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Wagner 2000

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Wagner FLEXiO 2000

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

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FLEXiO 2000 Review Summary:

Delivering a flaw-free finish across a multitude of spraying mediums — the Wagner FLEXiO 2000 is a durable unit designed for the professional and committed DIY enthusiast.

The key behind this machine is user-control — allowing you to tailor the delivery both to your base material and the viscosity of the coat. This is achieved through a twin speed turbine, 12-stage flow meter, and three-spray pattern nozzle.

The manufacturer indicates that this sprayer will paint a wall eight times faster than a brush — and that its 1.5-quart (1419 ml) cup will contain sufficient liquid to tackle a 10-foot by 12-foot wall without refilling.

The Wagner 2000 features proprietary Lock N Go technology, enabling you to rapidly break down the machine post-use into five separate components for easy cleaning. Furthermore, its bold black design makes this look like one mean gun — which may appeal to those DIYers who consider appearances important.

This is the lowest specced sprayer in Wagner’s FLEXiO range — a catalog of tools that supersedes its Control Series, which are angled more at the casual DIYer than the tradesperson.

Wagner 2000 Pros:

Ideal for professionals and DIY fanatics.
X-Boost power dial.
iSpray nozzle means less mess.
Generous container.
Easy to clean.
Flow control meter.
Three spray settings.


No additional nozzles.
May struggle with textured paint.
Flexio 2000.
Flexio 2000 Paint Sprayer Suction.

Features and Benefits of the FLEXiO 2000 HVLP Sprayer

Hailing from the respected US-based Wagner brand, you know that the FLEXiO 2000 sprayer is a robust machine that should deliver years of trouble-free use. But, what is it that makes this unit stand out in a seriously competitive market?

Let’s take a look at what this sprayer has to offer:


If you consider yourself a maverick of the spraying world, the X-Boost dial is akin to Vin Diesel hitting the nitro button on his The Fast and the Furious (2001) car.

This feature allows you to crank up the amount of air pressure produced by the turbine — from a relatively sedentary standard setting up to eleventy stupid.

Not only does hitting mammoth mode enable you to complete your project more rapidly — it also helps create the ideal finish. The manufacturer recommends that for liquids of a thicker viscosity, have the dial set to high — providing an impressive smooth coat. For thinner paints and stains, bring the X-Boost down to low — to prevent overspray and wastage.

This choice of two power levels should be sufficient for most users. However, if you’re somewhat anally retentive and want the ultimate in control — check out the FLEXiO 3000 model, which has a choice of nine speed levels.

Large Cup

Paint spraying is fun. It turns the rather mundane and tedious process of handheld brush painting into a remarkably satisfying experience — with a gun in your hand, you feel like a veritable John Wayne of the staining and shellacking world.

However, stopping for constant refills is an annoyance, destroys your flow and concentration, and means that your project time is elongated. Therefore, it’s pleasing to see that the FLEXiO 2000 incorporates a 1.5-quart (1419 ml) cup — which should be sufficient to cover an area of ten by twelve feet.

To be fair, this is probably the maximum volume you can sensibly have on a handheld sprayer — any larger, and you’re going to struggle to wield the unit in one hand — unless you have the forearms of Ronnie Coleman.

Furthermore, a nice addition is the volume markings (in millimeters) on the side of the cup — ensuring you have sufficient material for your job and preventing overfilling and wastage.

Material Flow Control

The Wagner 2000 paint sprayer continues its attention to detail and control by allowing you to select the volume of paint delivery.

This is crucial.

Too high, and you’ll shoot the entirety of your load in the first few seconds. Too low, and you will not be delivering sufficient material to coat your project adequately.

A numbered dial (1-12) means you can choose the perfect release volume for your current job and working medium. Many budget units also have this feature, but unlike the Wagner FLEXiO 2000 HVLP sprayer, they have no indices on the dial making flow control a rather arbitrary process.

Spray Patterns

Like many spray guns on the market, the FLEXiO 2000 gives you the choice of three spray patterns — vertical, horizontal, and circular — adjustable by a quick twist of the air-cap end.

However, what makes this unit a little different, is that it includes selectable width control. A simple shift of the top-mounted lever and you can either increase or decrease the spray size — allowing you to tailor the delivery to the object you’re addressing.

Additionally, the nozzle incorporates Wagner’s bespoke iSpray technology. This ensures a roller-like finish to your paint coats — and is sufficiently voluminous to cope with unthinned mediums — including latex.

Lock N Go

Cleaning your tool after use is vital — otherwise, it can clog on its next use or deliver remnants of old and dried paint onto your surfaces.

Unless you’re particularly weird, no one likes cleaning. Thankfully, with the FLEXiO 2000 — it’s relatively effort-free.

Wagner’s trademarked Lock N Go feature enables you to break down the gun rapidly into its five constituent components — with no extensive unscrewing or the use of special tools — required on some budget-end brands.

This means you can clean your equipment speedily — allowing you extra time to sit down and enjoy a well-deserved cold one.

Wagner Flexio 2000.
Flexio 2000 interior wall spray painting.

What Users Say About The Flexio 2000

I consider this unit to be a reliable machine for medium to large-scale projects — where rapid delivery is combined with a professional-like finish.

However, to ensure a completely unbiased Wagner FLEXiO 2000 review — I researched the opinions of owners of this machine, to discover what the guys using this sprayer on a frequent basis thought about this power tool.

Pleasingly, the views expressed were on the whole positive.

Users of the FLEXiO 2000 praised its ability to create smooth coat finish, welcomed the X-Boost power feature, and appreciated it’s easy-to-clean nature. To be fair, there were some downers — a few DIYers struggled to wield the somewhat hefty unit for any length of time, while others found that the six-foot cable length was a little restrictive.

