WEN 61720 3/4-Inch to 2-Inch 18-Gauge Brad Nailer Review


Editor Rating: 4.7/5


WEN 61720 3/4-Inch to 2-Inch 18-Gauge Brad Nailer

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Jul 30, 2022 @ 3:03 pm

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

WEN 61720 Review Summary:

Easy to use nail guns are one of the most wanted DIY tools on the market. People who like making small repairs around the house love having an affordable and effective tool. However, finding a staple gun that’s affordable and useful at the same time isn’t an easy task. The market is flooded with low-quality models that work for a couple of months and suddenly malfunction for no reason. It’s because modern manufacturers focus more on quantity than quality.

Luckily, we are here to help you with your purchase. We’ve covered some of the most valuable models on the market so that you don’t have to do it yourself. This way you can avoid overpaying or buying a product that simply doesn’t meet your needs. You can rest assured that every single model we’ve reviewed performs exactly as we described. Take a moment and check this review out if you’re interested in buying an affordable brad nailer, you’ll get a lot of detailed info about its performance.


  • Dimensions – 3 x 13 x 11 inches
  • Weight – 5.2 pounds
  • Required supplies – 18-gauge brad nails
  • Quick release magazine
  • Adjustable exhaust port
  • Depth adjustments

WEN 61720 – The Basics

This particular model is a great solution for people who are looking to get a relatively inexpensive tool with a ton of useful features. Pneumatic staplers are usually frowned upon because they require an air compressor in order to operate properly. Consequently, people who buy pneumatic units usually have to buy a compressor as well.

However, this unit can use the affordable air compressors without a single problem. As long as it’s able to deliver up to 120 PSI, the stapler will work fine. One of the best things about this unit is the fact that it can tackle any DIY project as long as you follow some simple rules written in the user manual.

The Features

The design

The design is pretty standard. There aren’t any unusual aspects of it; it looks quite similar to some other models on the market. However, the things hiding under the hood are what makes this stapler different from the others. The cast-aluminum body is quite lightweight and easy to get a hold of. It’s an important thing because you won’t have to make a ton of breaks due to fatigue while doing a project.

The handle is rubberized which means it won’t slip out of your hands in the middle of a project. As you may assume, safety is one of the most important elements of every heavy duty tool, and this one features a few great safety mechanisms. Therefore, it’s safe to say that it’s a pretty safe tool as long as you use it properly and within its limits.

Quick release

The burden of reloading is one of the most frequent things people talk about when it comes to these tools. However, thanks to some innovative engineering, reloading the supplies is a piece of cake when it comes to this particular model. The quick release mechanism lets you clear jams without slowing down your work. Also, it works on a pretty simple principle meaning you don’t need any previous experience to use the system properly.

Ease of use

The simplicity of this model makes it one of the easiest to use on the market. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, it doesn’t matter; you’ll definitely get a hold of its working principles in a matter of minutes. Remember to wear safety equipment at all times to avoid severe injuries.


Things we liked about it

Without too much thinking, we can say that the simplistic design is what we liked the most. It’s a great refreshment because most of these tools usually have some mechanical complexities involved. Therefore, if you’re one of the people who appreciate straightforwardness over complex mechanisms, then this model is the one you should consider buying.

Apart from that, the price is also a pleasant surprise. However, the stapler is not made by a famous brand which is why they had to cut the price down. People love the fact that it’s much cheaper than some models with exact features regardless of the country of origin.


Things we didn’t like

The first thing we didn’t like is the aesthetic aspect. While it may be a matter of personal preference, we think the casing could have been designed better. It doesn’t look as trustworthy as we would have imagined. Even though we had no issues with the design performance-wise, the looks aren’t exactly impressive.

Frequent jamming is usually the common downside of many pneumatic tools. Sadly, this one isn’t an exception either. However, the quick release mechanism works great meaning you won’t have to hassle much with unjamming the unit. In fact, all it takes is a few clicks, and you’re ready to continue with the project.

What Users Say About The WEN 61720

People usually speak well about the WEN 61720. It does come with a few shortcomings, but it’s nothing you can’t overcome quite quickly. Its most liked feature is definitely the ability to work with air compressors of lower quality. The reason is pretty simple – people don’t want to invest too much in DIY tools, especially the affordable ones.

WEN 61720 18 Gauge Brad Nailer


As far as we are concerned, you won’t make a mistake if you opt for this particular model. It does offer quite a lot of things, and it doesn’t require much. If you’re on a tight budget, make sure you check this stapler out; it’s worth your time.

Maintenance isn’t as complex as with some other models which is also an advantage. Instead of lubricating the unit after every project, you’ll only have to do it occasionally. The warranty conditions are pretty good considering the popularity of this brand. In other words, even if it’s not a high-end grade-A brand, it does offer a well-made tool for an affordable price. We would give it 4 out of 5 stars which is a pretty good grade, to say the least.

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