HomeRight Quick Finish Paint Sprayer Review

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HomeRight Quick Finish Paint Sprayer

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Jun 3, 2024 @ 5:01 am

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HomeRight Quick Finish Paint Sprayer Review Summary:

Looking to bin the brushes and relinquish the rollers? The HomeRight Quick Finish Paint Sprayer provides a simple introduction to power tool paint application.

With no challenging set up procedures, compressors, or priming requirements — this unit may appeal to the spraying virgin. Offering three spray patterns, you can replicate your traditional brush strokes but with less effort and without the time cost.

A 0.85-quart (800 ml) container provides sufficient capacity to tackle small to medium projects — from crafting and cabinet spraying through to doors and window sills. Furthermore, a material flow control dial gives you the freedom to adjust the volume of paint delivery.

A proprietary Lock N Go feature enables you to break the machine down effortlessly — allowing for swift color changes and rapid cleaning. Furthermore, its intelligently-designed spray-head provides less wastage than a standard brush.

The Quick Finish 2412331 machine is HomeRight’s entry-level HVLP (high-volume low-pressure) sprayer. If you’re a paint-application aficionado — it may look somewhat familiar. It’s built on the chassis of the respected Wagner Control Spray Double Duty Unit — as Wagner purchased the HomeRight brand in 2018.

While ideal for the spraying new-kids-on-the-block for tackling Step-By-Step small jobs — this unit lacks the capacity or the tailorability for the experienced DIY spraying-nut looking to address extensive walls or fencing.


Straightforward to operate.
Ideal for newcomers to power tool paint application.
Material flow control.
Choice of three spray patterns.
Easy to clean.
Ergonomic handle.
Cord protector.
0.85-quart container.


Unsuitable for larger projects.
Thicker mediums will require thinning.
Built on another machine’s design.

Features and Benefits of the HomeRight Quick Finish Paint Sprayer 2412331

It’s based on an existing product from its parent company’s range — but is the Quick Finish Sprayer a truly impressive unit in its own right — or a sub-standard impersonator?

Let’s dive straight into the features to unearth the truth.

Paint Container

One of the appealing characteristics for the fresh-faced spraying newcomer is the simple fill-and-go capability. This machine requires no messing around with suction lines or primer buttons — just decant your paint into the included container, attach to the unit, and you’re ready to spray.

The Quick Finish machine incorporates an 0.85-quart cup — sufficient to cover an area of seven-by-ten feet — without refilling. Admittedly, this will not be enough for your border fencing — but that’s not what this machine is designed for. Conversely, it’s more than adequate for completing a complete cabinet respray or repainting a bedroom door.

Control Finish Nozzle

One of the most common misconceptions that prevent dedicated paintbrush enthusiasts from switching to electric spraying is the belief that machines don’t offer the accuracy of the manual method.

However, that’s not the case with the HomeRight Quick Finish.

The machine includes a trademarked Control Finish Nozzle — again ‘borrowed’ from Wagner’s design department — that promises exacting control and precise paint delivery.

As such, its primary function is the consummate delivery of non-dense mediums such as stains, sealers, and enamels. While this nozzle can cope with more viscous coating materials like chalk and enamel-based paints — they will usually require pre-thinning.

Three Spray Patterns

All the best things come in threes — Musketeers, colors in the flag of the great US of A, and Lionel Richie’s ‘times a lady’. And you can add on to that list the number of spray patterns provided by the HomeRight Quick Finish.

This feature, controllable by a tab on the Control Finish Nozzle, permits you to select the ideal method of application depending on your relevant paint sprayer ‘stroke’. Hence, for side-to-side movements use the vertical setting — for up-and-down motions, select the horizontal pattern — and for precise work and corners where you will be moving in a circular fashion, apply the diagonal design.

Flow Control

When using a brush — you don’t usually load it with as much paint as humanly possible and then expect a precise and smooth finish (well, unless you’re my wife). Control of volume is crucial — and that’s taken care of with the Quick Finish Sprayer.

A straightforward rotary dial permits you to personally tailor the paint-flow delivery onto your base material. This government of your medium prevents wastage, reduces the likelihood of over-spraying, and eliminates drips and pooling.

Personally, I always recommend starting on the lowest setting — and then gradually turning up the volume to achieve optimum coverage.

Lock N Go

You’re a seriously busy guy. You need to find time to watch the ball game, shoot some pool, have a few cold ones — and I dunno, water the kids or something. Hence, while you gotta spray that cabinet — you don’t want to be wasting hours afterward cleaning up your tools.

Therefore, you may welcome the Lock N Go feature of the Quick Finish 2412331. This proprietary feature (you’ve got it, taken from Wagner) allows you to quickly separate the parts for post-project housekeeping — no tools are required.

A quick press of a button separates the nozzle and cup from the handheld turbine — enabling you to rinse the system with water (for latex-style mediums) or spirits (for oil-based paints).

What Users Say About The HomeRight 2412331

In my eyes, the Quick Finish from HomeRight is a suitable unit for the power-painting freshman — offering undemanding features and controls to deliver a smooth coat on small home-improvement projects.

But, as Shakespeare said in The Merchant of Venice — all that glisters is not gold.

