Tacklife Reciprocating Saw Review

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Tacklife Reciprocating Saw Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

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Tacklife Reciprocating Saw

The Tacklife Reciprocating Saw, hailing from the Tacklife stable, is a versatile, lightweight, and compact power tool, perfect for cutting through various materials. This contemporary brand designs modern-looking tools that offer value, quality, and dependability — aspects apparent in the Tacklife RES004.

With its variable speed trigger, this machine enables you to choose the exact pace — of up to 3,000 spm (strokes per minute) — necessary for cutting a variety of materials ranging from PVC pipe and metal to tree limbs and roots.

The compact and lightweight design paired with the soft-rubber ergonomic handle of the RES004 aids the ease and workability of the saw. This tool is a dream when it comes to maneuvering in and out of tight spaces and will make any sawing jobs you undertake a joy.

Included with your purchase is a branded carrying case — with pockets, an owner’s manual, two blades — one for cutting metal and one for cutting wood, the power tool itself, plus the 20-volt 2Ah battery, and a charger. Everything you need to get you set up without having to buy extra bits and bobs.


  • Voltage – 20 volts
  • Length(assembled) – 15.4 inches
  • Power Source – Lithium-Ion battery
  • Weight – 7 pounds


  • Fast charging 2.0Ah lithium-ion battery.
  • Lock-off safety button.
  • Variable speed trigger with a range of up to 3,000 spm.
  • Compact and lightweight design.


Variable speed trigger.
Battery light indicator.
Quick locking blade change system.
Lightweight and compact ergonomic design.
Carry case and two blades included.


The motor is noisier than you’d expect.

TACKLIFE 20V MAX Cordless Reciprocating Saw Features and Benefits

I’ve mentioned a few of the key features of the Tacklife RES004. Now, let’s dive into what makes this saw a formidable power tool.

Tool-less Blade Change

Although tool-less blade changes are dominating the power tool market, not all mechanisms are created equally. Tacklife has a very easy-to-use system that distinguishes it from its competitors.

The knob-like, spring-loaded clamp requires you to rotate it anti-clockwise to attach a blade. Upon release, the blade automatically locks into place. Thus eliminating the need for you to ever touch a hot blade. It also means you won’t be spending stacks of time hunting around for a hex key, screwdriver, or your Leatherman multi-tool.

To release, all you need to do is give an anti-clockwise twist.

Double Safety Switch

Working with power tools can be a dangerous feat so the safety switches are a sensible feature. It prevents the tool from turning on accidentally — which could be disastrous. With this saw, there is a safety switch on the right and left sides of the tool, meaning it’s comfortable to use for both left and right-handed workmen.

Nothing makes a tough job as tough as an uncomfortable tool — and it seems like the folks from Tacklife did as much as they could to make this a user-friendly saw. The position of this switch is well thought out — your hand will naturally press down on the button when pushing the trigger, meaning you don’t have to worry about having awkward hand positioning to utilize this feature.

Stroke Length

A reciprocating saw’s stroke length dictates the depth and potential speed of the cut — but, bigger and longer is not always better. You want a tool that’s easy to maneuver, with enough cutting power and length to get the job done. With a stroke length of 0.80 inches, the Tacklife RES004 is right on par for effective, efficient, and fast cutting.

The stroke length paired with the variable speeds ensure that the RES004 has adjustability dependent on task and material, making it a versatile dream.

Lithium-Ion Battery

The 20-volt 2Ah battery — included in the purchase — provides more than enough power for the tool. The lithium-ion cell allows for complete cordless freedom, adding to the portability and ease of use.

The battery also comes with a charger that features a power indicator, permitting you to detect your battery’s level at just a glance — charging time is around one hour. This allows you to sufficiently plan your work schedule without guesswork.

In short, when you partner the power indicator with the fast-charging lithium-ion battery, it means less downtime for your Tacklife reciprocating saw.

Shoe Adjustment

A pivoting shoe is an adjustable feature that grants you greater access to different areas of the blade, and can in some cases extend the blade’s life — always a plus! You can also use the shoe as a fulcrum or to pin down flexible material.

The Tacklife’s shoe, aka special footplate can be adjusted from zero to 10 degrees and can be disassembled, making for safe and convenient transportation.

Variable Speed

The Tacklife Reciprocating Saw is controlled using a variable speed trigger. This saw has a speed range of 0 to 3,000 spm, meaning that you can select your speed according to your material. Some delicate cuts or harder materials will need a slower pace, whereas softer materials can handle a faster cut. You decide and control the revolutions with the squeeze of your finger.

As is the norm with trigger switches, the harder you squeeze the more power is delivered, and the softer the pressure you apply, the lower the power revolutions to the blade.

Impressive Ergonomics

The soft rubber ergonomic handle makes this machine easy to work with and decreases the likelihood of it slipping out of your hands. Grip it like a man, and get the job done!

The comfortability of the rubber handle paired with the lightweight and compact design of the Tacklife ensures you have total control, which you will need when working in those tight, hard-to-reach spots.

For me, it feels like the Tacklife RES004 is designed to be effortless, safe, and fun to use — and it is just that!

