The Best Paint Sprayers from Eastwood — Buyers Guide, Review, and Comparison

With over 40 years of experience in automotive restoration and customization — the Eastwood Paint Gun range is suitable for both the trade user and hobbyist car fanatic. Being able to run off low PSI compressors, the guns are ideal for those users who lack an industrial-sized unit. Impressive and knowledgeable customer service — combined with an extensive catalog of parts and upgrades — make this marque the go-to brand for the dedicated petrolhead.
Our Top Pick
Eastwood Concours Pro HVLP Paint Gun
Boasting a 1.3 mm tip and incorporating a 600 ml solvent-resistant paint cup, this unit is as suited to priming as it is delivering an immaculate top coat. A 6.5 CFM allows the gun to run off home-sized compressors, while stainless steel internals prevents corrosion and elevate longevity.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Includes a cleaning kit.
  • Numerous additional needle sizes available.
  • Compatible with all primers, bases, topcoats, and clears.
Product Rating: 4.9/5

Top Eastwood Paint Sprayers

Eastwood Concours Pro HVLP Paint Gun
  • Flow rate: 6.5 CFM.
  • Weight: Four pounds.
  • Tip: 1.3 mm.
  • Cup size: 600 ml.


  • Ultra-fine atomization.
  • Solvent compatible.
  • Stainless steel internals.

Product Rating: 4.9/5

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Eastwood Concours Pro HVLP Detail Gun
  • Flow rate: 3 CFM.
  • Weight: Two pounds.
  • Tip: 1.0 mm.
  • Cup size: 100 ml.


  • Multi-paint compatible.
  • Suited to finishing work.
  • Adjustable flow rate.

Product Rating: 4.8/5

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Eastwood Concours LT100 HVLP Paint Gun
  • Flow rate: 4.5 CFM.
  • Weight: 3.1 pounds.
  • Tip: 1.3 mm.
  • Cup size: 600 ml.


  • Suitable for professionals.
  • One-to-twelve-inch spray width.
  • Three spray patterns.

Product Rating: 4.8/5

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Eastwood Elite CC500 Color and Clearcoat
  • Flow rate: 9.5 CFM.
  • Weight: 2.1 pounds.
  • Tip: 1.3 and 1.4 mm.
  • Cup size: 600 ml.


  • Lightweight design — ideal for time-heavy tasks.
  • Accommodates multiple mediums.
  • Fluid control function — tailor the paint flow to your project.

Product Rating: 4.7/5

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Eastwood Elite P500 Primer HVLP
  • Flow rate: 9.5 CFM.
  • Weight: 2.1 pounds.
  • Tip: 1.7 and 2.0 mm.
  • Cup size: 600 ml.


  • Includes an inlet filter to prevent blockages and ensure a clean finish.
  • Attractive chrome styling.
  • Two high-viscosity compatible tips.

Product Rating: 4.6/5

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Eastwood Concours 2 HVLP Paint Gun Kit
  • Flow rate: 4.25 CFM.
  • Weight: 2.1 pounds (gun) / 4.95 pounds (kit)
  • Tip: 1.3 and 1.7 mm.
  • Cup size: 600 ml.


  • Ideal beginner’s kit.
  • Includes the impressive Concours 2 HVLP gun.
  • Complete with a hard carry case for storage and portability.

Product Rating: 4.6/5

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Eastwood Maxi-Miser M2000 Painting System
  • Flow rate: 60 CFM.
  • Weight: 42 pounds.
  • Tip: 0.5 and 0.8 mm.
  • Cup size: 600 ml.


  • 37-foot hose included.
  • LCD pressure display.
  • Carry handle for movability.

Product Rating: 4.4/5

Check Price at Amazon Eastwood Maxi-Miser M2000 Review Eastwood Maxi-Miser M2000 Review

Eastwood Paint Gun and Sprayer Buying Guide

Before I get into this Eastwood Paint Gun review, allow me to ask you something.

When you hear the name ‘Eastwood’ — what enters your mind?

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly? A 44-Magnum? Pale Rider? The Mayor of Carmel?

