The Best Spray Guns From Campbell Hausfeld — Buyers Guide, Review, and Comparison

The Campbell Hausfeld paint sprayer line up includes specific application-focused guns for the ardent DIYer and aspirational semi-pro user — its pneumatic-only machines are as robust as they are straightforward to operate. Hailing from a US-based company with nearly 100 years of experience in air-powered tools — you have the backing of extensive warranties, wide availability of spare parts, and impressive customer service. Light on the pocket and able to run from consumer-sized compressors — they’re ideal for residential and home-garage use.
Our Top Pick
Campbell Hausfeld DH580000AV
Delivering four CFM at 40 PSI — this gravity-fed gun is suitable for most home compressors. Its 0.055-inch nozzle provides ultra-fine atomization with minimum overspray, making it ideal for precise finishing work. And, with a tailorable spray width from 1.5 to nine inches — you can adjust the delivery to suit your base material.
  • 0.63-quart container.
  • Aluminum build.
  • Arrives with a gun wrench, filters, and a cleaning brush.
Product Rating: 4.6/5

Top Campbell Hausfeld Paint Sprayers

Campbell Hausfeld DH580000AV
  • Feed type: Gravity
  • Nozzle size: 0.055-inch
  • Air consumption: 4 CFM at 40 PSI
  • Cup size: 0.63 quarts


  • Acrylic cup for easy cleaning.
  • Fine atomization.
  • Aluminum housing.

Product Rating: 4.6/5

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Campbell Hausfeld DH530001AV
  • Feed type: Pressure and siphon
  • Nozzle size: 0.055-inch
  • Air consumption: 4.3 CFM at 40 psi
  • Cup size: One-quart


  • Compatible with dense paints.
  • Fatigue-busting handle.
  • One to eight-inch spray width.

Product Rating: 4.5/5

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Campbell Hausfeld DH650001AV
  • Feed type: Siphon
  • Nozzle size: 0.071-inch
  • Air consumption: 3.8 CFM at 40 psi
  • Cup size: One-quart


  • Excellent for precise work.
  • Anti-drip cup.
  • Spray width from 1.5 to nine inches.

Product Rating: 4.4/5

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Campbell Hausfeld DH420000AV
  • Feed type: Pressure and siphon
  • Nozzle size: 0.05-inch
  • Air consumption: 2 CFM at 40 PSI
  • Cup size: One-quart


  • Suitable for large and small projects.
  • Compatible with thin and dense mediums.
  • Internal and external mix air caps.

Product Rating: 4.3/5

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Campbell Hausfeld DH320000AV
  • Feed type: Pressure
  • Nozzle size: 0.05-inch
  • Air consumption: 1.5 CFM at 40 PSI
  • Cup size: One-quart


  • Easy on the pocket.
  • Suitable for home compressors.
  • Zinc-plated to protect from corrosion.

Product Rating: 4.0/5

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Campbell Hausfeld Paint Sprayer Guns Buying Guide

Targeting the keen amateur sprayer, Campbell Hausfeld’s line of guns delivers reliability, a clean finish, and straightforward operation — but not at a contractor-level price.

Backed by impressive warranties, wide availability of replacement parts, and helpful customer service — these units cover a wide spectrum of applications including cabinet refinishing, furniture upcycling, home respraying, and automotive restoration.

The Campbell Hausfeld Brand

Operating out of Harrison, Ohio — Campbell Hausfeld offers a complete range of pneumatic tools and equipment, including compressors, sandblasters, nail guns, tire inflators, and of course, paint sprayers.

Founded in 1836 by Alexander Campbell as the Campbell Manufacturing Company, the business originally concentrated on the build and retail of farm equipment — including wagons, plows, cultivators, and harrows — far removed from the products which have made it famous today.

Throughout the 19th Century, the company grew in size, being led by a pursuit of innovation — including the highly successful Campbell Corn Drill. However, it was a partnership with local entrepreneur Joseph Hausfeld that began the pathway to pneumatic success.

Hausfeld owned Ohio Pattern Works — an advanced (for its time) metal-casting business. Combining Hausfeld’s knowledge of precision manufacture with Campbell’s intuition for product development — together they created spraying units for delivering fertilizers, weed killers, and insecticides onto farming land.

