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HomeRight Finish Max

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Aug 5, 2023 @ 1:12 pm

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HomeRight Finish Max Review Summary:

Promised by the manufacturer to make spraying easy and fun — the HomeRight Finish Max is the consummate handheld HVLP (high-volume low-pressure) machine. With unchallenging operation and a 0.84-quart cup (798 ml) — it’s the ideal home toolbox unit capable of addressing small to medium projects.

Sure, it won’t cope with tackling large swathes of outdoor areas such as fences or house exteriors. But, for interior jobs like doors, crafts, furniture, and cabinets — the Finish Max is ideal.

Three alternative spray patterns give you the optimum delivery, dependent on your base material. Combined with a 2.0 mm brass spray tip, you’re guaranteed a pleasing and drip-free finish.

While suitable for stains, enamels, sealers, primers, and latex-based painting mediums — the more dense examples may require thinning. However, as the unit comes complete with a viscosity cup and chart — you can ascertain your dilution requirements prior to filling the container.

The Finish Max Paint Sprayer incorporates a reliable 400-watt turbine. But, should this power output be too excessive for your current project — a simple material flow dial enables you to adjust the volume delivery relevant to your job’s demands and medium density.

The HomeRight brand, since 2018, has been owned by Wagner SprayTech — one of the titans of the painting world. The Finish Max model is a step up from its less durable sibling the Quick Finish Sprayer.

C800766 Pros:

0.84-quart container.
400 watts of turbine power.
Material flow control.
Three spray patterns.
Balanced designed.
Brass tip.
Effortless operation.
Ideal home interior unit.
Suitable for spraying virgins.
Reputable brand backed by an industry behemoth.


Loud operation.
Not suitable for large projects.

Features and Benefits of the Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer

With no compressor, priming, or suction hoses to worry about — the Finish Max Sprayer will appeal to the complete power-painting newbie.

However, while lacking in these high-end and professional characteristics — this machine still has a multitude of beneficial features to enable effortless and rewarding home use.

Brass Spray Tip

The HomeRight C800766 Finish Max is basic — but it’s no bargain basement unit.

Its parent company, Wagner SprayTech, are renowned for their durable machines — and it appears this has filtered down into its sub-brand. Unlike many entry-level units that feature a nylon or plastic spray tip — the 2.0 mm nozzle end of the Finish Max is brass.

Not only does this increase the longevity of this vital component (although replacements are readily available from the official website) — it also promises to provide a smoother and more uniform coat than its competitors.

Variable Flow Control

The perfect finish means controlling your load release.

Dousing Little Jimmy’s wooden train in an absolute torrent of stain will indeed provide rapid coverage — but it will be a drippy mess with an awful appearance.

Hence, it’s pleasing to see that the HomeRight Finish Max Sprayer incorporates variable material control. Turning a small dial on the gun trigger either ups the volume or brings it down a little — depending on your project’s demands.

Container Cup

The HomeRight C800766 Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer arrives complete with a quick-release 0.84-quart cup — having sufficient capacity to cover an area of 70 square feet without refilling — equal to about two ping pong tables or three standard doors.

Furthermore, a wide aperture allows for mess-free filling — ensuring that your painting medium enters the cup and doesn’t spill onto your floor or workbench.

Balanced Design

Unusually for an HVLP sprayer, the Home Right Finish Max has the turbine sat above the handle — as opposed to behind.

The manufacturer suggests by relocating the center of gravity to this location — the gun is more balanced — allowing for steadier control and a more pleasing coat finish.

Additional Accessories

In contrast with many of its competitors, the HomeRight Finish Max C800766 arrives with three (told you it was magic) accessories.

Firstly, there’s perhaps the most crucial extra — the viscosity cup. This hand tool, in combination with a chart in the user manual, allows you to check whether your chosen painting or staining medium requires thinning. Utilizing the cup ensures that you’re not unpleasantly surprised when you commence your work, and no medium leaves the gun nozzle as it’s too dense.

Secondly, the HomeRight C800766 Finish Max paint sprayer package includes an air nozzle. Attaching to the gun-end permits you to use the machine as a blow-dusting device — enabling you to blast all the crumbs out of your computer keyboard — or wherever you have stubborn dirt.

However, ensure that there is no paint in the 0.84-quart container prior to use for this application. A bright red latex-covered iMac keyboard may look edgy — but it won’t work anymore.

Thirdly, the HomeRight Finish Max Pro set features a soft wire brush — specifically designed to clean the crucial brass nozzle.

Three Spray Patterns

As De La Soul sang back in 1989,

Three is a magic number
Yes it is, it’s a magic number

These HVLP hip-hop gurus knew that for the ultimate in small-to-medium paint spraying jobs — you need a trio of spray patterns — a feature of the Finish Max Super Paint Sprayer.

By turning the nozzle end, you can switch between this triumvirate of techniques — giving you a horizontal, vertical, or circular plume.