For the Average Joe on the street, that’s probably a fair representation of this famous name’s connotations. But, for the hardcore painting nut, Eastwood means just one thing — automotive spraying.

This respected marque is synonymous with the pinnacle of car customization and restoration. If you’re thinking about painting your fence or staining cabinets — look to Graco, Wagner, or Titan. However, if you want the ultimate bodywork finish that’s going to turn heads on the street — it has to be Eastwood.

That said, its impressive products can be used for other similar applications, such as boat, motorbike, or model spraying — but at its heart, the Eastwood Concours paint gun and accessories are pure petrolhead power tools.

The Eastwood Concours Spray Gun and Automotive Company

Before I get into the detail of this Eastwood Concours paint gun review — let me give you a quick insight into this company.

Back in the heady days of the 1970s, a high school student called Curt Strohacker worked evenings and weekends in his local service station. Admittedly, he received an allowance from his parents but he wanted a few dollars more (ok, that was a cheap Clint reference).

Unlike many kids his age, Curt didn’t spend his money on girls, alcohol, or drugs — instead, this entrepreneurial youngster used his income to buy, restore, and sell vehicles.

This hobby grew into a passion and a vocation — leading him to establish the Eastwood company in 1978. Back then, his only marketing was a black-and-white, eight-page, photocopied catalog of automotive finishing tools. But, hitting the car shows as regularly as possible, the Eastwood reputation and catalog rapidly grew.

The big break arrived in 1983 when both the BMW and Mercedes car clubs endorsed the Eastwood Car Wash Brush. This recommendation by these automotive behemoths led to a surge in sales — with Strohacker using the additional funds to develop Eastwood’s famous HotCoat Powder Coating System.

This superior alternative to traditional automotive paint established Eastwood as a serious player in car finishing, restoration, and customization. Combined with its new line of spraying tools — it became the go-to company for motor enthusiasts.

Today, operating out of Pottstown, Pennsylvania — Eastwood’s catalog extends to over 4000 products, including welders, metal cutters, paints, and of course, spraying equipment.

The Eastwood Paint Spraying Product Line

Unsurprisingly, you’re not going to find a handheld or hydraulic machine in the Eastwood line-up.

Delivering pro-grade auto-capable guns — the vast majority of Eastwood’s products are compressor-powered — delivering the ultimate combination of atomization and coating consistency.

The Concours range targets the ardent and proficient amateur home enthusiast — providing a showroom-grade finish but at a price that’s within reach of the hobbyist’s budget. Its flagship gun is the Pro HVLP — an industry-respected machine that features a 1.3 mm tip and corrosion-resistant stainless steel internals.

For hardcore contractors, the Elite series is the go-to line. While harder on the wallet than the Concours, they offer unrivaled finishes and exceptional durability. This group includes multi-project machines like the CC500, as well as job-specific units such as the priming P500.

Yet, across both of these two ranges — there’s a shared factor — a low CFM (cubic feet per minute) output and associated PSI (pound-force per square inch).

This means that using an Eastwood spray gun doesn’t necessitate the ownership of a compressor the size of a house. The majority of their ‘shooters’ can run off home-garage-sized units — making them particularly attractive for the keen amateur car restorer.

That said, for those people who lack a compressor or are looking for a portable machine — Eastwood currently offers a couple of turbine units, in conjunction with the Maxi-Miser brand.

Why Choose an Eastwood Paint Sprayer?

If you want to clear your plumbing blockages, you buy Drano. When you want to spray your automobile, you go for Eastwood.

In short, they are the car finishing experts.

While some brands try to cover all the bases by manufacturing machines that will weatherproof fences, stain shelves, and coat decking — Eastwood sticks to one niche.

The benefits of owning an Eastwood spraying tool include:

  • A history of 40 years of automotive experience.
  • Reliability combined with ease-of-use.
  • Knowledgeable customer service — just a phone call or email away.
  • Used by both hobbyists and professionals.
  • In-house development.
  • USA-based company.
  • A full gamut of motor spraying equipment and accessories.
  • Availability of spare parts.

