Things To Consider Before Buying A Pneumatic Stapler


Pneumatic Staplers Are Good for

First of all, pneumatic staple guns are good for many things. However, construction sites and heavy duty jobs are ideal environments for these tools. These units use air as a source of power, and that makes them the most powerful type in the world of staple guns.

If you’re planning to do a big project like remodeling the fence or installing laminate, air-powered tools are your safest bet. You could go with an electric stapler, but they require more time and most importantly – more maintenance. Pneumatic guns are low-maintenance tools, and they also help the costs low because they use air which is free instead of electricity. The best thing about these tools is the fact that you can use it for smaller DIY projects as well. Convenience and ease of use should be the two main attributes of every pneumatic staple gun.


Not recommended for

Although these units have a lot of advantages, there are some things you should avoid. For example, if your project requires you to be constantly on the move, bulky and heavy air compressor could pose an issue. While these things are considered portable, many compressors weigh a lot and aren’t really a good solution for tasks that require mobility.

Therefore, it’s all about the size of your future projects. If you aren’t planning on tackling bigger tasks, you should maybe consider buying an electric model and save up some money. One of the most notable disadvantages apart from the portability issues is the level of noise. These things tend to produce a lot of noise and safety equipment including earplugs is a must-have. Long hoses are prone to tangling which makes the whole experience somewhat annoying. However, a high-quality hose shouldn’t have an issue with tangling.

Top Rated Pneumatic Staple Guns

Our Rating: 4.5
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price
Every DIY enthusiast likes having an affordable yet useful tool. The Arrow Fastener PT50 is a perfect solution for people who are looking to get an entry-level device for a reasonably acceptable price. This staple gun offers more than enough features for small to mid-sized project. In fact, you can do some construction work such as roofing without worrying much about the unit itself.

The one thing people always look for is versatility. Luckily, this particular model does offer a good amount of versatility, especially when it comes to staple sizes. It can load and fire six different sizes of staples, and that makes it one of the most versatile units in this category. As you can assume, the more types of staples it uses, the more options you get.

As far as the complexity goes, it’s a pretty straightforward tool. While these units are easy to use in general, this one is particularly simple. You don’t need any previous experience in order to use this model. However, remember to read the user manual always before using any heavy duty devices.

The thing people like the most is the fact that you don’t need a super-expensive compressor to power up this gun. Any affordable compressor that’s able to deliver up to 120 PSI of pressure can be used with this product. This gun usually needs around 60-100 PSI for optimal performance.
There aren’t many disadvantages to begin with. Some people reported frequent misfires, but that could be caused by the lack of lubrication

Jamming doesn’t happen very often, and when it does, the anti-jamming mechanism helps you solve the issue in a matter of seconds. Some models do come with a faulty air intake plug, but air leaks are solvable. If you’re looking for a neat entry-level pneumatic gun, this one might be the real deal.

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Our Rating: 4.5

When it comes to lightweight models, the Hitachi N5024A2 takes the win. It weighs only around 4.7 pounds, which can be considered extremely light compared to the sheer power it’s able to deliver. Although it’s not a professional model per se, it performs well in almost any situation. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you’ll certainly find this particular model quite beneficial and useful.

As unusual as it may sound, this model is the number-one recommendation for women who want to get their hands dirty around the house. The reasons behind are pretty simple – it’s light and easy to use. The design is also quite convenient and easy to get a hold of. In fact, there shouldn’t be any uncertainties whatsoever, all you have to do is hook up a power source and squeeze the trigger.

One of the things people love about this stapler is its capacity. It can hold up to 157 staples at once meaning you won’t have to reload as often. While some don’t consider it as a major advantage, it does save a lot of time and effort nonetheless. The other great thing about it is the price. Although it can be viewed as a premium price, the unit is well-worth the money.

The penetration depth can be adjusted on the go. In simpler words, you won’t have to hassle with additional tools while using this stapler. Instead, you can fine-tune the penetration depth by adjusting the nose of the unit. While it may take some time to get used to it, it’s a great advantage, to say the least.

As far as the disadvantages go, the only thing you might find annoying is the uniqueness of the supplies. In other words, it uses non-standard staples which are sometimes hard to find.

Our Rating: 4.5
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price
Simplistic design and ease of use are the two things you’ll notice first when you look at the WEN 61710. If you’re in need for an entry-level stapler, but you have a limited budget, don’t worry, this one might be a good solution. Apart from being extremely easy to operate, it also has a surprisingly acceptable price.

