Best Combo Power Tool Sets — Top Picks, Guide, and Reviews

Whether you’re just starting on your DIY journey or looking to upgrade your current equipment — combo power tool sets offer the complete solution. Typically, they include the most utilized and useful of the DIY staples — drill, driver, and circular saw — together with other essentials, such as reciprocating saws, work lights, and sanders. What’s more, these electric tool kits not only save you from making numerous separate purchases, but they also make power management effortless. As all the machines belong to one brand, you usually only have to charge one battery — often compatible across the whole range. When selecting the best power tool combo sets, always ensure that the tools you need for your particular projects are included — as contents often differ across brands.

Power Tool Combo Kits

DeWalt Power Tool Sets.

DeWalt Combo Tool Kits

American through and through, DeWalt Tool sets offer trade-grade equipment renowned for their reliability. Backed by lengthy warranties and excellent customer support — its combo kits are ideal for the serious DIYer and industry professional.

Makita Power Tool Sets.

Makita Combo Tool Kits

With over a century of innovation, Makita’s vast range of tool sets offers everything from a modest two-piece to a mammoth seven-piece. Genuinely pro-grade, they deliver grunt and work-site durability.


Black & Decker Combo Tool Kits

Back to basics and affordable, Black & Decker power tool sets target casual users and weekend DIYers. While lacking some of the brawny performance of the premium brands, they deliver reassuring reliability and effortless operation.

Porter Cable Power Tool Sets.

Porter-Cable Combo Tool Kits

Founded in the USA, Porter-Cable combo kits bridge the gap between amateur and professional with their prosumer targeting line-up. From saws and flashlights to grinders and drills — its sets address the whole spectrum of home improvement.

Ryobi Power Tool Sets.

Ryobi Combo Tool Kits

Part of the massive Techtronic Group, Ryobi power tool sets focus on the serious DIY market. Allowing its sister company Milwaukee to address professionals, Ryobi offers affordable price points and intuitive operation for the novice tool user.

Ridgid Power Tool Sets.

Ridgid Combo Tool Kits

Although targeting the home consumer market — Ridgid power tool kits knock out performance that challenges the pro models. With tough construction and reinforced and padded carry cases — its units provide welcome durability.

Milwaukee Power Tool Sets.

Milwaukee Combo Tool Kits

Powered by the brand’s award-winning M18 lithium-ion cells, Milwaukee delivers perhaps the best cordless tool combo kits for portable use. A vast range of machines, grunty powerhouses, and welcome durability make them excellent for pro users.

Bosch Power Tool Sets.

Bosch Combo Tool Kits

The Bosch combo sets feature models from its blue range — the professional performance line-up. Although typically including fewer units than the other marques, its kits function as affordable upgrades or replacements.

Kobalt Power Tool Sets.

Kobalt Combo Tool Kits

The in-house line of DIY supremos Lowe’s — Kobalt tool kits offer more impressive performance and durability than the store’s more basic own-brand Blue Hawk and Project Source range.

Winning Power Tool Combo Kits From Each Brand

DeWalt DCK590L2 5-Piece Combo Set
  • Hammer Drill: DCD985
  • Impact Driver: DCF885
  • Circular Saw: DCS393
  • Reciprocating Saw: DCS381
  • LED Work Light: DCL040

Product Rating: 4.9/5

Check Price at AmazonDeWalt DCK590L2 Review DeWalt DCK590L2 Review
Makita XT706 7-Piece Combo Set
  • Hammer Driver-Drill: XPH10Z
  • Impact Driver: XDT11Z
  • Circular Saw: XSS02Z
  • Cut-Off/Angle Grinder: XAG04Z
  • Blower: DUB182Z
  • Reciprocating Saw: XRJ04Z
  • Xenon Flashlight: DML185

Product Rating: 4.8/5

Check Price at AmazonMakita XT706 Review Makita XT706 Review
Black & Decker BDCDMT1206KITC 6-Piece Combo Set
  • Drill/Driver Attachment: BDCMTDD
  • Detail Sander Attachment: BDCMTS
  • Jigsaw Attachment: BDCMTJS
  • Oscillating Attachment: BDCMTO
  • Impact Driver Attachment: BDCMTI
  • Router Attachment

