Best Paint Sprayers By Brand

One of the most frequently asked questions when considering a new power painter is — should I buy a paint sprayer from a well-known brand?

Purchasing a power-painter from one of the more established marques does have its advantages, including:

  • Manufacturer’s experience in spray painters.
  • Wide access to spare and upgradeable parts of a spray gun.
  • Extensive warranties.
  • Durable build.
  • Access to helpful and knowledgeable customer service teams.
  • Numerous online brand-orientated forums.
  • Machines that are tested in the field.

However, if you’re just looking for a single project machine, don’t plan on customizing the parts, or consider it will only be used intermittently throughout the year — it may be worth choosing a paint sprayer from a lesser-known manufacturer.

These typically budget machines may lack the robustness of their more pricey cousins — but they allow easy access into the power-painting niche. Some impressive examples, such as the Tacklife SGP15AC offer a high level of user-tailorability, a choice of nozzles, and numerous features concomitant to premium units — but at an affordable price point.

Check out below the main players in the power-painting niche and my personal paint sprayer recommendations from each brand.

Wagner Spray Gun Systems

Boasting over 60 years of experience in the painting and decorating category, Wagner spray guns provide reassuring reliability and durability — together with industry-leading warranties and customer service. Its impressive product line extends from budget-priced handheld units through to high-end powerful turbine and airless machines — thus meaning, its sprayers are equally suited to both the DIY user and the light contractor.

  • USA-based manufacturer.
  • Experts in paint application.
  • Models to suit DIYers and semi-pro users.
  • Extensive warranties.
Our Top Wagner Paint Gun Machine

Wagner Control Pro 170


Our Rating: 4.8

Providing airless hydraulic spraying without the hassle and time cost of complex priming, this unit cranks out an impressive 0.6 horsepower — permitting the machine to drive undiluted paints via a 515 nozzle tip. And, featuring a direct-draw system from an original can — requirements for refilling are eliminated.

  • A 1500 PSI paint gun sprayer.
  • Reduces overspray by 55 percent.
  • 515 paint sprayer head.
  • Sureflo valve for effortless priming
  • Available as a floor-standing or cart-mounted piston paint sprayer.

HomeRight Painter Sprayers

With over 30 years of experience in power-painting tools, and owned by the mighty Wagner SprayTech powerhouse — the HomeRight paint sprayer range has a product for every home application. Focusing on both the virgin and more experienced DIYer, the line-up includes both HVLP and airless machines, in handheld and floor-standing versions. While impressively wallet-friendly, these units offer a consistent and pleasing finish with fuss-free operation.

  • USA-based manufacturer.
  • Excellent online paint gun reviews.
  • Extensive warranties.
  • Ideal for the casual DIYer.
  • Experts in paint application and removal.
  • Part of the Wagner SprayTech group.
Our Top Pick HomeRight Spraying Systems Spray Gun

HomeRight Finish Max


Our Rating: 4.8

Providing airless hydraulic spraying without the hassle and time cost of complex priming, this unit cranks out an impressive 0.6 horsepower — permitting the machine to drive undiluted paints via a 515 nozzle tip. And, featuring a direct-draw system from an original can — requirements for refilling are eliminated.

  • A 1500 PSI paint gun sprayer.
  • Reduces overspray by 55 percent.
  • 515 paint sprayer head.
  • Sureflo valve for effortless priming
  • Available as a floor-standing or cart-mounted piston paint sprayer.

Titan Paint Sprayer Paint Machines

With over 45 years of expertise in power-painting equipment, Titan Tools is one of the most respected sprayer manufacturers in the industry. Its units target the professional and contractor user, delivering a range of airless and HVLP machines that offer the ultimate finish combined with impressive durability and robustness. While premium-priced, Titan’s units are backed by extensive warranties, have a reassuring availability of spare and upgradeable parts, and are supported by market-leading customer service.