Hence, for a side-to-side stroke, say when staining a lengthy coffee table, use the vertical setting. For up-and-down movements on projects such as doors, utilize the horizontal. And, for precise work such as detailed wood-edging, switch to a circular pattern.

What Users Say About The HomeRight c800766?

Personally, for a pull-outta-the-cupboard-and-spray household unit — I believe you would struggle to find a more appropriate machine than the HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer.

But, just like the proof of the pudding is in the eating, the proof of the FinishMax is in the spraying.

Hence, to unearth how this machine functions in the many homes across the USA — I delved into the multitude of online testimonials given by owners of this HVLP unit.

And, I wasn’t disappointed.

Guys using this sprayer exuded praise for its straightforward operation and rewarding finish. These DIYers lauded the user-adjustable flow control, welcomed the gamut of accessories, and adored the three spray pattern feature.

Sure, some owners bemoaned the fact that it wasn’t suitable for large scale jobs — but then, I’m not sure what they expected. The manufacturer indicates that this machine is angled towards small to medium household projects — not painting the Burj Khalifa. These doom-mongers should instead look towards a larger capacity machine, such as the Wagner Control Pro 130.

Alternatives to HomeRight Finish Max

Despite the Finish Max Fine HVLP paint sprayer being perhaps the pinnacle of small-scale home-use machines — it may not meet your specific requirements.

If that’s applicable to you — don’t worry. I’ve sought out three mighty alternatives that may get those spraying juices flowing.

HomeRight Quick Finish Paint Sprayer

If you favor the HomeRight brand, but find the Finish Max a little too hard on the pocket — this machine may be the answer.

The HomeRight Quick Finish, like the Finish Max, features three spray patterns, variable flow control, and a 0.84-quart paint container. And, while it lacks the Finish Max’s novel balanced design — it’s significantly more price-friendly.

  • Features less durable plastic nozzle as opposed to the brass of the Finish Max.
  • Has no accessories, unlike the Finish Max.
  • Less suited to enamels and solid stains than the HomeRight Max.

Wagner FLEXiO 2000

Should you consider the HomeRight too basic for your needs — this feature-packed HVLP unit may appeal.

Coming from painting specialists Wagner SprayTech — the FLEXiO 2000 boasts a proprietary X-Boost facility — permitting you to crank up the turbine power for more rapid coverage and to cope with viscous mediums — without thinning.

  • 1.5-quart cup in comparison to the 0.84-quart of the Finish Max.
  • Incorporates an iSpray nozzle for dense paints — not available on the HomeRight.
  • Harder on the pocket than the Max Finish.


In my opinion, the Finish Max Pro is the consummate sprayer for those small-to-medium painting jobs around the home.

With its balanced-design, even those new to the spraying world should find it effortless to operate and achieve a satisfying coat finish from the get-go. And incorporating a 2.0 mm brass spray tip — the business end of the machine is built for longevity.

Variable flow control and a choice of three spray patterns permit complete user flexibility, while the 0.84-quart container combined with a robust 400-watt turbine permit speedy coverage of areas up to 70 square feet. What’s more, it comes complete with a viscosity cup, air nozzle, and cleaning brush.

Sure, it may not suit the hardcore home improver looking to weatherproof fencing or tart-up home exteriors. But, for a go-to home machine for smaller projects — I’d confidently recommend checking out the HomeRight Finish Max.

Homeright Finish Max c800766 FAQs

Q: Uses for the Finish Max Pro Fine Finish Sprayer?

With a 400-watt turbine, brass spray tip, and a choice of three spray patterns, the FinishMax is ideal for painting or staining:

  • Wooden toys.
  • Doors.
  • Window frames.
  • Tables.
  • Cabinets.
  • Craft items.
  • Furniture.
Q: How Much Does the Home Right Finish Max Cost?

The HomeRight Max Finish is a versatile sprayer that comes complete with a plethora of accessories. To check out the  current cost of the HomeRight Max Finish.

Q: Can I Use Latex Paint With the Home Right Finish Max?

Yes, although it may require thinning. Use the included viscosity cup to test how much dilution your medium requires before filling the container of the Finish Max.

Q: Where Can I Find the HomeRight Finish Manual?

The complete user guide for the FinishMax is available on the HomeRight official website. For rapid access to the HomeRight Max Finish manual.

Q: Can the Finish Max HomeRight be Used Indoors?

Yes. The FinishMax is ideally suited for use inside the home. And, while the unit provides little overspray, ensure to protect your furniture or carpets from any wayward paint.

Q: Does the HomeRight Max Finish Require a Compressor?

No. The HomeRight C800766 Finish Max utilizes an internal turbine to atomize your painting medium.

Q: Can I Paint Ceilings With the HomeRight FinishMax?

No. The manufacturer indicates that inverting the HomeRight Max Finish may lead to paint entering the turbine and thus damaging its crucial components. For projects like this, instead, consider a machine such as the Wagner Power Painter Plus.

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