Product Rating: 4.9/5

Check Price at AmazonBlack & Decker BDCDMT1206KITC Review Black & Decker BDCDMT1206KITC Review
Porter-Cable PCCK619L8 8-Piece Combo Set
  • Drill/Driver: PCC601
  • Hex Impact Driver: PCC641
  • Circular Saw: PCC660
  • Reciprocating Tiger Saw: PCC670
  • Oscillating Multi-Tool: PCC710
  • Cutoff Tool/Grinder: PCC761
  • LED Flashlight: PCC700
  • Jig Saw: PCC650

Product Rating: 4.8/5

Check Price at AmazonPorter-Cable PCCK619L8 Review Porter-Cable PCCK619L8 Review
Ryobi P884 6-Piece Combo Set
  • Drill/Driver: P208
  • Impact Driver: P230
  • Circular Saw: P506
  • Reciprocating Tiger Saw: P514
  • Multi-Tool: P340
  • LED Flashlight: P704

Product Rating: 4.9/5

Check Price at AmazonRyobi P884 Review Ryobi P884 Review
Ridgid R9627N GEN5X 12-Piece Combo Set
  • Circular Saw: R8652
  • Hammer Driver Drill: R8611503
  • Impact Driver: R86035
  • Reciprocating Saw: R8642
  • Rotary Tool with 6 Attachments
  • Worklight: R8693

Product Rating: 4.6/5

Check Price at AmazonRidgid R9627N Review Ridgid R9627N Review
Milwaukee 2896-26 M18 Fuel 6-Piece Combo Set
  • Hammer Drill/Driver: 2704-20
  • Hex Impact Driver: 2753-20
  • Circular Saw: 2730-20
  • Grinder: 2780-20
  • Reciprocating Saw: 2720-20
  • LED Work Light: 2735-20

Product Rating: 5.0/5

Check Price at AmazonMilwaukee 2896-26 Review Milwaukee 2896-26 Review
Bosch CLPK495A-181 4-tool Combo Kit
  • Compact Drill Driver: DDS181A
  • Hex Impact Driver: 25618
  • Reciprocating Saw: GSA18V-083
  • Worklight: GLI18V-420

Product Rating: 4.8/5

Check Price at AmazonBosch CLPK495A-181 Review Bosch CLPK495A-181 Review
Kobalt KLC 4024A-03 4-Piece Kit
  • Compact Drill Driver: KDD 1424A-03.
  • Impact Driver: KCW 5024B-03.
  • Reciprocating Saw: KRS 1824B-03.
  • Worklight: LED Light.

Product Rating: 4.8/5

Check Price at AmazonKobalt KLC 4024A-03 Review Kobalt KLC 4024A-03 Review

Best Power Tool Sets Buying Guide

Delivering a plethora of equipment in a single kit — power tool sets offer a straightforward, convenient, and affordable method of purchasing DIY and trade tools.

From LED lamps and angle grinders to impact drivers and reciprocating saws — there’s a combo package for every user. These kits target casual DIYers, serious home-improvers, and professionals — and include anything from just a couple of units to comprehensive nine-piece sets.

This guide brings you the best power tool combo kit brands — and my top picks of the most attractive packages.

While needs and requirements vary from user to user — the main factors you should take into consideration when selecting your most suitable best power tool combo set include:

  • Corded or cordless.
  • Tool count and type.
  • Tool specifications.
  • Lithium-ion cells.
  • Brushless motors.
  • Fuel gauges and smart chargers.
  • LED lamp.
  • Additional accessories.

Who Are the Best Power Tool Set Combos Designed For?

With packages covering a multitude of brands, unit counts, and types of power tools included in the packages — the best power tool combo kits are for everyone! Whether a novice or expert — there’s a set for you.

