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Few pieces of equipment are more reliable than a Titan paint sprayer. After years of development and production, Titan has become one of the most reliable names on the market. But even the best of the best aren’t immune to problems.

Whether you’re a professional or a DIY superstar, issues with your sprayer can be a real source of frustration. It can set you back both time and money.

In this post, we are going to share ‘7 Signs Your Titan Paint Sprayer is Broken’. Now you can make repairs and get back on track to finish the job ASAP.

Let’s get to it!

titan paint sprayer

1. Sprayer won’t start up.

Let’s start with the basics… You can’t make it too far if this is an issue with your Titan paint sprayer.

There is a wide range of factors that could cause this problem:

  • Machine not plugged in or switched on (it happens to the best of us at times.)
  • Blown fuse in the circuit.
  • The power source has low voltage.
  • A broken switch.
  • Faulty extension cords.
  • Motor problems.

By using the process of elimination you can highlight what is causing the problem.

Broken switches and motor problems may require outside professional help. However, to fix the others doesn’t require too much skill or effort.

2. Sprayer won’t prime.

A common issue for all sprayers – not to mention an extremely frustrating one – is that they won’t prime.

This is typically caused by a build up debris resulting in a decrease or complete cease of paint coming out the hose.

The debris can be a range of materials like blades of grass, dried paint, gravel. Anything that can get sucked up and trapped to cause a blockage.

Action steps:

  1. Remove the retention spring from the base of the hose and pull it free. Most blockages will occur around the internal steel ball but also make sure to check down the hose itself.
  2. By using a thin instrument such as a flathead screwdriver or pliers you can reach in and pull the blockage out.
  3. Reassemble machine and test it.

It would be beneficial to train employees how to fix this issue as it is one of the more common problems and doesn’t take long to correct.

Pro-tip: Sometimes the debris is so small that a light tap on the fluid section with a hammer can shift it right away.

Always try this method first as it means you don’t have to take apart your titan paint sprayer which can be messy, especially if you are in the middle of a job.

After 10-15 taps with no success, it’s time to dismantle. Remember to use LIGHT taps as we don’t want to do any damage.

Note: Newer Titan models come with a Pusher Valve to quickly unstick the ball without a hammer.

3. Gun spitting/pressure issue.

Are you still experiencing low-pressure issues or pressure inconsistencies? The problem may not be with the fluid section, but rather with a faulty filter.

On the Titan paint sprayer, there are two filters: one on the gun and one on the pump. We recommend inspecting both.

Titan Impact 440

How to change a pump filter:

You can find the pump filter externally under the machine. (On the Titan 440, it’s a black color.)

Unscrew the filter housing with a wrench to reveal the pump filter itself which can be released by screwing clockwise.

You can attempt cleaning it a few times. Unfortunately, the day will eventually come where you will need to replace it entirely.

It’s just as easy to install as it was to remove, this time simply screw the filter in anti-clockwise.

After a quick test add the filter housing back on and you are good to go.

Pro-tip: Don’t forget to add some packing lube so the part doesn’t seize up.

How to change a gun filter:

At the base of the spray handle, you will find another filter housing, repeat the above steps by using a wrench to get to the filter.

4. Spray pattern/dripping problems.

If your spray pattern is inconsistent it can dramatic affect the overall quality of the job and even waste paint.

There are a number of common causes for spray pattern issues.

Most of these are related to the spray tip itself.

Uneven sprays and ‘dripping’ can be caused by a worn out tip or one that is blocked by dried paint.

Try cleaning the spray tip. Each type of paint is best cleaned up by a different solvent:

  • Latex = Water
  • Oil-base = Mineral Spirits
  • Lacquer = Lacquer thinner
titan impact

If the tip is really clogged one method to try is to leave it in a bucket of lacquer thinner for a few days before coming back to it.

If after cleaning the tip the problem persists then it is likely that you will need a replacement.

You can tell when a tip is worn out when the ‘oval shape’ looks more like a circle or when you are experiencing ‘fingers and tails’ in the spray pattern (gaps in the middle and gaps at the edges.)

However, issues with the gun valve can also lead to dripping. Excess dirt can often build up in the valve that can easily be addressed by a quick disassemble and clean.

5. Electric shock while spraying.

One of the more dangerous things that can happen while spraying is an electric shot.

