About Tool Nerds

Tool Nerds — Where Tools Are More Than Just Kit


A fixation, an obsession, and an infatuation with tools — and at ToolNerds, we’re darn proud of it.

To us, a powered piece of kit is more than just a means to an end. It’s the synchronistic feeling of being one with your equipment, the immense rush of 120 volts of sawing, grinding, or drilling force in your hand, and the unbeatable satisfaction of a job seriously well done.

And we share that passion with you.

At ToolNerds, our ever-increasing team of expert pros give you the uncensored truth about power tools — getting down and dirty with the kit, we tell you what’s awesome, what’s average, and what’s simply downright trash.

Drawing on years of combined trade experience — we will advise on the right tool for the job, reveal secret pro tricks and hacks, and explain how each machine stands up to its competitors.


How Tool Nerds Can Help You


Whether learning from a favorite teacher, faith leader, or loved grandfather — we all appreciate and value the advice caringly bestowed upon us by those we trust. There’s something simply innately reassuring from receiving guidance and counsel by those wiser and more experienced than ourselves.

That’s why at ToolNerds, we rely on our trade pros — each specialists in their particular fields — to give you all the crucial, relevant, and often surprising insights into power tool types, operation, and quality.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re seeking a new piece of kit, are confused about different tool formats and uses, or how to complete a new or challenging project — our experts have the answer.

Our mission isn’t just to inform — but to educate. Just a little knowledge can mean the difference between an impressive project success — and a complete failure.

And, if you don’t see the information you need, are still a little bewildered, or need particular advice — just ask!

ToolNerds will help you to:

✔Learn a new power tool skill, method, or technique.

✔Understand the various uses for different pieces of kit.

✔Discover the crucial factors to consider when buying tools.

✔Gain confidence in equipment operation.

✔Save money on using expensive tradespersons.

✔Learn how to compare similar machines.

✔Relish the immense satisfaction of completing the job yourself.

The Real Tool Nerds


Make no mistake, at ToolNerds, we love having a good time — we’re not shy of sharing our nerdy feelings, such as the immense exhilaration gained from wielding a mighty 4000 BPM rotary hammer drill in your hand. 

But at the end of the day, tools are, at heart, a serious business.

Not only are you dealing with a powerful machine, but also one that can make or break the success of your project, and can be a significant financial investment.

That’s why we’ve established an ever-growing team of pro tool users that are genuinely passionate, experienced, and dedicated about powered kit. Our absolutely priceless guys are all experts in their particular fields — from plumbers and carpenters through to UPVC window fitters and auto electricians.

These real-life tool nerds don’t just talk-the-talk, but more importantly, they walk-the-walk — every day of their professional lives. Drawing on their years of equipment experience, they’re here to impart their extensive knowledge to you.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a tradesperson, journeyman, dedicated DIYer, or complete home-improvement newbie — these guys provide practical, relevant, and relatable advice, including:

  • The right tool for the job — and the wrong ones.
  • How to use power tools.
  • How to complete power tool projects.
  • Power tool reviews.
  • Tool comparisons.
  • Pro-grade tips and hacks.
  • Safe power tool operation.
  • Explanations of trade speak and machine specifications.

Learn More About Power Tools


Paint Sprayers

Fed up with stray brush hairs, imperfect coverage, and serious effort? You need a paint sprayer! Making light work of staining and painting, these units knock out a pro finish while remaining remarkably effortless to use.



Unsure if your remote control battery is dead? Wondering if you have a short-circuit? Get a multimeter! Calculating voltage, resistance, and current, these machines are crucial for the homeowner, car user, and electronic equipment nerd.

portable jump starter

Portable Jump Starters

How many times did you get ready for work only to find out that your car battery is dead? Apart from being incredibly annoying, not being able to start your vehicle can also have quite devastating consequences, especially during winter.

staple gun

Staple Guns

For serious adhesion, a staple gun is the go-to tool. Ideal for attaching light timber, fiberboard, plastic, wire, and paper — they’re as useful for the home DIYer as they are artists, carpenters, and crafters.



Whether the perfect angles created by miters, the accuracy of table saws, or the awesome power of chainsaws — these machines are essential for both home users and DIYers.

ToolNerds Combo Sets.

Combo Kits

Whether you’re commencing your DIY journey, or simply planning to upgrade your existing power tool armory — combo kits offer a pleasingly affordable solution. They typically include drills, drivers, saws, and sanders.

ToolNerds Clampmeters.

Clamp Meters

Boasting similar capabilities to a traditional multimeter, but with higher current capacities and the ability to check circuitry without powering down — these tools are ideal for serious home projects and trade use.

ToolNerds Drills.


Crucial for every DIYer and pro, these versatile machines can bore, press, polish, and hammer — with units suitable for the drilling newbie through to the trade demolishing expert and available as corded or cordless.

ToolNerds Oscillating Multi Tools.

Multi Tools 

Compatible with a variety of interchangeable heads, oscillating tools offer multi-medium capabilities and a vast range of applications — including cutting plastic, polishing metal, and tile de-grouting.

ToolNerds Air Compressors.

Air Compressors 

Powerful yet surprisingly compact, these six-gallon pneumatic units offer grunty output. But with a small footprint and welcome portability, they’re as suited to driving nail guns as they are hammer drills.

ToolNerds Heat Guns.

Heat Guns

Knocking out a powerful stream of hot air, these corded and cordless power tools can strip paint, remove adhesive, thaw pipes, and wrap cars. And, completely flame-free, they offer pleasing safety, especially for the novice operative.

ToolNerds Hand Tools.

Hand Tools

Reassuringly old-school, traditional hand tools are ideal for the craftsperson and artisan that demands the ultimate in finesse and precision — with the added bonus, they require little maintenance, and are unlikely to break down nor run out of power.