Generally speaking, the best power tool set kits are perfect for people who wish to:

  • Upgrade their old or obsolete tools.
  • Purchase their first-ever power tools.
  • Remove the hassle of searching for numerous pieces of equipment.
  • Guarantee that all their tools are powered by a single battery type.
  • Save hard-earned cash on purchasing separate machines.
  • Own a reliable kit from a reputable brand.
When it comes to power tools, DeWalt is undoubtedly one of America’s most famous brands. Founded in 1924, it’s now part of Black & Decker and has its headquarters in Towson, Maryland. The original company was started by Raymond E. DeWalt, who is well-known as the inventor of the radial arm saw.

The power tools manufactured by this company are famous for their black and yellow design, which is often associated with safety equipment and helped propel the company’s popularity. It’s also renowned for fatigue-busting ergonomic designs — no other company makes tools that fit so well in your hand.

However, one of the most essential facts is that it successfully revolutionized the cordless handheld power tool market back in the 90’s, with powerful and highly efficient lines of drills, drivers, saws, screwdrivers, and wrenches. As such, all of its power tool combo packages are currently battery-powered.

When it comes to the tool kits themselves, the company offers a full range — from a two-piece to a nine-piece set — and is suited to the hardcore DIYer and trade pro. Its packages come with high-performance tool combos and are often accompanied by chargers, battery packs, and bags/boxes for easy carriage and storage.

These machines usually come with DeWalt’s industry-standard three-year limited warranty — reassuring when you’re challenging the limits of your equipment. In my opinion, DeWalt offers the best cordless tool sets on the market.

Of all the Japanese power tools manufacturers, Makita is probably the most famous. The signature green hue of its products is synonymous with excellent performance, durability, and sensible pricing.

Although DeWalt popularized the cordless tool — Makita was the world’s first brand to develop 18-volt lithium equipment. And currently, all the machines in its combo packages are powered by this reliable and long-lasting power source — from its two-piece to seven-piece options.

The cordless tools in its kits are engineered for trade applications, which is precisely why Makita equips most of them with its signature STAR protection computer controls. This communication technology’s job is to monitor conditions during use, preventing overheating, over-discharging, and overloading.

Another innovative feature of Makita power tools is the XPT (Extreme Protection Technology), a series of integrated seals that increase durability by channeling away water and dust.

While the brand’s individual sets are versatile — they have a strong woodworking focus. All but one of their most popular five combos contain at least one cutting tool or saw — making them perhaps the best cordless power tool set choice for timber workers.

Historically, this company has always had a pretty strong hold on the market of power tools. Founded as a Baltimore machine shop in 1910 by S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker (hence the name), Black & Decker was the brand that invented the first pistol grip drill seven years later. Over time, its products grew to be so well-respected, they were used by NASA on its Apollo and Mercury missions.

While B&D is the sister company of DeWalt — both under the Stanley Black & Decker umbrella — its tool combo sets cater to a vastly different market. DeWalt’s kits are trade focused — B&D targets the home DIYer.

Unlike some of DeWalt’s power tools, most Black & Decker devices are never overkill for an average homeowner — they’re versatile, simple to use, affordable, and can be utilized for a myriad of applications. Yet, they possess the reassuring durability typically seen in higher-end machines.

Their combo line-up starts with a single drill unit with 100 accessories — and culminates in its flagship large six-piece set, the rather uninspiringly titled BDCDMT1206KITC.

To keep the combos within the budget of the average DIYer — the included accessories are stripped back compared to more premium brand offerings. While thankfully including cell(s) and charger — they often lack other common set items such as interchangeable bits/heads and carry cases.

In my opinion, Black & Decker offers the best battery powered tool set options for the casual user and home improver looking for their first power tool kit — or DIYers aiming to upgrade their tool line-up.

This company was founded in 1906 by F.E. Cable, G.G. Porter, and R.E. Porter, who invested $2000 into a tool shop that they ran out of a garage. More than one hundred years later, Porter-Cable is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of power tools — the black/red/gray color combination of its devices is immediately recognizable.

The company rose to fame in the 1920s by introducing the world’s first handheld circular saw — a tool format that appears in at least two of its combo sets.

Porter-Cable’s kits target the prosumer — that is, those power tool aficionados that aren’t trade pros — yet still demand high-quality performance, impressive durability, and significant brawn.

