Complete Review of Kobalt 24-Volt Max 6-1/2-in Cordless Circular Saw Brake for 2023

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 Kobalt 24-Volt Max 6-1/2-in Cordless Circular Saw Brake Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on:  March 1, 2019

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 March 1, 2019 @ 10:09 am



  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Review Summary:

An innovative tool ought to put a smile on any handyman’s face. The Kobalt 24V Max Brushless Circular Saw comes with a revamped design. There is something different about it, and definitely in a good way.

Cordless circular saws have been around for a while, and all the major brands manufacture them. But very few of them can boast of offering high-end saws at an affordable price. Kobalt is undoubtedly one of those brands.

The unit has a good heft to it, and appears well-made. You can certainly count on in for fast and authoritative cuts. The ingenious design makes it very user-friendly.

One could perhaps rely on it as their primary tool in a professional environment, as it packs a lot of power when used with a 4-Ah battery. It is also its biggest downside, as the battery is sold separately.

Nevertheless, it still has a lot of things going for it and could certainly be considered a smart purchase. Like all other 24V Max tools, this powertool also comes with a 5-year limited warranty.


  •  Weight –6.73 pounds
  • Dimensions –14″ x 11.2″ x 7″
  • Power Source -Li-Ion Battery (not included)
  • Speed -5400 RPM
  • Voltage –24V

Kobalt 24-Volt Max 6-1/2-in Cordless Circular Saw Brake – The Basics

The brushless motor on this unit is quite unique, as it comes at a reduced length. With that move, Kobalt killed two birds with one stone. It makes the tool much thinner while offering better performance.

It’s the only brushless 6-1/2″ saw of that kind that can cut through three sheets of 3/4″ plywood. What makes that possible is the unit’s ingenious design. The engineers positioned the shoe, spindle and the blade in avery crafty way, allowing the user to use the maximum of the blade.

The cut alignment of the tool is approximately equal to the width of the blade. The blade operates at 5400 RPMs, which is above average for its category. According to the manufacturer, the saw can cut through 87″ feet of pine on a 4-Ah battery,

There is a bevel-locking knob that allows you to set the cutting angle. It goes between 0 and 50-degrees and is very easy to operate. To adjust the depth of the cut, simply raise or lower the saw until the indicator is aligned with the desired depth.

The battery isn’t included in the package, but it’s well worth the purchase. It’s 50% more powerful and last three and a half times longer than Kobalt’s old 18V cells.

The Features

The Design

The manufacturer took the standard blueprint of a circular saw and created an even better unit with a reduced overall width. They circular isn’t equipped with a traditional brushed motor, but with an outer-rotor brushless motor that’s located outside, as opposed to being inside the stator. The result of which is one of the thinnest tools of the kind on the market.

The design also provides the user with better flexibility. It’s easier to set the blade at the desired proximity of the material being cut.

The manufacturer claims that this is the only 6-/12-inch brushless saw that can cut through three 3/4″ pieces of plywood in a single stroke. That’s some impressive work, as the same depth cut can be expected of a full-sized 7-1/4″ saw.

Kobalt placed the shoe along the cutout and manufactured the spindle and the blade mechanism in such a way that increases depth, allowing the small blade to cut almost up to the arbor. As this is a tight, compact unit, one can easily manipulate it. The blade guard doesn’t radiate confidence as that of a corded unit, but it’s satisfactory and among the better ones when it comes to cordless drills.

The cut-alignment notch located on the upper part of the shoe aligns perfectly with the cut being performed. It would almost be perfect if it weren’t for the lack of a blow port. It would prevent the pesky sawdust accumulating along the cutting line.


The brushless motor doesn’t only prolong the life of the tool, but it also gives it much more power. The blade spins at 5400 RPM. You can make ten entire cuts through 8-ft sheets when using a 4Ah cell. Kobalt’s 24V batteries are pretty impressive as they provide a lot of power while offering three times the run time of an 18V battery. It sounds like voodoo, but it’s all due to the engineers’ ingenuity.


If by now you haven’t been convinced this is a top-notch product, this might be the thing that’ll win you over. Kobalt is adamant about gaining your favor and thus offers all buyers a 5-year limited warranty on any of their 24V Max power tools. They’ve been known for their great return policies and customer-oriented approach.

Kobalt Cordless Circular Saw Brake



LED indicator


Brushless Motor


5400 RPM


Compact Design


Deep Cuts


Great Accuracy



Light Works only with Trigger


Saw Dust Accumulation


No Battery


Things we liked about it

Kobalt has delivered us an almost impeccable product. The sheer power and cutting depth this compact cordless tool is capable of delivering are very impressive. The user-friendly design is also particularly noteworthy.

The manufacturer made great promises, and it can be seen that they stand by their words. The runtime of the tool makes it even great for professional use.


Things we didn’t like

The lack of a battery is a downside, although it may be considered nitpicking. Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning to make sure there are no disappointments when the bare tool arrives.

The LED indicator should be on even when the trigger isn’t pressed. A dust collector could have been included as well, as the sawdust piles up quite quickly.

General User Impressions

The 24V Max Brushless Circular Saw delivers what it promises. It is a light, tight unit that’s packing a lot of power. You can rely on it for greater accuracy.


One wouldn’t be wrong to proclaim the 24V Max Cordless Saw the flagship tool of any Kobalt combo kit. It could possibly outperform even a corded tool. However, if you are planning to use it in a professional environment be sure to pair it with a 4.0-Ah battery.

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