Our Picks of the Best Paint Sprayers From Eastwood

Eastwood Concours Pro HVLP Paint Gun

Best Budget Professional Gun

Our Rating: 4.9
Eastwood’s ethos behind this machine is to take on the pro-grade examples, yet at a price that isn’t going to hurt the garage hobbyist.

Not just a robust stainless steel gun on the outside, the manufacturer has ensured this corrosion-busting material is also utilized in the internal passages — meaning that you don’t have to worry about thoroughly drying the inside areas after cleaning.

Whether you’re an auto-nut on a budget, or simply don’t have the compressor capabilities to run one of the larger units — this Eastwood paint gun review may be of interest.

At the business end of the Eastwood Pro Concours gun is a 1.3 mm needle — providing impressive and ultra-fine atomization. This makes it ideal for final finishing work, whether you’re using a solvent or water-based medium. Furthermore, should you be utilizing more viscous paints — the machine can handle a tip up to two-millimeters in diameter.

This Eastwood Concours HVLP spray paint gun has an incredibly low CFM (cubic feet per minute) rate of just 6.5 (at 30 PSI) — hence ideal for small compressors. This may appeal to the casual vehicle restorer who doesn’t possess a contractor sized pressure unit in his garage.

Gravity fed, this gun boasts a 0.63 quart (600 ml) acetyl cup, and offers a choice of four flow rate settings.


  • Premium product but at a budget price.
  • Complete with a cleaning kit.
  • Perfect for small compressors.
  • Additional needle sizes available.
  • Compatible with all spraying mediums.

  • Liable to some overspray.
  • No pressure cup option.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Eastwood Concours Pro HVLP Detail Gun

Best for Detail

Eastwood Concours Pro HVLP Detail Gun

Best for Detail

Our Rating: 4.8
If you’re seeking the ultimate in detail finishing — this Eastwood Concours HVLP spray paint gun could suit your requirements.

Featuring a one-millimeter needle, this machine with its exceptional atomization is ideally suited to fine automotive spraying work such as addressing fenders, trim, spoilers, and grills. Furthermore, it may also appeal to the crafter or modeler who requires a blemish-free coat on smaller projects.

With perhaps the lowest CFM of any HVLP air-powered sprayer on the market (at just 3 CFM) — you don’t need a mammoth power unit to drive this gun — again ideal for the hobbyist.

A gravity-feeding 100 ml (0.11 quart) nylon cup should provide sufficient capacity for less extensive spraying jobs — and its compact size will permit you to access confined areas that would be impossible with a larger container size.

The gun incorporates a rear-mounted dial that allows you to adjust the flow rate — particularly handy if you’re utilizing numerous spraying mediums. And, arriving complete with a soft wire brush and gun wrench — post-project cleaning should be relatively headache-free.


  • Stainless steel interior to prevent corrosion.
  • Multi-medium compatible.
  • 3 CFM at 22 PSI.
  • Suited to detail work.
  • Easy on the pocket.

  • No gradient markings on the flow control.
  • Lack of metal cup options.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Eastwood Concours LT100 HVLP Paint Gun

Best for a Complete Respray

Our Rating: 4.8
For those motor maniacs who are planning on a large project such as a complete vehicle respray — but lack a contractor-grade 80-gallon compressor — the Eastwood Concours LT HVLP paint gun may address their needs.

Delivering 4.5 CFM (at 30 PSI) — this unit can be used in conjunction with the majority of home-style compressors. Furthermore, its wide spray pattern, delivered from the included 1.3 mm tip, allows for rapid yet accurate and smooth coverage.

While this needle is perfect for topcoats and clear-coats — it may not suit denser mediums for chrome or trim work. However, it is compatible with tip sizes 1.5, 1.7, and 2 mm available from the manufacturer.

Durability is at the heart of the Eastwood LT100 gun. Featuring a brass-machined air cap, corrosion-resistant stainless steel internals, and an anodized aluminum body — this unit should stand up to the knocks concomitant to garage use and provide sufficient robustness for the most frequent of car spraying enthusiasts.