Its combo set range includes modest two-piece impact and drill driver packages to vast eight-piece kits — including everything from an LED lamp and circular saw to an angle grinder and jigsaw.

All units in Porter-Cable’s combos run from the brand’s long-life 20-volt MAX lithium-ion cells — a powerpack that provides 1.5 mAh running time and permits effortless mounting onto individual units.

The company’s marketing message of speed, ease of use, ergonomics, and value is accurate — the power tools included in the sets always come with an ergonomic grip, offer straightforward operation, and are efficient enough to help you deal with most DIY tasks.

That’s why I consider Porter-Cable delivers the best power tool kits for the most demanding of non-professional users.

Power Tool Combo Set By Ryobi
The business was founded under the name of Ryobi Seisakusho Co., Ltd. in 1943. The production of power tools started more than 20 years later in 1968. Today, the brand is owned by the industry behemoth the TTI Group — a company that’s also behind Milwaukee, AEG, Hoover, and Dirt Devil.

The brand positions its tools and its combo sets as affordably-priced ‘pro-featured’ offerings — targeting casual DIYers and homeowners. However, boasting a trade visual aesthetic, impressive durability, and significant performance — they are by no means ‘cheap’ kits.

Ryobi offers a very high bang for your buck — delivering a strong variety of specialty tools, core tools, problem-solvers, and innovators. For example, their airstrike nailers are especially well-regarded by hobbyists and professionals alike.

In our opinion, Ryobi’s 18V One+ range — included in its combo sets — is particularly noteworthy. In the same class, there is Porter-Cable’s 20V Max line-up, some Black & Decker tools, and Craftsman’s C3 models. Choosing a tool from Ryobi’s 18V One+ line-up over any of these is a wise decision.

Ryobi’s most affordable kit is the two-piece P1832 — with its top-end set, the six-piece Ryobi P884. All its combo packages arrive complete with power cell(s), charger, and carrying case.

In my eyes, Ryobi offers the best cordless tool set combos for DIYers who are looking for an alternative to the somewhat unexciting Black & Decker brand.

Ridgid’s power tool division is handled by TTI for Home Depot, under an arrangement with Emerson, Ridgid’s parent company — while a few other OEMs make some of the company’s floor-standing and benchtop tools.

While they usually don’t have all the latest and greatest specifications and features, the power tools sets manufactured by Ridgid are solid performers — they’re well-designed, robust, and more than sufficient for the serious DIYer.

One of the best things about its combo power tool selection is the 18V tool line-up. There’s a good balance between the price and performance here, while the company’s Limited Lifetime Service Agreement covers batteries, parts, and service.

Its kit range features the massive 12-piece R9627N — the largest set in our top picks. That said, this combo includes a rotary tool with six attachments — which accounts for seven of the tools. At the other end of the kit spectrum is Ridgid’s two-piece hammer drill and impact driver, the R9205. All the sets include cell(s), charger, and padded carry cases.

Admittedly, the somewhat bold visual aesthetic and color scheme gives the combos a budget appearance — and the lack of innovative features will be a downer for some users. But, for DIYers who want function and affordability over tech snobbery — Ridgid offers some of the best cordless tool kit choices.

Founded in 1924, the Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation is one of America’s most well-known manufacturers of power tools. Famous for its cordless drills and drivers — its combo sets compete on equal terms with units made by DeWalt and Bosch.

Part of the numerous power tool companies operating under the TTI group — it’s undoubtedly the conglomerate’s only true trade-grade tool brand. Fuelled by innovation and invention, its combo kits are premium level — with a matching price point.

In my opinion, one of Milwaukee’s most significant accomplishments is that it was the first company to introduce lithium-ion tech in 2005. Therefore unsurprisingly, it offers some of the best cordless combo kit packages on the market — driven by the award-winning M18 and M12 cells.

Another admirable aspect of the brand is that the majority of its power tool sets come with a limited five-year warranty — a significantly longer period than the guarantees issued by many other tool companies.

