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Humankind has been using tools for millennia. We have come a long way from sticks and stones to powerful heavy duty tools. Our website offers a detailed insight into the usefulness and capabilities of some of the crucial tools for your household. If you’re looking for honest and well-written reviews, you’re in the right place. Apart from detailed analysis, we offer comprehensive guides for people who aren’t sure how to handle a particular tool-related issue. We have chosen the best models from the best brands on the market at the moment. Go ahead and read our material, you’ll certainly find something of interest to you.


With years of experience in professional painting service, we are competent to say that we know all the tricks.
One of the first things you will need is a reliable paint sprayer.



Handheld sprayers are perfect for painting different types of furniture such as bookshelves, dressers, and cabinets. Highly compressed air allows you to complete smaller outdoors projects (painting fences and garden furniture, mail boxes etc.) without leaving a messy space…



This type of paint sprayers is an excellent choice if you want to achieve maximum accuracy and have complete control over your painting project. Products from this category are ideal for smaller objects and complex surfaces. They allow you to do a professional level of work at your home…


Light Duty / DIY

Looking for a quick solution for big painting projects? These products will help you cover large surfaces with ease in a short amount of time. The thing that makes this type od paint sprayers different is the fact that you won’t be having any air mixed in with your paint or any other material you use…



Paint sprayers from this category are mostly top quality units used by people who do this kind of work professionally and have a lot of projects going on. With products we’ve included in our reviews, you can rest assured that your customers will be satisfied. Bring your business to the next level…

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A multimeter is a device designed for testing and measuring electric current and resistance. If you’re an electrician or you only want to check out the state and values of the electricity delivered to your home, there is a high possibility that you’ll need a quality multimeter.

Under $100

Under $100

The best thing about these units is that they’re all affordable. However, they come with a few additional features which determine the overall price. The ones under $100 offer more than enough features to anyone who needs to measure the values of electric current…

Under $100
Under $50

Under $50

The units that are less than $50 may not have many auxiliary features, but they are still useful and sufficient for smaller projects. These devices are mainly designed for home use and DIY projects. If you don’t need many features, a sub-$50 multimeter will be more than enough for your needs…



If you need an automotive multimeter instead of the one for home use, you’re in luck. Despite the popular opinion that these tools require a lot of financial resources, they won’t damage your budget at all. You can avoid going to a mechanic and spending money for diagnosis and repairs if you opt for an automotive multimeter….



“HVAC” stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Multimeters for HVAC applications usually have additional functions built in such as a thermometer. These devices are designed for professionals and projects that demand precise measuring…

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How Accurate is Your RMS Multimeter?

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How many times did you get ready for work just to find out that your car battery is dead? Apart from being incredibly annoying, not being able to start your car can also have quite devastating consequences, especially during winter. If you want to avoid such a scenario, take a look at these portable jump starter reviews, you might find something of interest.



The Stanley Company was founded in 1843, and they have been launching innovative products ever since. Apart from manufacturing jump starters, they also produce a lot of other tools such as hammers, saws, knives, pliers, and more. They have an impeccable reputation…



This company has been on the market for over 70 years. They have been near the top for all these years for a reason. Apart from being a high-quality manufacturer, the Schumacher Company is also a universal solution for every automotive issue you can stumble upon…



When talking about good jump starters, you cannot skip mentioning the NOCO Genius products. The Company was established in 1914 in Cleveland, Ohio. They are best known for manufacturing the world’s first Battery Corrosion Preventative which was later called NCP2. Every product that they produce is designed and engineered….



Jump-N-Carry line of products comes from a Company named Clore Automotive. The Company was founded back in 2001 and has been the leader in the design and development of automotive equipment. Since the day it was established, the Company is a synonym for quality…