The design is pretty standard and conventional. There are no impressive components, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, some people look for simplicity over other additional features, and this model poses an ideal solution for those individuals. It can hold up to a hundred staples which is not an anticlimactic fact, but it’s not a “wow” factor either. As you can see, it’s a rather regular model with some pretty neat features.

When it comes to the required compressor, it’s the part in which this model thrives. While some other need high-class compressors with high PSI numbers, this particular one operates with a standard 120 PSI compressor. Therefore, if you opt for this model, you won’t have to invest a ton of money in the power source. Any affordable compressor will work fine.

As with other affordable pneumatic guns, this one also tends to have jamming issues. Considering the fact that it costs well under $50, you cannot expect any miracles. Occasional interference is going to happen, and there isn’t much you can do but invest in a better model. These budget-friendly ones do perform well, but they are not flawless by any means.

Overall, people seem to like this unit. Occasional DIY tasks and small-sized projects are a piece of cake for this particular model. However, if you’re planning on tackling a large undertaking, consider buying something else, this one won’t cut it.

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Our Rating: 4.6

This particular model features a lot of versatility. The most notable thing about it is the fact that you can change the firing mode on the go. In simpler words, the single sequential actuation mechanism allows you to adjust the rate of fire. One other crucial thing about it is the weight. Namely, it weighs only around 2.3 pounds which is next to nothing, especially compared to some other models from our list.

It is designed so that it can reach even the tightest places. The nose is quite narrow which allows you to process some surfaces you can’t reach otherwise. The rubber grip is a pretty neat touch to the whole design because it ensures a firm grip for people who have issues with sweaty hands. The unit can be hooked up on a regular compressor without many problems. If the compressor can deliver at least 120 PSI, it should work fine in conjunction with the unit.

The most notable negative aspect is, of course, frequent jamming. As with all other models, jamming seems to be the number-one enemy. Luckily, the Hitachi Company has a pretty simple solution in the form of an anti-jamming mechanism. While jamming may be a nuisance for many, it’s easily solvable thanks to the innovative anti-jamming systems.

On the other hand, the advantages are great. The first and most obvious advantage is definitely the weight. With its 2.3 pounds, it poses a perfect solution for people who have joint pain, arthritis, and other conditions that may affect your physical capabilities. The other great advantage is the price. In simpler words, the price is more than acceptable considering the vast array of possibilities this model has to offer.

Take a look and see if it’s the thing you’re looking for, you can rest assured it performs quite well. Also, it’s a pretty durable product meaning it should last for at least a couple of years as long as you maintain it in good condition.

Our Rating: 4.7
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price
As you may know, the WEN Company is well-known for producing simple and easy to use pneumatic guns. The WEN 61720 isn’t any different either. If you’re a beginner who needs a tool of reasonable quality, don’t hesitate to check this one out. It has everything you’ll ever need for small DIY projects and everyday household repairs.

The design is pretty conventional. While some don’t like its overly-simplistic looks, others greatly appreciate it. It all comes down to your own preferences and needs. In simpler words, if you’re planning on doing a massive project, don’t use this particular model; it won’t be able to cope with the heat. However, some of the simple tasks such as upholstery and minor repairs can be easily done with this particular unit.

It can fire brads from 3/4 to 2 inches in length. Also, it operates at 60 up to 100 PSI meaning you can use any affordable compressor without investing a lot of money. The device can hold up to 100 brads which is quite convenient, especially if you’re not a fan or frequent reloads. As far as the comfort goes, it’s on a satisfying level. The non-slip grip ensures stability for people who tend to sweat during work. Also, it’s pretty light meaning there shouldn’t be any issues with fatigue.

One of the things you might not like is the fact that it specifically uses nails. While some people search for units that use both nails and staples, many other like the specific ones. There is an unspoken rule that most of the dual-operating units tend to have more mechanical issues in oppose to the ones that use a single type of supplies. Overall, if you need a decent tool that’s capable of tackling mid-sized DIY projects, consider checking this one out.