From two-piece to six-piece sets — the brand offers line-ups for the most discerning of pro users. All sets arrive with a cell(s) and charger, and either a soft or hard carry case. If you demand one of the best cordless power tool combo kit sets currently available — I suggest considering Milwaukee.

When talking about power tools, it’s impossible not to mention the 130-year-old Bosch. For millions of people around the world, the name of this brand is synonymous with reliability, durability, and high efficiency. It’s one of the world’s most known companies for electric appliances, and an excellent example of how renowned and well-respected Germany’s industries are.

The brand’s power tools are separated into two categories — Bosch Green for DIYers and Bosch Blue for trade use. Bosch’s combo sets fall into the Blue section, focusing on the professional market.

Each kit is targeted for specific applications and contains the minimum of units — you’re not going to be replacing your entire power unit line-up with one package purchase. Typically comprising just two or three tools — they focus individually on woodworking, driving, drilling, or portability.

Bosch’s combo sets fall either into the hardcore 18-volt category or compact 12-volt arena — the cells are not cross-compatible across voltages. All the kits arrive with cell(s) and charger and come complete with a soft carry case.

For users demanding the ultimate in performance and durability, its combo tools set deals are tough to beat. However, low on tool count and restricted to specific job categories, they’re specialized purchases, not whole set upgrades — and offer little savings on separate tool purchases.

The youngest power tool manufacturer on our list — Kobalt was founded in 1998 and is owned by the home improvement chain Lowe’s. The brand was launched 20 years ago with the intention of competing with The Home Depot and Sears, and its respective brands of power tools.

Since Lowe’s already has two budget-friendly lines of tools (Blue Hawk and Project Source), the Kobalt brand includes power, mechanics, and hand tools that are of better quality and reliability. Kobalt has been expanding its combo line-up of 24V Max cordless tools, which is relatively new but still consists of so-called core tools — saws, drivers, and drills.

The kit range extends from two-piece sets through to six-piece packages. With all units operating from 24-volt cells and incorporating brushless motors — they deliver extended running times from a single charge.

While undoubtedly offering satisfying performance, their restrictive brawn, lack of innovative features, and budget visual aesthetic means they remain DIY machines — albeit touching the boundaries of prosumer grade.

That said, Kobalt’s in-the-field tested batteries can stand the rigors of knocks, bumps, drops, and temperature extremes — providing pleasing durability for the hardcore home user.

Hence, if you want a robust alternative to Black & Decker or Ridgid — consider the Kobalt combo sets.

How To Choose the Best Cordless Tool Combo Kit

While our picks above include the top brand’s best cordless tool sets — they’re not equally suitable for all users. The demands and requirements of a novice DIYer vary widely from those of a professional tradesperson.

Therefore, I’ve put together the most important factors to consider when selecting your best battery tool set:

Corded or Cordless

You’ve probably already noticed that all our featured combo sets are cordless.

The advantages of these battery-powered kits include:

  • Freedom from a power cord.
  • Increased safety by removing the risk of tripping over cables.
  • Better balanced for one-handed use than corded.
  • No concerns about the amp rating of extension cables.
  • Cells are cross-compatible with all tools in the sets.

That said, corded kits are still available — but rare. Some users prefer them as they promise greater torque than battery-driven units, and with no risk of running out of power.

However, with DIYers and pros alike now favoring battery power — all but the most traditional of power tool enthusiasts should opt for a cordless combo kit.

Tool Type and Count

Two, three, five, or seven pieces? Do you need just a drill and a charger, or a complete kit including everything from drills and saws to lamps and grinders?

Your buying decision should depend on both your existing and future needs. For example, even though you might not need a portable jigsaw at the moment, one could be useful for later projects. Always keep the future in mind — it’s far wiser to invest in a combo kit now than to shop for individual tools later and spend more money in the long run.

Tool Specifications

It’s pointless selecting even the most comprehensive combo power tool kit if the units it includes cannot handle the jobs you throw at them. Therefore, always check the individual specifications of each tool to ensure they meet your demands.