  • USA-based brand.
  • Excellent paint sprayer reviews 2016 to present day.
  • Built for the trade pro.
  • Extensive catalog.
  • Impressive durability.
  • Backed by the big paint sprayer brand Wagner SprayTech.
Our Top Pick Titan Paint Sprayer Kit

Titan Impact 440


Our Rating: 4.8

The #1 selling commercial power-painting machine on the market, this airless unit knocks out both low and high-viscosity mediums. With an ability to cope with 100 gallons of throughput per week, its PermaLife Cylinder comes with a lifetime guarantee. And, boasting the industry-favored LX-80II gun, it provides a remarkably clean finish with its versatile TR1 517 tip.

  • A powerful airless spray paint gun kit, cranking out 3300 PSI.
  • Large catalog of Titan sprayer replacement parts.
  • 0.875 horsepower.
  • More brawny than a conventional paint sprayer.
  • Delivers 0.54 gallons per minute.
  • 50-foot hose.

Graco Painting Spray Machines

Backed by nearly a century of spraying knowledge, the Graco paintsprayers range offers unmatched durability, power, and versatility. Its line-up boasts machines that target the serious home-improver, tradesperson, and large-scale industrial contractor. While mainly featuring heavy-duty airless units — including mighty gasoline-powered sprayers — the Graco series also includes cordless handheld tools — a rarity in the power-painting niche.

  • USA-based brand.
  • Better than a hand pump paint sprayer.
  • Wide availability of Graco paint sprayer parts.
  • Trade-pro quality spray gun models.
  • Power painting specialists.
  • Suitable for heavy-duty use.
  • The range covers DIY through to commercial use.
  • Impressive warranties and online paint sprayer ratings.
Our Pick of the Best Graco Paint Gun Kit

Graco 390 ProConnect


Our Rating: 4.9

A serious workhorse, this airless pump sprayer for paint will appeal to the ardent DIY or trade pro. A mighty 0.63 horsepower motor knocks out the densest of mediums, while providing a blemish-free coat. Rapid delivery of 1.8 liters per minute makes it ideal for larger jobs, while a stainless steel piston with a ProConnect feature allows for effortless pump replacement.

  • Trade-grade piston pump paint sprayer.
  • A no cup paint sprayer — draws from an original can.
  • 50-foot painting hose.
  • 3300 PSI.
  • Continuous pressure control.
  • Swift-change airless paint sprayer pump.

Fuji Paint Machine Systems

Whether you’re an extreme weekend DIYer or experienced trade-pro — the Fuji spray machine catalog has a sprayer for you. Concentrating purely on HVLP turbines, its models are distinguishable by their focus on durability — with robust metal housings, low-noise tech, and efficient heat dissipation systems. Contractor-level stainless steel guns combined with between 5-9.5 PSI output enable both speedy completion of projects and a pleasing flaw-free finish. Backed by 35 years of experience, a wide catalog of spare parts, industry-leading customer service and marketed at affordable price points — they offer the ultimate cost-to-quality ratio.

  • Some of the best paint sprayers with a turbine on the market.
  • Robust and durable build for the contractor or ardent DIYer.
  • Excellent general purpose spray gun units.
  • Turbine air paint guns with noise reduction features.
  • Usable with a variety of spray gun painting techniques.
  • Include paint spray gun filters.
  • Proudly designed and built in Canada.
  • 35 years of experience in HVLP turbines.
  • Always feature in the best top 10 paint sprayers manufacturers list.
Our Pick of the Best Paint Gun From Fuji

Fuji Mini-Mite 4


Our Rating: 4.9

A four-stage HVLP turbine unit that delivers an impressive 9 PSI. Weighing just 23.6 pounds, it’s a lightweight machine for a powerful unit — making it ideal for portable use. It’s fed by a 0.63-quart gravity cup and promises a minimum of overspray. Furthermore, its 1.3 mm tip delivers fine atomization and comes complete with the industry-respected T75 gun.