Now known as Campbell Hausfeld, the company began its first venture into pneumatics in 1940, building the Pressure King Air Compressor. It didn’t take a great leap of the imagination to convert its farming sprayers into paint delivery machines.

And so began the company’s growth into the air-powered machine-manufacturing behemoth it is today. With its tagline ‘Built to Last,’ the brand is renowned for its durable yet affordable pneumatic tools.

The Campbell Hausfeld Product Line

Quality over quantity is the ethos behind the company’s product line up.

As opposed to a brand such as Eastwood — which offers an absolute multitude of guns for just one niche (automotive spraying) — Campbell Hausfeld instead provides a single gun for selected applications.

This leads to just seven models in its complete gun line up — from the mighty furniture spraying DH580000AV unit, through to its large project-centric DH530001AV. Admittedly, this lack of choice and inability to tailor the gun with additional components for specific uses may be disappointing for the pro-user. But, for the enthusiastic DIYer, it means a simple choice for those who understand (or care) little about the intricacies of pneumatic painting.

Hence currently, the Campbell Hausfeld series includes a unit for cabinets, motor vehicles, fine-finishing, and large project applications — together with an all-arounder gun and a budget machine that targets the complete spraying newbie.

However, it wasn’t always like this.

In 2015, the brand began to venture into the non-pneumatic niche with its production of the HV3500 Campbell Hausfeld HVLP turbine paint sprayer. Yet, this experiment was short-lived, with the unit being discontinued in late 2017.

Furthermore, the company also attempted to break into the airless category — something that deserves a quick discussion.

What Happened to the Campbell Hausfield Airless Paint Sprayer Range?

In 2013, the company introduced its first airless sprayer — the PS270D. This cart-mounted machine was initially well-received — being praised for its portability, strong suction hose with filter, and one-horsepower motor.

This Campbell airless paint sprayer was then followed by additional machines, each with increasing power outputs — targeting the pro-contractor user.

But then, the situation turned a little sour.

To quote Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park (1993) — Campbell Hausfeld ‘were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.’

Ok, admittedly, their ventures into hydraulic machines didn’t lead to mutated Velociraptors on a murderous rampage. But it did create some discontent in the painting community.

Looking back, it does seem a little incongruent that a business built on pneumatics would produce a Campbell Hausfeld airless paint sprayer. While still in the spraying niche — the mechanics behind a compressor powered unit and an airless one are as different as gas-powered and electrically driven cars.

The issue wasn’t initially with the machines themselves — off the shelf, they worked creditably. However, after a couple of years — as with all precision equipment — parts began to fail or degrade.

Users complained that Campbell airless paint sprayer parts were incredibly challenging to obtain — even from the manufacturer. Furthermore, the usually knowledgeable customer service team lacked the experience of hydraulic units to give helpful advice to owners.

Hence, deciding to cut their losses, in 2018 the Campbell Hausfeld 3/4 hp airless paint sprayer and its more powerful siblings were dropped from the spraying catalog — leaving solely the pneumatic tools — a situation that remains to the present day.

Why Choose Campbell Hausfeld HVLP Spray Guns?

Campbell Hausfield paint sprayers offer reliability, durability, and project-focused results at a price that’s within the range of the home-user.

Typically able to operate from a small compressor unit, the keen DIYer doesn’t require a massive industrial-sized air unit — making them ideal for residential and garage use.

Sure, they’re not for everyone. The limited choice and lack of customization may trouble the tradesperson or contractor — if that’s you, then instead, I suggest checking out the Eastwood, SprayIt, and Coleman Powermate brands.

However, for casual and hobbyist sprayers — a Campbell paint sprayer is a solid choice.

Owning a gun from this company means having a unit that:

  • Hails from a USA-based brand.
  • Is backed by a pneumatic specialist.
  • Arrives with an impressive warranty.
  • Targets specific painting applications.
  • Is supported by knowledgeable technical customer service.
  • Boasts robustness and durability.
  • Is light on the pocket.
  • Includes a detailed user manual.

