Bosch 1006VSR 3/8-inch Keyless Chuck Drill Review

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Bosch 1006VSR Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Oct 19, 2021 @ 2:41 am


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  • Price

Bosch 1006VSR Review Summary:

Bosch is one of the best manufacturers of drills in the world – it’s as simple as that. This German company is well-known for the outstanding quality and durability of their power tools, which is why testing their products is always something we look forward to. Their 1006vsr 3/8-inch Keyless Chuck Drill is highly popular with the users, so we’ve decided to take a closer look at it.

The main selling point of this corded drill is the fact that it comes at an incredibly reasonable price – it’s almost a steal. But that doesn’t mean that it’s an inefficient unit that will leave you disappointed the moment you open the box. It is, on the contrary, a phenomenal deal for the price, since it packs quite a few surprises.

But let’s go step by step and closely analyze each component of this interesting unit and find out everything about its advantages and flaws.


  • Weight – 4.35lbs
  • Dimensions – 11.2″ x 9.9″ x 2.7″
  • Chuck Size – 3/8″
  • Motor Power – 6.3 AMP
  • Voltage – 120 volts

Bosch 1006VSR – The Basics

Even though it’s quite affordable, the Bosch 1006vsr comes with a number of useful features. At its heart is the 6.3 AMP motor that’s capable of achieving up to 2600 RPM, which is absolutely impressive for a device in this price category. There’s also the oversized two-finger trigger for smooth operation, a lock-on switch for improved safety, as well the 3/8″ ratcheting keyless chuck that makes the whole operation of drilling a lot more convenient.

We were also quite pleased with the overall design and sturdiness, as well as with the sturdy belt clip that allows easy toting. The drill sports an all-new soft grip handle that helps with prolonged operation, as well as the so-called ServiceMinder, which is a feature that eliminates the guesswork and immediately stops the unit in case a brush replacement is needed.

Drilling Wood With Bosch 1006VSR

Bosch 1006VSR Features


Weighing only a little more over 4 pounds, this is a lightweight drill that doesn’t cause cramps in hands after prolonged use. One thing we particularly liked about the unit’s design is the presence of a sizeable two-finger trigger. Its purpose is not to accommodate people with big fingers, but rather to make changing speed less hectic and increase the comfort during the process.

The lock-on switch, on the other hand, prevents accidental activation, which is one of the most dangerous things when it comes to operating a drill. We’re quite pleased with the presence of this feature, and we think that Bosch deserves some special praise for it.

Furthermore, the 1006VSR also has a durable, sturdy belt clip that will let you carry it on your belt when working in high places. It’s a convenient little thing that can be of great help in certain situations.


As we said, the heart of this model is its 6.3 AMP motor that achieves the speed of 2,600 RPM. It’s a variable speed motor that effortlessly delivers impressive drilling performance, which is precisely what we expected from Bosch. The variable speed control, on the other hand, is not that great, but more on that later.

The unit’s 3/8″ ratcheting keyless chuck, even though it’s made of plastic, offers the convenience of faster chucking and drilling. It holds all sorts of attachments and accessories particularly well – the chances of slipping are at a minimum.

Another feature that deserves a mention is the so-called Service Minder, which automatically stops the tool when a brush replacement is required. This increases the safety and easily eliminates the guesswork.

Corded Bosch Drill



Low price


Powerful motor


Lock-on switch


ServiceMinder feature



Problematic variable speed control


Plastic chuck


Things we liked about the Bosch 1006VSR

The Bosch 1006vsr certainly isn’t a flawless device, but we can’t really say that its unbeatably low price has had a truly negative effect on the unit’s efficiency. It’s a very powerful drill, since it sports a 6.3 AMP motor that’s guaranteed to help you with drilling through all kinds of surfaces. Chucking and drilling with this model is quick and convenient, as it should be – it’s exactly what we expected from Bosch.

Handling the 1006vsr is as equally comfortable, as it features an ergonomic design that prevents fatigue. There’s a lock-on switch to prevent accidental activation, a durable belt clip for those who work in high places, and a ServiceMinder feature that will let you know when it’s time to change the brush. What more could one want from a corded drill in this price category?


Things we didn’t like

Even though the performance of this unit is indeed a satisfactory one, we have to admit that it’s thoroughly inconsistent. Working at low speed can be quite the daunting task with this drill, especially if you’d like to work at less than 600 RPM. Making fine adjustments is not something you’d want to use the 1006vsr for – otherwise, you’re risking spoiling the entire project.

The drill’s 3/8″ ratcheting keyless chuck has its good sides, but the fact that it’s made of plastic brings another flaw into play. Working at weird angles and in tight spaces will cause the spinning chuck to rub against the closest surface, which, in turn, leads to melted and reformed plastic.

General Impressions

The Bosch 1006vsr was well-received among the users, especially among handymen with a tighter budget. They’re praising the fact that they bought a branded drill for a low sum of money – the reasonable price is definitely one of the unit’s primary selling points.

Other than that, the users were pleased with the drill’s powerful motor and numerous safety features, as they make every drilling operation safe and quick. However, they were not so happy about its inconsistent performance, which is something we hope to see fixed in the next revision.


With Bosch being one of the most popular and most trusted names in the power tool industry, we simply had to take a closer look at this corded drill. Right away, the powerful motor and a number of safety features had us sold. It’s not a flawless corded drill – but when we combine its advantages with a genuinely reasonable price, we get a drill that’s bound to become very popular with the DIY enthusiasts all over the world.

It’s an excellent choice for the general drilling work on a job site or around the house, and considering it for purchase would be a wise decision.

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