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painting firearm
There is no better way to save time on your next painting project than to use the best firearm spray paint. It will help you to make that job done right and quickly. In our reviews, we have talked about the best products on the market today and more about their features.

It is essential for any DIY-er to have the equipment that is affordable, versatile and reliable so that you can get the most from your investment. Some paints are made with specific features which makes them more durable. The right formulation will give your firearm that long-lasting effect it needs.

But, not every product is designed to last. The most common question we get asked is about this lasting effect and how long does spray paint last on a firearm. So, we have decided to write more about that topic. We want to put away the myth that any coating will last forever.

That is just not true, no finish is going to last forever, and that is a fact. If you have retained that perfect, fresh new look on your gun, the chances are you have never used it, or you have just painted it. The people who are using their weapons frequently knows that paint won’t last very long.

However, there are some guides you can follow to make your paint job last longer. Adequately prepared and cleaned surfaces are essential in this process.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

How Long Does Gun Paint Last?

In our reviews, we have talked about the best gun paints on the market. Each one has their advantages and disadvantages. The important thing for their long-lasting effect lies in the adequately prepared gun’s surfaces and paint’s formula. For example, the Rust-Oleum contains an oil-based formulation which offers the coating that can withstand harsh conditions and heavy-duty environments.

On the other hand, The Aluma Hyde has the increased resistance to chemical cleaners which can damage the paint on your gun. All products that we have mentioned in our short reviews contain durable formulas that will withstand harsh conditions.

With these products, your new gun color will undoubtedly last longer than some other paint jobs. In our researches, we concluded that if you are not using your firearm very frequently, it can last more than 20 years.

But, if you are using it all the time, for hunting, or some classes, the chances are that you are going to damage the color quickly. So, we recommend that you paint your weapons every two to three years, to get that fresh new look and restore its previous glory.

spray coloring guns

Steps to Make Paint Job Last Longer

1. Preparation

When it comes to painting your weapons, the essential thing is to prepare it properly. The first thing you need to do before starting this project is to clean the gun. If you use a greasy and dirty weapon, the paint finish won’t be as durable as it would be on an adequately prepared one. Use 91 percent Isopropyl Alcohol for plastic and Acetone for metal. Wipe it down using a rag or a lint-free paper towel with the appropriate cleaning chemical until both cloth and firearm are clean.

2. Sandblast the Gun Parts

Make sure that the surfaces are free from cracks and smooth. Sandblast the parts of the gun which will give it flat, even look and remove old coatings. Use ‘’sand’’ – aluminum oxide 120 grit blasting media that is great for these projects.

If you don’t want to paint some areas, you should use a tape to cover that places up. We recommend a Masking Tape or Blue Painters for this job. If there are some holes, you can use modeling clay to plug them. The spray paint can work on wood, plastic, and metal.

colored rifle

3. Apply the Base Layer

After you have done these steps correctly, now it is time for the first base layer. This step is the most important as it affects the result of the finished product. When you have applied the first coat, you need to wait for about ten minutes (more or less for different products), so it can properly dry. Read the instruction before you start painting your gun to learn more about the spray you have purchased.

After you have finished that, you should apply the second coat. It usually takes a little longer to dry, approximately twenty minutes. Remove the tapes you have used to cover some areas you didn’t want to paint.

4. Cure Time

Some gun paints will need less time, and other products will require more. That depends on their formula. You can always reduce the curing time by baking the color in the oven at 110 degrees for about 30 minutes to one hour. Remove the tapes you have used to cover some areas you didn’t want to paint.

When you have done these steps correctly, you will love the results. You will find out that these gun paints are worth trying out, because of their extreme strength. Their resistant formula will provide your gun protection against intense heat, automotive fluids, harsh environment, and conditions.

Great news for any beginner or a professional is that these paint products come in a variety of colors that can be mixed with other colors you prefer. You will be able to complete that ideal look as it makes an excellent camouflaged paint.

image of colored firearms


Following the right steps can help the gun paint to last longer. But, as we already mentioned in this article, it is impossible for any gun paint to last forever. If you are using it frequently, they won’t last more than two to three years, when you will need to repaint it again.

On the other hand, if you are using your weapon rarely it could last more than 20 years probably. So, it all depends on how you treat your equipment, how much you use it, and which spray paint have you used on it. Read our full reviews, to make an informed decision and purchase the best one that will suit your needs.