Gravity-fed by a 600 ml (0.63 quart) solvent-resistant cup — this machine is designed to counteract overspray issues — allowing for an even bodywork finish. Furthermore, it features a medium flow control dial — graded from one to four


  • Ideal for large projects yet with a low CFM.
  • Attractive anodized aluminum design.
  • Lightweight for a 1.3 mm gun.
  • Robust.
  • Simple to clean.

  • Metallic coating liable to chipping.
  • Additional nozzles must be purchased separately.
  • Loud operation — around 90 decibels.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Eastwood Elite CC500 Color and Clearcoat

Best All-Rounder

Eastwood Elite CC500 Color and Clearcoat

Best All-Rounder

Our Rating: 4.7
Capable of dealing with a plethora of automotive painting mediums — the CC500 Elite is a one-stop-shop for car respraying.

The first aspect to address in this Eastwood HVLP paint gun review is its versatility. Arriving with both 1.3 and 1.4 mm nozzles, this unit is capable of delivering basecoat, single-stage, waterborne colors, and clear coat paints — meaning you don’t require a separate gun for each medium.

Furthermore, if you don’t own the mother-of-all compressors — don’t worry. Working with 9.5 CFM at 30-40 PSI — this gun is compatible with smaller pressure units — while still providing rapid coverage that’s fully controllable with its finger-responsive trigger.

Designed by trade professionals, the Eastwood CC500 gun boasts corrosion-preventing stainless steel internals, yet remains lightweight at just 2.1 pounds. Hence, ideal for large, time-heavy projects that would otherwise induce hand fatigue.

A 600 ml solvent resistant plastic cup fuels the gun, while a four-stage metal dial permits you to adjust the medium flow volume. In addition to the ‘shooter’ itself, this machine comes with two cleaning brushes, a wrench, and a gun-mounted regulator (rated for 0 to 11 bar).


  • Designed by professionals for professionals.
  • Suitable for all coat stages.
  • Complete with two nozzles.
  • Pressure gauge included.
  • Delivery-responsive trigger feature.

  • Spray width may be restrictive for some users.
  • The chrome finish is liable to flaking.
  • Not ideal for precise finishing work.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Eastwood Elite P500 Primer HVLP

Best for Priming

Our Rating: 4.6
Preparation, preparation, and preparation — the key to a clean, vibrant, and eye-catching bodywork finish. And that’s the ethos behind the Elite P500 HVLP machine.

This 600 ml gravity-fed gun is designed to tackle automotive priming — ensuring your motor has a perfectly flat base before you apply your final coat.

A four-stage fluid control dial permits you to adjust the rate of volume delivery, while an air flow knob enables you to tailor your spray size to suit your coating material. Pleasingly, the unit comes with both 1.7 and 2.0 mm tips — ideal diameters to cope with the heavy viscosity of many modern priming paints.

As with most Eastwood spray machines, the P500 Elite works off smaller compressors — delivering 9.5 CFM at 30-40 PSI. Furthermore, its lightweight design and ergonomic grip ensure spraying stamina is elevated — permitting you to crack on with your project without fatigue.

Stainless steel construction — both inside and out — increases longevity by preventing degradation and corrosion. Additionally, this machine comes complete with a cleaning brush, wrench, and gun-mounted pressure regulator (0-160 PSI).


  • Solvent resistant paint cup.
  • Includes an inlet filter to prevent blockages.
  • Attractive chrome finish.
  • Complete with two high-viscosity compatible tips.
  • Finger responsive trigger operation.

  • Requires some effort to clean.
  • Chrome finish chips easily.
  • Liable to overspray on the high flow setting.
  • Two-finger trigger operation may induce digit fatigue.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Eastwood Concours 2 HVLP Paint Gun Kit

Best Complete Kit

Eastwood Concours 2 HVLP Paint Gun Kit

Best Complete Kit

Our Rating: 4.6
Just starting on your air spraying journey? If so, this complete Concours 2 kit may appeal.

This set is built around the mighty Eastwood Concours 2 HVLP gun. An external alloy composite body keeps the unit within the price range of the power-painting newbie, while the internal stainless steel coat prevents corrosion.