While the important specs depend on the machine under consideration, most commonly examine:

  • Wattage.
  • Voltage.
  • Amperage.
  • RPM (revolutions per minute).
  • BPM or IPM (blows or impact per minute).
  • Torque.
  • Chuck size.
  • Blade size.
  • Lumens.

Lithium-Ion Cells

Whatever brand of combo kit you purchase — always ensure that it includes lithium-ion cells. Not just ensuring that you can use your machines straight outta the box — but also guaranteeing you’re receiving the most advanced batteries.

Modern lithium-ion cells offer greater power, mAh (milliamp hours), and running times than their older nickel-cadmium counterparts. Always included in the best cordless tool set combos — they don’t have the troublesome memory effect inherent to Ni-Cad cells.

Brushless Motors

Power tools with brushless motors are more efficient and provide the user with up to 50 percent longer run times than those with brushed motors.

They’re built in a way that prevents a physical connection between the parts, which leads to the elimination of wasted energy and friction — providing distinct advantages for cordless tools.

While slightly harder on your pocket than brushed models, choosing a brushless combo set means achieving the ultimate in performance from your tools. For more detail, check out my Brushed vs Brushless Motor Face Off.

Fuel Gauges and Smart Chargers

A combo set that includes fuel gauges on the individual tools or cells can be real life-savers. Not only do they allow you to quickly determine the amount of remaining charge — but can also prevent you from being surprised by a tool failing mid-project.

Cordless power cells are expensive — and a low-quality charger can significantly reduce their lifespan. Many of the higher-end combo sets include smart chargers that can increase battery life by preventing overheating and overcharging.

Work Lamps

Do you often work in areas with poor illumination — such as, in attics and basements, beneath floorboards, inside cupboards, or outdoors at night? If you do, consider buying a combo kit that contains an LED work light as part of the package. They’re a useful addition for working in dimly lit areas and — if included in your toolset — will always be close at hand.

Additional Accessories

Some companies supply their combo sets with accessories, for example, carry bags/boxes, extra blades, screwdrivers, additional drill bits, etc.

These can be welcome additions that not only increase tool convenience and storage — but also save you the cost of purchasing the items at a later date.


Purchasing a quality combo kit is often a better choice than buying one individual power tool after another. Not only does it save money in the long run, but it also allows you to supply your workshop with tools and accessories that you might need for future projects, whether it’s just some simple tasks around the house or professional woodworking.

Fortunately, all the leading power tool brands have a number of such kits on offer. In most cases, these sets contain the top-rated tools of a particular brand, as well as some well-designed and robust accessories that can come in very handy in certain situations.

For those who aren’t so familiar with these companies, we’ve included a guide that points out the advantages of each brand. You may think that a brand such as Kobalt, for example, has no place in the company of names like Bosch or DeWalt. But sometimes, even underdogs have a lot to offer enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Don’t forget to check out our straightforward and unbiased reviews of the best combo power tool sets — you’re sure to find a kit that will make your DIY sessions more efficient, productive, and above all, enjoyable.

Power Tool Combo Sets FAQs

Q: What Is the Best Combo Power Tool Kit on the Market?

Boasting 15 tools — including a hammer drill, circular saw, drywall screwdriver, and LED lamp — the Makita XT1501 is perhaps the most comprehensive combo kit available.

Q: What Is the Best Saw Sets Tools Kit?

In my opinion, the DeWalt DCK940D2, with its reciprocating saw, circular saw, oscillating cutter, and angle grinder, is the ultimate saw combo set.

Q: What Is a Power Tool Combo Kit?

The larger and more respected brands typically offer a selection of their tools as a single package — known as a power tool combo kit. This allows you to effortlessly upgrade your current equipment — or start your tool armory from scratch — in the most affordable manner.

Q: Is a Combo Tool the Same as a Combo Kit?

No. A combo tool is the unofficial name of a multi-tool. A combo kit or combo set is a selection of individual tools — such as drills, drivers, saws, and grinders.

Q: Are Tools In a Combo Set Under One or Many Warranties?

Each tool in a power tool combo set will come with its own warranty. These vary in length from machine to machine — even when supplied from a single brand as part of complete power tool sets.