To ensure that I hadn’t been bedazzled by this machine’s capabilities, I investigated genuine online HomeRight Quick Finish Paint Sprayer reviews — to reveal what owners of this power tool actually thought about the unit.

Happily, their sentiments were generally positive. These guys praised its three spray patterns, welcomed the adjustable control, and lauded its ‘straight-outta-the-box’ application.

Admittedly — not everyone was impressed.

The most significant criticism was that the unit lacked the spray delivery and cup capacity to deal with large projects such as painting an entire room. But, this machine wasn’t designed with that application in mind — so it’s a little of an unfair slating.

If you want to complete your own Woodward and Bernstein-esque investigation into this machine — check out the online reviews for yourself.

Alternatives to HomeRight Quick Finish Paint Sprayer

If, after reading this far in my HomeRight Quick Finish Paint Sprayer review, you’re not exactly chomping at the bit to buy this machine, don’t click away just yet.

I’ve sourced some equally impressive alternatives that may stimulate your paint spraying lust.

Wagner SprayTech 0518050 Control Spray Double Duty

Like the HomeRight Quick Finish but want the original, not an impersonator? Then this is the machine you need.

The Control Spray Double Duty has all the same features as the HomeRight, but comes with additional paint capacity and features Wagner’s recognizable black and yellow design — ideal for kudos and one-upmanship on your neighbor.

  • Has one-quart and 1.5-quart containers — the HomeRight has a 0.85-quart.
  • Higher price point than the Quick Finish Sprayer.
  • Includes viscosity cup — not included with the HomeRight.

Wagner FLEXiO 2000

Looking for a handheld HVLP sprayer but demand more features than the HomeRight? This may appeal.

The FLEXiO 2000 incorporates Wagner’s proprietary X-Boost — allowing you to crank up the turbine power for faster coverage and to deal more easily with unthinned painting mediums.

  • 1.5-quart cup as opposed to the 0.85-quart of the Quick Finish.
  • Features an iSpray nozzle for dense paints — not included on the HomeRight.
  • Tougher on the pocket than the Quick Finish.

Tacklife SGP15AC

Is the need to thin viscous paints deterring you from the Quick Finish? If so, this affordable machine may be the solution.

At a slightly higher price than the HomeRight, the Tacklife SGP15AC comes complete with four interchangeable nozzles to cope with differing coating medium densities — and incorporates a metal hanging hook for easy storage.

  • 1.06-quart cup offers more capacity than the 0.85 of the Quick Finish.
  • Like the HomeRight, it offers adjustable flow control.
  • Cup can be filled without removing from the gun, unlike the Quick Finish.


For those people who have never used a spray gun before — this machine with its straightforward controls and affordable price point offers a solid solution.

Incorporating a 0.85-quart container and a Control Finish Nozzle — it’s ideal for small home-improvement projects and for giving old or tired wooden furniture a new lease of life.

Three simply-selectable spray patterns allow you to adjust your painting style dependent on your base material — and variable material flow control gives you the versatility to personally tailor your coating medium delivery.

Admittedly, it’s capacity and power aren’t suited to larger-scale work. What’s more, experienced DIYers may consider its functions somewhat too basic for their requirements.

However, if a budget-priced machine with pedigree parentage appeals — check out the HomeRight Quick Finish Paint Sprayer.

HomeRight Quick Finish Paint Sprayer FAQs

Q: Uses for the HomeRight Sprayer 2412331?

With an 0.85-quart capacity and featuring a Control Finish Nozzle that’s suited to accurate work, the HomeRight Quick Finish is ideal for spraying:

  • Shelving.
  • Wooden toys.
  • Cabinets.
  • Doors.
  • Window sills.
  • Garden furniture.
  • Small areas of decking.
  • Cabinets.
  • Coffee tables.
Q: How Much Does the HomeRight Quick Finish Cost?

The HomeRight 2412331 Quick Finish is a budget-end machine that still promises. seven-by-ten feet of coverage without refilling. To check out the HomeRight 2412331 current price.

Q: Do I Need to Thin Paint With the Quick Finish?

Less dense mediums such as stains and sealers will require no thinning. However, more viscous liquids such as chalk and oil-based paints may require dilution prior to use. For more info, check out my How To Use & Set Up an HVLP Sprayer article.

Q: Is the HomeRight Quick Finish Sprayer Airless?

No. While this unit doesn’t require a separate air compressor — it utilizes an internal turbine to create air pressure and atomize the paint. If you’re looking for an airless machine, check out our top picks.

Q: Can I Adjust the Power for the Quick Finish Paint Sprayer from HomeRight?

No. The turbine power is factory-set. However, the Quick Finish 2412331 incorporates a material flow dial that enables you to adjust the volume of paint emitted by the machine.

Q: What Is the Dry Time vs Normal Brush Painting of the HomeRight Quick Finish?

This is difficult to quantify. Drying times depend on the type of paint you’re using, humidity levels, and the thickness of the coat you apply.

Q: Can I Spray My Car With the HomeRight Quick Finish Sprayer 2412331?

No. This handheld machine is not compatible with the dense paints required for coating a car. Should automotive use be of interest, take a look at our picks of the Best Car Sprayers.

Q: Is the HomeRight Quick Sprayer Finish a Noisy Machine?

Not really. As there’s no compressor, it’s relatively quiet in operation — it’s no noisier than a standard household hairdryer.

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