There are two reasons this can happen:

  1. The machine isn’t grounded.
  2. The metal object you are spraying isn’t grounded.

Extension cords should always be the first place you check as they have the highest risk of being faulty, though it may be beneficial to take a look at the house circuit, especially if it a new build or a property you are not familiar with.

Extreme caution should be exercised when using your Titan paint sprayer on metal objects, though if you suspect that the object is not grounded you can use a grounding cable.

Be on the look out for potential electrical devices in homes where you may be spraying, when possible turn off the device and cover thoroughly.

We recommend reading up on proper grounding methods if you have a job that requires painting over metal.

6. Sprayer won’t draw up paint.

If the machine won’t draw up paint one possible explanation is that there may be holes in the tubes.

Sometimes even the smallest of air leaks in your sprayer can have a massive impact on its functions.

This can be very dangerous as users run the risk of having paint injected into them through the hole which can lead to very serious complications.

Due to the high pressure of your Titan paint sprayer, it will always be safer to replace the leaky part than trying to repair it.

titan paint spraying

7. You’re not getting the right mileage out of it.

Most manufacturers have a rough estimate of how many hours of spraying your machine should be capable off before a repair or service is needed.

For Titan, they boast of an impressive 2-4 year warranty and say that their machines can handle 50-100 gallons a week, depending on the model.

If your machine is consistently breaking sooner than it should be from general wear and tear it is a tell-tale sign that something isn’t right.

Manufacturing faults are rare but still possible and most Titan models come with a lifetime warranty on certain parts. Before parting with your cash for a repair always be sure to follow it up with the manufacturer first.

How to keep your Titan paint sprayer healthy.

They say prevention is better than a cure and it’s the same when it comes to keeping your Titan paint sprayer healthy.

The best way to keep your machine in tip-top order is to take good care of it and maintain it as you go.

Here are the basics you should be covering:

Clean the machine properly.

  1. Transfer your hose into a bucket of CLEAN water. Make sure it is as clean as possible so the filters don’t get clogged.
  2. Run excess paint out into your container by turning the pressure down and spraying.
  3. Once you start hitting water transfer over to a dirty bucket and turn your sprayer onto the clean setting.
  4. Have multiple buckets of clean water on standby so you don’t run murky water through your system.
  5. Don’t forget your prime tube.
  6. Once you start to see pure clean water run through all sources you know you are nearly done.
  7. Turn machine off and release any pressure.
  8. Be sure to periodically give a deep clean of the machine including the filters.

Pro-tip: Dilute some anti-freeze in water. Then run it through the sprayer. We recommend maintaining your gear year round as it also acts as an anti-corrosive.

Lube up.

With all machinery, lubrication can help prevent a lot of unnecessary problems.

Where to lube:

  • Pistons
  • Valves
  • Springs

Not only does lube stop parts seizing up, it also can be used as protection from latex paint drying on your Titan paint sprayer.

Pro-tip: Water is fine for the day to day, but at least once a week consider a protective lubricant. Especially for the days you won’t be using the machine, like the weekend.

That being said, there are many professionals who will use lube after every cleanup session.

titan broke tips

Treat it right.

After a long day of work, it can be easy to start throwing things around just to get home or get the job done in a reasonable time.

The small day to day ways you interact with the machine can make a huge impact in the long run.

For example, most sprayers are damaged in transit by it falling or getting bashed around in a poorly packed van.  Taking the extra few minutes packing it up carefully could save you from an expensive part repair.

Finding replacement parts.

One of the great benefits of using a Titan paint sprayer is that it is relatively easy to find replacement parts, due to the way it is built and the popularity.

You may have some luck sourcing them locally but anything you can’t find can be easily obtained via the internet at a reasonable price.

broken titan

Getting the job done.

As with most things, it usually does more harm than good to keep putting off taking care of a problem and it’s no different with your Titan paint sprayer.

Even the smallest of issues can have a knock on effect on the lifespan of your machine and could cost you even more in the long run than a quick repair now.

Despite the longevity of Titan paint sprayers being very high, a time will come when it is time to upgrade and retire your old equipment.

We review a wide range of the best sprayers on the market so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to your next upgrade. If it is coming close to that time for you then be sure to check out your best options.

Should you have any questions about what is the best sprayer for your situation feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to help.

Thanks so much for reading this post on ‘7 Signs Your Titan Paint Sprayer is Broken.’ We wish you all the best and trust you can get back to spraying as soon as possible.