough for your garden’s requirements, the Greenworks 20302 might interest you. Driven by 40 volts, it delivers more cutting force than the Ryobi ONE+ pole saw.

It also arrives with an 8-inch blade, an automatic oiler, like the Ryobi, yet the max pole length is slightly shorter at 8 feet.

  • The Greenworks is kinder on the pocket — yet it is tool-only.
  • More powerful operation — 40 volts compared to Ryobi’s 18 volts.
  • Extends to only 8 feet while the Ryobi extends up to 9.5 feet.


Scaling a tree with a machete or climbing a ladder to cut limbs off a tree could be dangerous. Not to mention, not everyone is physically capable of pulling such moves.

Enter cordless pole saws.

Not only do they allow you to prune trees from the safety of terra ferma, but it’s also faster and takes less effort.

The Ryobi One Plus pole saw certainly meets the criteria — its 9.5 feet pole enables you to trim the limbs of tall trees with ease. The 8-inch blade is adequate for 6-inch diameter branches, and the automatic oiling system keeps the blade lubed up for peak performance.

What’s more, the weight distribution is evenly balanced to give it a sturdy feel during operation. And, you can use its battery for other Ryobi ONE+ tools.

Admittedly, it may not be man enough for the heavy-use professional, yet for those seeking a pole saw for yard maintenance at a value-for-money price point, I’d suggest the Ryobi ONE+ Cordless pole saw is worth checking out.

Ryobi 8in. Cordless Pole Saw FAQs

Q: How Long Is a Ryobi Pole Saw?

The Ryobi ONE+ has a resting height of 6 feet when coupled and extends up to 9.5 feet.

Q: What Kind of Oil Do You Use in a Ryobi Pole Saw?

The Ryobi ONE+ pole saw works with any branded bar and chain oil. Avoid used, dirty, or contaminated oil to prevent premature mechanical issues.

Q: Does Ryobi Make a Gas Pole Saw?

No, Ryobi doesn’t make a gas-powered pole saw. But the brand does have a battery-powered attachment that’s touted to have gas-like power — Expand-It. It’s a 40-volt model with a ten-inch bar and chain.

Q: Can the Ryobi ONE+ Pole Saw Be Used With an Extension Cord?

No, this pole saw is cordless and driven by an 18-volt battery, hence you cannot connect to electricity.

Q: Will the Ryobi 18V Cordless Pole Saw’s Battery Fit Other Tools?

Yes. The Ryobi ONE+ cordless pole saw battery is compatible with all Ryobi tools operating on this platform. The brand suggests it’s in the region of 260 cordless power tools.

Q: Can I Rotate the Ryobi One Pole Saw Ninety Degrees?

No, you can’t tilt the angle of the Ryobi One Plus pole saw. Although, the business end is angled to cut in tight spaces.

Q: What Should I Wear When Using the Ryobi Cordless Pole Saw?

For safety purposes, it’s advisable to don a protective hat with a shield, long sleeve shirt, non-slip gloves, and boots when operating the Ryobi 18v cordless pole saw.

Q: Where Can I Find the User Manual for the Ryobi Cordless Pole Saw?

An owner’s manual is included in the package. However, you can access it online. Click here for rapid access.

Q: Can I Use the Ryobi Pole Saw Like a Chainsaw?

No, but the Ryobi pole saw reduces to a height of about 6 feet for handling tasks closer to the ground.

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