About Us

Who are we?

What do you get when you combine passionate technical writing with a straightforward design? The answer is right in front of your eyes. Tool Nerds is a website dedicated to finding and testing some of the best power tools available on the market.

We are a team with experience in all things necessary to make a great website. We have content creators that know how to explain technical concepts in simple terms. They have the ability to approach a product from many different angles and test them to their limits. Once they get to know the ins and outs of a product and finish their write-ups, our graphic designers take the stage. The best way to present information is with an eye-catching layout, and no one knows it better than them. Only when these two essential elements are put together can we have a website that functions as intended.

What is our Goal?

Our methods may seem simple, but we’re thorough in each step we take. First, we search for the best power tools and divide them up into categories. This way each visitor has more than one choice when it comes to picking the right tools for the right job. By doing things this way, you don’t always have to look for different sources of information. Instead, you can find much of what you’re after right in one place.
Our reviews take into account specifications and features but also real world testing. We put each product to the test and see how they perform in different situations. By doing so, we can tell you what to expect and help you make a better choice.
The final step is to check what other users have to say about each product. When all is said and done, you get unique content that provides every visitor with valuable information.

Learn More About Different Types Of Tools


Paint Sprayers

If you are reading this, chances are you need assistance with painting something around your house, or the house itself. Getting the job done and doing is right is of the essence here. There are many ways to skin a metaphorical cat, and we are experts when it comes…



A multimeter is a device designed for testing and measuring electric current and resistance. If you’re an electrician or you only want to check out the state and values of the electricity delivered to your home, there is a high possibility that you’ll need a quality multimeter…

portable jump starter

Portable Jump Starters

How many times did you get ready for work just to find out that your car battery is dead? Apart from being incredibly annoying, not being able to start your car can also have quite devastating consequences, especially during winter…

staple gun

Staple Guns

A staple gun is almost a must-have tool both for DIY enthusiasts and professionals. Whether you want to fixate a picture to a frame or tackle some carpentry projects, a quality staple gun should be a part of your equipment…



Cutting wood with high precision is pretty important if you’re a devoted DIY-er, and especially if you’re a professional. You cannot commence a serious project without having the right tools for it. In order to cut wood quickly and with…