Black & Decker BDEDMT Matrix AC Drill/Driver Review

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Black & Decker BDEDMT Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Sep 20, 2021 @ 10:56 pm



  • Design
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  • Price

BDEDMT Review Summary:

Based in Towson, Maryland, Black & Decker is one of America’s most famous manufacturers of hardware, home improvement products, fastening systems, and, of course, power tools. Their products are well-known for quality and durability – it’s no wonder that B&D is the favorite brand of many handymen.

And we all know that a drill is a must-have for every handyman – it’s an incredibly versatile device that can assist you in a number of different tasks. Unfortunately, selecting a corded model that’s actually worth the money is a challenging task in today’s market, especially if you don’t know a lot about power tools.

That’s precisely why we’re pleased to present the Black & Decker BDEDMT, which is one of the best units of this type in its class. Featuring a smart, compact design, as well as a robust motor that effortlessly handles all sorts of DIY tasks, it’s a model that certainly deserves a more in-depth look.


  • Weight -3.31lbs
  • Dimensions – 10.5″ x 3″ x 10.9″
  • Chuck Size – 3/8″
  • Motor Power – 4 AMP
  • Voltage – 120 volts

Black & Decker BDEDMT – The Basics

The Black & Decker BDEDMT provides the user with a 4.0 AMP motor that offers enough power for a broad spectrum of attachment options. The unit is both lightweight and compact, which means that drilling and driving with is an easy task, even in confined spaces and tight corners. Its size is also quite convenient when it comes to storage – it takes minimal space.

Furthermore, the BDEDMT sports an 11-position clutch, which is certain to give you a greater control over the device – stripping and overdriving screws are easy to avoid with this corded drill. The unit’s handle, on the other hand, sports padded grips that allow comfort and better user control. They also prevent things like cramps and fatigue, especially if we’re talking about long and complicated DIY projects.

The Features

The Design

One of the first things to notice about this drill is its sturdy design, as it features a durable metal-frame housing that’s guaranteed to prevent breakage in case of an accidental drop. Robust construction is something we’re always pleased to see when it comes to power tools – it’s always a big plus in our book. A metal-frame housing of the Black & Decker BDEDMT provides the user with a long-term service, and prevents things like mechanical damage and overheating.

This doesn’t make the unit heavy, though – all of the components are tight and compact to allow the unit to say firm and intact while still being lightweight. This feature doesn’t only prevent damage in case of vibrations but also lets the user easily carry the drill on his belt. It’s a highly-portable machine that does not cause fatigue during the long working sessions.


This well-designed corded drill has a 4.0 AMP motor which provides the unit with adequate energy for all sorts of drilling and driving operations. It delivers maximum output while still minimizing the chances of overheating and power losses.

The end of the drill can be changed out for a plethora of different gearboxes, letting the same motor to use a number of different hands. This, in turn, makes the BDEDMT one of the most versatile systems of its kind on the market, and an excellent choice for a beginner or for the people who don’t use power tools often.


Black & Decker BDEDMT is among the most affordable devices of this type on the market! Its low cost is one of its primary selling points – those looking for a branded but still reasonably priced corded model will find BDEDMT to be an excellent choice.






Incredibly versatile




Produces minimum heat losses and surface distortion



Not the most precise drill on the market




Things we liked about it

One of the best things about this drill is the fact that its affordable price didn’t have a negative effect on its build quality. It’s a well-made machine with a durable and comfortable design – fatigue and breakage during accidental drops are not something one should fear with this model. Long-term service is guaranteed with this drill, which is precisely what we expected from a company such as Black & Decker.

The fact that you can use a number of different tool heads with it (such as the jigsaw, oscillating tool and others) makes it incredibly versatile. Instead of purchasing all those tools separately, one only has to buy the BDEDMT and enjoy the ability to use it for a variety of operations.


Things we didn’t like

Due to the fact that the head of this drill isn’t exactly perfectly aligned (because of the fast release mechanism) the Black & Decker BDEDMT isn’t the most precise drill for the money. It is, after all, a budget model, so you can’t really expect the same amount of precision as you would from a high-end unit.

Furthermore, one also can’t expect the same amount of portability as he would from a cordless model. Even though the BDEDMT is compact and lightweight; your movement will be limited by its cord.

General User Impressions

The fact that this corded drill is affordable and interchangeable is highly praised by the users. They also appreciate the unit’s construction quality, as well the easy handling and the powerful motor that easily tackles all kinds of tasks.

The more advanced users, i.e., contractors, were disappointed with the fact that BDEDMT is not the most accurate drill for the money, especially those who came from premium models.


The Black & Decker BDEDMT definitely serves its purpose well with its speed adjustment feature, fast attachment changing, smart and ergonomic design, and a powerful 4.0 AMP motor.

It is, above everything else, a genuinely inexpensive but reliable power tool. In our opinion, it’s a quality choice for all those who’d like to save some money and space but still be able to perform various operations with their corded drill.

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