Coming with both 1.3 and 1.7 mm tips — the gun can cope with a plethora of mediums — from dense primers and base coats through to thinner finishing paints and clears.

Thus meaning, it’s a versatile unit for the beginner. Furthermore, operating with 4.25 CFM at 30 PSI — the unit is compatible with small, home-style compressors.

However, it’s not all about the gun.

As a starter kit, this product includes everything you need to crack on with your spraying project — barring a compressor and airline. A nine-sized wrench permits effortless dismantling of the gun for cleaning and also permits you to rapidly switch between the two needle sizes.

An easy-to-clean 600 ml composite gravity-feed paint cup should provide sufficient capacity for most automotive applications. And, being solvent resistant, it provides reassuring longevity whatever your coating medium.

Also included in the kit are two soft wire cleaning brushes, an in-line air regulator, and a 0.25-inch NPT quick disconnect fitting. What’s more, you can store the gun and the multitude of accessories in the included hard aluminum carry case.


  • Excellent Eastwood paint gun kit for the beginner.
  • Reliable Concours 2 HVLP gun.
  • Includes a hard carry case for storage and portability.
  • Stainless steel internals to prevent corrosion.
  • Adjustable flow rate with indices.

  • The alloy body is liable to dents.
  • Lacking an included airline prevents it from being the ultimate kit.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Eastwood Maxi-Miser M2000 Painting System

Best Turbine

Our Rating: 4.4
If you don’t own an air compressor — buying an Eastwood spray gun is somewhat pointless. However, the Maxi-Miser doesn’t need an external air pressure supply — being a complete painting system in one package.

Powered by a floor-standing turbine that incorporates a substantial carrying handle — this machine is highly portable. Thus, allowing you to operate away from home and on-site — making it not only ideal for automotive work but also for marine applications — unless you have a garage large enough to house a boat.

The Maxi-Miser comes with two HVLP spray guns — a base coat/priming 0.8 mm unit and a finishing/clearcoat 0.5 mm example. Hence, eliminating the requirement to switch tips as you alter your painting medium. Both these guns include their own 600 ml aluminum gravity-fed paint containers.

You can adjust the pressure via a side-mounted control knob — with the power setting being displayed on an easy-to-read LCD screen. And, unlike many DIY turbine units, the Maxi-Miser is pulse-free — a common issue in lower-end units that can lead to an uneven coat.

This Eastwood turbine paint gun system incorporates an impressively long 37-foot hose — providing excellent operational freedom and negating the need to frequently relocate the base unit.


  • Compressor-free turbine spraying.
  • Lengthy hose.
  • Two HVLP guns and paint cups.
  • Ideal for base coats and topcoats.
  • Promises 40 percent less overspray and wastage than its competitors.

  • Premium price may be a barrier for the home automotive hobbyist.
  • Weighing 42 pounds, it’s a heavy unit.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Eastwood Accessories

One of the attractions of choosing the Eastwood brand is the ready availability of replacement parts, upgrades, and accessories to deliver the ultimate automotive painting experience.

Here are my picks of the top additional products.

Eastwood Durable Concours 2 Hvlp Paint Gun Rebuild Kit

Air-powered spraying is addictive. Trust me, once you’ve had your first experience with one of these machines — you’ll be painting anything that doesn’t move.

Extensive use, whether through choice or necessitated by your trade, can place stress on your spray gun. And, while Eastwood guns are impressively robust — components are naturally liable to wear and tear.

Hence, it’s pleasing to see that Eastwood offers a complete rebuild kit for the Concours 2 HVLP unit — including O-rings, springs, a needle, washers, and baffles. Thus allowing you to replace any worn or broken parts and crack on with your project.

Furthermore, your gun doesn’t have to be broken to give it an overhaul. A little annual TLC with the rebuild kit ensures that your unit is always operating at its optimum level.

Eastwood Paint Gun Spray Cleaning Kit

While Eastwood has a reassuringly extensive catalog of parts — you don’t want to be unnecessarily spending your hard-earned dollars on replacement components.

And, one way to prevent the early deterioration of your gun is through a thorough cleaning post-project.