  • A paint sprayer unlimited worldwide use — in 110-volt and 240-volt versions.
  • Pro-grade T75 paint gun paint applicator.
  • Fine turbine paint atomizer sprayer.
  • Low-noise.
  • A simple paint sprayer that still achieves contractor-grade results.
  • Gun suitable for right and left-handed operation.

Campbell Hausfeld

Delivering project-specific compressor-driven spray guns, the Campbell Hausfeld range caters to the dedicated DIYer and trade pro. Straightforward in operation, yet pleasingly robust, these US-made shooters are backed by extensive customer service and long warranties. Its most notable air spray gun is the DH580000AV, which incorporates HVLP tech and guarantees a fine finish from its 0.055-inch nozzle.

Central Pneumatic

A brand under the respected Harbor Freight umbrella, Central Pneumatic air powered paint sprayer guns are as suited to home use as they are to the contractor’s workshop. User-tailorable, and featuring interchangeable spray nozzles, plus a choice of either gravity or siphon feed, these units provide low overspray and a concours-worthy finish. My top pick, the 47016 Central Spray Gun, is an excellent vehicle and cabinet top-coating gun.


With a history dating back to the 1890s, Binks is renowned for delivering air powered spray gun units that have the durability to withstand hardcore use. With a reassuringly premium price, its shooters cover LVLP, HVLP, and standard compressor spraying. Our favorite example is the mighty SV100G, which offers a choice of two spray tips — 1.4 and 2.0 mm — and a gravity-feeding aluminum paint cup.

Krause & Becker

Along with Central Pneumatic, the Krause & Becker marque is owned by the spraying behemoth Harbor Freight. It offers affordable types of paint spray guns — typically airless and turbine-driven — that target DIY users and newbies to the power-covering world. Krause & Becker’s most successful machine is its floor-standing hydraulic unit, which promises an eye-watering 3000 PSI but at a pocket-friendly price.


Boasting four decades of auto-restoration and customization experience, the Eastwood air paint gun range has a tool for the hobbyist car nut and trade user. With low PSI requirements, these shooters can run off home-style compressors and are backed by a massive catalog of spare and upgradeable parts. Its flagship machine is the Concours Pro, a fine paint sprayer with a 1.3 mm tip that excels at providing a flaw-free finish on motor topcoats.


Considered by industry experts to be the gravity-feed HVLP specialists, Vaper guns provide the quality of coat typically seen with airbrush paint sprayer units — making them a favorite in the cabinet-finishing arena. Affordable price points make them within reach of the home user, while their aluminum build facilitates lightweight operation. Which paint sprayer is best from Vaper? My pick of the range is the 19220 Spray Kit — providing a choice of three guns, allowing you to use the correct shooter for your paint’s density.


Always highly-rated in online air paint sprayer reviews, Saglola units are backed by 65 years of power-painting expertise and innovation. This Spanish brand offers the whole gamut of compressor-driven shooters — from fine finishing examples through to rapid coverage models. Its most successful export is the Junior G, a small paint spray gun that offers a high delivery rate from its 1.8 mm tip — making it suited to more substantial projects.


Targeting the ardent home-improver through to the pro-contractor, Earlex offers a plethora of high-end turbine units that are as suited to fine finishing jobs as they are at addressing massive expanses. Boasting stainless steel tips, lightweight guns, and brawny motors — they’re compatible with a multitude of mediums. The HV5500 is considered by many to be the pinnacle prosumer power-painter in the market.


Retailing gravity, siphon-fed, and HVLP types of paint guns — the Husky catalog offers shooters for the discerning DIYer. A durable build, together with extensive warranties and an affordable price point, makes these units suitable for newbie and casual users. Its respected H4920SSG machine includes two tips — 1.8 and 2.0 mm — and offers a wide ten-inch spray fan, making it ideal for larger home-improvement projects.


Powered by 50 years of spraying knowledge, Apollo air sprayer paint machines are aimed at the serious trade user. Family-owned and based in the USA, their turbine units are considered to be the ultimate fan-powered sprayers in the market. The remarkable Apollo Precision 5 Pro LE is controlled by an LCD screen — providing feedback on pressure (adjustable in 0.1 increments), idling time, running hours, and operating temperature.