However, these criticisms didn’t affect the Wagner’s ability to provide impressive painting results through a variety of mediums. To see what I’m talking about, take a look at the Wagner FLEXiO 2000 reviews for yourself.

Alternatives to Wagner FLEXiO 2000

Just because something is highly rated and loved by thousands doesn’t mean it’s ideal for everyone. For some reason, many people adore James Corden — whereas I consider him totally overrated and an utter annoyance.

Hence, if the impressive Wagner 2000 isn’t particularly suited to your tastes or needs, consider these viable alternatives.

Wagner FLEXiO 3000

Wagner 3000

If the 2000 model, despite all its features, still doesn’t provide sufficient versatility and user control for your requirements — check out this superior machine.

The FLEXiO 3000 is a step up from the 2000 model — offering nine air-turbine speeds as opposed to the two of the 2000, and comes complete with a detail finish nozzle for small and intricate projects.

  • Higher price point than the 2000 model.
  • Has a 1.5-quart cup — the same as the FLEXiO 2000.
  • Nine X-Boost power settings.

Wagner Control Spray 250

Wagner control spray 250

Should you consider the power and plethora of features of the FLEXiO 2000 overkill for your DIY needs — consider this more basic model.

The Control Spray 250 is more suited to smaller projects than the FLEXiO — making it ideal for coating furniture or staining shelves. Furthermore, lacking X-boost and width spray settings — it’s a simpler unit making it ideal for the casual or novice DIYer.

  • 0.85-quart cup opposed to the 1.5-quart of the FLEXiO.
  • Easier on the bank balance than the Wagner FLEXiO.
  • Like the FLEXiO — it has three spray pattern settings.

Tacklife SGP15AC

Tackliffe Paint Sprayer

If you’re not a brand snob — and just want a reliable spray gun that isn’t going to break the bank — this could be ideal.

The Tacklife SGP15AC is an excellent HVLP entry-level machine that’s budget-friendly — yet still offers three spray settings, adjustable flow control, and an incorporated hanging hook.

  • Substantially easier on the pocket than the FLEXiO 2000.
  • Comes with four nozzles — the FLEXiO 2000 requires you to purchase them separately.
  • Smaller cup than the FLEXiO 2000 at 1.06-quarts.


The FLEXiO 2000 is a robust machine that’s ideally suited to tradespersons and dedicated DIYers who demand speed of delivery combined with a perfect finish.

With its 1.5-quart cup and X-Boost feature, this sprayer is the consummate tool for medium to large-scale projects — being able to tackle expansive walls, ceilings, decking, and fencing.

Twelve levels of material flow control give you the flexibility to adjust paint delivery volume dependent on viscosity and your base medium — while the proprietary Lock N Go feature ensures trouble-free cleaning post-project.

Admittedly, the unit may be a little over-specced for casual or intermittent users — who perhaps should consider a more basic unit such as the Control Spray 250 instead.

However, for the serious DIYer who expects his tools to provide the ultimate finish — the Wagner FLEXiO 2000 is a powerful ally.

Wagner Flexio 2000 FAQs

Q: What Are the Replacement Filters for the Wagner 2000?

The filters prevent dirt and detritus from entering the spray gun, and are crucial for the longevity of the machine and to ensure a clean finish to your paintwork. The replacement part number is 0529019A.

Q: Can I Spray Both Primer and Latex Exterior Paint from the FLEXiO 2000?

Yes. The proprietary iSpray nozzle will cope with the majority of coatings — including primer and latex paints — usually without thinning. Furthermore, you can adjust the flow rate through twelve different levels depending on your medium’s viscosity.

Q: What Are the Uses of the FLEXiO 2000 from Wagner?

The iSpray nozzle can be used in conjunction with a variety of mediums, including varnish, shellac, enamel, primer, latex, and polyurethane paints.

Ideal for medium to large-scale projects, you can use this gun to spray:

  • Wooden fencing.
  • Patio decking.
  • Outdoor furniture.
  • Walls.
  • Overhead areas such as ceilings.
  • Garages and workshops.
  • Sheds.
  • Outbuildings.
  • Doors and gates.
  • Household furniture.
  • Jungle Gyms.
  • Sculptures.
  • Flower pots.
Q: How Much Does the FLEXiO 2000 Cost?

While packed with a multitude of time-saving and finish-improving features, the Wagner 2000 FLEXiO remains a remarkably affordable unit. To check out the current cost of the FLEXiO 2000.

Q: Can The FLEXiO 2000 Work With Chalk Paint?

Indeed it can! The Wagner 2000 FLEXiO is ideal for utilizing chalk paint. For the best results, crank the X-Boost up to max and reduce the paint flow level to achieve the ultimate in atomization.

Q: What’s the Difference FLEXiO 570 and FLEXiO 2000?

The FLEXiO 2000 replaces the 570 model. The only difference is the inclusion of the unique iSpray nozzle that performs across a wider range of spraying mediums.

Q: Can I Use the FLEXiO 2000 With Disinfectant?

Yes! The manufacturer indicates that the Wagner 2000 FLEXiO can be used for cleaning and disinfecting purposes.

It’s suitable for use in conjunction with the following mediums:

  • Alcohol-based.
  • Biguanides.
  • Peroxygens.
  • Phenolics.
  • Water-based.
  • Ammonium.
  • Aldehydes.
  • Halogen-releasing liquids.
  • Diamidines
Q: Is the Wagner 2000 PSI Wide Shot the Same as The FLEXiO 2000?

No. The Wagner Wide Shot is a backpack paint sprayer, as opposed to the handheld nature of the FLEXiO 2000.

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