Our Picks of the Best Campbell Hausfeld Paint Gun Tools

Campbell Hausfeld DH580000AV

Best For Furniture


Our Rating: 4.9
Should home furniture restoration, renovation, or upcycling be your niche — this Campbell Hausfeld HVLP turbine spray gun may be of interest.

As a gravity-fed unit, it requires less pressure than its siphon and pressure-powered counterparts — just four CFM — meaning that it will suit most home DIY compressors. Furthermore, it leads to less overspray, key on furniture finishing, and frees your fingers from being squeezed between the trigger and canister.


Its 0.055-inch nozzle provides ultra-fine atomization for the ultimate in top-coating, and, with an adjustable spray width ranging from 1.5 to 9 inches — you can crank up the fan size for areas such as tabletops, then step it down for corners, trim, and moldings.

The Campbell DH580000A, as a cabinet-targeting gun, will deliver lacquers, primers, enamels, clear coats, urethanes, stains, and base coats — although it cannot handle more viscous paints.

Boasting a 0.63-quart container — it should have sufficient capacity for the majority of small to medium painting applications. Furthermore, its smaller size permits access into more confined areas, and the acrylic construction promotes effortless and headache-free cleaning.

And, as you would expect with a precise-work gun — it’s impressively tailorable to suit both your coating medium and base material. In addition to the fan width settings, you can adjust both volume delivery and airflow.


  • Easy cleanup.
  • Low overspray.
  • Aluminum housing.
  • Ergonomically-designed handle.
  • The only Campbell Hausfeld gravity feed spray gun.
  • Complete with filters, a gun wrench, and a cleaning brush.

  • Unsuitable for high-viscosity paints.
  • The small cup isn’t ideal for larger furniture projects.
  • Nozzle can be challenging to remove.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Campbell Hausfeld DH530001AV

Best Large Project

Our Rating: 4.8
Should you be planning on completing the mother-of-all projects, you need a hefty sprayer — the heavy-duty Campbell DH530001AV could be the solution.

Although requiring a compressor with a minimum of 4.3 CFM at 40 PSI — this is still within the capacity of a typical consumer pneumatic power unit. It will propel dense paints such as latex, chalk, and milk-based paints effortlessly. Thus, making it suitable for larger jobs like complete house resprays — both internal and external.

However, being adjustable between both pressure and siphon feeds — you can bring down the power output. Switching to the siphon system makes the gun more suited to thin mediums — for example, stains and sealers when addressing substantial areas of fencing or decking.

For large areas, opt for the pressure feed and up the medium delivery intensity and air volume via a rear-mounted dial. Furthermore, you can increase the spray pattern from one to eight inches by twisting the 0.055-inch nozzle — thus permitting you to rapidly cover vast swathes of woodwork or walling.

The handle is designed to fit neatly into the palm, while a textured finish promotes a reassuring grip even with paint-covered or perspiring hands. This should be a welcome feature for DIYers completing substantial jobs — where hand, wrist, and finger fatigue could become an issue.


  • Ideal for significantly-sized jobs.
  • One-quart container.
  • Striking design.
  • Suitable for bleeder and non-bleeder applications.
  • Wide mouth on paint cup.

  • Polished metal finish dulls rapidly.
  • Significant overspray.
  • Cup liable to drip when inverted.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Campbell Hausfeld DH650001AV

Best Fine Finish

Our Rating: 4.4
Delivering a fine and precise finish from its 0.071-inch nozzle — this unit is ideal for woodworking, furniture, and cabinet projects. Additionally, it can also be utilized as a Campbell Hausfeld automotive spray gun for hobbyist car restorers.

The stainless steel tip and CFM-rating of seven (at 40 PSI) allow the gun to satisfactorily deliver thin-to-medium viscous coatings — including the topcoat staples of lacquers, enamels, urethanes, and polyurethanes. That said, it isn’t suited to more dense paints such as latex, milk, or chalk.

For larger, rapid coverage work, the adjustable fan size permits you to alter the spray width up to a maximum of nine inches — and for a more precise address of your base material, you can trim this down to just 1.5 inches.

