RIDGID 18-Volt GEN5X Brushless Reciprocating Saw with OCTANE Review

18-Volt GEN5X Brushless Reciprocating Saw with OCTANE Product Image

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18-Volt GEN5X Brushless Reciprocating Saw with OCTANE Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: January 17, 2019

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January 17, 2019 @ 3:50 pm



  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Ridgid 18-Volt GEN5X Saw Review Summary:

The reciprocating saw is one of the essential tools used for woodworking. There are a lot of different cordless saws on the market, so choosing one can be a difficult task. But, if you’re looking for a highly-powerful tool that has all the features of a great tool, the GEN5X Brushless Reciprocating Saw is the best choice for you.

It’s a tool made by Ridgid, a company known for producing high-end tools with features that surpass their competition. Their reciprocating saw has a brushless motor that uses less power than other motors. It also has an orbital on/off switch that makes it easy for you to work with wood and metal alike. The tip has the open shoe design that allows you to keep an eye on your work piece at all times.

It also has a sight line blower that clears the debris away from the line you’re cutting, so you can make perfect cuts every single time. It’s compelling for a cordless tool, so many professionals have it in their tool arsenal. So, if you like what you’ve read so far, keep on reading and find out why this tool has so many happy users out there.


  • Weight: 7.2lbs
  • Power: Battery powered 18V
  • Maximum SPM: 3100
  • Warranty: 3-year limited

18-Volt GEN5X Brushless Reciprocating Saw with OCTANE – The Basics

The stroke length is the main feature of every reciprocal saw, and this one is superior to many others on the market with 1-1/8 in. The motor produces up to 3100 strokes per minute, which is enough to cut through hardwood and even metal sheets. Ridgid kept their GEN5X tools a secret, so they took the market by storm with superior features and power.

This tool is designed for heavy-duty applications, and the powerful brushless motor, together with the advanced electronics provides more power than any other battery-powered reciprocating saw. It delivers up to 65% more power and up to 80% faster cutting in heavy duty applications. You will be able to use it for up to 45 minutes on a full charge, which is impressive for a cordless tool.

You also get some extra features like the dust blower and the on/off orbital switch. It also has an open shoe design that allows you to keep an eye on the blade as it cuts through material. It’s a tool designed for both novices and professional wood and metal workers. So, if you want to expand your Ridgid cordless kit, read on and find out more about this fantastic tool.

The Features

The Design

All of the critical features put into this tool are fantastic. The entire machine looks great, but the real benefit is in the features. The first thing we found very useful is the on/off orbital action switch. When you turn it on, the number of strokes increases to the maximum level which makes it easy to cut through wooden planks and beams alike. When turned off, the saw makes fewer strokes needed for cutting metal.

The open shoe design is another useful feature that helps you make precise cuts every time. You will always be able to see the blade as it cuts material, so making straight cuts won’t be an issue. Visibility is further increased by the built-in dust blower that removes all debris off your work piece, so nothing gets in your way. Last but not least, the LED light illuminates the material you’re working on, minimizing the chances of making mistakes.

The Power

Durable and high-powerful tools have to feel sturdy and well-built, and this one does. It weighs 7.2 lbs, which is quite heavy for a cordless tool, but that extra weight is there for a reason. The brushless motor adds weight, but it cuts energy consumption in half compared to 4-pole motors. It feels rugged, and it gets the job done much faster than other cordless reciprocating saws.

It produces up to 3,500 strokes per minute, which is more than what you need for most home improvement jobs. The on/off orbital switch allows you to change the speed of the blade according to the material you are working on. You will be able to cut plastic, wooden planks, metal pipes, and nails as well. It won’t leave you stranded in the heaviest of applications.

The Battery

The GEN5X Brushless Reciprocating Saw works on 18V OCTANE batteries. There are two types of batteries you can get, 6mAh and 9mAh. These batteries are much more powerful than what the competition is offering, so you can get more things done on a single charge. The charger has a built-in fast charging unit that can recharge the battery fully in under 30 minutes. When charged, you get up to an hour of work time, no matter how hard the task is.



Lots of power


Cuts through most materials


Built-in LED lights and dust blower



Comes without the OCTANE battery


Things we liked about it

We love how this tool feels in hand and how it looks too. It feels very durable and sturdy from the get-go, but the fun starts only when you turn it on. It cuts through most materials with ease, and it’s surprisingly easy to control. We used it to saw through metal, wood, and PVC pipes, and we got 46 minutes out of the battery. If you register your tool on the official Ridgid website, you will get a lifetime service agreement that includes free parts and free service for life.


Things we didn’t like

We didn’t like the fact that the tool comes without the OCTANE battery. So, you will need to spend extra money on the battery, but once you do, it will be worth it.

General Impressions

The general impressions are divided with this tool. Some people love how it works and performs; others are not happy with the packaging and practicality. Most of the users do agree on the fact that it has plenty of power and cutting ability.


If you’re out on the market looking for a high-power reciprocating saw you can take anywhere to cut anything, the GEN5X is an excellent choice. That goes double if you already own some Ridgid battery powered tools. It’s one of the most powerful and rugged recipro saws money can buy, so we think it’s a safe bet.

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