Tacklife 20V Max Saw Specifications

Tacklife 20V MAX
Model NumberRES004
Weight7.0 pounds
Power Source20-volt Lithium-Ion Battery
LED LightYes
Warranty2 Years
Strokes Per Minute0-3,000
Switch TypeVariable speed trigger
Stroke Length 0.80 inches
Product Dimensions15.4 x 6.3 x 2.8 inches

What Do Users Say About the Tacklife Reciprocating Saw?

After an incisive search of the internet to find other users’ accounts of their experiences, I must say that the overwhelming consensus is that this tool is an absolute bargain for the immense job it does.

Most owners have found the tool to be reliable and efficient with many people expressing that their initial reservations regarding the power were laid to rest the moment they used this tool.

DIYers have voiced their appreciation for the effortless maneuverability of the tool, its special orbital action, and its wide range of speeds available — with many questioning how they operated for so long without it. A valid point!

Alternatives to the Tacklife 20V Max Reciprocating Saw

Although the Tacklife RES004 is a saw-tastic power tool that’s received astounding support from the DIY-verse, there is a possibility that it doesn’t quite tick all the boxes for you. If that’s the case, one of the three reciprocating saws briefly reviewed below might offer you a good choice with some alternative features.

If the 7 pounds of the Tacklife RES004 sounds a little too heavy for you, the Porter-Cable could be a lighter solution — weighing 4 pounds.

Another slight variation between the two is the stroke length, with the PCC670B offering a lengthier 1 inch vs that of the RES004’s 0.80 inches. However, both feature a maximum stroke per minute of 3,000, offer a tool-less blade switch, a pivoting shoe, and are cordless, making this a viable alternative.

  • Porter-Cable battery, plus charger are sold separately — thus making the Tacklife more cost-effective.
  • One-inch stroke length of the Porter-Cable is slightly longer than the Tacklife’s 0.80 inches.
  • Both run off 20-volt lithium cells.
If you have more specialized tasks that are going to involve plenty of awkward-to-reach or tight spaces, the DeWalt DCS369B may be of interest to you. Although it offers slightly less in the way of strokes per minute, it still provides up to 2,800 spm.

Like the Tacklife 20V Max Reciprocating Saw, the DCS369B arrives with a pivoting shoe, a variable speed trigger, and a tool-free blade change. It also has the option of an LED light for illuminating those dimly lit spaces.

  • At 2800 spm, the DCS369B has a slightly slower top speed vs the 3,000 spm of the Tacklife.
  • The stroke length of the DCS369B is 0.625, which is lower than the 0.80 inches of the RES004.
  • Both the DeWalt and Tacklife have a similar price point — yet the former is tool-only.

If uninterrupted power is something of paramount importance to you, the corded Skilsaw SPT44A-00 might appeal.

Its 13-amp motor delivers a maximum of 2,800 SPM, plus a one-inch stroke length. And, like the Tacklife, this saw includes a variable trigger switch and tool-free blade-change.

What’s more, while the Skilsaw is heavier and bigger than the Tacklife, it features proprietary Buzzkill tech — that’s designed for improved vibration control.

  • Weighing 9 pounds, the Skilsaw is heavier than the Tacklife RES004.
  • With dimensions of 19.7 x 3.6 x 8 inches compared to 15.4 x 6.3 x 2.8 inches — the Tacklife is more compact.
  • Skilsaw is kinder on the pocket than the Tacklife.


Reciprocating Saws have been around for a while, with many options on the market. In my eyes, the Tacklife RES004 has carved out a solid top-of-the-pile position amongst its competitors.

The compact and lightweight Tacklife has a stroke length of 0.80 inches, an impressive 3,000 spm, and its ergonomic design means that it can execute clean and precise cuts in the trickiest crevices easily.

Of course, the most important thing in any job is the operator. And, the safety switches will make for protected operation while you’re working. I like to know that I will finish a job intact and ready for my next sawing gig — and Tacklife’s 20V MAX offers class-leading safety.

And, while this saw may fall short of the needs of hardcore tradesmen, it’s ideal for home improvement enthusiasts, who are seeking value for money without compromising on performance. Hence, if that’s you, I suggest you check out the Tacklife Reciprocating Saw.

Tacklife Reciprocating Saw FAQs

Q: Is the Pivoting Shoe of the Tacklife RES004 Adjustable or Fixed?

The pivoting shoe of the RES004 — the special footplate — is adjustable by zero to 10 degrees.

Q: Where Can I Find The Tacklife 20V Max Reciprocating Saw User Manual?

The user manual is included upon purchase of the tool. However, if you want instant access, click here.

Q: Is the Tacklife RES004 Brushless?

No, it’s not.

Q: How Long Does the Tacklife 20V Battery Last?

This depends greatly on how fast and hard you use it — but, users mention it will run for around 30 minutes of continual operation. To charge, it will take approximately 60 minutes from empty.

Q: Will a Reciprocating Saw Cut Through a 2×4?

Yes. A respectable reciprocating saw should cut through your 2x4s easily.

Q: Can You Make Fine Cuts With a Reciprocating Saw?

Well, yes and no. While a reciprocating saw isn’t used as a fine crafting tool, the blade is exposed so you can direct it into tight spaces.

Q: Can You Use Any Blade in a Reciprocating Saw?

Yes, reciprocating saw blades have a universal shank that is standardized to fit all reciprocating saws.

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