What Does Drill Press Do and Why Do You Need it Infographic

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If you have a passion for woodworking and you are planning on starting your own shop, there are a couple of tools you’ll need. Apart from the standard hand drills, buzzsaws, cordless drills, your shop will also need a drill press. But, what is a drill press and what does a drill press do?

Well, it’s a great tool that will make many ordinary jobs much easier than before. You will need some space to accommodate this machine, but it’s going to be well worth it. So, let’s take a closer look at what a drill press does and why you need it.

1. Accuracy

Accuracy is the main reason why woodworkers use drill presses. Of course, you can make holes in wood with standard hand-held drills, but you can’t make identical holes. A drill press allows you to set the precise depth, angle, and width of each hole. Easily make dozens of identical holes at any angle in a matter of seconds without worrying about the depth of the holes. Once you master the press, you’ll be able to create all kinds of pieces.

2. Speed

Not only will you be able to recreate any type of hole, you will do it faster than ever before. You will have to put in far less effort than when working with a hand drill. The settings on the machine will allow you to set the depth and angle of every hole. You won’t have to be very careful, just push the drill down and that’s it – you get a perfect hole every time. Drill presses are automized machines that do most of the work themselves.They are also powered by much bigger motors than hand-held models. The motors are able to rotate the bits more quickly, which means faster drilling.

3. Power

These powerful motors are able to accommodate very large drill bits, so you will be able to make holes you couldn’t make otherwise. The power coming from the motor gets most projects done quickly and accurately.

But that’s not all because a drill press provides the user with leverage. Once you set the bit up, you can control the chuck and spindle with a lever to make holes with ease. The volume of work you’re able to do every day will increase drastically as you put less effort into each hole and that makes you increase efficiency.

4. Functionality

Another reason why these machines are a must for your shop is functionality. We’ve already mentioned drilling holes at angles, but that’s just one thing you can do with a press. You can also drill holes in unbalanced wooden pieces like furniture legs, etc. A drill press is without a doubt a machine for every woodworker’s shop.

5. Versatility

Drilling holes is not the only thing you can do with these machines. Change the speed of the motor and even fit other tools, such as a rotary sanding disc, or a spindle sander on it. Use it to sand your wood pieces faster and easier. If you attach a mortiser, you will be able to make square and rectangle shaped holes. The sheer power of the motor allows you to make holes in metal too. All these small features give you more options and you can even incorporate metal into your wood pieces.

6. Safety

Safety and security are crucial when working in a shop full of heavy tools. Since you can adjust the speed of the tip, you get full control of what’s going on, lowering the chances of the tip breaking. If you use clamps to secure the piece you’re working on the table top, you will lower the chances of something going wrong. Be sure to read some of our drill press safety tips when using this unit.