Graco 390 Airless Paint Sprayer Review

graco 390

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Graco 390 Airless Paint Sprayer

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Dec 3, 2023 @ 3:41 pm

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Graco 390 Review Summary:

Providing professional results in a portable package, the Graco 390 airless paint sprayer (aka the Graco Nova 390) has built up quite the reputation in the industry as the go-to paint sprayer for DIY enthusiasts and paint pros alike.

Let’s have a look if this sprayer is really all that and more.

Powered by a 5/8 horsepower motor and capable of 0.47 gallons per minute, it is by no means the most powerful spray gun on the market. However, it is very capable of spraying latex, stain, and acrylic fast enough for you to spray residential and mid-size commercial projects swiftly.

The two frame configurations available mean that the Graco 390 airless sprayer is easily transported. Either use the standard set up as it only weighs 30 pounds and is easy to carry, or the High Boy set up gives you the added advantage of being able to wheel the unit around your job site.

A 50-foot hose offers additional maneuverability and may also help you cover those hard to reach places like ceilings and high garden fences.

Packed with well-researched technology, the Graco 390’s paint sprayer parts include the ProConnect in-field replacement system, the durable V-Max Blue packings, and the Advantage Drive that keeps noise levels down.

I’m also a huge fan of the EasyOut filter for the pump (more on this later).

Graco started as a family-owned business in Minneapolis over a century ago. It was initially founded by a parking lot attendant who was inspired to create a better automotive lubricant. Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength to and is now an electric spraying industry leader.

Graco 390 Pros:

Easy to transport at only 30 pounds.
Excellent for residential projects.
Fantastic value for money.
50-foot hose.
515 spray tip.
Easy to clean QuikAccess feeding valve.
Continuous pressure control.
Endurance Pump with long-lasting V-Max packings.
Perfect for the paint pros and passionate DIYers.
Sprays stains, latex, and acrylic.


Not suitable for automotive work.

Features and Benefits of the Graco 390 Paint Sprayer

The 390’s telltale blue-silver appearance clearly mark it as a Graco product, as such, you should expect Graco quality.

Let’s take this window of opportunity to explore why this unit is so unique.

Adjustable Pressure Setting

Adjustable pressure settings make this sprayer popular with pros and DIYers alike. It’s also frequently mentioned in Nova 390 paint sprayer reviews. Changing the pressure allows you to make changhes to both the spray pattern and the atomization, that is, how much air is mixed with the paint.

Take some time to get to grips with the settings from the start and before too long, you’ll start achieving the top-notch finishes you’re after.

Flexible Uptake Hose

A flexible uptake hose with a swivel feature gives you the option of keeping paint in a separate one or five-gallon container instead of a paint cup. This handy feature reduces the number of times you need to refill the unit and keeps you working.

Endurance Pump

Advertised as the most reliable pump on the market, Graco claims its Endurance Pump will last twice as long as competitors’ units.

The heavy-duty stainless steel cylinder included in the Nova 390 PC works together with the Chromex rod and V-Max packings to pressurize the coating and move it through the machine smoothly. The end result is a perfectly atomized spray that gives you a smooth finish.

Easy Out Pump Filter

If you’re fed up with spillage when cleaning your unit, the vertical design of Graco’s Easy Out filter is an absolute godsend. As the name suggests, it’s easy to take out and minimizes mess. Additionally, the design prevents collapse as it filters from the inside out.

It’s not just about easy removal though, the Nova 390 airless sprayer’s filter is designed to allow better penetration of cleaning fluids, thus reducing the amount of product needed.

Advantage Drive Gears

The gears in this spray gun are relatively quietly and made from hardened steel designed to withstand the impact of high pressures. Graco’s 390 features a high-ratio gearbox that’s more efficient in terms of energy use and for this reason, more cost-effective.

Graco 390 vs 395

This wouldn’t be a true review of the Graco 390 electric airless paint sprayer if I didn’t discuss the Graco 395 in comparison. Let’s start by seeing what they both have in common.

Both are from the lower end of their ranges and are available at a reasonable price point. Additionally, both are rated highly by professionals for residential and mid-sized commercial projects, and by DIYers for home improvement projects.

This duo feature the same popular Graco features including the ProConnect attachment, Endurance Pump, and Advantage Drive.

While both the 390 and 395 have a maximum operating pressure of 3300 psi, there is a difference in the units’ capabilities over time. The 390 can handle a maximum of 0.47 gallons per month compared the the 395’s 0.54 gallons.

The 390’s 5/8 horsepower motor isn’t quite up to the same standard as the 395’s ⅞ motor. This difference affects the price of each model, and for some buyers, the less powerful but more affordable model is the better choice.