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Pneumatic Stapler Quick Comparison


Arrow Fastener Arrow PT50
Pneumatic Staple Gun

T50 staplesHard metal3 lbs$Check Price

Hitachi N5024A2 1″ Wide
Crown Stapler, 16 Gauge

Any 1-inch crownStainless steel,
metal, rubber
4.7 lbs$$$Check Price

WEN 61710 3/8-Inch to 1-Inch
18 Gauge Narrow
Crown Stapler

1/4″ Crown Staples 3/8″ to 1.”Aluminum4.8 lbs$Check Price

Hitachi N3804AB3 1/4″
Narrow Crown Stapler

18-gauge staplesStainless steel,
metal, rubber
2.3 lbs$$Check Price

WEN 61720 3/4-Inch
to 2-Inch 18-Gauge
Brad Nailer

18-gauge brad nailsAluminum5.2 lbs$Check Price

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Pneumatic Staple Gun

There are a couple of things you should consider before buying a pneumatic gun so that you avoid some of the most common mistakes people do. For example, a lot of individuals pay attention to the price before even reading the specifications of a particular product. It’s a wrong way of dealing with the choice, especially if you think that expensive items are automatically of high quality, which is completely untrue. Therefore, take a look at these tips, and you’ll get a better idea of what to consider when choosing a pneumatic gun.

Power Source of Pneumatic Staple Guns

As you may know, there are two components when pneumatic tools are in question – the unit and the source of power, which is usually an air compressor. Many products on the market don’t require high-end compressors, but a vast majority of them do have some minimal requirements. Therefore, you should always check the declared operating air pressure of every unit so that you get a general idea about the required compressor power.

While air compressors aren’t necessarily expensive pieces of equipment, there is no need in investing additional funds if you don’t have to. Remember, keeping everything on an affordable level is the key to success.

Pneumatic Staplers Ease of use

Although pneumatic guns are easy to use in general, there are some more complicated models than others. It’s very important that you get informed about the proper use of a particular unit because improper handling can cause severe injuries and sometimes even death. As you can imagine, a stray nail in a closed area is as deadly as a bullet. That’s why we can’t emphasize enough the importance of safety equipment.
While some models are more complex than others, it’s a pretty simple tool in general.

things to consider

Read people’s opinions before opting for a particular model

The Internet is your greatest weapon; there’s no question about that. Whatever we say here can either be confirmed or denied on the Internet. As you know, the best kind of opinion is the one coming from a customer. Therefore, take a moment and read some of the general impressions and you’ll get a good idea about the usefulness of a particular unit. You shouldn’t take those comments for granted though; many people issue bad grades without elaborating or justifying their verdict.

pneumatic gun tips

The weight and design

One of the important, if not the most important factor is the weight of the unit. We’ve covered some pretty lightweight models because that’s what people usually look for, especially if they have a bigger project in mind. As you can assume, using a thing that weighs seven or eight pounds for a couple of hours is pretty tough, especially for older people or individuals who are in a bad physical shape.

Luckily, there are a lot of models that are specially designed for individuals who are prone to fatigue. As long as it weighs less than five pounds, you shouldn’t have any major issues.

The price of a Pneumatic Staple Gun

As we previously mentioned, a high price doesn’t indicate good quality. In fact, all expensive units usually offer the same features as the cheaper ones, and the only difference is in the brand. In simpler words, famous and well-respected brands tend to ask for a heftier price because they can. Although, there are some advantages to it like favorable warranty conditions. Speaking of warranty, you should always check the terms and your warranty rights before purchasing a product. Many companies purposely forget to mention a no-return rule, or something similar.

Balance and safety

In the end, it all comes down to balance. Although many people don’t care about the balance, in particular, it does save quite a lot of time and effort. In fact, the balance is what makes quality units different from cheap copies. As long as it’s easy to use and it feels balanced in your hands, you’re good to go. If you stumble upon a model that doesn’t seem pretty stable, a good idea would be to avoid it.
As far as the safety goes, it’s one of the easiest elements to consider. Look for safety regulations on the package as well as on the unit. If it doesn’t have any safety grades, consider revising your decision.

The conclusion

Pneumatic staple guns come in handy, regardless of the situation you’re in. These tools are the most all-around ones in the world of staplers. If you’re looking for a tool that’s going to meet your requirements, take a look at the models we’ve covered. You can rest assured that every single one works as intended and advertised.

Finding a perfect one isn’t an easy task, but it’s quite doable, especially if you apply some of the tips we’ve provided. As long as you follow some basic rules and look for important factors, you shouldn’t have any major issues with finding the one for yourself. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, you’ll definitely find good use in some of these models. Do you want to know what the best part is? They are all affordable and budget-friendly.

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