While not particularly ergonomically designed, the handle does include some rear-mounted traction to prevent slippage. And, incorporating a ladder hook, this unit may appeal to those painters dealing with high-level work.

The one-quart canister features an anti-drip design — useful if your projects include spraying at inverted angles. Furthermore, the external air cap is designed to prevent overspray — crucial for those final, precise, coats.


  • One of the best Campbell Hausfeld paint sprayers for fine finishing.
  • Adjustable flow volume control.
  • Spray size from 1.5 to 9 inches.
  • Anti-drip cup reduces clean up.
  • Handle grip.

  • Not suitable for dense paints.
  • The nozzle can be tough to twist.
  • Performance drops when moved from the horizontal plane.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Campbell Hausfeld DH420000AV

Best General Purpose

Our Rating: 4.3
Perhaps the most versatile machine in this Campbell Hausfeld paint sprayer review — the DH420000AV may appeal to the home DIY enthusiast looking to address both small and large-scale projects — but with just one gun.

The flexibility stems from two elements — its ability to switch from pressure to siphon feed, and its non-bleed/bleed feature making it compatible with both tankless and standard compressors.

Hence, its 0.05-inch nozzle can deliver thin mediums such as sealers, stains, lacquers, and enamels as efficiently as it can propel dense paints like chalk, primer, and latex. Thus, whether you complete a total house respray or are simply touching up fine-wood trim — this unit will deliver.

Furthermore, variable material control empowers you to choose the ideal delivery intensity — being able to crank up the volume for thicker coats and step it down for a more delicate address.

Including internal and external mix caps, and requiring no more than two CFM at 40 PSI — this gun will work with home-styled garage compressors. Its one-quart paint container should be perfectly adequate for most medium-sized jobs, while its wide mouth should prevent any accidental spills when refilling for larger projects.


  • Best all-arounder in this Campbell Hausfeld spray gun review.
  • Pressure and siphon fed.
  • Textured handle.
  • Internal and external mix air caps.
  • Works with tanks and remote canisters.

  • Cannot remove tip without completely dismantling the gun.
  • The trigger requires substantial pressure.
  • The hook is too small to safely hang on ladders.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Campbell Hausfeld DH320000AV

Best Budget

Our Rating: 4.0
Perhaps the best Campbell Hausfeld paint sprayer for home users on a budget.

This bleeder gun will achieve the most satisfactory results when utilized in combination with low-volume and continuous running compressors — the type typically found in home scenarios. But if you’re a more hardcore DIYer, bear in mind that it’s not suitable for tankless pneumatic units with automatic pressure control.

Most applicable for cabinet and small project work, the Campbell DH320000AV with its pressure feed system and 0.05-inch tip can handle coating mediums of multiple viscosities — although extremely dense fluids may require thinning.

A simple twist of the end permits you to adjust the size of the spray area — up to a maximum of 6.5-inches wide — while a tailorable fluid control dial allows you to alter the volume of medium being sprayed to suit your base material.

Constructed from zinc-plated steel, the Campbell Hausfeld DH320000AV gun offers reassuring protection against corrosion — although, many owners of this unit report that its relatively thin construction can lead to dents even with the gentlest of knocks and bumps.

The unit arrives complete with a one-quart cup, which should provide sufficient capacity for the majority of small to medium jobs. However, the flat metal handle — lacking any ergonomic design or grip — may rapidly induce fatigue or discomfort should you attempt a significantly-sized project.


  • Small compressor requirement — 1.5 CFM at 40 PSI.
  • Budget-price.
  • Straightforward operation.
  • Suitable for small, home-sized compressors.
  • Corrosion-resistant.
  • Includes ladder hook.

  • Requires some effort to clean.
  • Dense mediums will require thinning..
  • Unsuitable for large scale work.
  • Liable to dents.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Campbell Hausfeld Airless Paint Sprayer Parts, Kits, and Accessories

Although reliable and durable units — over time, components may succumb to wear and tear — meaning your machine doesn’t operate at optimum levels and deliver the results you require.

Additionally, there are times where you may want to give your sprayer a little TLC or wish to upgrade the system to suit your own project requirements. Hence, I’ve put together what I consider to be the most useful Campbell Hausfeld paint sprayer parts.

