Dewalt DWD112 Review

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Dewalt DWD112 Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Sep 20, 2021 @ 11:00 pm

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DWD112 Review Summary:

Even though the cordless drills have become very good over the years, the corded ones will always be a better choice. When considering purchasing one, there are several factors to keep in mind. This kind of a drill has been around for quite some time now, and it enjoyed a plethora of improvements over the years.

Most of today’s corded drills are high in quality and reliability, so the competition is pretty tight. DeWalt’s DWD112 is one of the most popular corded models, as it sports durability, ease of use, and excellent performance.

For those reasons, we’ve decided to take a closer look at it and find out if the user reviews are accurate. We’ll be analyzing the power, the speed, the design, and the performance of this corded drill while trying to find out what are its advantages and flaws. Let’s do it together!


  • Weight – 4.1lbs
  • Dimensions – 9.6″ x 10.8″ x 3″
  • Chuck Size – 3/8″
  • Speed – 2500 RPM
  • Voltage – 12 volts

Dewalt DWD112 – The Basics

Sporting a sturdy, robust performance, a lightweight design, a keyless chuck, and variable speed, it’s no wonder that the DeWalt DWD112 is so immensely popular with the users. When we combine all of these perks with a genuinely reasonable price, we’re getting a corded drill that’s certainly worth considering for purchase.

Unlike many other models we’ve reviewed so far, this drill is targeted at professionals, i.e., at people who use their tools commercially and perform heavy-duty tasks on a daily basis. For that reason, the model sports a quality plastic casing that won’t break apart once you accidentally drop the unit from a height.

The fact that this is a corded model will allow you to use it all day long – one doesn’t have to worry about frequent recharging of the batteries!

The Features


The DeWalt DWD112 sports an 8 amp motor that gives it an impressive performance – the model was designed for the heavy-duty projects of all kinds. It contains 1-1/8″ capacity with the hole saw, 1” capacity in wood (spade), and 3/8″ capacity in steel – and all of these prove that the unit possesses flexibility and versatility to handle a number of different materials.


The ergonomic handle design of DWD112 provides the user with a great hand comfort, which is something that’s absolutely necessary for the long-term and heavy-duty projects. It helps alleviate excessive strain and fatigue on the user’s wrists. With a weight of just a little bit more than 4 pounds, the drill is also quite easy to maneuver. This size is also quite convenient when it comes to storing.


Due to the fact that it sports a 0-2,500 RPM variable speed reversing trigger, this model provides consistency and allows one to perform the drilling operations with more precision. The 100% ball-bearing build of the drill guarantees durability while you’re on the job site.

Keyless Chuck

The drill features an all-metal 3/8″ ratcheting keyless chuck, presenting you with the convenience of increased productivity and greater bit retention. An all-metal chuck is always a big plus in our book, as the plastic ones tend to become wobbly and unstable after a few weeks of daily use.


DeWalt DWD112 certainly exceeds expectations when we consider its price tag. It’s among the most affordable corded drills manufactured by the well-known companies, which is one of the reasons behind its enormous popularity.

Dewalt DWD112 Great for Metal



High-power motor


All-metal keyless chuck


Variable speed reversing trigger


Reasonable price



Corded – no portability


Not suitable for driving screws


Things we liked about it

There’s a lot to like about DeWalt DWD112. For a reasonable price, one can get a corded drill that boasts impressive performance that’s made possible by its 8 amp motor. By using its variable speed reversing trigger, one can achieve 2,500 RPM and thus easily drill through literally any kind of a surface. The all-metal chuck is a nice addition, too – it will save you from frustration that usually comes along with the plastic-made chucks.

Other than that, we also liked the unit’s ergonomic design that feels very pleasant in hands. Prolonged drilling sessions aren’t a problem with DWD112, as you won’t experience arm or wrist fatigue while working with it. The drill also sports a pretty good build-quality and shouldn’t break apart in cases of accidental drops.


Things we didn’t like

Having a corded drill has many advantages, with the most important of them being the fact that you don’t have to stop and recharge the battery. Uninterrupted work is great, but the cord is bound to become a problem at some point. Having a cordless drill provides the user with much more flexibility, and allows him to reach literally any place. Unless you purchase an extension cord, that won’t be possible with this model.

The powerful motor of DWD112 makes it unsuitable for driving screws. If you want to drive screws, purchasing an impact driver or a cordless drill with a slip clutch is a far better decision.

General Impressions

Users repeatedly state that the best thing about this model is its price – the low cost makes it suitable for everyone’s budget. They give praise for its quality construction, especially when its price tag is considered, as well as to its powerful motor that makes completing every project a breeze.

The users are also quite pleased with the unit’s comfortable grip, and they’re saying that prolonged drilling sessions with this device cause no cramps or fatigue.


Whether you’re an experienced contractor or a complete beginner, the DeWalt DWD112 certainly won’t leave you disappointed. It’s a well-built power tool that’s capable of handling a myriad of both small and heavy-duty projects in an efficient and well-controlled way.

Its variable speed trigger provides the user with greater accuracy, while the soft grip gives ample comfort, especially in cases of longer projects. All in all, purchasing DeWalt DWD112 at its current price is a steal!

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