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Ryobi P1832 Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

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  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Ryobi P1832 Review Summary:

This is a light powertool kit as it comes with the 235 impact driver and the P277 drill/driver. However, they are paired with two Li-Ion batteries and a dual-chemistry charger.

Each unit has a notched, rubberized grip that provides the user with better control over the unit. It also decreases fatigue and thus enables prolonged use. The dual-chemistry charger does its job in no time, so you’ll be able to wield both units all day long if needed.

Ryobi is famous for their cross-platform battery system so can use other One+ units with the same batteries and charger. Both tools are reliable and are all about user-friendliness.

Ryobi isn’t famed for making tools that are ubiquitous on job sites, but their affordable kits are perfect for hobbyists and home improvement tasks.

The kit obviously lacks a couple of essential tools, so it won’t make your collection complete, but the batteries alone are enough to get you started in completing your tool collection.


  •  Number of Tools -2, plus charger
  • Weight -11 lbs
  • Batteries -2 Li-Ion batteries (included)
  • Voltage -18V
  • Warranty -3-year limited

Ryobi P1832 – The Basics

The drill/driver is equipped with a dual-speed gearbox and has a 24-position clutch. Both of those features ensure full control over the drilling power. It also comes with a keyless chuck that makes bit replacing much more efficient, which in turn makes the job go faster.

The impact driver has a cast aluminum housed gearbox. The unit is capable of delivering 1600 inch/lbs of torque. It comes with a belt clip that enables easy access and is also equipped with a 1/4″ quick connect coupler that allows for easy bit changes.

Unlike when buying bare Ryobi cordless power tools, there are two Li-Ion batteries included in the package. A single charge ought to last you until you finish your drilling an driving task. The dual chemistry charger included in the package will fully charge a One+ Li-Ion battery in less than an hour and is also compatible with older Ryobi NiCads.

Each tool has a notched, rubberized over-mold that improves security and allows you to use the unit even in slippery conditions. The grip also allows you to have better control in inconvenient places of use and minimizes user fatigue. Each unit also has a convenient mag-tray that is great for storing screws and bits during work.

The Features

P277 Drill/Driver

This unit has all the qualities you’d want to see in such a tool. It weighs approximately three pounds. Even though the battery does increase its overall weight, it is great for prolonged use. The P277 is as compact as they get.

Its sleek design enables use at awkward angles and in tight corners. The handle is molded with a notched, rubberized over-grip that makes it great for use in slippery conditions, and therefore anywhere outdoors. The case of the tool is quite strong, so, in case the tool ever falls from your hand, it will withstand even strong impact.

The unit is equipped with a 24-position clutch that enables the user to control the torque easily. The P277 has a 2-speed gearbox which is excellent for a variety of applications that are comprised of driving fasteners and drilling holes. The lower gear goes from 0 to 440 RPM, while the high one goes up to 1600 RPM without a load -each being more than enough for DIY or home improvement work.

At the base of the tool, there is a mag-tray that is excellent for storing bits and screws safely, while you are performing your work. The unit also has a 1/2″ keyless chuck that is great for fast bit swaps.

P235 Impact Driver

Since it only weighs 2.75 lbs and is quite compact, P235 won’t cause fatigue no matter how long the job takes. That’s not all to it – its ergonomic design allows for better control and prolonged use. The notched, rubberized overgrip molded over the handle ensures the user will be able to drive screws as accurately as possible.

Don’t let the light and compact build fool you – the P235 has the capability to provide the user with a great amount of torque. You’ll have all the power you need for tightening and loosening different types of nuts and bolts.

The unit is equipped with a two-speed gearbox that can deliver 1600 inch/lbs of torque. The tool delivers 0 to 2600 RPMs without a load. It is more than enough for removing screws.

Battery and Charger

The package comes with two P102 One+ Li-Ion batteries that both tools are powered by. Not only that, but the batteries are compatible with all other One+ power tools. The P102 battery weights 45% less and lasts 1/5 longer than a NiCad.

It takes half an hour to charge one battery. They are built to last as they are durable and one charge will probably last you until the whole job is done. The P118 dual-chemistry charger works with all Ryobi batteries, including their own NiCads -so if you have some in your collection don’t throw them away yet.

The combo kit comes with a nice green tool bag. When you pack it with all of the units included, it weighs approximately 11 lbs.

Ryobi P1832 Drill/Driver and an Impact Driver



High-Quality Li-Ion Batteries


Notched, Rubberized Grip


One+ Compatible


24-setting Clutch


Dual Chemistry Charger



P277 Mag-tray Not for Larger Bits


Visible Sparks Near the Motor


Things we liked about it

The price is the most attractive point of every Ryobi tool, and the case isn’t different when it comes to their combo kits. It is pretty impressive what Ryobi managed to fit in such a small tool bag, for such a low price. Both the drill/driver and the impact driver are great at what they are designed to do.

Their mutual feature could be the biggest selling point of this kit. The GripZone over-mold means a lot when the task takes the whole day. It also ensures the user has excellent control even in unfavorable weather conditions.


Things we didn’t like

The P235 does its job well overall, but it could perform a bit better with pocket screws. The mag-tray on the P277 doesn’t always hold larger bits. So there is one thing you cannot rely on it.

It is not much of a big deal, but if you are using larger bits the whole time, it will prolong your work, and nobody really wants that. Some users have been complaining about occasional sparking near the motor.

The sparking doesn’t affect the performance at all, luckily, but it is simply annoying and an unwanted distraction. It is a common occurrence with many drills, so it’s something that is hard to avoid.

What Users Say About The Ryobi P1832

A kit that will complement the collection of any contractor. A pro might not want to rely on it at all times, but when it comes to handling tough angles and narrow corners, both of the tools included can be lifesavers. However, DIYers and homeowners ought to benefit from it the most, as is the case with most Ryobi equipment.


Ryobi is a company that made a name for itself by offering users reliable tools at a low price. Their kits are just getting better and better, and this one is living proof of that.

With this particular kit, you’ll sure be getting more than your money’s worth as just the One+ cross-platform Li-Ion batteries and the dual chemistry charger are really valuable features.

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