Campbell Hausfeld Air Hose
Air hoses take a surprising amount of abuse.

Every time you move your spray gun, some areas of the hose will rub against your working surface, walls, or floors — leading to friction. Frequent use can lead to weak points or holes in this crucial component — meaning you need a replacement.

Furthermore, where the hose meets the metal connectors on both the gun and compressor ends are under continuous stress — which can promote air leaks.

And, it may be that your current airline isn’t sufficiently long to enjoy freedom of movement — meaning that an upgrade could make your work more rapid and enjoyable.

Campbell Hausfeld offers two replacement hoses, 25 feet and 50 feet. These industry-tested lines are kink-free, incorporate durable steel connectors, and leave no marks on flooring.

17-Piece Accessory Kit
Regular maintenance of your spray gun and compressor is crucial to extend longevity and enjoy perfect painting results every time you use your machine. Campbell Hausfeld has put together a complete pneumatic kit to keep your tools in optimum condition.

This 17-piece set includes a blowgun, chuck, 0.25-inch coupler and plugs, male and female couplings, and a plethora of nozzles.

Campbell Hausfeld Air Cleaner
Keeping your spray gun internals dry and free from detritus is crucial. Water and dirt ingress can not only ruin your final coat, but also begin to corrode your unit.

This air cleaner screens-out moisture and particles — elongating the lifespan of your gun and ensuring a fine finish.


With a moderately-priced gun available for every application — the Campbell Hausfeld line up is tempting for the ardent DIY pneumatic spraying enthusiast.

And while machines such as the large-project DH530001AV gun and the budget-friendly DH320000AV deserve another shout-out — for me, the ultimate unit has to be the Campbell Hausfeld DH580000AV.

This mighty machine with its gravity-feed cup and 0.055-inch needle delivers an ultra-fine finish — ideal for furniture and detail work. Furthermore, its fuss-free operation, low-pressure requirement, and robust aluminum housing make it ideal for the home-user or spraying new-kids-on-the-block.

Sure, pro-users may find the line-up a little too narrow for their exacting requirements — but for the lay-enthusiast, I recommend checking out the Campbell Hausfeld paint sprayer range.

Campbell Paint Sprayers FAQs

Q: Where Can I Find a Campbell Hausfeld Airless Paint Sprayer Parts Diagram?

Although now discontinued, you can obtain a Campbell Hausfeld paint sprayer parts diagram by clicking here.

Q: Can I Purchase Replacement Campbell Hausfeld Airless Paint Sprayer Tips?

Even though the airless line is no longer available, the official Campbell Hausfeld website still carries a few replacement nozzle ends for these machines.

Q: My Campbell Hausfeld Airless Paint Sprayer Won’t Prime?

This can be due to a number of issues, including a faulty transducer, damaged or worn ball seats, or a degraded siphon hose. For tips on solving airless issues, check out my troubleshooting guide.

Q: Is There a Campbell Hausfeld HVLP Turbine Spray Gun?

No. Campbell Hausfeld discontinued its line of turbine machines in 2018. If you’re looking for a turbine sprayer, then check out my best picks here.

Q: Where Is Information on Campbell Hausfeld Airless Paint Sprayer Troubleshooting?

If you have an issue with your machine, in the first instance, I suggest checking out my airless troubleshooting guide.

Q: What Is the Campbell Hausfeld Power Pro 2?

This was a three-horsepower compressor that was discontinued in 2015. A comparable modern unit is an AC080510 model.

Q: Are Campbell Hausfeld Sprayers Any Good?

Yes. Read any Campbell Hausfeld HVLP spray gun review, and you’ll see that users praise their affordable price point, robust construction, and pleasing paint finish.

Q: I Need Help With Campbell Hausfeld Paint Sprayer Troubleshooting?

If your machine isn’t operating at optimum levels, then take a look at my problem-solving guide.

Q: Where Can I Find a Campbell Hausfeld Airless Paint Sprayer 1 2 HP?

The Campbell Hausfeld airless paint sprayer 1/2 HP is now discontinued. However, if you’re looking for a 0.5 horsepower machine, I recommend checking out the impressive Graco X5.