The chemicals with painting mediums, especially solvents, can corrode the internals. Admittedly, the majority of Eastwood guns incorporate stainless steel inners to reduce this likelihood — but that’s not an excuse to neglect gun maintenance.

This spray painting cleaning kit incorporates tools specifically designed for Eastwood guns. Unlike your wife’s toothbrush — these instruments are the correct length and diameter to fit the insides of your machine.

This versatile set includes one soft brush, four long-nosed wire brushes, a large finish brush, dentists pick, and eleven needle cleaners.

Eastwood Silicone Surface Preparation

Eastwood spray guns are renowned for providing a clean, smooth, and even finish — but even these impressive units can’t hide the sins of poor preparation.

It’s not sufficient simply to sand down your base surface prior to priming — you need to remove the hidden chemicals and detritus that can affect both paint adhesion, coverage, and finish.

The Eastwood Pre-Painting Prep fluid allows you to effortlessly make your bodywork ready to accept its first coat. Simply spray on, and wipe off. That’s it.

This powerful cleaner removes wax, silicone, dirt, grease, and oil, is supplied in an eleven-ounce can, and will not damage metalwork.

Eastwood Concours HVLP Paint Spray Gun Tips

Eastwood offers a number of separately purchasable tips for their Concours line.

If you’re an owner (or prospective owner) of one of these spray guns, you may need additional tips if you:

  • Require a different size to suit your spraying mediums — the thicker the paint, the larger the nozzle end.
  • Wear out your original tip through extreme use.
  • Lose a nozzle — easily done when the gun has been dismantled for cleaning.
  • Damage your tip by using an unsuitable spraying medium.
  • Are a tradesperson and need a back-up to prevent downtime.

These Eastwood Concours HVLP paint gun nozzle kits arrive complete with a replacement needle, air cap, and nozzle end. They’re available in the following sizes:


If you want the good — but not the bad nor the ugly — I’d recommend checking out the Eastwood line.

Designed purely with the automotive enthusiast in mind, these versatile and durable units deliver a head-turning finish but at a price that isn’t going to break the bank.

While suitable (and used by) trade professionals — their ability to run off smaller home-sized compressors makes these guns ideally suited to the hobbyist car customizer and restorer.

The Eastwood product range includes a plethora of noteworthy machines, from the multi-paint compatible CC500 Elite through to the fine finish of the Concours Pro Detail Gun. But, it’s perhaps the Concours HVLP Pro, with its 1.3 mm tip, 6.5 CFM, and competitive pricing that stands above the rest.

Hence, if you don’t possess a fistful of dollars to spend — yet still want a premium automotive sprayer — check out the Eastwood paint gun products.

Eastwood Paint Sprayers FAQs

Q: What Size Tips Come With the Eastwood Evolution Paint Gun?

The automotive Eastwood HVLP Evolution paint gun comes complete with 1.2, 1.4, 1.7, and 2.0 mm tips.

Q: What Is the Eastwood DeVilbiss 303742 Plus Paint Gun Used For?

This co-branded paint sprayer is designed for large scale vehicle work — such as addressing cabs and trucks.

Q: Is the Eastwood Concours an Airless Sprayer?

No. All the Concours range require the use of a compressor. For more information about this machine, check out my Eastwood Concours spray gun review above.

Q: Can I Paint Furniture With an Eastwood Concours Gun?

The Eastwood range is designed for automotive spraying specialists. If your work involves furniture or cabinet work, I would suggest checking out a more suitable HVLP turbine sprayer instead.

Q: Why Is There No Eastwood Evolution Paint Gun Review in this Article?

The Evolution paint gun was discontinued in 2019. Instead, I would suggest checking out the impressive Elite series.

Q: Do Eastwood Make Turbine Paint Guns?

Yes. While the majority of the Eastwood line concentrates on compressor compatible spray guns — they also manufacture two turbine units. The most notable of which is the mighty two-gun Maxi-Miser.

Q: Is Eastwood Paint Sprayers a Chinese Brand?

No. Eastwood is a US company, operating out of Pottstown, Pennsylvania.