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Carpentry work demands the use of some specialized tools and nail guns are among the most common.  It is a common to mistake a staple gun with a nail gun because they almost look the same. However they are both used for different jobs.  

The Most Common Nail Gun

The most common nail gun would be the brad nailer. It is the best nail gun when you want to finish your carpentry work. All carpenters use this gun for finishing works. Brad nails use a lot of thin little nails that are lightly glued together, and all of them have a flat head.

Pin nailer is one of the tools that you will use the least. It is a nail gun that uses pin nails, which are also glued together but, they come in a sheet and without a head. These fragile nails are completely straight.

Staple gun

So, nail guns are used to nail or pin something down. The stapler, on the other hand, has a different use.

The stapler is the most common used furniture building gun that you can use for any furniture. Nail guns will get the job done, but the nails usually can’t hold your woodwork for long. With staples, this problem is gone.

A staple has a much more sturdy grip, and it keeps the material in place. It is to be noted that it would be best not to use a staple gun for finishing carpentry work. Difference between a staple and a nail is in the head. A staple has a larger head, and it leaves much bigger holes than any nail. Therefore it is not good for finishing works.

Most of the time, the staples have a different name and are called narrow crown staples. It is because the top of the staple is rather rounded than straight across and it reminds of a shape of a crown.

The Use of Staple and Nail Guns

Both of these guns are used to secure and hold together your material like MDF or wood until the wood glue gets all dried up.

Nails and staples are just part of your everyday tools, and when you want to build a wood construction, you will need to use wood glue as well because a few nails or staples will not hold it all together and it will fall. Both staple and nail guns use compressed air which allows them to shoot out staples and nails into the wood with a lot of punch and speed.

If you like fine carpentry works, choose a nail gun and start working. However, if you want to build something out of wood, like furniture, use a staple gun, it is simply much better, and it gets the job done.

Staple Gun Features

A staple gun needs no oil to function; it uses compressed air. This way, you’ll not have any problems with any oil splattering or change. Dry firelocks out feature means that motor life can extend and the staples will go where you want to put them. Adjustable exhaust with muffler allows you to direct the exhaust where you prefer, and you do not need any tools to adjust it. Staple guns do not leave any marks on your work surface because they come with two no-mar pads and you will get an eighteen gauge fastener diameter.

Nail Gun Features

A nail gun can drive in an eighteen gauge brad nails, and it is a lightweight tool. This improves your maneuvering capabilities, which is helpful when you have an all-day work. It has a power adjustment that allows you to increase power up to 30% and there is no need to worry about oil changes. Less maintenance and more work is the motto of the day when you take this tool in your hands. It also usually comes with one carrying case. If you want something nailed down or pinned to, pick a nail gun.