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Paint Sprayer Articles

Painting Your Interior Garage

Your garage is a sanctuary, a true place that you can make your own. A lot of homeowners like to transform their garages into offices, workout spaces, large tool sheds, crafting stations, and much more. No matter what you use your garage for, odds are you want it to...

Spray Painting Exterior Walls

If you’ve never painted the outside of a house before, you may find it to be quite a different task from painting your interior walls or furniture. You need to take a lot more into consideration when preparing to paint the outside of your home. Take a look at our guide.

How to Make Wall Stencils

Wall stencils are a great way to add flare to any paint project. They look great and add personality to otherwise monotone walls. You can use a wall stencil to decorate or personalize a room. You can create a stylish accent wall. You can use a wall stencil instead of...

How to Use a Paint Shield

Whether you're a DIY-er with a passion for home painting projects or a professional painter with years in the business, chances are you've accidentally colored outside of the lines before. Whether it's a spill on your beloved area rug or just an unwanted streak on the...