Ingersoll Rand

The Ingersoll Rand spray gun catalog delivers compressor-driven guns that are as dependable as they are durable. Although the range may not be as expansive as some sole-gun manufacturers, it boasts shooters for small to medium projects and for motor and touch-up work. Which paint sprayer is the best from Ingersoll Rand? My personal pick is the versatile 270G Edge, providing adjustable pressure control with its inline regulator, and a fine spray from its 1.5 mm tip.


Suitable for DIY use, the Japanese Iwata brand retails a range of compressor-driven shooters — from air syphon spray gun units through to gravity-fed machines. Its truly massive catalog means that there’s a model for every project and medium type. That said, the HVLP kit stands above the rest — including a choice of three spray tips, a gun wrench, regulator, and lubricant.


Backed by the respected California Air Tools Company, SprayIt units promise pleasing reliability for the home-user and tradesperson. Specializing in LVLP models, these guns provide seriously low overspray and wastage combined with a blemish-free finish. The impressive SprayIt SP-33500K kit is the ideal LVLP entry-level set — featuring two guns, a regulator, and a storage case.

Coleman Powermate

Focusing on the keen amateur spray enthusiast, Powermate’s guns are easy-on-the-pocket, allowing the DIYer to achieve pro-level results. Its vast product line-up includes multipurpose conventional paint gun models, automotive shooters, and large-project examples. Its flagship machine, the P010-0037SP, offers a pleasing coat on fine-finishing work — excelling with low-viscosity paints delivered from its 1.4 mm stainless steel tip.


Manufacturing products for the DIY market, the China-based Tacklife includes comprehensive and versatile turbine spray painters but at a fraction of the price of the more well-known brands. Its most popular unit, the SGP15AC boasts four spray nozzles — 1.0, 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0 mm — together with an easy-fill 1.06-quart cup, a choice of three spray patterns, and a rubberized handle. To be honest, it’s so light on the pocket it’s almost a disposable paint sprayer.


With a line-up that includes automotive guns, industrial-grade units, and home-renovation models, the TCP catalog has a shooter for every application. Supported by 40 years of paint spraying experience and featuring comprehensive warranties, its products offer reassuring robustness combined with user-tailorability. My personal top pick is the nine-piece HVLP kit, which includes three guns, regulators, a cleaning kit, and a corrosion-busting moisture filter.


Often referred to as the ‘Cadillacs’ of paint guns by industry experts, Tekna units are the go-to machine for the pro car restorer and resprayer. Capable of knocking out primers, topcoats, bases, and clears, its guns guarantee showroom-grade finishes with reassuring reliability. Perhaps its most outstanding product is the DEV-704514 kit — which offers one priming gun, base shooter, and a touch-up unit.

Paint Zoom

Selling third-party built units under its own marque, the Paint Zoom catalog features just two different types of paint sprayers — the large-project compatible Pro Zoom and the basic small-job Paint Zoom. Although not highly regarded in the power-painting arena, its machines offer affordable and fuss-free coating for the casual or newbie user.


With a multitude of power painter brands, choosing the ideal marque and model can initially appear intimidating. Yet, once you understand a little about each of these companies, selecting your ideal spray painting unit is much more straightforward.

Consider these key factors:

  • How much money do you want to spend.
  • Intended use frequency — e.g. daily for pros, weekends for DIYers.
  • Project type — automotive, masonry, woodwork, or cabinets, etc.
  • Durability — a hardcore unit for building site work, a more modest machine for home improvements.

Once you have ascertained the type of model you need — you can then eliminate the manufacturers that don’t fit your specifics. For example, Wagner SprayTech may be the industry leaders in prosumer painters — but they have no models suitable for an automotive respray.

The bottom line:

Choosing the best paint sprayer by brand, with a little research, will ensure you have the ultimate machine to tackle your home, site, or contract power painting work.