In terms of tips — a crucial factor even if the differential is miniscule — the Nova 390 electric airless sprayer supports up to 0.021 inch tips and the 395 supports a fluid nozzle of up to 0.023 inches.

Portability is a important thing to consider if you’re choosing between the 390 and the 395. The Graco 395 weighs in at around 42 pounds if you include the stand. Whereas the Nova paint sprayer 390 is 30 pounds, which makes it a little easier to move around.

In my opinion, the Graco 390 wins the value battle and I think it’s the better choice for home users. Professionals who need more power and performance will prefer the 395.

What Users Say About The Graco 390

I think the Graco 390 is an excellent all-round sprayer that does exactly what it says on the box. Let’s see if other pros and DIYers agree.

One buyer noted that if you ordered the Graco 395 and received the 390 instead, you wouldn’t be disappointed as the Graco 390 performs similarily. Other reviewers mentioned that this spray gun also produces extremely pro finishes with fine results.

As Graco is a popular brand, reviewers were pleased that it’s easy to find Nova 390 paint sprayer parts when needed.

Most Graco 390 reviews show that this gun is a definite crowd-pleaser, but there was one complaint that appeared a few times. Some buyers mention that its gallons-per-week capacity was too low, if you’re going to spray a lot, consider a unit designed for frequent use instead.

Alternatives to Graco 390 Airless Paint Sprayer

Despite the Nova 390 paint sprayer’s brilliant reviews, it might not be the unit for you. Maybe you need a smaller or larger model, for example. If so, here are a few top alternati8ves to the Graco 390:

Titan 440 Paint Sprayer

TItan 440

This offering from another industry leader is comparable to the Graco 390 in many ways. For example, it has an operating pressure of 3300 psi like the Nova 390 airless paint sprayer, but its motor packs more punch.

Designed for use with enamel, latex, stain, and lacquers, the 440 is versatile and tough. That hardiness does result in greater weight, though, something to consider if you want a lightweight model.

The gun’s AutoOiler feature makes life a little easier when it comes to lubricating your unit, a simple push of a button and the mechanisms are protected.

  • Operating pressure of 3300 psi like the Graco 390.
  • Heavier model than the 390.
  • Handy automatic lubricating function keeps the unit in good shape.

Graco Magnum X5 Paint Sprayer

Graco x5

If you’re more of a weekend warrior and need something for occasional use, the very compact Magnum X5 weighing in at only 13 pounds is ideal.

A 1/2 horsepower motor makes the X5 less powerful than the Graco 390 Nova. As a result, it can spray 0.24 gallons per minute under a maximum operating pressure of 2800 psi.

The stainless steel piston pump is reliable, hardworking and perfectly suited to DIY tasks.

  • Lighter than the Graco 390 at only 13 pounds.
  • Less power than the Graco 390.
  • Not suitable for commercial projects.

Titan 640 Paint Sprayer

Titan 640

Our final alternative is in a higher price bracket than the Titan 1700. This is the next model up in the range, the Titan 1900. Many features are similar to its cheaper counterpart, but the 1900 boasts 1600 psi, 0.70 horsepower, and sprays 0.40 gallons per minute. This means faster spraying from a more powerful unit.

  • Powerful 1.55 horsepower motor means better pro-level credentials.
  • Capable of higher paint volumes than the 390.
  • Covers both residential and light commercial applications.


That concules our Graco 390 airless paint sprayer review and to sum it up, if you’re after a portable paint sprayer that can help take your home painting from meh to miraculous, the 390 is a good choice. It’s affordable, easy to use, and suited to a range of mediums.

Contractors may also find plenty to love about the 390, it’s a workhorse designed to last.

Graco 390 FAQs

Which Is Better, Graco 390 or Titan?
It really depends on your needs as both companies produce high-quality paint sprayers. But when you put the Nova 390 sprayer head-on against the equivalent Titan model, the Graco’s portability and size may make it the more popular choice.
Which Is the Best Paint Sprayer for Home Use?
The Graco 390 Nova is an ideal paint gun for home improvement and smaller residential jobs that involve spraying stains, latex, and enamel coatings.
Which Is Better, Airless Paint Sprayers or Compressor-Powered?
Airless sprayers are more compact as you don’t need a separate compressor. Accordingly, they are more expensive. In addition, airless units are better at handling thicker coatings then high volume low pressure (HVLP) sprayers.
Is the Graco 390 Paint Sprayer Worth It?
The Graco Nova 390 PC is a great investment if you have a few home improvements projects that you need to complete. It’s so much quicker than a roller and a brush and you achieve a finer result with a professional-looking finish.